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The Link Up: Caitlin’s Comfiest Romper, The TV Show BOTH Emily and Brian Like, and The Perfect Lip Stain

It’s Sundaaaaaayyyy! We hope you’re doing something like making chocolate chip pancakes and listening to the classic hit ‘Sunday Morning’ from way back when Maroon 5 was… well, let’s just say that song is from their best album. Anyway, we hope you’re having a great weekend, and let’s get right into this week’s goodies.

UP FIRST, we have an absolutely stunning home tour. And can we talk about the kitchen pendants?? We must have a crush on them because they’re giving me butterflies. Also, make sure you scroll to the last photo because that paint color is absolutely delicious. To quote Arlyn’s new blog (which you should most DEFINITELY check out if you have not already), “I like my rooms like I like my hot dog: with mustard.”

Now on with the show…

From Emily: I just started watching The Great and it may be one of the few shows that Brian and I actually both like equally right now. The writing is insane and the production design sends us to a world far outside our four walls, which I think we all are looking for right now.

From Jess: “Good” scents (I use quotes because that qualifier is subjective) are more than just a way to make your home (or body) smell good. They can be time machines that slam you back into time or feeling that was really special to you. Heck, I still take a quick sniff of my mother’s perfume whenever I feel like I need a hug. It’s been very useful during quarantine. But this past Monday I received my order from Redoux – a bar of soap and a candle. It was my first time ordering from them so I didn’t know what to except (aside from rave reviews) when I opened the box. I put my nose to the candle and was immediately at ease, but not in a “ooo this smells good” kind of way (which it did) but in the “why do I know this smell?” way. Then I looked at the card that accompanied the candled and the scent was described as “The nostalgia of summer in New York.” In an instant I realized that’s what my ease was. A scent of happy memories of warm summer evenings in New York. I almost got misty before I was like, “Jess, it’s a candle. Get ahold of yourself.” Basically I am now a forever customer. Actually I’ve already ordered two more. I’ve truly found my summer candle and cannot recommend it enough. I know this sounds like a totally biased review but with the combo of Bergamot, Geranium, Ginger, and Sandalwood, it’s a no-brainer amazing candle and I hope that it too can remind you of simpler, beautiful summer evenings. (Also the soap smells AMAZING but in a normal, not tear-inducing kind of way:)) 

Also from Jess: I need help! My favorite t-shirt is no longer available and most of the ones I have are not doing great. Apparently wearing them non stop for four months will do that. So I would LOVE some suggestions. Here’s what I want: Flattering for a larger chest, longer than a cap sleeve, doesn’t have a boob pocket (sorry Madewell), lightweight, and is a medium length. Too much?? Fingers crossed it isn’t. I really appreciate any and all recommendation:)

From Caitlin: 4 months ago, back when quarantine was just starting (it feels like YEARS ago), we did a roundup of our favorite comfy clothes for staying inside. Sara recommended this lightweight sleeveless romper and AHH, I have loved it ever since! I’ve literally worn it almost every day this week (the team can attest from our daily Zooms). It’s so flattering for regular life (I ordered an XL because I was worried about it shrinking or being clingy but it does neither of those things! Honestly could have gotten away with a medium or large) but also IT’S A GAME-CHANGER for laundry day. It has such deep pockets — I use one for my detergent pods and one for all my quarters — and it’s breathable enough that I don’t feel like I’m going to pass away as I haul 60 pounds of weighted comforters and towels down the street to my laundromat. Target is just SO GOOD at making rompers that work for straighter body types AND can actually fit boobs and butts. (Remember when all of EHD bought the same one and wore it for Halloween? Remember standing in close proximity with friends?) ANYWAY I have my eye on this short boilersuit next and will probably size up again just to be safe unless anyone has any feedback!

