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1 Bed 4 Ways: Masculine Clean Modern

I know you all think that I love white and bright colors and hate the color black, but it’s not true. Sure, I do love white and color, you are not wrong about that. But I know that black is dramatic and sophisticated and just so cool, but when its next to my skin it makes me look like I’m an anemic geriatric lizard. And that ain’t cool. (Basically it washes me out and enhances my wrinkles)

That being said, black and white together are a very strong duo. If black and white were competing in Dancing with the Stars against ‘Navy and Blush’ I would be put my money on them in a second. They create instant intense drama. Fierce, at times, but they get the job done really fast. So this bed is more inspired by my attraction towards that world – more minimal, stark and intense. While it doesn’t seem very ‘me’ I actually really love it.

Click through to see the inspiration, details, resources and the GIF!

inspiration_masculine_clean_white_black_minimal_bedroom_ grid

You know you want to either be that person, date that person or get nudged out bed by that person in the morning. I do.

It’s a whole lot of black, white, gray and then some wood and leather to warm that puppy up.


Why it works: I think you probably are starting to get it now – that we try to evenly distribute the color palette so that every color has something else to ‘speak to’. For a more minimal look we kept it really pulled back with just white, black, gray and then the wood, leather and 3 small hits of gold to warm it up. On the bed we again have a good combination of textures (ribbed and velvet) and patterns (splattered, and geometric) and then the graphic alphabet pillow giving your eye a bit of a break.

I mean, that lamp. THAT LAMP. It’s Kate Spade Saturday for West Elm and it’s just so good.

Black White Masculine Clean Modern_bedding_west elm_quilt_graphic

Please note that the pillow has a gold ‘E’ which was made for me, (for ‘Emily’, obviously) by the designer, Maya Brenner . You can customize to have any of the letters in gold. It’s cream linen and just so simple and sweet.

Black White Masculine Clean Modern_side table_world market_industrial

Black White Masculine Clean Modern_side table_world market_industrial 1



Masculine Clean Modern_get the look

1. Diamond Quilt | 2. Quilted Grey Euro Shams | 3. Alphabet Pillow | 4. Marble and Brass Box | 5. White Speckled Sheets | 6. Grey Velvet Pillow | 7. Industrial Side Table | 8. Ball Table Lamp | 9. Leather Magazine Rack | Nude Sketches: vintage, but will be sold in the online store.

See ‘1 bed, 4 ways ‘Cool, Cabin, Casual‘, and ‘Bright, Fun and Feminine’ and stay tuned for the last one, tomorrow. Like this post? Don’t forget to check out ‘1 credenza, 4 ways‘ and ‘1 dresser, 4 ways‘.

*This post was sourced/styled by Brady Tolbert, art directed/produced/written by me and shot by Jessica Isaac. 

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8 years ago

They’re all stunning so far… but this may be my FAVE. Love how the wood warms everything up!

8 years ago
Reply to  Vanessa

Um, also. I’ve just realized that perhaps the reason I’ve been finding I look so age-ed over the last 2 years is because I’ve progressed to wearing exclusively black, grey, and white, with almost no colour. I mean, there’s a decent chance I just ACTUALLY look more haggard, but your comment has given me pause for thought 😉 I may need a new spring wardrobe…

8 years ago

I am too distracted by what looks like an extra knee/leg on the nude sketch – that would drive me crazy. Also I kind of wish there was a small leather throw pillow and side table catchall instead of the magazine rack or maybe something really really plush in there like an all white fluffy throw. It would be more wintery with it there but would lighten and soften it up to make it more inviting.

Can’t wait to see what the last one looks like!

Emily Klug
8 years ago
Reply to  MelissaB

I don’t think it’s an extra leg. The model is just half sitting on a stool and one leg is down and the other is propped up.

Melissa B
8 years ago
Reply to  Emily Klug

Ahh!! I was viewing the stool as her ankle…it just made no bendy type of sense to me. I see it now!

8 years ago
Reply to  Melissa B

I thought the same thing!

8 years ago

I’m LOVING this series.All of them have been fab! Let’s talk about the pillows….Im not really a bed micromanager. This is a new one for me… I’ve noticed here that the decorative shams are behind the actual sleeping pillows(not in front)? I’m dreaming of a side by side comparison of all 4 pillow-scapes so the art of pillow size/placement/symmetry can be properly studied. Thanks Ms. Henderson (teacher emeritus of pillows)

8 years ago

I just realised Brady has done all the styling for this series (apparently I have to read something three times for it to sink), he is totally killing it. I think this one is my fave, it’s going to be tough to beat it tomorrow.

8 years ago

This series is excellent. It hits all the right notes with me as a reader because I get to see a variety of themes on a single subject, learn effective styling methods, there’s fresh content to pin to my hearts content, and I get educated on proper mixing of textures, pattern, and scale. A+! My fingers are itching for that online store of yours to open. I can feel my wallet getting lighter already. Soon? Very soon? I hope.

