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How To Find Your Style (Quiz)


The question I get most often is “What is your personal style?” and I used to DREAD it. As a stylist for years, my job was to be a chameleon and work with whatever style the client wanted – whether it was Anthropologie catalogues or Better Homes and Garden shoots. Sure, there were always some things I gravitated towards (the slightly more decorative and whimsical, and the simple/Mid-Century) but otherwise my style has always shifted and adjusted with the times and client demands. Later, when I shot ‘Secrets From a Stylist’ we HAD to do different styles each week. Maybe one week was Moroccan meets Mid-Century and the next Spanish meets Mod, but it was my actual job to find the good in every style and attempt to bring it to their homes (and your screens).

During that process I truly grew to love almost every style. Which made describing my style even more difficult as there were times when I really didn’t know the answer. Most of the time the style of our home has been directly related to the architecture of the house + the current trends that are in the zeitgeist. Three years ago we lived in a Hollywood bungalow and I was embracing Regency meets Boho, then with our last house I went Mid-Century +Scandi+70’s. With our new house I’m leaning relaxed Traditional meets Mid-Century-English-Country. Apparently it’s a thing. 

And yet if I look objectively at those three houses (the third isn’t totally done but I know what it will look like) the answer is that they all feel happy, super personalized, layered and vintage inspired. Additionally, what is the mainstay is anything slightly Victorian (footed vessels, oil paintings, princess sleeved shirts) and Mid-Century (I’ve never seen a Paul McCobb or Saarinen that I haven’t wanted to splurge on).

But thats me, and I’m a stylist so it should be easy for me to figure out my style, but it isn’t EVEN FOR ME!!! Which made me think, God, finding your style must be even hard for people. 

So when I wrote the book, Styled, I wanted to help you figure out your style. I know that without you having that guide, every decision becomes wildly harder. Most of you, I’ve realized are more eclectic than you want to be which makes nailing down what you want really difficult. I look at my friends like Amber Interiors or Justina Blakeney, hell even Joy, Bri and Erin and I see one distinct style that they’ve each NAILED. But not me. I feel totally schizophrenic or more accurately, polyamorous. I love them all. 

I’ve learned over the years how to hone in on what I love, keep anything high quality and beautiful, and if its sentimental then think thrice before donating. 

One thing that I’ve consistently tried to train my team is when they are shopping for jobs to ask yourself ‘would I own that?’. The response that I initially get is ‘well, it’s not MY style’ but then I say but “IF you had a beach house, IF you had a mountain house, IF you had a loft in the city, IF you had a classic craftsman, then would you put that piece in THAT house of yours?” If the answer is no, then skip it.

As a stylist or designer our job isn’t necessarily to bring our personal style into the job, it’s to take the style that our client wants and find the very best pieces that work with that style. For our clients we are chameleons, even if we wouldn’t own that pedestal dining table ourselves right now because we have a Mid-Century house.

Now, most of you aren’t quite as paralyzed by the love of all styles as I seem to be, but I know you could still use some help. Which is why I developed the style quiz in the book and went on to explain what each of those main styles are, and how to decorate your house within those styles.

With the book being a year old I thought it was time to revamp the style quiz and take it online. YES, I still want you to buy the book because there is a lot more information in there about styles and mostly the invaluable chapters on how to style that you’ll never get here, however, it seemed time to bring the multiple choice quiz to the world wide web.

Thus the newly launched style quiz with the subsequent launch of the Find Your Style Videos. I partnered with Target to create this series that highlights the main style indicators from each style category and used their wonderful products to showcase smaller vignettes in those styles. We’ll be rolling them out over the next couple of months (there are 8 of them) and tying it back to the book for every one.

But first things first – take this quiz. It’s not 100% accurate, I know. It may only be 62% accurate. Who knows? Style is extremely nuanced and tricky, but it can be a guide, even a loose one, at what your instincts are and what that means.

