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My Favorite Current Clogs – A Review ( + Are Clogs My New Mule?)


It’s a clog blog. It’s part “my favorite clogs out right now”, part review, part “is the clog the new mule?” conversation that we really need to be having. I will always love a mule (the sheer ease of the quick slide) but I also feel like I’ve been mule-ing for years now and perhaps ready for a different everyday shape. These posts are actually a very dangerous game to play and I have to be so careful. I ended up loving almost ALL of them and tried to convince myself that they had different functions, for different occasions, different leeeewks. Now the reason I wanted to do this review is that clogs can be really heavy and cumbersome and not all are easy to wear. However, they are classic (even though they also can take a while to break in). So I decided to go on a mission to find ones that were actually comfortable and fun. So, here are my favorites clogs of 2020:

Amber Orchard Clog

Shirt | Shoes

A nude clog? Yes please. These are so cute, make your feet look really small if you are into that because the shape of the toe is bulbous (in a cute way). These also look really great with dresses or shorts because they elongate the leg without looking like fancy heels. I guess that’s why I love a clog, they add height while still coming across as casual.

Belem’s Clogs

Jumpsuit (similar) | Beret | Shoes

Now, I thought these clogs were going to be a SLAM DUNK of a “YES” but I think that since they are so white and so big, they were harder to style. They are just a lot of shoe, but I really like them because they remind me of Salt Water Sandals + clogs combined. They are comfortable, but I think you need to factor in your wardrobe before you purchase these ladies.

Vegan Belem’s Clogs

Jacket | Pants | Shoes

Somehow the snakeskin version of the exact same shoe is easier to wear. You could dress it up, obviously, but there is a casual neutrality about them that also looks cute with the utility jacket and jeans.

Dakota Clog

Shirt | Jeans | Shoes

My clog obsession began with these that I bought last year and wear ALL THE TIME. They are by my favorite shoe designer, Rachel Comey so you’ve been warned. But they are pretty fantastic and again I wear them all the time. They are super comfortable, give a lot of height but are so easy to walk in. That leather tone is beautiful. The jeans are by Moussey and I’ve been wearing them for 2 years and the shirt is from Target (but we all think it’s a great Doen lookalike, but FAR less expensive).

Now, why not take a quick intermission and actually WATCH me try on these bad boys and hear my real voice saying my real thoughts?? Here you go:

Okay, back to business…

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Wash Platform Clogs

Shirt | Jeans | Shoes

These are called “clogs” because technically they have a wood heel, but these guys are so comfortable and certainly are more mule-y in their simplicity. I thought I didn’t need these (still deciding) until I realized that these are the sneaker version of the clog – I would wear these all weekend… I will say that you should size down. I ordered a 7, but they came as a 37.5 so I’d return for a smaller size (If I decide I need them bad enough). Also how cute is that Target shirt (that also comes in mustard and lavender, too)??

The little white rubber sole makes them really soft and easy to wear (and gives them a bit of an edge).

Swedish Hasbeens Louise Platform Clogs

Shirt | Pants | Shoes

The first real clog, Hasbeens, are super classic and these new ones have a great modern shape. I like them and you can’t go wrong, but they are pretty expensive and I wear brown leather so much more.

The little staples and black rubber sole are the details that do feel special. Madewell has a version of these but they are a bit wider (but far more affordable). I think these are pretty slimming, so if you are like me and have wide feet, these look more narrow.

Willow Clog

Dress (similar)| Purse | Hat | Shoes

These shoes were Veronica and Mallory’s favorite. They have this great square toe, mixed tones of black, brown and gold and are just elegant and flattering.

The little ankle strap cuts your leg, but it’s so delicate that it doesn’t stop the eye too much.

Amber Orchard Clog

Shirt | Pants | Shoes

These clogs were my initial inspiration for the post, and they don’t disappoint. They are a great color, pretty finish of leather, cute straps, pretty comfortable for how tall they are and they can get tightened to really pipe in well into pants. (By the way both the shirt and pants are from Target and those Target pants are GREAT and strangely slimming).

