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What We Are Actually Wearing On Our Bodies 5 Months Into Quarantine


It’s been 5 months since quarantine began in California which is a disorienting and sort of unbelievable fact. Not surprisingly, as time goes on in this bizarre and chaotic year of 2020 many things, both big and small, are shifting day by day, week by week. One of those small things we at EHD have noticed is what we are putting on our bodies. All of us have gone through shifts in our wardrobes since we talked about it here in March (which honestly feels like years ago) so we thought it might be fun to give y’all an update. Here we go..

Julie’s Outfits

Outfit #1T-shirt | Pants | Sandals: Overall, my quarantine style hasn’t really changed from pre-COVID life. There was that one “lost week” where I lived in sweatpants but I quickly realized that physically getting ready for the day (read: putting on actual pants, the looser the better) and creating a routine for myself in the morning helped me get out of the “I’m at home let’s binge watch The Newsroom” mindset and shift more into a work mode. That is until 6 pm where I have a mandatory date with my porch, the last bit of sun, whatever book I am currently reading, and a drink in hand. I have however opted for a lot of those “loose” clothing options like the amazing yellow pants in the first photo and a simple t-shirt (I have about 8 of those t-shirts all in the same style & multiples of the same color). It makes getting ready in the morning feel more like the old days of putting on my school uniform which now I totally get the appeal.

Outfit #2Dress | Converse: A maxi dress just becomes a necessary part of life for the hot LA summer days. It’s easy (and breezy) to just throw on in the morning like a victorian nightgown that is somehow acceptable to wear in public. And to dress it down a bit I like to throw on some sneakers that are also functional when I have to run errands (masked of course) for the shoots we have coming up next week!

Outfit #3Jeans | T-shirt: I do still love to wear some high waisted jeans which I know some of the team is baffled by that fact but in a weird way they make life feel a bit normal in a very strange time. That green jacket & black boots are staples in my wardrobe no matter the weather but sadly both are sold out.

Mallory’s Outfits

Outfit #1Dress: This dress is me and I am it right now. It’s so insanely comfortable and I’ve been wearing it ALL THE TIME. 10/10 recommend you get yourself a midi dress. I’m in love

Outfit #2Leggings | T-shirt: I wear workout clothes 80% of the time, because it’s comfy AND it motivates me to pop a lunch break HIIT workout because I’m already in the clothes. All in all, I could not be a bigger fan of these leggings, which I’ve linked before (they’re the 74% off ones that are only $19!) and I seriously could not have a higher recommendation. They’re insanely comfortable and cute, but all in all, you can’t beat the price. The sportsbra I wear is this one from lululemon. I’ve had this for about 8 years now (no joke) and I STILL WEAR IT ALL THE TIME. Lulu can be expensive, but it’s well worth it if you’re buying any basic workout garb. Lastly, I wear this black top as my workout cover-up (I’m a huge proponent for the less fabric the better when working out so I typically take it off before a workout). It would be weird to answer zoom calls in exclusively sports bras, so I really wear this one for the team/grocery store runs/anything else that may come my way (but not much bc what else do you do rn??)

Outfit #3Shorts | Shirt (similar): After I (maybe) workout I usually put on these shorts that I’m sure my family is tired of seeing me in. They’re so classic and great and fit like a glove. The shirt I wear with it rotates constantly, but I gotta say lately I’ve been wearing just a comfy black short sleeve black button down with a few buttons undone at the top to show a lil somethin’, somethin’.

Ryann’s Outfits

Outfit #1Jeans | T-shirt: I kid you not, I wear this outfit 5 times a week, bare feet and all. I’ve already mentioned these jeans are perfect and the more I wear them the clearer that fact becomes.

Outfit #2Leggings | Shoes | T-shirt (similar): This is my outfit when I want to try to convince myself to work out. It works like 20% of the time but I don’t mind because I think it’s okay to be kind to yourself in the middle of a pandemic. The leggings are my favorite from Nike and the shoes are the most comfortable (and cute) shoes I own.