I thought seriously about completely changing it, making it more visual with patterns and styles of chairs, etc (which we couldn’t do for a variety of reasons for the book) but then I figured I’d put it out there and get your feedback with the original quiz.

I took the quiz again recently and it dubbed me ‘Hollywood Glam’. My first reaction was anger, my second was, who created this quiz?? and then I reminded myself why it would diagnose me as that style. What answers did I give that implied that love? Do I really think I’m only Hollywood Glam? NO. I don’t. But I do think there is a pretty big component of that in me, whether it’s expressing itself right now or not. This very second I’m leaning more towards Organic California Comfort but that’s not really a genre – it’s more of a pretentious way of trying to say you like big comfortable, casual furniture. So regardless of whether the quiz nails you or doesn’t (don’t be mad at me if it doesn’t, I’m not buzzfeed!) it creates a dialogue within yourself about what style you maybe are and what you are saying about your life that would indicate your style. It also helps you to find your complimentary style which will help you mix and match perfectly.

Just take it. And let me know if or how wrong you think it is. It’s in beta form right now so your opinions are welcome 🙂

*Update: CLEARLY it’s not working or producing wrong results based on your overwhelming “NOT WORKING” or “its wrong” feedback. HA. I’m not totally sure if a style quiz could ever work, but it seems like this is REALLY not working. Hope you guys had fun taking it, though. 🙂 We’ll start working on a better version, asap. xx

Fin Mark


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Loved this quiz 🙂

Rachael xx.


Hi, Emily!

I retook the quiz this morning and got Hollywood Glam, which really blew my mind because when I bought the book, I got Zen.

Neither are very accurate, as I gravitate towards Rustic (I guess he Zen is closer). I tried to analyze why I might have gotten Hollywood Glam, And I do love a good brass accessory, but I think I only gave one brass related answer. The rest of my answers involved antlers and cable knit.

Is there an algorithm that maybe places you with the style in between the styles you tend to gravitate towards? I found that might have been true of the style wheel in STYLED when I originally got Zen.


The quiz doesn’t work for me. I can answer the first 2 question (the yes or no questions), but that’s it. On the next page, I selected an answer, but the quiz wouldn’t move forward because it said I hadn’t selected anything. I’m using the latest version of Chrome.


ditto for me. 🙁


Getting the same response.


I’m having the same problem on both Chrome and Internet Explorer.


The same thing happened to me.


clear your cache or use incognito window

Incognito window worked for me! Thanks for the tip.


Same =( guess ill try again later


Me too…I can only answer first basic lead in, then the quiz rejects saying “whoops looks like you forgot to answer the question”
I’ve done this 4x – the quiz won’t move forward, please correct so that more people will be able to play along with the rest of y’all !!


So wrong. I think your quiz is broken. I didn’t answer a single question about brights & neons and I got 80’s. I know my style and this is so NOT it! I’d suggest photos of the houses you mention. I don’t know about half the movies in the quiz.


same for me.


same for me.


same for me!


When I followed the link it gave me Zen without me answering any questions, and then Totally Eighties after I did answer them. Is this because I picked the merlot? Of all the photos at the beginning of this post, the 80s one is probably the one I’d be least likely to choose for my house. Along with the suggestions to include visual clues in the questions (which I agree with) it would be nice if, once you have your results you can look at the other options and see if one of them is a better fit. The quiz is fun and now I want to check out your book.




keeps saying I haven’t answered the first question and wont move forward :((


exact same that is happening for me, cant get past the 1st question!


Same thing keeps happening for me on my iPad. Tried numerous times, no luck. 🙁


Yes same for me


Since it seems most people who’ve attempted to take the quiz aren’t technically able to do so because of an error in the post load, you can always buy the book…the quiz works better there.


Thailand’s not a city :p


I thought I’m the only one who noticed it 🙂


I answered the first two questions then the third question kept say “whoops it looks like you didn’t pick an answer” so I pick something different but the error message didn’t change. Not sure. Ill try back later.