That’s the beginning and the end of my first clog blog. It’s too bad more articles of clothing don’t rhyme with blog.

Now I want to know which one is your favorite? Do you love these clunky, chunky guys as much as we do? Meet me in the comments and let’s discuss.

*** Photography by Veronica Crawford

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Love the last pair and the Hasbeens. Even though they’re black. I feel like I needed some kind of explanation though as to the difference between a mule and clog… we can cite my ignorance, but I had to google it. I guess I’ve always called slip on shoes clogs not mules. Had no idea! How do you chase kids around in high heeled slip on wooden shoes?


hold the phone.
was the playroom mural already up or is that a new development?!


What color are you wearing for the free people clogs? Love them


Sorry just realized you posted several free people clogs. I am referring to the amber orchard clog (last set of pics)


I adore the look of a clog but I cannot find one for my wide feet. I’m a size8-8.5 but I have to go up to a 10 or more to fit my high arch and wide footbed. But by the time it’s roomy enough it’s way too long. Are there any pretty clogs that come in a deep and wide? 😉


I’m a long time Dansko fan, and my feet are wide at the toe base. All styles won’t work, but with Zappos you have free returns so you can try at no risk. Tip: only try ones that have leather footbeds, as they also sometimes do an artificial fuzzy footbed that does not hold up. I’ve tried Hasbeens, but they are entirely too narrow unless you have Barbie feet—how shoe makers have not realized not all feet are shaped the same is beyond me!


Yes! I have a bunion (??) and get wides from Bryr, which is a 100% woman-powered small business out of San Francisco. They make gorgeous clogs in a ton of styles/colors.


Fun post! You might have just convinced me to add clogs to my weekend shoe repertoire, which is currently staffed by Birkenstock’s and sneakers. My favorites are the willow sandals and the Kelsey Daggers. But can you walk in them? I kind of think of clogs as more of a “standing” shoe, and I tend to walk a lot, so I’m not sure they will suit my lifestyle.

By the way, I appreciated having the link to the video right there in the blog. overall the new website design is really great!

I’m so glad to hear that!!! We’re hoping to bring more in-post video from here on out 🙂


I have 3 pair of danskos that I LIVE in and can walk miles in. Especially if they have a strap in the back. I adore clogs because unlike wedges and heels they’re evenly elevated.


I am clog-obsessed, too, and wear Bryr (almost?) every single day. They’re a little pricey ($250/ish) but the cost per wear is LOW. These are some cute options though and that sandal-clog hybrid has me tempted!

thanks for the rec. Erika! 🙂 my wallet was screaming this entire shoot, i want them allllll !


Bryr are the best. I flew from NY and went straight to their studio from the airport to pick mine out. Local, woman-owned business that sources sustainably.


I was waiting to see Bryr in this roundup! Finally splurged on some for my birthday last year and have no regrets!


Hi! I’m really curious, I don’t see any cushion on the sole, are they really comfortable to walk in? I have three pairs of expensive Swedish Hasbeens and they are not comfortable at all! I love clogs, but they kill my back. I’m very curious about this brand, Bryr since I’ve never heard of them before. Thanks!!

Ashley Reynolds

So much love for this Clog Blog! Highly recommend checking out Bryr Clogs out of SF. They’re beautiful and come in all styles and sizes.

hey Ashley, thanks for the rec! we’ll have to check them out 🙂


Love that you included some European sizes!! As a US 8.5 Wide, I’ve never been able to shop a shoe post of yours before because all the shoes didn’t come in wide, but a European 39 is slightly wider than a US Medium and I can fit! Onwards to buy myself some new nude clogs!! Yay inclusivity 🙂 🙂 🙂

yay!! love this 🙂


I am a size 9.5 and whenever I put on a pair of clogs I feel like a cartoon character. … clump, clump, clump.

