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Find Your Style: Luxe and Glam

When I took the style quiz I was informed that I was ‘Luxe and Glam’. While I knew that no matter what it said it would be wrong as I am a conglomerate of 9 million styles, I was especially INFURIATED. I don’t go to fancy hotel bars. I don’t wear “cocktail” dresses or even HIGH HEELS! (well … that aren’t wedges or mules or stacked or block…). I wear nude makeup, one accessory at most (a necklace), and I get a pedicure once every three months. There is really nothing about me that is luxurious, anymore. You see my 27 – 34 year old self loved vintage 70’s glam so much and couldn’t look a brass animal in the eye without making it mine. Now, I’m super grown up and sophisticated and opt towards slip covers and sisal, RIGHT? But then I see this, above, and while it’s not my lifestyle anymore, I’m still attracted to it.  I’m walking through clutter with one kid attached to each leg, but somewhere luxe and glam are inside of me, begging for the party to start….again.

You know who else was Luxe and Glam? Nicolette Mason. She had a bit of an edge to her, but otherwise that lady liked the glam. Full tour of her place HERE.

Nicolette Mason_Dining Room_Glam_Pink_Lux_Emily Henderson_Living Room

Nicolette Mason_Dining Room_Glam_Pink_Lux_Emily Henderson_Dining Room

Back in the day we called it ‘Hollywood Regency’ but that phrase kinda went out of style for some reason (I think the trend got a bit saturated, at least here in LA) and now the more generic but attractive phrase ‘luxe and glam’ prevails. We are actually doing a Hollywood Hills house right now (celebrating our one year anniversary working on this project) this month. The client loves luxe and glam and we are giving her the most sophisticated, beautiful version possible.

Five years ago I designed this regency bedroom that is still one of the most popular and favorite ever.

The Lorey's Bedroom_Blue_Yellow_White_Glam_Lux

I still love the vibe of that room (see full house, HERE) because it didn’t take much to make it feel cohesive and yet luxurious – some vintage nightstands, matching vintage lamps (that i’ve always wanted back) and silk gold curtains that were somehow not tacky (they were really high quality). I would change very little in that room and that’s saying a lot for 5 years later…

SO. Here’s what you do if you are into being super luxurious and glamorous. We styled out all of Target’s products for the Find Your Style Series to help illustrate the point.


Opt for furniture that has a little curvier more feminine shape, perhaps they have extra details like tufting, piping and nailheads.

For accent furniture go more refined with your finishes, like marble and matte or shiny brass. and when it comes to fabrics – mix, velvets, fur, linens, and silk with a hint of sparkle or even sequin.


Any pattern can be mixed in a light color palette like this one.


Now is your time for together mixing gold, silver and mirror accents. Trust me it can work. And don’t be afraid of little bit of pink. I’m definitely not.


So gas up your GLAM-borgini, and head to Hollywood because your house is ready to walk that red carpet.


That’s how you dress up your home, in the luxury and glam style. Now get yourself to the red carpet. 🙂 (STILL GOING FOR THAT AWARD).

Don’t forget to watch the video: Lux and Glam Target Vignette Video, where you’ll see me deliver that line in person, with my own mouth. And,  In case you missed the other styles we’ve covered so far (more to come), head on over to Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern.

But, in the meantime here are some of our favorite luxe and glam pieces on the current interweb, including what we used in the vignette above. Now with luxe and glam there is a lot of vintage 60’s, 70’s and 80’s pieces out there for your buying pleasure that are GOOD, so go for it. But, if are you want to shop online, we got you:

Emily Henderson_Find Your Style_Style Quiz_Vignettes_Lux_Gold_Roundup_Lux and Glam_Roundup

1. Mirror | 2. Table Lamp | 3. Chair | 4. Curtains | 5. Floor Lamp | 6. Pleated Stool | 7. Marble Top Side Table | 8. Rug | 9. Coral Pillow | 10. Metallic Gold Pillow | 11. Faux Fur Throw | 12. Hanging Planter Set | 13. Chandelier | 14. Bar Cart | 15. Bar Glassware Set | 16. Gold Tray | 17. Gold Hex Side Table | 18. Pink Velvet Couch | 19.  Red on Pink Print | 20. Framed Strokes Abstract | 21. Flatware | 22. White Textured Dinnerware | 23. Console Table | 24. Marble Canister | 25. Cross Base Vase | 26. Clock | 27. Cream Textured Pillow

***Style Vignette photos by Tessa Neustadt, Nicolette Mason’s House and Silverlake Bedroom photos by Zeke Ruelas

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7 years ago

Ooooo! I’m really loving that magazine rack… any chance for a link to it?

7 years ago
Reply to  Molly

pretty sure its from target!! nate berkus if I rem correctly

7 years ago

This isn’t the style I got on the quiz, but it’s the style that speaks to me the most. These pictures make me swoon. When I watch The Mindy Project and they show shots of her fertility clinic, which is totally this style, I end up frantically searching for still shots online to add to my Pinterest boards.

7 years ago

I would never have said I was ‘Luxe and Glam’ either. But that vignette you put together is LOVELY!! I want all of it! It’s probably the pink, I’m a sucker for pink…

7 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Me too. Everything pink!! Hot pink, ballet slipper pink, cotton candy pink, bubble gum pink, flamingo pink. Love it all.

7 years ago

I’m loving the style series! Especially can’t wait for Rustic!