Same thing keeps happening to me! =(


Me too. 🙁 (If it helps, I am on Mozilla Firefox)


This happened to me too, but I was able to do the quiz when I opened it up in a new, private window in Firefox. Right click on the quiz link and choose “Open Link in New Private Window.”


Yay! Working now for me. I’m zen — which feels sort of like taking all my weird answers and coming up with something that is totally not how I would have ever described myself, but it does make some sense now that I read the description.


Same thing happened to me when I was trying to open the quiz in Chrome. Once I opened it in Internet Explorer it worked.


Wish I could take it, but it keeps giving me an error message. If I answer this question:
The first thing you do when you get home from work is:

With this answer:
Pour yourself a warm cup of tea and curl up under your hand-knit white throw by the fireplace while you catch up on your favorite street-style bloggers.

It says Whoops! Looks like you forgot to answer this question and won’t let me go on.

Please say it can be fixed! I’m hooked! ;)-


Same for me I answer a question but it says “Whoops. Looks like you forgot to answer this question.” I’m using Internet Explorer


Hey, I love quizes! I’m commenting because you said opinions are welcome due to beta. I feel like this one largely missed the mark. I took it and the style it gave me (80s) was so far off I was stunned. I also feel like you didn’t make it easy to take. Reference designers/name brands that the average Joe doesn’t know, forced me to have multiple Google searches to answer some questions. Same with the “which house would you live in” question. I haven’t seen those movies and had to Google the homes. I think adding in a picture with your description would go a LONG way. I hope this helps!!


Ditto. I got Hollywood Glam and that also is WAY off the mark. I have much more of a vintage, travel-inspired style.


I loved you back on Secrets from a Stylist and was so excited about a quiz that could create the style diagnostic that you did there. But alas I felt like it wasn’t very accurate. I got Zen but that doesn’t resonate with me. I wonder if having a more visual quiz with colors, patterns, rooms could be more effective. Just because someone likes sushi and meditation doesn’t mean they are going to like a Zen style? But love the effort and the idea! Don’t give up on it!


I got “Zen” by taking the quiz in IE (it did not work for me in Chrome). I wouldn’t say it’s far off.

In the book, the quiz said I was Minimalist with Bohemian tendencies (note: I actually don’t like Bohemian, but I really like Minimalist style except that it doesn’t have enough color for me). So, the book wasn’t that far off either.

Interesting to me is how neither this quiz nor the one in the book picked up on my interest in Mid-Century Modern, which I really love.

Is “Emily Henderson’s Style” a possible answer for this quiz? Because if so, that’s totally my style. 🙂

I got Hollywood Glam as well, and that’s not really even in the ball park! Haha. I don’t mind a smidge of glam here and there, but it’s really not my style, I would get sick of it so fast! I would say I’m more traditional with a touch of mid century and bohemian. And a little rustic. But I agree with some of the other commenters, some of the questions didn’t have any choices I thought fit me, or I wasn’t very familiar with them. But I love quizzes anyway, even when the results don’t seem to work haha. Maybe I’ll take it again!

I just wanted to say, I took it again and got the same result! I answered several questions the same, but switched a few where I thought there were multiple answers I liked. I was on the look out for the ones that seemed to be the Hollywood Glam answers, and I didn’t choose any of them either time. I’m feeling like it’s not too accurate. But still fun to take 🙂


I just took it and I was very surprised by the result : “zen”. First it was because I don’t really have anything japonese in my style, except maybe to vases, then I stopped being binary and I took the time to read the description and it was in fact very true. I do need flow in my home, I do need my home to be peaceful and inducing meditation because I have kids who are REALLY dynamics… to stay polite. so I need to compensate in my decor. to feel I can breathe. to minimize the chaos.
so you see, it was actually spot on. thank you for that.