From Mallory: Sara filmed some IG stories for Em’s Instagram a few weeks ago and when she sent them over to me, I responded with ‘your lip color looks so good what is it and where can I buy it?’ She said it’s this sheer lip stain which I then immediately bought because her lips looked THAT GOOD (hope that doesn’t come across weird). It leaves your lips feeling lusciously soft, cool, and velvety. BOY oh BOY, I love wearing this baddie on the daily. Enjoy!

From Julie: In my personal opinion, it’s too hot these days to burn a candle all day while I work. So instead, I just bought this very pretty oil diffuser to keep my office/bedroom/yoga studio from smelling like whatever I had for lunch that day. There are four different scents to choose from and I went with ‘Harmony’ (the world and myself needs a bit more of this right now) which is a blend of amyris – had to do a quick google search for that one, bergamot – like my morning tea, & olibanum oils which gives off a woody, subtly floral and slightly spicy scent. Everyone! My room smells delicious!!!

Also from Mallory: I bought this lantern I found on sale at World Market and it is an AWESOME outdoor addition. I had no idea the power of a supple lantern glow until now…10/10 recommend if you can find it in a store near you!!

From Sara: Since eyeliner is kind of the only makeup I can wear these days that shows up above mask, I’ve been rocking these little brights in emerald, cobalt, and orange.

One more from Caitlin: I just got off the waitlist for Tote, which is an online wishlist that’s currently in beta and Y’ALL I LOVE IT. It’s like a personal gift registry and SO MUCH BETTER than Pinterest for keeping tabs on all the things I’ve found and want to buy! (My Tote is currently just filled with Lex Pott candles and these statues that I keep getting targeted IG ads for but can’t really justify splurging on, and now I can’t wait to send my Tote around at Christmas instead of being like, “uhhh, I don’t need anything???”) ANYWAY highly recommend popping on that waitlist!!!

Effortless Composition (very cute home decor) is having an online sample sale on August 2nd – August 4th! Mark your calendars…it’s gonna be a good one!

Well, that’s all folks. We’ll see you next week! xx

Opening Photo Credits: Design by Sascal Studio | Photo by Angus Williams | via Apartment Therapy

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3 years ago

Jess- check out t shirts by Jungmaven. They have tons of different options, but I really like the Ojai tee. I’m a 34DD/ size 8 and the medium fits comfortably (a lot of times mediums in other brands are too tight around the chest, this fits me as a relaxed fit). They also have a cute half-sleeve tee that I want to try. Good luck!

3 years ago
Reply to  Soph

Athleta has some lightweight tees I’ve been loving. They are called Cloud Light Stratus. They are very roomy; so go down a size. They also come in petite, which is great for me.

3 years ago

Jess my new tshirt obsession is the A.N.A. scoop neck tshirt from JC Penney of all places. It is perfection and sooo flattering.

3 years ago

Jess – try the Aerie Voop tee.

3 years ago

Does anyone know why Target has all these “cannot be shipped to your zip code” messages? It’s so frustrating – I want that boiler suit and obvi am not going shopping in a store right now (am in NYC)!

patricia blaettler
3 years ago
Reply to  Annabelle

I just got something very similar from Gap and I love it. “Utility jumpsuit”
Same-ish price. Take a look.

Nancy LaCoursiere
3 years ago
Reply to  Annabelle

Target seems to be out of everything! The jumpsuit was out of stock and could not order. 🙁

3 years ago
Reply to  Annabelle

I’m not sure about the clothes but I believe in general it’s typically because the product is made with a material banned in California. I’ve run into it before w/housing stuff, makeup & skincare–I use RevitaBrow on my brows & lashes because RevitaLash was banned in CA after a lawsuit.

3 years ago
Reply to  CJ

Holy Crap. Why did RevitaLash get banned? It’s the only thing that has worked to make my lashes thicker and longer. Just my luck, someone will break the news that it’s made with puppy tails or some other horrible ingredient.
The Noto Ono Ono lip stain that Mallory mentions is another product I don’t want to live without.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kristyn

It’s not banned everywhere-but it is in California. Before the virus I used to buy it online & ship it to my mom in TX to mail to me. But I don’t want her to have to go to the post office right now so RevitaBrow it is!
It’s random what’s affected–I literally just tried to buy a new modem from Target & got the “can’t ship this item there” message again!