7 years ago

This was so super helpful. I got “Luxe and Glam” on the quiz and I was like, “LOL no.” But now after looking at this, I think it might have been more right than I wanted to admit! I generally consider my style to be casual and eclectic, but Nicolette’s house… wow. I love it. It doesn’t feel too stiff or unapproachable, but it has a ton of feminine lines and accents and it’s so good. Y’all are always awesome. I love this blog. 🙂

7 years ago

I have always loved that bedroom in the Silverlake Hills Home, too. I’m curious – you said you would change very little, but what would you change? I would love a post on updating a just-barely-out-of-date room. My bedroom has been the same for a while, and I still like it, but a few tweaks might feel fresh and exciting.
Love your book and love your blog! Xo

7 years ago

Oh wow, gorgeous set up!

7 years ago

hi, emily! off topic but yesterday you shared your family room (the one with the TV in it next to the kitchen) from your old house on your instagram story. it looked amazing and i wasn’t able to catch the sources quick enough. will you be posting a pic to instagram or a blog post!? thanks!

7 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Thank goodness!!!

Julie P
7 years ago

Ok, so for starters the light and windows in Elliot’s new room is really awesome! I hope to see lots of photo shoots in here. 🙂

To me Lux and Glam needs a little more punch than the styled shots. More contrast thrown in (like the art #19 & 20) and a little more funk. After all the Glam people like to party it up right? These shots read too neutral to me, but they’re lovely none the less.

As always I LOVE seeing your work Emily.

Susie Q.
7 years ago
Reply to  Julie P

To me, lux or glam also means something very different. The styled shot looks feminine and sweet, but to me glam means over-the-top–a juxtaposition of bright colors, textures, materials, or even items (like a huge piece of art or furniture). Maybe you could subdivide lux into a few categories: the category that’s ultra-girly (white fur, feathers, chandeliers, mirrors, mirrored furniture, pink, purple, sequins) is the antithesis of my own style (zen).

7 years ago

What is the paint color in the pink/blush room? It is gorgeous!

7 years ago

When the quiz identified me as Luxe and Glam, I was like … this quiz is broken. Funny thing is, have sourced and purchased or almost purchased MANY of the items in your source list for my house. That gold Target mirror is hanging on my wall snickering at me right now. AND I just found on Craigslist a matching set of those exact same (but in wood vs. white) vintage Martinsville nightstands that I think I see in that beautiful regency-styled bedroom, which I love every bit of. So hmmmmmm . . . maybe there’s just a little bit more to this quiz than we all thought! And maybe identifying my style IS kinda complicated. WHO KNEW?! (Emily.)

7 years ago
Reply to  Kirsten

Ha, the style quiz assigned me bohemian and I had the same thought (like, literally, the same words!). But, it’s been a few weeks, and, when I look around my 1970s ranch and see all of the natural woods, chunky knits, and folk art, I have to wonder- how was I SO unaware?

7 years ago

“So gas up your GLAM-borgini…” I just about choked on my Shreddies reading this. LOVE IT!

7 years ago
Reply to  Laura

Ha!! I loved this part: “I’m walking through clutter with one kid attached to each leg, but somewhere luxe and glam are inside of me,…”

7 years ago

Emily, I love this post. I am pretty sure I’m squarely in the Scandinavian camp or maybe MCM, but LOVE the glam. It is bringing up FEELINGS. I know you’re not paid to be my therapist, but I’m feeling so conflicted about the gold. It’s so pretty, but at this point in my life I’m so invested in chrome/brushed nickel, I don’t know what to do. I’ve waiting so long to afford to own a house and then swap out all the tacky gold-colored hardware and then the gold trend came along and I’m… torn. [heavy sigh].

7 years ago

Love this! I was also surprised to be luxe and glam but maybe it makes sense because I am fawning all over every photo here! Super fun!

Mike Jacobs
7 years ago

Thanks for the tip on the Framatic Fineline frames in white. As suggested a couple of years ago in an article you wrote, “These frames a better in person than online!” Well done Emily. Thanks!

Mike Jacobs

Sarah C.
7 years ago

Nicolette Mason’s makeover is one of my very favorite posts that you have ever done!!

I’m outnumbered by males 3-1 in my house but if I lived by myself I’m pretty sure this would be my style! Love it!

Love these find your style posts – I read your book and took the quiz, but the explanations in your posts are helpful for those of us who like a mix of styles!

7 years ago

According to the Quiz, I’m Bohemian w/ Minimalist. This was very helpful as the ideas I’ve had for changes in my home fit right in with these two styles. Thank you Emily. This is very helpful.

7 years ago

This is 100% my style. However, my husband’s style is 100% industrial. Pipes as shelves, raw wood, exposed iron sort of industrial. You’ve probably already written a piece on this, but I’d love to know how to combine two styles that don’t seem like they should go at all. I always feel like pieces either fall 100% in one camp or the other, and when a piece doesn’t, when it’s somewhere in the middle, it’s like it’s having some sort of identity crisis.

7 years ago
Reply to  Carolyn

This is my dilemma EXACTLY! My husband is industrial and I am luxe/glam, and stuck on what to do. And then throw in 2 toddler/preschool aged kids and I find myself trying to combine decor of metallics, distressed leather, and Thomas the Train.

7 years ago

This look is sooooo me even though the test said i was minimalistic .I guess just like you ,i love many styles but luxe and glam is my jam! West Elm has an arm chair that is the same style and i ‘ve been eyeing it for a couple months now.I know why i love it now.

7 years ago
Reply to  Victoria

Love this!

I’m also more of a slip cover and sisal girl– but I do love the lux look too (even if just for someone else)

7 years ago

Are the pink curtains behind the chair in the photos really the coral metallic ones that the link goes to? If so, they must look very different in person than on the website!

7 years ago

I tried to take the style quiz today (2/1), but I couldn’t go on after answering the first set of questions. Has it closed, or is it still open?