Same thing for me! I tried to close the browser multiple times but it didn’t work. I am stuck after the first question and can’t progress 🙁 I am using Google Chrome


I first tried it in my regular browser (Opera) where I had the same problem, same with Firefox until I tried in the good ol’ trusty Internet Explorer and boy! not only did it look much nicer and sleeker, it also totally worked! Wohooo! 😀

So yeah the coding might need some fiddling with or however that works but until then I can totally recommend re-vitalising ye old Internet Explorer to my fellow stlye enthusiasts 😉

I got Minimalst btw which I think is so interesting as its a style I covet and often try to emulate but have come to realise I just too much of a hoarder to properly pull off ;P

I was thinking it might be interesting to be able to see maybe like two more stiles that also fit to a high percentage of your answers like: you are 50% Eclectic 30% Hollywood Glam and 20% Zen or something like that… might make it easier to find yourself in the answer and also ya know just be interesting 😉


I second this idea of having a chart displaying a percentage of your answers


Ooh! lovely suggestions Lisa. and Ha! on needing Internet Explorer.

Tangentially – LOVE the copy on this post Emily! Anger at your own quiz – ha! and “don’t hate me I’m not buzzfeed”. So good. As I’m currently in “on hold with horrible nondescript jazz hold music” hell I really appreciate this.

It said I was 80’s, which I kinda hate most of the 80’s decor. LOL

Give me neutrals and comfy.


I am unable to get beyond the first question after “Start Quiz” page.
“Whoops you forgot to answer the question” when I clearly pour myself whiskey on the rocks. 🙂


It’s not actually working for me. The initial questions did, but after the official start it tells me I haven’t answered even when I have.


Saaaammmme 🙁 and I’m so curious to see my style! Hahaha 😉


Def. not working. I got “80’s” and that couldn’t be further from my responses! ;(


Same. Didn’t provide a single response that would get me 80s. Confused!


Loved it! Thanks for posting it online. Couple suggestions, though: Thailand is not a city :). Maybe more options for tired mamas who used to live the life?


Fun quiz! I got Zen which I feel like is a style goal 🙂 I would prefer to live in Thailand but felt a little silly choosing it knowing that’s not a city. There’s a huge difference between Bangkok and Ko Tao.


This was fun. I got Zen, which I think is pretty accurate.


Fun quiz. I got Zen. Makes sense.

I’ve learned that well-built, iconic furniture tends to look great in any architecture. Textiles, art and lighting are more trendy/short term and I try not to spend too much, though a great light fixture is usually worth it.

I first tried the quiz in Safari and it didn’t work there, but it did work in Chrome.


mine was spot on-that’s a first! i’m a minimalist (but isn’t every virgo?)

Sara Tramp

From one virgo, minimalist “sara” to another, ARE WE THE SAME PERSON?! And yes, I really am a virgo, I scored “minimalist (meets boho)” on the quiz, and it’s all true! Thanks for taking the quiz 🙂

xx – Sara (from the EHD team)


My result was maybe 90% wrong. I got contemporary, and pretty much the only sort of contemporary style things in our house are the weird accessories I’ve picked up from CB2 (brass narwhals, etc). Most questions I went with the answer I hated least, but was really not representative at all. Maybe add a section with photographs? Like choosing a general colour mood instead of a two colour combination might be a better way to go?

I also would have liked to see, in the question about what’s on your bookshelf, an answer choice that was more like vinyl art toys or a small sculpture from a local artist; I chose hand blown glass vessel because it seemed like the least stodgy of the choices. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of room in the quiz for more lighthearted choices, maybe add some humor? That really stood out to me because one thing I really love about your style is it’s often playful.


The quiz was way off for me. It gave me the 80’s style. My home and the things I love are quite traditional, with a decent dose of chinoiserie.


Me too!! My style is a mix of English country traditional with a dose of modern elements to keep it fresh. When I got ’80’s Style I was on the floor. Fun quiz, but the results couldn’t be farther off!


