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The Long-Awaited EHD Approved Overalls Roundup

It is no secret that Emily (and the rest of EHD) love a single garment no-fuss outfit option. Jumpsuits are the unofficial EHD uniform and we are all big fans of comfortable, flowy dresses. But there is another cousin to these easy to throw on pieces that have not had their time to shine. That’s right, it is high time we give proper tribute to the overall.

Why do we love them? Well, they are great for being on set because they are comfortable and easy to move around in, plus they are ideal to wear while moving around furniture and shlepping props because they can withstand some wear and tear. They are versatile (we wear them all year long) and work with boots, mules, Birkenstocks, sneakers, you name it–and yes it is totally possible to wear them without feeling like a farmer (though that’s never a bad thing IMO). If you need more convincing than that, allow me to introduce you to the ones we have our eyes on right now:

1. Lizzie Culotte Overalls | 2. Denim Dungaree | 3. Lacey Dungarees In Black | 4. Women’s High-Rise Cropped Raw Hem Overalls  | 5. Denim Overall | 6. Boyish Kenny Overall |7. Rosalie Overalls | 8. RJ Overalls | 9. Levi Vintage Overall | 10. Citizens of Humanity Christie Wide-Leg Denim Overalls | 11. EDWIN Sadie Utility Denim Overalls | 12. Denim Overalls | 13. High-Rise Cropped Raw Hem Overalls | 14. Brooklyn Denim Dungarees | 15. Straight Leg Overalls

I love an oversized overall with a wide or straight leg such as #1, #6, and #12 because I am a comfort gal at heart. In fact, I’ve been coveting these for over a year–ever since I saw Emily wearing similar ones in this post. Our resident overall champion, Julie, has these and loves them for styling days and shoot days so you can bet they are comfortable and durable.

Now let’s move on to shortalls as the weather is not getting any cooler anytime soon.

1. Eyes On You Shortall | 2. AE Denim Tomgirl Short Overall | 3. Mercury Rising Shortall | 4. Denim Overall Short | 5. Lucky Brand Shortalls | 6. Lee Relaxed Short Overalls | 7. Aerie Twill Knot Shortall | 8. Denim Tie-Waist Patch Pocket Short Overalls | 9. Denim Shortalls With Raw Hem | 10. Denim Shortall | 11. Denim Overall Shorts | 12. Denim Button Dungarees

I am very into these classic ones from Gap (honestly pretty sure my mom owned this exact style in the ’90s) and these super cute distressed ones are very similar to the ones Emily wore here. For less casual but still comfortable look, sign me up for #7 and #12.

So, are you team overall? Or what is your favorite no-fuss outfit? Please, do tell. xx

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: My Summer Wardrobe

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3 years ago

You should check out Lucy and Yak, an awesome sustainable UK based brand, known for there overalls! I’m eyeing a fine pink corduray one.

3 years ago

I wore a pair of blue and white striped, short overalls to my first concert. You better believe you can move around in them. I danced like crazy to Milli Vanilli all those years ago.

3 years ago

These are amazingly comfortable and come through the laundry great….

3 years ago

I <3 my Pyne & Smith linen overalls! Maybe I’ll make the leap to an even more utilitarian set from this list.

Kat van der Hoorn
3 years ago
Reply to  Lashley

Yes! It would be so wonderful to see some more ethical options for clothes listed. Conscious Clothing makes amazing overalls that are around the same price or less as the anthropologie ones but ethically made in Michigan!

3 years ago

100% with you. Shop small and ethically made!

3 years ago
Reply to  Lashley

Me too. I have the black Pyne & Smith overalls. Love them so much. I’m a size 45 hip and its nice to have loosey goosey, but cute overalls.

3 years ago

Overalls make restroom visits way more complicated than the elastic waists I’ve gotten accustomed to these pandemic days. I’m too lazy now…not to mention the risk of a strap falling into the toilet!

3 years ago

Team Overalls (and jumpsuits and flowy dresses) FTW! I’m a huge fan of this black jumpsuit from Piper & Scoot. I hope they make one in olive next…

3 years ago

Those Gap relaxed denim overalls are my absolute favorites! I own them in two colors, and bought two pairs of the blue ones, because I don’t know I’d do if something happened to them! Overalls + striped shirt + Birks is my weekend uniform; if I’m feeling fancy, I wear white overalls + navy turtleneck + clogs! Is it stylish? Nope. But does it make me super happy? Yep.

3 years ago

Absolutely love overalls! Wore striped OshKosh B’gosh short overalls as a kid in the 70s, classic denim Gap while pregnant in the late 90s and now have been out in the garden in some loose & comfy OshKosh’s which have lasted for years. Unfortunately, OshKosh doesn’t make adult clothing anymore! I will use your guide to find an updated slim overall style! Cute year round!

3 years ago

I love an overall, but I feel like everyone needs to size up a little. Tight overalls are a no-go, friends. Do like Emily, above, not the Sezane model. Dismounting high horse now.

Nisha George
3 years ago

I love my Handymaam overalls. Great for casual wear and for doing some serious DIY work. Especially flattering fit for women. Woman owned and made in USA too! httpss://

3 years ago

Overalls is far to much trouble getting down in the moment of need.

3 years ago

I have some Madewell overalls and they are definitely for fashion, not for function. Cute, though. However, Dovetail Workwear makes THE BEST utilitarian overalls if you actually plan on working in them. They are made by women for women’s bodies and super comfy and crazy durable. Highly recommend! I’m a fan of the grey stretch canvas.