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Why EHD Loves a Jumpsuit + Our Tried-&-True Recommendations

The EHD team likes jumpsuits—on any given day, I can almost guarantee that someone shows up in a jumpsuit and is immediately greeted with a flurry of OMGYOULOOKSOCUTE—and not just because they create a great Halloween costume (see below). No. We are fans of the singular-piece-of-fabric fashion moment because for us, it just makes sense (and might be the future of women in the work-field…buh-bye dresses, meet the new one-piece). Why? I am glad you asked. Behold my case for the jumpsuit:

  1. They are wildly comfortable. Anyone who loved overalls at any point in their life knows they ride up in unfortunate ways when sitting. Jumpsuits, however, do not have this issue. They are roomy and something you can sit as easily as stand in. Imagine that.
  2. Add some accessories or cool shoes and you can go from work to night, whereas you can’t as effortlessly in an overall. It always says “cute daytime.”
  3. They have storage. As stylists, we need to have pockets and the ability to hold a lot near our bodies including phones, measuring tapes and extra credit for a hammer or screwdriver. They are overalls, but cooler. Everyday basics, but chicer.
  4. They are a whole outfit and a very easy one-click purchase that you will actually wear. Why try to put together a curated work outfit when you can look legitimately pulled together and even chic by wearing one piece of comfortable clothing?

I like a shirt and pant combo as much as the next person, but I’m leaning far more into the jumpsuit arena of life. It’s roomy, comfy, functional and it looks like you thought about what you put on your body. Case closed?

Em Jumpsuit Lores 2

Get The Look: Jumpsuit | Boots (similar)

I’ve had this one from Madewell for a year and a half and still LOVE it. I couldn’t find any other socks so know that I don’t endorse those socks with that jumpsuit, but that one piece is so flattering and yet roomy in the waist (I don’t like a snug jumpsuit since the whole point for me is comfort + looking cool).

Img 5324

Get The Look: Jumpsuit | Shoes

This one is more splurgy, but yes, it is rad. It is more special because of how it fits and falls so well, but honestly that Madewell one is pretty darn great for a 1/3 of the price.

Now, don’t just take it from me. My team is just as passionate about these “outdoor pajamas” as I am and are going to tell you why. Take it away, guys:


Jumpsuits Lores 08

Get The Look: Jumpsuit | Sandals (similar)

Why I love it: I always thought jumpsuits were not in the cards for me. I’m 5’8” with a long torso, F cup boobs, and an ice skating butt (read: big). Anyway, I pulled this on a whim at Target when I was looking for something to wear to my best friend’s rehearsal dinner at an aerospace museum. I needed something that could serve double duty: look fancy enough for a wedding walkthrough, and not show my bits while I’m climbing in and out of jets. When I put this on in the dressing room, I. WAS. SO. HYPED. First, it fit—no awkward pulling around my boobs or in the crotch. Second, it felt like GOSH DANG PAJAMAS. Third, it was perfect to dress up OR down and this green color was awesome (especially with the holidays coming up! But it also comes in black!). There are some reviews from people with narrower/shorter/more petite frames who have struggled with filling it out, but if you’ve historically been like, “holy crap, why can’t I even fit ONE LEG into this jumpsuit?” then Y’ALL, this is the PERFECT pick for you. And it’s only $30, so like…worth a shot, right?!


Jumpsuits Lores 06

Get The Look: Jumpsuit | Shoes

Why I love it: There is something magical about an article of clothing that is simple, classic yet elevated enough that it says, “I tried but not too hard.” That is how I feel about this jumpsuit. It works with boots, mules, heels, sneakers…pretty much anything you want, so getting dressed is so damn easy. I have had it for a year and have not grown tired of it in the slightest, which is saying a lot. It runs true to size (I am wearing a medium) and yes it is annoying to have to pee when wearing it but that is the price one pays when you can get away with wearing a single garment to work. This particular one is from last year (though they still have a few left!) but I have my eye on this newer version that looks just as comfortable and chic.


Jumpsuits Lores 05

Get The Look: Jumpsuit | Belt | Shoes

Why I love it: This jumpsuit from Urban is super comfortable and flattering, and you can wear it plain or dress it up a little with a neck scarf, belt, and booties. It’s easy to move around in but also so great for if you’re sitting at a computer all day. I am usually a small, but ordered a medium, so the legs/butt are a little baggier than I would have liked, but the bust/arms are tighter, so the medium fits perfectly in that regard.