Same! I consider my style to be eclectic traditional with some juxtaposing hits of modern design. I got 80s, which is probably one of the LEAST like my styles on the wheel.


The quiz did not work for me when I used Chrome but it worked when I tried it in Internet Explorer. I got Zen, which I think is pretty accurate for me (or at least my ideal, if I had the money to decorate as I wished). Thanks for the quiz. I love these!


I took the quiz and got minimalist. In a roundabout way its very accurate. I don’t like clutter or stuff, but I have more hodgepodge going on and already lean bohemian stylistically. Pretty spot on in my opinion.

I did challenge my self to answer all the questions based on what my life is like – one question was about parties – and I selected the answer where the food is what I’d make. Quizzes are always tough to get right, but I think it’s because people answer based on lifestyle aspirations sometimes versus paring down the answer most like how they really live. Another question – I don’t shop t fly markets but do at thrift stores, so I chose that option.

Like I said, it ended up being spot on. Pretty cool quiz, and I really loved the style wheel! Such a great idea, that style wheel is.

“Traditional meets Mid-Century-English-Country.” HOLY COW YES, that’s my style. Loooooooove it.


I got minimalist, which I found surprising not because I don’t live relatively minimalistic (I do), but rather because I don’t feel like my style resembles the stereotypical picture of minimalism (cold, b&w, and bare). I like to interject splashes of muted colors on a foundation of clean lines and thoughtfully curated decorations. I almost exclusively prefer warm tones as well.


I LOVE everything you do, and certainly loved the Styled book (I’m from Argentina, so I bought it in a trip), but the quiz is the one thing I didn’t love (can I go so far as to say I even hated it?). I took it twice, and both times (far apart) I got “minimalist” (once in the book, and just took it again, without remembering what I replied the first time). Given that I’m almost the opposite of a minimalist (sort of a hoarder, and my house is full of color), I revised what responses could have move the needle towards that, and I can’t see it… While I understand the quiz is meant to be whimsical and fun (after all, that’s what I love about you/your blog and style), the options go so far and detailed that it’s hard to pick one, or to understand the “objective” of each of them, so I could select the one more similar to me. The funny thing is that, looking at the pictures of the post, the minimalist one is the only one that I wouldn’t have at my home. So, basically, I love that you had a similar experience in… Read more »


I so agree! The details were confusing by being so specific.

I got Zen 2 out of 3 times I did the quiz and it was truly weird, I definitely is the opposite of what I like (according to the bullet point box at the end).

Pictures would certainly help!


Pictures would be an awesome element to add to this quiz! I also kind of wish that the quiz would give you a mixed style if you relate to more styles than one – Kind of like the “style diagnostics” on Secrets from a Stylist.

I’ve taken this quiz on 2 separate occasions (with some questions answered differently) and both times I got Minimalist which I wouldn’t really peg as my style. I would say I lean more towards Mid Century Modern mixed with Bohemian elements.


Zen: right on. I’ve taken it twice with the same result.


It worked for me. I came out Rustic/industrial…which is not my house, but my salon IS decorated that way!

A suggestion: add pictures of the movie sets. I’ve seen some of the movies, but not all and I had a hard time finding images. You should include the Hamptons beach house from As Good As It Gets. That’s the house I want!

Loved taking this quiz! Small note: Thailand isn’t a city…

Yeah, I had a fair bit of side eye toward that option.


i got minimalist. which i think is pretty accurate. but i love color for sure!


I had to use an incognito window to get the quiz to move forward.

You know … quizzes are reductive in nature. They can never capture all of us, so I think we’ll always be a little disappointed with the results. That said, I got minimalism, which, in terms of philosophy (rather than physical style of objects) I definitely am.


that worked for me, too.


Just like a few others, when I answer the first question after the “Start the Quiz” questions it doesn’t allow me to answer the question. Using the latest Firefox as my browser.