8 years ago

Where/what is the online store where the nudes can be bought/will be available on?

8 years ago

I’m surprised to say, this is my favorite by far. I usually go for all-color, all-the-time, but these black-n-white patterns put a spell on me. Also, the nudie art makes me want to take a drawing class just so I can have some of those to hang on my wall. Love this series 🙂

8 years ago

Love this! I have been trying to create something like this in my new bedroom that my new roommate (boyfriend) will be into as well. What kind of rug would you put with this? Would you stay within the gray/black/white scheme or throw in some color?

8 years ago

Also- love this series. Really helpful!

8 years ago

LOVE. I love everything in this room, it’s feels grounding and relaxing.

Jess Hartnett
8 years ago

I love color in EVERY room except for me, the bedroom needs to be dark, monochromatic, and cozy so this totally nails it for me.

Also, you tease so hard with mentions of the shop! Any time frame for that?

8 years ago

So my husband’s best friend just bought a house and I’ve been pinning stuff for him to take a look at. This is what is house should totally strive for. Sadly, he doesn’t listen to me AT ALL and is going a completely different direction. Even though I am right, I have to just relax and be glad that I don’t live there. I am right, though. Just ha d to get that out there.

8 years ago
Reply to  Heather

Same thing here! I gave him a list of exactly what to buy. He didn’t listen and now his hip bachelor pad looks like a Sofa Mart. Oy vey.

THIS ONE FTW! ❤️❤️❤️

8 years ago

As soon as I saw this photo I knew I had to have everything in this room, love! Curious, what type of window treatment would you recommend with this design? Plain, pattern, color? Thanks Emily!

8 years ago

Really enjoying the series. I could live in this bedroom if I had to, but I wouldn’t choose it…but I do love how masculine and restrained it all looks…but I’m with Melissa B as far as that print goes…what’s with the leg?

8 years ago

my favorites are the lamp, the marble wood box, and the alphabet pillow. total stand outs!

8 years ago

Really love this whole flow from inspiration board to actual space and to the mood board. Again, love the layering of the pillows and the industrial rustic pieces!

8 years ago

I have been eying those sheets for weeks now but held off because I wasn’t sure how nice they would look in an actual room. I love them here!! I may have to go out on a limb and get them for my minimalist platform bed… seriously reconsidering it.

Emily Klug
8 years ago

I’m intimidated by the person that lives here. Like I could never handle my shit in this world. I’d be the one wanting so much to fit in with this person I’m dating but ultimately breaking it off after a few weeks because I would never feel comfortable. The sketches and the warm wood help but I’d still be like “you sir are wayyy too put together for me.” A fish trying to date a bird. But I dig the look from afar.

8 years ago
Reply to  Emily Klug


8 years ago

Emily, I love seeing examples of similar art grouped together like this. Every time I try it I’m terrified that my room is going to look like a doctor’s office. Thanks for showing us it can be done beautifully!

(“It” being grouping art, not doctors’ offices, although I’m sure the latter is theoretically possible.)

8 years ago

I love this blog! Especially since we have such similar tastes. It’s nice to get lots of inspiration prior to spending the money. 🙂 I have looked and am having trouble finding if you ever said where you got your wood floors? I am trying to make my mind up and yours are beautiful! Congratulations on the baby girl!

8 years ago
Reply to  BRITTANY

Acacia hardwood from build direct . From her living room progress post back when they were remodeling.

8 years ago

hey, I have that lamp! I have had it and loved it for months now, but seeing you style a room with it makes me feel extra validated.

8 years ago

Aw, man, you got my hopes up with that blanket! I thought it would be an actual bed-sized quilt, not just a throw 🙁 My search continues…

8 years ago

Hi Emily, love the bridle leather and black drama…cool beans. Btw, I know you love yourself some lacquered furniture, but not the pay to get it lacquered price…girl, you have to try Amy Howard’s line of lacquer spray paint…no joke, this stuff is like crack for us furniture rehabbers. I am not a paid spokesperson by any means, but love lacquer, but not lacquering pieces myself (very high error margin even with great equipment). Now, I am a lacquer pro…google this product and images of what others have done…I just know you will be lacquering like a dervish with your first can. And the colors offered are awesome!

8 years ago

i love this. Lovelovelove. If only I could convince my husband… He’s more into traditional studd. The first look of this bedroom is his jam and not at all mine.

Question, though. None of the night stands have drawers. Or closed boxes. Or, to be blunt, places to store one’s “bedroom accessories”, so to speak. Where do people store those if the bedside tables have no storage??

8 years ago

Lovin’ this series! Excellent, excellent job! Thank you…..

Anna, Sydney
8 years ago

Brady is killing it!

8 years ago

Oh, this room is so sophisticated and refined; what a great take on black, white and neutrals. Very, very nice. What’s next???