Jumpsuits Lores 07

Get The Look: Jumpsuit | Sandals

Why I love it: Story time: I came across this jumpsuit as I was waltzing through Forever 21 to meet up with a friend before a show. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted something bright, something red, something…special. “Could it be…a jumpsuit?” I thought to myself. Why yes, yes it could and it was. I instantly snatched it up and sprinted through the piles of neglected clothes that had accidentally fallen off their hangers and I headed straight for the dressing room. I had a total of 3 minutes to try it on and make a decision if I was going to buy it or not. You might’ve already guessed how this story ends: I bought it. I must say, this jumpsuit fits the whole checklist of jumpsuit requirements: it’s comfy, stylish, and super affordable (which is a must for me). The color is a bold statement, yes, but I have a theory that red looks great on just about everybody and honestly, this jumpsuit has gotten me more compliments in the times I’ve worn it than any other article of clothing I own. Plus, it’s a great one to layer a striped shirt or turtleneck under. Oh, and she’s on sale. 

Now for the trifecta, a.k.a. the jumpsuit that Sara, Julie, and Velinda all have and LOVE (can you tell that we love matching??)


Jumpsuits Lores 02

Get The Look: Jumpsuit | Shoes

Why I love it: It’s the perfect versatile piece: you can dress it up for a dinner or wedding with heels and jewelry, or down for work with flats. And it’s a really unique color that you don’t see that often. Plus it’s very comfortable and you can’t beat it for the price.


Jumpsuits Lores 03

Get The Look: Jumpsuit | Shoes (similar)

Why I love it: I have deep feelings about this jumpsuit that are best described as follows:

Dear Diary,

My jumpsuit is comfortable as hell but chic enough for work. I’m super into the fall color.

Promise to write tomorrow,



Jumpsuits Lores 04

Get The Look: Jumpsuit | Shirt (similar) | Boots (similar)

Why I love it: I am all about wearing something to work that is comfortable (read: pajamas) but I still look professional enough for a meeting and this jumpsuit meets the criteria. My favorite color is actually purple (sshhh…don’t tell team EHD) especially to wear, and the “eggplant” color is definitely passable by their standards.

Since we are on the subject of jumpsuits and because we love a team pic, please enjoy team EHD’s Halloween costume:

Halloween Lores 8

We had so much fun matching all day and walking around like some sort of cult of real-life Rosie the Riveters. It was great.


Jumpsuit | Bandana 

It is worth noting that part of the reason we went with this costume is because SIX people on the team already owned this jumpsuit. It is that good and checks all our boxes: comfy, easy to wear, and cool. We all can collectively vouch for its versatility and we highly recommend. Be matching with us!

Here are some more picks that we have/want/are dying to try:

 Ehd Favoritejumpsuitsroundupupdated

1. Sacred Hawk Denim Boilersuit | 2. Sleeveless V-Neck Corduroy Jumpsuit | 3. UO Elyn Corduroy Jumpsuit | 4. Cloth & Stone Laney Chambray Jumpsuit | 5. As You Wished Jumpsuit | 6. Pocket Corduroy Dungarees | 7. Everything And More Wide Leg Jumpsuit | 8. Super Sailor Jumpsuit | 9. Cotton Overall | 10. Contrast Stitch Retro Jumpsuit | 11. Texture & Thread Wide-Leg Wrap Jumpsuit | 12.Contrast Stitch T-Shirt Jumpsuit | 13. Belted Denim Jumpsuit | 14. Button Or Nothing Check Jumpsuit | 15. Gia Coveralls | 16. Alexa Boilersuit | 17. Striped Long Sleeve V-Neck Jumpsuit | 18. Izzy Organic Boilersuit | 19. The Modern Utility Jumpsuit | 20. Square Neck Denim Jumpsuit | 21. Luella Jumpsuit 

Are you guys on the jumpsuit train? We’d love to hear your recommendations for jumpsuits or other outfits that also feel like pajamas. xx

**photography by Veronica Crawford

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4 years ago

I’ve never believed a jumpsuit would work on me as I’m pear shaped with a long torso. I have a very small waist and large hips so anything which doesn’t fit tightly at the top just accentuates my hips and makes me look very short legged and dumpy with no shape. But… now I might try a few! It’s great to see how they work on different body shapes and they do look so comfortable.

And I just have to say I LOVE Ryann’s hair. What is the cut and how do you style it? We have very similar colouring and I so badly want your hair!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jade

I have a very similar body type and I love this one:

You can provide your measurements and she’ll make it custom! 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Chandra

Totally love that, thank you so much for the recommendation. I’d love to have a handmade item of clothing!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jade

Me, too! I avoid one piece swimsuits for the same reason!

4 years ago
Reply to  Suzanne

Ha, I know exactly what you mean! People look at me like I’m crazy when I say that swimming costumes simply don’t fit my body… they dig in on the crotch and shoulders while flattening my boobs and then cut off my legs at the most unflattering height possible so I am all stumpy legs and no figure. I don’t want to wear a bikini after having two children so I try to find a tankini as the two seperate items resolves the pulling issue. So hard to find. I think they must be really outdated but I still keep searching!

Nicole Roe
4 years ago

I totally turned the brown target one into my UPS costume for Halloween. Gemmed it into shorts and bought a patch.