I got the 80s. This could not be farther from my style. I can’t stand the 80s! Must be a glitch! 🙂


Quiz is super fun! I would have liked pictures and I got the style I probably tried to avoid the most BUT I think the description may have related a lot to my personality so… winning? Either way the questions are fun and totally got me thinking about the things I gravitate towards which is helpful when you’re standing at the store and looking at three things that don’t go together! Ha!


Great quiz. I got Minimalist which is probably pretty right on. I loved pairing it with Bohemian on the style wheel. I definitely lean toward combining these. My only feedback on the quiz is to have multiple images at the end. I agreed with the description of minimalist, but thought that the picture didn’t really feel like me. If I were looking at a set of photos, I might be more likely to think: “yeah, the sum of those photos feels like me” instead of focusing on the chair I don’t like.


Totally eighties….totally wrong. I have no idea how the quiz came up with that.


This was way off. I got the 80s and everything mentioned under 80s style – not my style at all. Answering the questions, I’m Restorationa Hardware and Pottery barn rustic with a bit of conservative, classic and luxe.My answers were reflective of that, nothing 80s and the pic of the 80s style … not me at all. .??


Same! Totally don’t get how I came out 80s when I have to fight with myself not decorate my whole apartment from Pottery Barn (must be that Naked on the Beach cocktail.) Anchor pieces are Pottery Barn and IKEA, color scheme is whites & ivory with fuchsia & navy accents, seagrass baskets and mixed woods, and a few metals. I think of myself as white cottage meets Bright Bazaar.


One suggestion – the dinner party question trends really towards artsy people and the answers were so specific I found it hard to pick (I am an attorney on the east coast!). For that question, and others as well, I’d try to make them less specific and detailed so it’s easier to figure out which category you’re in.


I came up with Hollywood Glam too. I think there is something wrong with the quiz. Not one of the things it says I like did I mark in the quiz. In fact, most of mine were the exact opposite.


Same here.


Ummm… I got “Hollywood Glam” both times I took it, and that’s probably the furthest from my style you could get. For home decor I quite dislike lucite, super bright colors, shiny surfaces, animal prints…plus all my answers were about “cozy knit throws” and “stay home and read” and “a nice merlot”…not exactly glam?


So, it didn’t work on mobile for me, but I was curious so I came back on a desktop and it worked. I got Zen, which I NEVER saw myself as, but it makes so much sense for why I love looking at mixed patterns and objects de art in photos, but I can never pull the trigger in real life and always come back to solid, basic things almost always made of natural fiber both in home and wardrobe.


Oops! That wasn’t meant as a reply to your comment Robin! Not sure why that happened! Sorry about that!


Well, it said I am a minimalist when really I am a borderline hoarder and keep anything with an emotional tie. Maybe I secretly want to be a minimalist? Also, on a lot of the questions there wasn’t actually an answer that fit me. But I did enjoy taking the quiz!


Chrome didn’t work, but on Explorer it was working:) however it was very far from my style… most of my answers had to do with comfort of home and beige linen and yet my answer was Modern Glam?? 🙂 that doesn’t make very much sense. Just a thought:p This is fun though, I do like that you’ve had some quizzes this year, but honestly the answer couldn’t have been further from the truth…especially based on my responses….


When I bought your book I found out I was 70s. At first I was like, uh?!?
But it’s just cuz I never really explored it. But it is EXACTLY what I love. It helped me so much!

Stacey W.

These quizzes are always so difficult, I find myself answering with the option I hate the least. So, Zen is the style I hate the least?


I’m another quiz-taker who got the (wayyyy off the mark) ’80’s answer. What perplexed me about the quiz in the book is the scoring system. It’s based on “points” that are assigned to styles that exist on a fixed continuum. So if you give one answer that is “lower” than the average, it can pull you down into a style category that is totally inconsistent with every other answer you gave. And since people’s styles are rarely *exactly* one thing, you end up getting a bonkers answer like 80’s style when your personal style is actually more traditional.