Outfit #3Jeans | Shirt | Sweater: Yes, the jeans again. I’ve been wearing a variation of this outfit for about a month now because it’s so easy and effortless. I love this sweater that I got from Rent The Runway so sadly I’ll have to return it someday – but for now, I can’t seem to take it off.

Sara’s Outfits

Outfit #1Joggers | Sweatshirt | Slides | Scrunchie: It’s been insanely hot most days, but the mornings can still be a little chilly. And somedays Mac just really needs to blast the AC because the office gets hot and the fan just won’t cut it. For those moments I’m very into wearing this ultra-soft jogger and sweatpant combo. The cropped sweatshirt I got on sale years ago, and it’s just so good I wear it all the time. But I think a cute cropped hoodie would be a great option. And I just got these joggers (yes, they were an impulse purchase), and they’re INSANELY soft, but they’re not thick so they’re great for summer. They’re also just a touch fitted. And these slides are what I’m wearing most of the time these days.

Outfit #2Dress (similar)| Headband: I’ve been wearing a lot of summer dresses recently. To me, they’re just as comfortable as a pair of leggings and t-shirt, but feel just a little more put together with a small touch of whimsy. In the mornings wearing a flowy summer dress makes me feel like I’m “tending my garden” instead of just “out watering the yard”. This pretty dress I’ve been wearing all the time isn’t in stock anymore online, but the dress I linked feels similar in a lot of ways! Throw on this braided headband, and I look like I actually tried.

Outfit #3Shirt | Pants: Occasionally I am forced to leave the house, and on those occasions this has been my go-to outfit. These wide-leg pants are roomy and ultra-comfortable but still structured so they feel very professional. And I really like the neckline on this tank top, which avoids getting tight and bunchy right around my armpit area. And my hair has gotten long enough during these past few months that it lives in a bun 90% of the time. I’ve been pretty attached to velvet scrunchies to keep it up and out of my face. Check this post for all the gold jewelry I’m wearing.

Jess’s Outfits

Outfit #1Dress: Well here you have it! My only attempt at looking like a normal human. But seriously I LOVE this dress. First off it’s $30. Secondly, it’s so comfortable and breezy. Thirdly, it looks like the 90s floral dress I refused to take off when I was 5. To be honest I also refuse to take this one off too. So ya it’s a slam dunk and I can’t recommend it enough. The one thing though is that it will shrink. There is a warning on the tag so it’s not a total secret. I got a size large which felt a little too big but when I washed it was just right. So maybe size up if you want that looser look. 

Outfit #2Sweatpants | Shirt (similar): A real staple because I am still pretty quarantined and only leaving the apartment when necessary… thus making comfort a must. Sadly this is one of my favorite shirts that I talked about no longer being available a couple of weeks ago in the linkup. You can’t see them but there are now holes in pits. WHY?? However, these sweatpants are a DREAM. They are so lightweight (great for air-conditioned homes) and incredibly soft. Plus there are only $20.

Outfit #3Leggings | Shirt: This is my attempt at “happy stay-at-home athleisure.” I own a lot of muted colors (especially in the loungewear department) so putting together a bright and tonal outfit is a great fix for this and helps my mood! The leggings are my all-time favorites from Girlfriend Collective (I finally just bought the blue ones). The shirt is a close second to my favorite and IS still available so at least there’s that. 

I would also like to give a shout out to the newest member of my everyday gold jewelry collection…the paperclip chain necklace. I couldn’t help myself when Sara recommended it in this post and I found out it was under $30. Add to cart, immediately. So if you want to join our necklace crew you are more than welcome. It’s very fun, with very little responsibilities.

Okay so now that you’ve seen our new uniforms we have to know, who’s outfit do you relate to most?? Choose your characters wisely, my friends. 😉

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Jen @livelygracehome

Dear friends,
Here in Idaho, many natives, including myself, have added a staple to the COVID lifestyle wardrobe; a trucker hat. Dare I say, it has outpaced the top bun as my weekend hairdo. (What do we say no instead of hairdo? Geez, that sounds old!). I have returned to work, working in healthcare, so I do leave my home and actually fix my hair on work days, but the weekends and definitely during furlough choose a t-shirt that wouldn’t clash with the trucker hat of the day.