4 years ago

These are cute but maybe you have to be a stylist in California to pull it off. I couldn’t wear any of these to my east coast office, and our office culture isn’t even super corporate.

By the way, It took me quite a while of staring at your ankles in that first pic with the red jumpsuit before I figured out those were socks. Ha! I thought you were wearing copper cuffs or something. I thought, “Is this some new style to wear shiny copper cuffs on top of your boots?” Lol!

At any rate, a post on how to wear socks with shoes and still look cool would be awesome. Most of the time, it just looks awkward on me. For example, I have Nisolo’s Emma D’orsay shoes (which i love) but how do you wear socks with those???

4 years ago
Reply to  LouAnn

I also spent some time looking at those socks. I’d love a post on socks 🙂

4 years ago

Such a great post. I have only one. It’s black denim and I style like our girl at man repeller, turquoise chocker and long gold necklace, tan shoes. Feels great.
Sorry to be Debbie downer, but I do so wish this post cake out earlyier. 1. Things would not be out of stock 2. I could have had a costume.

Thank you for all you do.

4 years ago

At 5’1″ tall, I’m super bummed that not a single jumpsuit above is listed in petite sizes. And as we petite women know, buying in a regular size and having things cut down isn’t always a great option. I’d love every now and again to see a roundup of petite clothing on your Saturday fashion posts. There must be someone in your office who’s vertically challenged???

4 years ago

Please do another post like this next spring with summery jumpsuits! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect beachside cocktails jumpsuit.

4 years ago

Wait, overalls ride up??? What am I doing wrong, or rather, right, that my overalls don’t ride up??? Having been a young in the 80s I’ve worn my fair share of jumpsuits. They are comfy, can be stylish as heck. BUT try using the ladies room and you’re all kinds of exposed and the jumpsuit is on the floor. That’s the only downside. Hmm, it was the 80s and I was going to some questionable places (clubs), so that might be the hesitation for me to drop it in a strange bathroom… ok, never mind, carry on, jumpsuits are awesome!

4 years ago

You guys make them look awfully cute but they’re still my least favorite item of clothing. Double the fit problems because I’ve never worn the same size tops and bottoms and having to completely disrobe whilst struggling to keep my clothes off the restroom floor is too annoying. I have one summery version I wear as a swimsuit coverup but no way could I wear any of these to work for a presentation to senior management. Case closed!

4 years ago

I bought the red one! Can’t wait to show up to brunch wearing it together!!

4 years ago

Caitlyn! What size did you get??? I have your twin body! 😀

4 years ago
Reply to  Katie

YAAAAS HEY GIRL! This one’s an XL because it was the only one in stock in the store, but it is a little big!! If you have a Target nearby and can return easily, I’d try to order both — but if not, XL is def a solid bet 🙂

4 years ago

I love a good jumpsuit! One of my very favorites is the Happy French Gang jumpsuit (which you will spot on all sorts of fashionable makers & creatives in the Bat Area).

4 years ago
Reply to  Lindsay

Oops, Bay Area.

4 years ago

Ladies, check out Nooworks!

4 years ago

Love this post and all the jumpsuits. My favorite is the first one from Madewell. When I checked the site, the only colour available is kind of orangey brown and yours Is more of a raspberry. Are the colours off in either pictures? Do you know what the colour of yours is called? I want one!!

4 years ago

Nope, I drink too much water and have to go to the restroom way too much to deal with a jumpsuit! Do you ladies have a magical solution to that problem? But now that it’s fall/winter in New England (and other places with seasons!), I’ve transitioned to my winter “uniform”, which has all the “feels like wearing pajamas” benefits of a jumpsuit but with easier restroom access. I basically live in sweater dresses, leggings, and boots, and it’s SO COMFY yet looks professional!

4 years ago
Reply to  Deborah

I also have this same dilemma! Love jumpsuits, totally think they’re lovely, but have the hardest time finagling all the moving parts when going to the restroom. Especially germy public restrooms. Is there a secret to better functionality?

4 years ago

I do wish that there was an “ease of bathroom use” scale attached to each jumpsuit. Can that be added in? (I have one from JCrew that is SO cute but it includes a tie in the front, clasp, and side zip. Too much!)

4 years ago

I so wish I could appreciate these but every jumpsuit looks unflattering to me. Look like the worst of fashion past! Each to her own but I would love to see a post on classic dressing for women our age. Not prairie or 80’s or ruffly or toddler…

4 years ago
Reply to  Patti

I completely agree with Patti. They really are not flattering. Bring in the classic dressing advice!

4 years ago

YES!! I’m pear shaped with a long torso too, but jumpsuits that are flowy on the bottom, fitted on top, and have a high-ish waist are so fun!

Jennifer Laura
4 years ago

My husband hates jumpsuits, but I LOVE them!!! So I wear them anyway 🙂