To me, it seems like assigning the design category that is most consistent with the majority of answers given is a better way to approach the quiz. So, while it was 99% inaccurate, I still had fun taking it 🙂


I had a very hard time identifying with the questions and the final result was not me at all. I liked it on your show when you would offer the clients a little tray of objects and ask them to pick what resonated with them. Or I like it when Stitch Fix shows me a couple of sample wardrobes and asks me if I love it or hate it. Long story short, I wish your quiz had more pictures and less “concoctions made by my friend who just opened up a nouveau cuisine restuarant”

Hello! I get something different every time I take this quiz, (Modern Glam this time). I love all the styles and how they relate to each other. People who absolutely despise one style and are consumed by another confuse me! Can they not see how cool opposite styles look next to each other? Anyway, cool quiz. I like imagining myself in all those different scenarios =)


Do you mind sharing the name for that amazing black sling chair in the black and white photo?

I loved this quiz. It nailed me down perfectly. Seeing the style wheel was a lot of fun too and actually made me feel even more comfortable with my style prefernces. On one side I’m anywhere from Bohemian to Industrial, but then on the opposite end, I’m also Rustic to Minimalist. I don’t love everything about each style, but I definitely gravitate to different aspects of each one. Now I don’t feel quite so disconnected. Thanks for this!


So this quiz nailed it for me – told me that I’m Modern Glam. The picture representative of that style was the one where I went, “Ooh, holy sheets, let me live here now, please!”.


I’m excited to see your new decorating videos with Target! I depend on your keen eye to show me the best pieces in Target’s collections.


I used Firefox and the quiz worked for me! It’s been a year, and I know you all know that Thailand is not a city, so I was hoping that the online version was updated from the book. Since is the online beta version, I strongly urge you to correct that before the non-beta version is released.

Also, is there any room to answer questions that show your style if you are a parent or part of a family? I answered by pretending not to have any other responsibilities to people, but I suggest relating it more towards your audience would make it more accessible.

I got Contemporary, which never thought I was, so I appreciate the quiz for seeing my answers to question morph into something I never imagined. Creativity is the name of the designer game, and you and your team are masters!


I agree with the way my test turned out. I really go for minimalist on paper, but…..I have a very hard time actually sticking with it. Maybe if I keep practicing…..


I liked this quiz, and my result was actually pretty spot on – I got Contemporary and while I own and like a lot of vintage stuff and overall enjoy to mix styles, I use and arrange what I own in a clutter free and slightly minimalist/masculine manner so in that sense it perfectly captured my approach. The only input I have is that the available answers to choose from weren’t diverse enough for me – I felt that often 3 of the given options describe the same kind of personality.
Overall fun though, more quizzes please! 🙂


I got ‘Zen’ which if you saw my house you’d know was the furthest thing from the truth! (I got something different when I took the quiz in the book btw.) Maybe my choice of ‘black and white’ for color scheme threw it off? I love color and use B&W as my neutrals. I’m wondering if you need more choices? The quiz looked like the one in the book – and I understand the need to keep it simple when you have to do the “give yourself 1 point for each ‘A’ answer” thing. But you don’t have to here, so why not add more? Also, the ‘what do you do when you get home from work’ left out “feed/walk the dog then make dinner while listening to the nightly news on TV.” Or was it supposed to be aspirational? If so, I’d choose ‘put my feet up while my butler/chef brings me a cocktail then a lovely dinner.’ 😉


Fun quiz but so inaccurate! I got “modern glam” when I self-describe as neutral & traditional. Algorithm glitch perhaps?

Still, thanks for the fun post!