3 years ago

Highly highly recommended the Amour Vert Joline V-Neck Slub Tee!!! I’m a 36DDD and short, so can’t wear anything but v-neck shirts. This too is flowy and flattering and comfy all at once. I order the medium and it’s perfect.

3 years ago

That top has never worked for me – I’ve tried it three times. I am a 36G, and the top is too tight on my chest even up to the XL, and huge everywhere else!

3 years ago

Can you please do a follow-up on what t-shirt you end up liking? Maybe a try on? I need help too! If you need a tank top for a larger chest, the Zella Strength Racerback is the BEST. I wear one almost every day to work-out & then another one to work under a jacket.

Michael Jackie
3 years ago

The room was beautifully decorated, it made me unable to sit still, I immediately decided to buy myself a few wall murals: decor /. Product price is not cheap but in return, the pictures are very nice and quite good.

3 years ago

I love the home tour! They did so much in such a small space. I love the colors flow from room to room, but each room still has a unique personality. It’s stunning!

3 years ago

I’m going to assume that Mallory means that lantern is subtle, not supple, though a supple lantern is an intriguing idea!

3 years ago

Can we please have a Canopy Bed blog post? How/when to use, round up of good ones, trouble shooting etc. I’ve been wishing for one but I don’t know if it will be totally weird in my smaller room.

Ruth Ann
3 years ago

That home tour! I haven’t seen one that excited me like that in a long time – cozy, quirky, inviting, and interesting.
I’d love to see more of their work

3 years ago

I am so happy you love The Great!! My husband produced it! Isn’t it just brilliant!!?? Huzzah!!

3 years ago

Lululemon Love Tee is the best! Deep enough v-neck that it doesn’t make my big boobs seem larger, loose fit, long enough sleeve, LIGHTWEIGHT and doesn’t look like a workout tee!! (Maybe the white does, a little…) Runs TTS!

3 years ago

‘Twas a surreal moment when I recognised an item in a home tour as something I actually own! I purchased those pendants from H&M just last week… 😀

3 years ago

a more splurge tee but that is a great workhorse is this one from the sleepshirt –

3 years ago

I needed comfy t-shirts for hanging around the house and didn’t want to spend too much. I have the same needs as you so I took a chance and ordered a 3 pack of Goodfellow brand men’s undershirts from Target. They are lovely! They’re soft, not see through, and have the v-neck and longer sleeves. A good budget option and I think I’m going to attempt to tie-dye a couple of them for funsies 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Celi

Ha! We’re on the same page! I too love that brand from target. Bought the crew neck and can say equally awesome things about it. Men’s tees for the win!

3 years ago

Jess, maybe try American Giant’s Airy Supima V-Neck? They also have other fabrics, but the Supima is my favorite.

3 years ago

Jess – Everlane Air t-shirt! So good.

3 years ago

Wow! The room is beautiful, it suggests new ideas for decorating the house. I bought some wall hanging products on the web: The product is very beautiful and I completely changed my rooms when hanging the pictures on the wall.

3 years ago

The room is worth the dream. This design can be applied to many other rooms, some wall pictures will make the room more brilliant. We have such products:

3 years ago

Jess – 32G here (normally a size 6 or medium up top) and after lots of trial and error, I love the J. Crew Factory v-neck cotton tees in a size medium. I don’t love the regular J. Crew ones as much, but these are great and offered year after year (sometimes in new colors)! They don’t dress up as well as a cotton/modal blend tee does (used to love the Halogen modal v neck that Nordstrom sold, but looks like they don’t sell it anymore), but are a great casual tee. Good luck!