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The Top 8 Design News Stories You Should Know About (Get Excited)

It’s time for my new favorite series – Design News. Why is it my favorite? What’s not to love about sharing the exciting things happening in the design world? I love seeing new collaborations, new ideas, new beautiful books, etc. All these things feed my love for this beautiful industry (I mean it’s literally beautiful). So without further ado let’s talk about the first collaboration with a beloved EHD brand…

Lulu And Georgia’s Hadiya Williams Collection

Lulu and Georgia have been simply killing it with their designer/artist collaborations! Last month Ginny’s and now this stunning collection with Hadiya Williams. According to Lulu and Georgia’s site, Hadiya “uses clay and other natural materials to tell visual stories inspired by the culture of the African diaspora,” and as you can see it’s incredibly beautiful. The wall art, in particular, is pulling at my heartstrings.

Winnow Wall Hanging | Apus Textile Wall Art | Course Silk Pillow

See what I mean about this wall art?!

Course Linen Napkins (set of 4) | Chassis Wall Hanging | Channel Silk Pillo

All of her pieces feel so alive and would add so much wonderful texture to any room they are put in. Lulu and Georgia know how to choose their collaborators:)

Target’s Celebrate Black History Month

‘Limitless’ Neon Light Box | Glazed Ceramic Planter | Medium Basket

I love this year’s Black History Month collabs with Target. I focused on the home decor but their fashion is also incredible! But since we are about decor, I saw that black planter in person and it’s awesome. If I didn’t already own more planters and vases than I know what to do with, I would have grabbed it immediately. It’s big too! And that neon light for a kid’s room is so cool and fun.

25pc Incense with Ceramic Holder | ‘Lift Every Voice’ Printed Pennant | Large Ribbed Sculptural Glass Vase

Then that incense holder is so chic and you can’t go wrong with a Rayo & Honey pennant🙂

Nate Home by Nate Berkus x mDESIGN

He’s baaack. Well, Nate Berkus thankfully never went anywhere but most of his recent collaborations have been in collab with his equally as talented husband, Jeremiah Brent. I love all of their lines but also love when they do their own things too. It’s cool to see the little differences and each of their own styles. So for this line, Nate created a bed and bath collection that is all him – timeless (leaning traditional), elegant, neutral (of course:)), and western European inspired. Take a look:

Ribbed Matelasse Duvet Cover Set | Velvet Pillow Bolster | Geometric Cotton Jacquard 4-Piece Bath Towel Set

See what I mean? It’s nothing over the top but also they just look really beautiful.

Block Print Percale Sheet Set | 12-Section Perforated Metal Tea Bag Organizer | Painted Stripe Cotton Quilt Set

Each piece could also easily work with a ton of different styles giving you a ton of versatility! Also, I really love that stripe quilt set.

Spero by LF

Ooooo baby you know I was excited about this one. Lawson-Fenning can do no wrong in my book. With Spero, they really leaned into fluting but in an elevated, super simple way (like everything they do:)). They say that this collection was inspired by ’60s – ’70s Scandinavian design and is meant to “evoke a sense of comfort and delight”. Well, I am definitely delighted.

Pier Nightstand | Frieze Credenza 4 Door | Span Coffee Oval Table

I do have to say though that the coffee table is my favorite piece. I’m a sucker for a circle cut out what can I say!

Colin King Studio for Troy Lighting

We all have big design crushes on Mr. Colin King so when I saw that we now can buy lighting he created I was SO excited to see what he came up with. I can say that I would happily have any of these lights in my apartment.

Alameda | Dion | Carver

The curve in that floor lamp!? I wish I needed one. So simple, cool, and yet playful.

Arden | Knight | Pearce

I also adore that fabric pendant. I love the brass accents that make it feel a little more luxe than your average pendant in this style.

Rebel Walls’ Vintage Brocade Collection

Emily has used Rebel Walls wallpaper many times, but my first time was when I designed my friend and neighbor’s bedroom. All I can say is wow and that the quality is SO GOOD. Even the wallpaper installer (who has been doing this for 20+ years) says that their wallpaper is great to work with. So if you see this very moody and romantic collection and are considering using one of them, GO FOR IT. It’s going to be beautiful:)

Fairy Tale Castle – Gold | Vintage Flora – Ebony | Song Tree – Pearl

I really love that fairy tale one!

Shoppe by Amber Interiors’ 2023 Spring Collection

It’s impossible not to love an Amber Interiors collection and this one is no different. But this is for her Shoppe instead of a collaboration with another brand which I love too. The prices are not cheap but man are they beautiful and high quality.

Alfie Bed | Summer Storm | Lewis Armchair

I can’t decide if I love the bed or the chair more. And look at the way that piece of art expresses light. It’s stunning!

Column Taper Candlestick S/2 | Bell Chaise | Ovie Picture Light

Oh, how I love a chunky moody candlestick next to a perfect gray-blue chaise sporting what almost looks like matching patches, all the while under the prettiest bronze picture light:)

Dabito’s Old Brand New: Colorful Homes for Maximal Living

And finally, we have a design book by the one and only Dabito. If you love color and great, beautiful design then you are going to need to pre-order his book, Old Brand New for an August release. I’m sure Emily and he go way back but it was the team’s first time meeting him and I think we held in our fangirling pretty well.

See anything you like? Any other news stories you want to share in the comments? Let’s celebrate design!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: via Lulu and Georgia

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11 months ago

Beautiful, curated pieces! It was fun to explore these designers’ work!

11 months ago
Cris S.
11 months ago
Reply to  Kj

I’m neither a post-modern furniture person or a huge fan of Kelly Wearstler, but those were fascinating to look at. Thank you KJ!

11 months ago

I want the Colin king Arden light so badly! I’ve wanted a pendant like that forever and that’s so good

11 months ago

I’ve been looking for the perfect warm white pedant light for over our dining table and I’m pretty sure the Colin King Arden light is it. Simple, yet special, as Emily tends to say. Thank you for showing it to me! And I really love Dabito, so excited for his book!

Roberta Davis
11 months ago

Lots of beautiful stuff! Thank you for putting this together!

11 months ago

I love this post, love to see what is inspiring EHD these days.

11 months ago


11 months ago

Frustrating to see very expensive (and lovely) table and floor lamps that offer only a single bulb with 60w of light which is something I would expect to find in a motel lamp. And even those often have 2 or 3 way bulbs. What are they thinking?

11 months ago
Reply to  cindy

These days you can insert a LED bulb with more lumens than what a regular 60w would give you. As long as the bulb doesn’t exceed the 60w it’s safe. I always look for dimmable lights and it’s annoying when even more expensive table lamps don’t have that option. But it’s no longer a problem with LED bulbs and accessories.

Shelley Jacks
11 months ago

Oh my goodness, the wallpaper collection! Wow. I literally want every one!

11 months ago

Beautiful, curated pieces! It was fun to explore these designers’ work

11 months ago

Beautiful, curated pieces! It was fun to explore these designers’ work…………………