Sarah Beth

The quiz was not accurate for me at all. I took it twice, sensing the first two questions would give you a different quiz. The first time I said I was straight lines and lots of stuff, and got minimalism, which is NOT me at all! The second time I said curvy lines and lots of stuff, and though the questions were definitely my steam, the result of Totally 80’s isn’t my style even a little bit. I think I probably gravitate towards a cozy scandinvian style (lots of stuff but relatively clean-lined furniture, I guess hygge might describe it?) but neither result was particularly close :/


I had the same issue with the first two questions, since I also prefer relatively clean-lined furniture (balanced by a few crazy pieces) and lots of stuff, and I got contemporary, which is not me at all and not what I got when I took the quiz in the book. I think the quiz was skewed towards lifestyle questions rather than design questions, unless I was supposed to pick the piece of furniture I liked rather than what I would actually do when I got home from work. Also the party question was unusual. A party at my house usually involves me cooking, and a number of other people bringing appetizers and wine, and then sitting around laughing and chatting while eating all night. My biggest question was, if I said in the first two options that I liked lots of stuff on my shelves, how did I end up with a style that says no matter what, absolutely no clutter? Although I love that the quiz is going online, I think the quiz in the book was more accurate than this beta-version. Perhaps I will go take it again mixing up the first two questions and see if I… Read more »

Sarah Beth

agree on all counts! ALSO my parties are just like your parties. I hate my love of the word hygge so much but when your entire life is STYLISHLY COZY it’s good to have a word that really embodies it.


Hmmm, IDK. I have the book and took it and usually I am a mixture of minimalist. The online version gives me minimalist only and I have taken it a few times- the first time I gave my favorites and the second time I gave my close seconds. Still the same.


I took the quiz a couple of times – because a couple of the questions I could split my answer between – and kept getting Modern Glam, which I think is a fair assessment of my style. Thanks for the quiz!


Emily,I LOVE your book! And I kind of resonated with the “zen” style assigned to me after taking the quiz in the book (but not totally…I think I identify with liking wood tones/furniture and calm, more neutral colors and not having a ton of clutter everywhere, BUT I am not sure that is really my decor style). Anyways, this time I got minimalist!! Weird. That’s not accurate! The frustrating thing is that I didn’t even select the choices that I feel like would deem me a minimalist (e.g., I didn’t select “I want nothing on my shelves” or “I already have too much stuff” when I had the chance to!). Makes me wonder if the online version of the quiz is even accurate at all? Other feedback, generally-speaking: I feel there are not enough options/answer choices. Regarding the first real question (the one about what you do when you first get home): I do none of those things! I do get into my lounge clothes immediately, but then I’m cooking dinner, walking the dogs, and watching the Bach or Netflix while browsing on the computer. The closest answer to that, I guess, is the slippers/New York Times, but I certainly… Read more »


whoa…very interesting. i changed one of my first two answers to see if it would give me the same quiz. i didn’t, BUT i identified with way more answers on this second quiz, even though i put the “wrong” answer (the one that did not describe me) on one of the first questions. sounds like there are just some kinks to work out. for what it’s worth for feedback’s sake, i like cleaner lines and more stuff on my bookshelves (which, again, is funny since i got minimalist!). however, the second time i took it, i selected curvier lines and kept the answer as more stuff on my bookshelf.

Great quiz! It totally nailed my style at Zen with Modern Glam as a complementary style. I also lean towards the minimalist/bohemian pairing. Love it!


My quiz result was super accurate but I agree with others that so many of the name/brand references were not things I knew about. Also so many of the choices just seemed like you were describing different types of people in LA (which is what you know and who you work with mostly) but is SUPER not how most people in the US act/live their lives. Another way to describe it would be that most of the choices were not only things that didn’t describe me but they also didn’t describe anyone I know. I don’t mean anything negative by this – just trying to help you out for the next time! I hope you redo the quiz based on all these suggestions! I would love to take it again. I would love a result with percentages. Like, show all the possible results and say “You’re 0% rustic, 50% zen, 23% minimalist, etc.”

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