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Gift Guide: The Seventies

In case you haven’t had a chance yet to flip through the glossy pages of STYLED,  the book (which if we do say so is a great stocking stuffer, a perfect gift for your in-laws, ex-boyfriend, 2nd husband, new baby, just about anyone) now is your chance at a little sneak peek into one of our favorite parts of the book – The very first chapter called “Name Your Style.” In this section of the book, there is a style diagnostic quiz to help determine your style. Are you rustic, boho, 70’s, industrial, or one of the many other styles? I am sure the suspense is killing you, so do yourself a favor, take the quiz and see where you fall.

This season, we wanted to translate the many styles of that quiz into some fun gift guides in case you were wondering what to buy your great aunt Mildred who falls into the 80’s category, or your high-school bestie who scored into the industrial category. This week it is 70’s so lets dim the lights, turn up the Donna Summer hits, and let your, oh so heavy, eyeshadow do all the talking.

Revolution was kind of a big deal in the 70’s. A new self-confident attitude began to emerge as people felt liberated from the confines of social norms, political injustices, and . . . bras. This newfound independence opened the floodgates on style — from Annie Hall to Farrah Fawcett, pretty much anything went. Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down this explosion of diverse personalities into three categories: City Smart, Disco Chic, and Flower Child.

First up we’ve got City Smart, for all you hardworking, business-transacting, downtown-dwellers. Come walk with us through Mary Tyler Moore’s Minneapolis studio apartment and stroll the streets of Woodie Allen’s Big Apple.



No one rocks a suit like Dianne Keaton. Well, except maybe for you.


1. Write Notebook || 2. Leather and Gold Watch || 3. Black Fedora || 4. Tortoise Shell Glasses || 5. Plaid Blazer || 6. Gold Layered Necklace || 7. Navy Cardigan || 8. Men’s Saddle Oxfords || 9. Leather Briefcase Bag || 10. Hair Bow || 11. Tweed Blazer | 12. Wool Plaid Vest || 13. Tan Turtleneck || 14. Black Framed Glasses || 15. Tassle Loafers 

Next up, we look to JLaw and BCoops (that’s what everyone is calling him these days, right?) for inspiration. It’s Disco Glam – Think sexy, blown out locks, leisure suits, and deep Vs, people.



1. Oversized Trench Coat || 2. Tarte Contour Kit || 3. Tarte Contour Brush || 4. Mirrored Trinket Box || 5. Sunglasses || 6. Elnett Hairspray || 7. White Wrap Bodysuit || 8. Horse Bit Necklace || 9. Banana Leaf Sconces || 10. Georges Briard Mirrored Ice Bucket || 11. Dipped Champagne Flutes || 12. Men’s White Scarf || 13. Grey Wide Leg Trousers || 14. Royall Spyce Aftershave Lotion || 15. Gold Hoop Earrings || 16. Gold-Plated Flask || 17. Aviator Sunglasses || 18. Velvet Loafers || 19. Gold Strappy Pumps || 20. Silk Kimono

Last, but not least,  we’ve got our peace-loving, free-spirited Flower Child. This look probably most closely resembles our featured Styled inspiration image and really represents a lot of what the 70s was all about – touching things. It’s shaggy, soft, rugged, smooth, and totally groovy.




1. Caged Cuff Ring || 2. Gemma Rancher Hat || 3. Folk Style Kimono || 4. Hanging Rattan Chair || 5. Fur Trimmed Robe || 6. Minkpink Overalls || 7. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant || 8. “I Love You, Honey Bear” Vinyl || 9. Bamboo Magazine Rack || 10. Pro-ject Essential Red Turntable || 11. Suede Skirt || 12.  Suede Platform Ankle Boots || 13. Hanging Macrame Planter || 14.  Kat and Roger Coffee Dripper || 15. Space Age Mirror Balls || 16. Fur Ottoman || 17. Palo Santo and Sage Set || 18. Curtis Wax Jacket || 19. Moroccan Wedding Throw

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of the book, and are craving some more interior and style inspiration you can pick up your copy here, and while you’re impatiently waiting for that postman to arrive you can check out some behind the scenes, and a few more peeks inside the pages of the book here: Book Title And Cover Options | The Real Book Cover | Behind The Book – Styling The Perfect Shot | Styled On Shelves Now

*written by Jessica Isaac for EHD


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7 years ago

I love that wicker chair!

