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The 10 Exciting Design News Stories That Are Kicking Off 2023 (And Also Happen To Be Close To Our Hearts)

First of all happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We thought a good way to start your day (in the design realm at least) would be to talk about some wonderful design news. These stories are a little more personal than past design news posts as most of them involve dear friends. So basically our favorite kind of news. So let’s just hop right in with an EHD alum…

Ginny’s New Lulu And Georgia Collection

From Emily: I get a serious burst of joy (and pride) seeing Ginny on the cover of catalogs and on websites posing like a serious force in this design world. In case you don’t know Ginny worked for me for 5 years as my right-hand and lead designer. I just care about her and love her so much. She is so talented and just such a lovely (awesome, fun) person and those early days of me, Ginny, Brady, and Sara were such a different time for EHD (I had babies, that first studio in Eagle Rock, lots of design clients, etc). Anyway, enough about me, Ginny’s collection is so beautiful (Jess has one of her sofas), comfortable, elegant, and can mix with so many styles. So classic with a bit of modern whimsy, like Ginny. Congrats, friend!


I’m SERIOUSLY considering this sideboard for our sunroom: Originally I wasn’t thinking black, but it’s kinda perfect and I love that it’s by her, which will bring that sentimental element that I want.

Rental Redo

Our girl is going to be on cable, baby! That’s right! EHD mentee, Keyanna Bowen, filmed an awesome design show that helps transform rental properties. As a renter myself this show made me feel even more empowered (which could be dangerous). Plus her design are beautiful! Now her show has been streaming on Discovery+ but we are so excited for it to also be on the Magnolia Network channel!

Problem Spaces

The wildly talented Fariha Nasir also has a great new show on Magnolia called Problem Spaces where her killer DIY skills transform peoples’…problem space. We all have one, right? I love love the premise of this show and can’t wait to dig into all of the episodes.

Living Wild By Hilton Carter

Hilton is such a special talent. His design skills and plant knowledge are unparalleled! I mean y’all, this is his FOURTH BOOK. All of them are beautiful AND informative so go pre-order Living Wild (Local and Target) now so he gets on the NYT Best seller’s list again. It comes out on March 28th which will come faster than you think!

Are these photos not stunning??

Inside, At Home With Great Designers

From Mallory: I’m absolutely OBSESSED with this design book (Local and Target) – it walks through the homes of important and awesome designers & gives a little blurb about each one. They feature designers from ALL OVER and it’s so fun to see the spaces of such talented creatives. I love seeing designers’ homes because it says so much about them & how they experiment and create in their own playgrounds. Could not recommend it enough.

Extra Large Art By The Poster Club

The Poster Club is one of my go-to online art stores for affordable but great art. You might have gleaned from the title that they sell prints but let me tell you they are high quality. So when I saw an ad on Instagram saying that they now offer extra large prints I was pumped! It’s not a secret that finding affordable really large prints is a feat so having this option is the best. Here is a full post we wrote about affordable large art prints.

The Line no. 07

See! I even had (and still have) one of their prints that I originally used in my last living room. I guess I put it upside down?? Anyway, I love it and tried to make it look bigger with a larger frame. I still stand by how that looks but having an even larger option would have been great.

The Togo | Court

Here are two other beautiful options that come in that extra-large size.

Rasida’s Bathroom Makeover

design and photo by rashida banks

Well, she did it again! Another beautiful remodel that is classic, yet modern with a dash of moodiness. I really love the natural tone and character of her floating vanity mixed with that gorgeous stone. Also, look at that sconce!

When I commented on her reveal photo, congratulating her, she responded by saying she was happy to see that we called double niches a 2023 bathroom design trend! Is anyone surprised that Rashida is on if not ahead of the trends?? Me neither:) Head to Rashida’s Instagram for more photos!

New Rugs From Backdrop

via backdrop

You may know Backdrop as a paint company but they also have some incredible wallpaper (I really love this one) and now they branching out into rugs! The Charlap Hyman & Herrero collection was inspired by astrological symbols, Alexander Calder-inspired animal forms, and Latin proverbs and would make such an incredible statement in the right space. They aren’t your traditional rugs which is why they are so special:)

Serpiente Rug | Astrologia Rug | Caiman Rug

As you can see in the photo above, the snake and alligator (?) look SO COOL!! I really do those but the zodiac rug in the middle is awesome for a cool yet more practical option.

Zio and Sons New Collection With Mitzi

via mitzi

Ok, so I know this is a tease but I wanted to make sure we are ALL aware! I have loved all of Mitzi’s collabs and truly can’t wait for this one next week.

Target’s Great New Products

Studio McGee

As you’ll see later this week, Studio McGee x Target keeps turning out incredible furniture and decor pieces! So while this isn’t an official collection, here are some of the new items we really love…

Holly Sling Back Accent Chair | Metal Curved Top Mirror | Modern Ceramic Textured Vase

The chair looks as comfortable as it is beautiful – VERY! The tones and materials are awesome. And now I don’t have a place for it but I LOVE that mirror a lot. Then that vase is really wonderful. The shape is interesting the texture is beautiful and it’s only $25 (It’ also 10″x8″)

Ceramic Table Lamp with Knob | Vernon Ottoman | Havenstone Upholstered Ottoman with Ball Feet

Ugh, that lamp is the cutest and another item I want to buy immediately. And how chic is that velvet stool?? A perfect ottoman but I also feel like it would make a great vanity bench. Lastly, the gray’s ottoman’s feet are everything. 10/10.


All Weather Rattan Pod

Stop everything and look at the yellow striped ball detail at the top of this chair! I can’t begin to describe how much joy it brings me. I want this to be the “it chair” for 2023 like the Egg chair was a few years ago. How can you not smile when you look at this chair??

Ok friends, I hope you enjoyed this little design celebration and hope you have a great rest of your day.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: Via Lulu and Georgia

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🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Ginny, Justina, and all the other gems! … It’s like magic!!!
Kudos to all the really goooooood stuff and the good people.
I think I could refurnish my home between Ginny’s classics and Justina’s boho vibe.
💗 💗 💗

emily jane
1 year ago

hey guys -Rashida’s title needs an “H” : )

Roberta Davis
1 year ago

Ginny’s double-wide media lounger! Ooh lala! I need it. Someday when I have a place for it. I have to finish reading later- more comments to come!

Roberta Davis
1 year ago

So much great stuff! Fun! Love Rashida’s bathroom, too, in addition to my earlier comment about Ginny’s media lounger.

1 year ago

Please have Hilton Carter write a guest post! I’d love more incorperation of greenery in the blog! (I would also be into a post about how you put greenery in different types of vases!)

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Siel

Yes, a blog about how/why we can have real plants instead of fake plastic ones in our homes.🌱🌿

1 year ago

Love keeping up with EHD alumni–thank you for these wonderful updates!

1 year ago

Great post but a few things really spoke to me! Love Ginny’s black Lulu and Georgia sideboard and also the Target x Studio McGee black console/sofa table with the round edges:-) The Poster Club large format art prints are great too….lots of goodness in this post. Thank you!

1 year ago

Love Rashida’s bathroom! I’m going to be renovating a small bathroom soon and she’s given me some ideas I hadn’t thought of. Kudos to her for making such a small space feel so luxurious.

1 year ago

Love you guys so much!! Thank you!!

1 year ago

Wow That looks great. Love the color and style. So much great stuff! Fun! Love Rashida’s bathroom, too, Thanks for sharing and inspiring.