Are there any good low-heeled clogs? (Those Willow Clogs are cute but those are sandals in disguise.)

you should peek at the mariella from Nisolo!!! I have the higher-heeled version but the proportions are SO CUTE (and mine are def not clunky so I assume these won’t be either haha) —


Clogs aren’t my thing, but I am here for the new and improved gallery wall in your living room, especially that wood sculpture piece! Can you share the source (or was this in an older blog post that I missed)? Thanks!

I LOVE THE CLOG BLOG. Also just wanna shout out ~my personal favorite~ clog, the Paloma from nisolo!!! They were my first pair after starting at EHD (a true rite of passage?) and I LOVE THEM.


Its described as a “mule”.


So, technically a clog is generally one of two types: All wood, top and bottom, aka Dutch souvenir style (although they still wear them on farms); Or complete wooden sole, with a leather top. The second version became broadly popular in the 70s when they wanted a heavy shoe to balance out the bell bottoms and a lot of variations have come and gone in fashion since. People from Northern Europe, or you know, Minnesota (where I now live) have kept the traditional shape current – hence the Swedish “classic.” I sort of think of them as the regional equivalent of a haurache. Ironically, Dansko, popularized by health care professionals, is an America company but the style was inspired by a trip to Denmark.

Anyway, personally I am not surprised to see someone refer to the Nisolo mule as a ‘clog’ because the wooden heel is showcased and the overall shape is similar. But they have a leather sole, which makes them flex more when you walk and also removes them from the “clog” definition.

But as I have proven over and over in my life (and likely again with this post) no one actually likes pedantic descriptions of their clothing. #sorry


I have tried Swedish Hasbeens but because I have a high instep, I found the leather across the top of my foot was very stiff and it did not soften so they were unwearable. My only issue with clogs is they are really loud on wood floors and it’s quite an adjustment walking on a solid sole that doesn’t give.


Completely agree with you as I stopped wearing a pair of clogs from Sanita because they were both loud and tiring to wear. A little surprised they weren’t included in the roundup as they offer a wide range. I see they have added a vegan version that includes a “flex” part in the sole… curious how that works.

Another super popular fashion brand is No.6 I see these all the time in Minneapolis, where I currently live.

Although lots of people who stand for their jobs swear by Dansko, I find the same issue as the shoe doesn’t flex. I will say their top doesn’t come up as far as Hasbeens so the stiff leather isn’t an issue. They also include a narrow “back” at the heel, so you’re less like to walk out of them…Hasbeens are classic, but Dansko feels more practical to me

Stephanie Ybarra

You are an expensive blog to read…just bought Kelsey as they fit best with my comfort requirement but they are alll cute!


You should try Fortress of Inca! They have a cute new clog sandal that I just got in brown and LOVE. A lot of their other shoes are sort of clog-like already. Super comfortable and made responsibly!


Clogs are the best! Especially for us petite ladies who want some height without killing our feet.

A brand to look into is No. 6. I have three pairs and love them. They are on the pricey side but worth it in terms of the amount of wear I’ve gotten. They also have sales about 1-2 times a year. I find they run a bit big but I have tiny narrow feet so not sure that applies to everyone. I also just got the Madewell ones you linked as a more affordable alternative to the Hasbeens and I love them. They are padded on the inside unlike most clogs. My next purchase will be Bryr as others have mentioned, they’re beautiful.

Yeah, I like clogs ?

Sara Best

I needed this post 2 weeks ago when I woke up one morning with a mission to buy new clogs. My feet are wider (yay post pregnancy feet) and these were at a local store. I bought them and wear them all the time!


You need to check out Bryr! Handmade out of SF, gorgeous colors and styles. If you’re a clog girl these need to be on your list.


I wear clogs all the time. Clog boots and classic styles are my go-to but the Amber Orchard hybrid style is something I would try. I love the look of the sandals, great details, but I can’t do that kind of ankle strap with a sole that doesn’t bend. Yay clogs!