What, no athlesiure all day every day, with just a change of shirt for video calls?

HAHA, this is me, which is why i am not featured in this post 😂

this is EXACTLY why you should’ve been in the post!


I don’t even change the shirt. I have a small collection of lightweight scarves hanging off the back of my chair that make me look oh-so professional!

Sheila, you are SMART!

Yes!! My hack too!!


All of you guys look so cute!

WOW MY TEAM IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! what a bunch of stylish and nice people!!!

YOU are so beautiful!!!


While I was working from home, it was pajamas or athletic clothes 100% of the time. If I had a Zoom, I’d change into a nicer shirt for two seconds. I have no need to wear real clothes, which might surprise people who know me because I love fashion, but when I’m home and no one can see me I’d rather be as comfortable as possible. When going out into the world to, say, pick up takeout or check the mail, I’ll throw on a loose summer dress. Now that I’m back at work (I’m a teacher and even though we’re in virtual learning mode, they won’t let us work from home), I wear a blouse with jeans. When I get to my classroom, I promptly unbutton the jeans and untuck the blouse because all of my jeans are high waisted and sitting in high waisted jeans all day is not happening. I would just wear dresses, but my classroom is too cold!


The unbuttoned denim is key. I used to do that when I was driving all over town and had to remember to button back up before I got out! Right now, I work on Zoom, so it’s a pretty blouse and comfy pants.

I get allll the looks *except* for the shoes! Are we really wearing shoes indoors?

haha Lexie, I get it. I definitely am barefoot when indoors but I was going to run errands on the days that I took my photos so shoes were an requirement.


I’d wear any of Julie’s three outfits; they are all gorgeous. (I’m sad about the green jacket being sold out).

Jess, I’d love to join the necklace crew. I was inspired by EHD’s recent jewelry post and layered two gold-plated necklaces recently.

Lexie, if you had my splintery wood floors, you’d slip your feet into shoes (slides kind of like Sara’s) as you got out of bed!

Thanks, Irene! I even tried to find a third party seller but no luck. I hope &other stories brings back the same style in fall cause I’d buy it in another color!

What a great post.
I must agree that your team is super fantastic and everybody is dam smart and gorgeous.
Thanks a lot for sharing this article with us.
I will recommend your writings to my native friends.
Please keep up the great work.
Let’s hope for the best.

Sarah T

I’m definitely a “Julie”, from the old man library decor to the daily quarantine wear. Hope y’all enjoy your weekends!

Twins! Hope you are enjoying your weekend as well 🙂


Ha! It’s fun to have another personality framework here. So now I know I’m an INFJ, a Ravenclaw, a Gemini, and a Julie/Sara cusp…

I’m an INFJ too! *virtual high five* 🙂


I love these posts! So fun to see what you ladies are putting together “on your bodies”. My one thought however, there’s so much “fast fashion” here. I totally get it – I’m guilty too…but I’m also trying to make a sincere effort to seek out new sources for environmentally and ethically produced clothing. That said, I can be lazy and it’s so easy to pick up that cute dress or tee while running errands. So when I came upon this awesome list from Restitchstance it was a huge help (she did all the work for me). Sure, there are still some super expensive brands, but I was so pleasantly surprised to see affordable replacements for some go-to outfits. Check it out!

Hi Malissa! Thanks for sharing this, of course this is something we’re trying to work on on the daily, so we appreciate you sharing this resource, Checking it out now!! Have a wonderful weekend xx


I have been rocking a visor and messy bun all summer and working outside (having never worn one previously). For clothes, the more comfortable the better (I have once or twice rocked a solid colored nightgown with a blazer over for zoom calls ha)

emily jane

Super-cute outfits and links buuuuuut it’s the peeks into your homes that absolutely made my day! As a long time reader of the blog it was unexpectedly touching to see the creatives behind those familiar spaces casually inhabiting them (as ‘casually’ as can be expected for a public blog post!). As always, thank you for sharing : )

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