7 years ago

Just FYI: Mary Tyler Moore’s show was set in Minneapolis, not Baltimore.

7 years ago
Reply to  Leslie

Yes! Mary was a Minneapolis girl all the way!

7 years ago

I’ve always loved Mary Tyler Moore’s studio apartment and never noticed just quite how shaggy that carpet was. DANG.

7 years ago

I never knew I was a flower child. But my house AND my online shop are total picks from that style. Check out MY awesome rattan magazine rack for sale (and at a way cheaper price than OKL):

7 years ago

Yes Mary lived in Minneapolis not Baltimore! Good times.

7 years ago

Love the idea of a gift guide around the styles in your book! However, I was expecting MORE home gifts and less clothing. Maybe for the next post?

Susie Q.
7 years ago

Hi, the link for the over-sized trench coat takes me to an completely different coat…

7 years ago

Hahaha! Hilarious! And well done. 🙂

7 years ago

Agh LOVE the 70’s! I need all these things! Great post, team!

7 years ago

Love the retro look of 70s. Jazzy prints and denim can give our wardrobe a revival.

Phoebe Tully
7 years ago

Ha! My uncle designed those American Hustle costumes – I love seeing them turn up in the unlikeliest of places!

7 years ago

I really like the 70s picture from your book. However, if you’re encouraging people to take the style quiz, I think it’s only fair to warn them that the quiz scoring is messed up.

7 years ago

1. I am a 70s person and would have never known if it wasn’t for your book!
Thank you.
2. It would be a dream come true for a list like this with cool etsy finds.
Just in case you’re inclined to make my holiday wishes come true…

7 years ago

I love your gift guide…I just posted about not just one fabulous rattan but two! I don’t think I would ever leave my nest if I had them! Happy nesting!

7 years ago

Ah, Good times, the ’70s! Definitely a flower child.

7 years ago

nice article

7 years ago

Dude knows exactly what you are doing. Remarkable work. Well done!! Pedicure Chairs are best to give home a relaxing look.

Kate Lim
7 years ago

Was expecting more home gifts too. Also, is the scoring of the quiz in the book really screwed up??? I did the quiz and got zen and then did it after weeks and got minimalist. Am I even supposed to take the Question 10-20 part??? The more I hear people talk the about it, the more confused I becomes…can anyone from Emily’s studio help answer this?? TIA.

7 years ago
Reply to  Kate Lim

Yes – I don’t have the book in front of me right now, but I remember some of the major issues. The biggest one is that, during the second portion of the quiz, you should assign 7 points to A, 8 points to B, etc. rather than starting with 6 points for A. In a couple of questions, the answers aren’t in the correct order, either – so if your answer was really supposed to fall into the midcentury category, the score might put you into the industrial category instead – that kind of thing.

7 years ago
Reply to  Holey

Yes! Thank you for commenting, Holey. I kept wondering if maybe my math skills weren’t as good as I thought they were but knew something was up. & even with the scoring adjusted as you suggest – assigning 7 points to A & so on for questions 11 through 20 – assuming you score all f’s in that second part (12 points each x 10 questions), the highest score you could have is 120 (yet the Traditional category point range is 120 to 129). Also, having Thailand listed as a city disappointed me. Any chance to correct those things in a reprint? Or reissue the quiz here on the blog, to clear up the confusion?

7 years ago

This is awesome! We are moving into a very different architectural style of house very soon, and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to decorate it. Smart City is totally my style, but I’m a complete hippie at heart (hello from a fellow transplanted Oregonian!). Smart Hippie in the City? It’s me!
Thank you, Emily!

7 years ago

To be honest, the 70th were the best. The best music, style, and sitcoms.