I love the fashion shots in and around your house! They’re always good but this time they somehow felt especially great – I loved the composotion and colours! And of course the sneak peaks at newly styled areas of the house 😉
Was there supposed to be video linked within the article? Because somehow that didn’t show up for me – as in not even a link… or did I miss something?
Have a great weekend!

it should be embedded just below the Rachel Comey shoes! Depending on your browser you may have rolled past it as it might show a quick ad first sometimes but it’s v cute, our team did a great job on the edit 🙂


it also doesnt show up for me…. there’s just the text, a line break, and then “okay, back to business”. using chrome on a mac if it helps


You look very cute in these photos! Love the clog blog! Willows are my fav! Look most reasonable to wear for me!

Also, off topic please forgive me, but the round leather ottoman????


A few years ago you recommended a pair of Dr Scholl’s nude clogs which I still love and get tons of compliments on! Clog convert over here, they go with everything all the time!


What about Bryr Clogs?? You need to check them out. They are my all time favorite.


I have many clog sandals and have always been a fan of mules. I have a narrow heel, so since shoes almost always slip on my heel, mules are perfect. I love the Rachel Comey and Hasbeens, but I’ve been meaning to head to San Francisco (I’m in the area), and find some Bryr clogs. I also like the two pair of Nisolo clogs shared in comments. I’m tempted to try those, as well. I may need to do my own clog try on.


I’ll add to the praise for Nisolo. While technically not a clog, because leather sole, they are much more comfortable to walk in because they flex. But note, unlike these styles, they don’t add height under the toe.

Still love them.


Hi Em, I’ve been wearing clogs almost daily since 1978. I splurged on a pair of handmade Swedish clogs in my freshman year of college and I was smitten! Fast forward forty-one years and clogs are still my go-to shoe. Your pair of black Hasbeens is on my list. I MUST have a pair! Some clogs are too cloggy for me, like the white pair featured in your photos. At 5’2” and 105 lbs., I have to make sure my clogs are in proportion to my body size or I end up looking like a circus clown. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and faves on this timeless footwear.


I have a pair of clogs and enjoy wearing them…once in awhile. I do not find them very comfortable. Also, how do you pack these? You need a whole other suitcase for some of them!


Clogs are great! I wear 2 pairs of Swedish Hasbeens all year long and have had them for 7 years…..

Keep tabs on Swedish Hasbeen’s sales if the full price is too much. A well made clog will stylistically stand the test of time, and certainly fit into the mantra “buy less by buying better”.


Fyi I have some dupes for the last Amber Orchard clogs that are super reasonable and very comfy. Search Pierre Dumas clogs and you’ll find them from various retailers. Not real leather but look great and a fraction of the price. Not sponsored I just love them.

Shon Valdry

Love all your choices! I am currently a big fan of Lotta Stockholm’s clogs! I have the highwood leopard mule….So cute!!

Margaret M

I’ve been eying MIA clogs for a year now and think I’m ready to bite the bullet and enter the world of clog ownership! Has anyone tried that brand?

Elizabeth Capcino

Where can I buy a pair of these clogs from ?? Tt

Elizabeth Capcino

Where can I buy a pair these clogs from

Roberta Davis

I like the Willow clog, and your outfits are all cute, too!


No mention of Dansko?? They don’t have wooden soles, but I find they are more comfortable because of that.


Those Amber Orchard ones are beautiful! I like clogs in theory, but haven’t been able to find an entry-level pair to try out the trend since they tend to be either cheap and uncomfortable or expensive and comfortable (according to a lot of reviews).


Where are the clogs for tall ladies? haha

Sorry Emily, these aren’t clogs!? clogs looks like the little Dutch girl shoes – like Croc’s. LOL! Your shoe picks Which are mostly platforms and square heeled sandals are, however, beautiful!


Hey, you have wide feet too? I ordered some Rachel Comey clogs (snakeskin, yes pls) last year and was SO excited but then my foot wouldn’t even go in – they were so narrow! Please lmk if yours were narrow at first and got wider with time? Or comfy from the start? TY

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