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Goodbye Sweet JanSTEWary and Hello To What’s On My Body This Week


Well, we all kinda felt that it was time to move on from JanSTEWary mostly because the only word we could come up with for the next month was FebSTEWary and it would cheapen what was a run of pretty super puns (see how I DIDN’T go there?). What we get DM’d the most is ‘where is that shirt from, where are your pants from?’ etc, so on Saturdays for a while, we’ll show what I put on my body. These are not perfectly curated outfits that are meant for hundreds of thousands to see, but they are what I chose because likely they are comfortable, flattering and feel like me.

I do wish that I would take more risks, but well, I clearly didn’t this week. So here it goes …



Sweatshirt (similar) | Sweatpants | UGGs

It’s rather unfortunate that we are starting out this series with that “outfit”. Way to really hit you with my fashion force. But my team was like ‘no you have to include it’ and I obliged. On Monday we traveled back from the mountain house in this showstopper. I can’t wash the sweats fast enough (I should probably own two pairs) because I wear them most mornings, to bed, and a lot of the weekend, only opting for a different pair if they are in the laundry. Why? Because they don’t cut in at the waist or crotch, and are extremely soft and not unflattering (that lump on the side was just how I was standing that created a ripple in them) Most of Lou and Gray’s clothes are super soft, by the way. The Great sweatshirt was sent to me and at first I was like, ‘am I doing the daisy trend?’ But I wear it a lot, so I guess I am. And my friend Suzanne gave me her hand me down UGGs which I put on every morning, night and weekends much to Brian’s dismay.


business casual outfit

Blazer (similar) | Free People Ripped White V Neck ShirtUniversal Thread Pants (similar) | Nisolo Chelsea Boot | Giving Keys Necklace (similar)

I got my act together on Tuesday and threw on a blazer to assert my professional ‘bossness’. That blazer is my favorite (slim arms, but oversized in legnth) and the pants are from Target and strangely slimming. I wear a lot of Nisolo shoes as you can tell, and these are my current favorites because they are comfortable and I love how the pointy toe is more flattering, making your leg look longer. I bought that Free People shirt in 3 colors and for the record Brian Henderson really likes it (it’s a ripped up, kinda see-through low-V-neck so nobody is shocked here).


best overalls

Free People Baggy Boyfriend OverallsFree People Ripped V Neck Shirt | Nisolo Oxfords | Giving Keys Necklace (similar)

Speaking of …same shirt, different color. This time with my new favorite ‘shoot’ overalls. These overalls are perfect for being on set because they are roomy and have lots of pockets, but are still cool (and very comfortable). I wore them with my other favorite Nisolo shoes but I think that some sneakers would have probably looked better. A fun fact about me is that I don’t believe in laces. In case you are an investigative reporter and you remember my new The Great shoes from last week I will confess you are right, I have ONE pair of shoes that have laces, but the joke is that I make my best friend/neighbor (who works at The Great) tie them for me often. I just don’t have time or patience for laces. If I went to therapy (WHY DO I NOT GO TO THERAPY??) This would be a pretty easy thing to dissect. Or maybe I just want to dress like a a pre-schooler, in play clothes.


comfortable and causal outfit

Madewell Sweater (similar) | Nili Lotan Pant | Madewell Denim Top (similar) | Leather Belt Bag (similar) | Nisolo Mules

Well, sadly almost none of them are available, but that is a VERY typical “Emily” outfit. Chambray/navy/drop crotch/camel mules/and a bit of “funk” what with the fanny pack. P.S. That was and is my only Clare V. and I do in fact love it. I feel like it really makes a boring outfit look more high end.



Lace Top (similar) | Viggos Jagger Ripped Skinny JeansNisolo Chelsea Boot

That shirt is from Urban Outfitters last year and those pants are my new weekend stretchy ‘I’m not jeggings but I feel like jeggings’ set. I’m looking TIRED but good. Again with the Chelsea Boot – promoting my almost flawless lace free record for the week.

vintage coat

Oh and I topped it off with this vintage Japanese canvas coat from the flea market that is reversible. Which side do you like more? #teamplaid

Now to show you that I can actually care, here’s proof:

black tie dress
Dress (similar) | Shoes (similar) | Clutch (similar) | Karen Murrell Lipstick

Brian’s play that he was in last year, Cry It Out, was nominated (AND WON!!) for the Ovation Awards which is kinda the Tony’s for LA. It was at the Ace Hotel and ‘Black Tie’, so we obviously wore navy (accidentally matched) and Brian looked VERY handsome. That dress is from Ulla Johnson last year and I wear it on every special occasion (I really need a new one). It was a splurge so I’m VERY glad that I’ve gotten so much use out of it.

So that’s it. Every day I put clothes on my body and maybe by doing this series I’ll even try to put on more current clothes that are available, even better and more interesting. Or maybe not…. 🙂

For more things fashion and beauty head on over to the Fashion Section of the Shop Page. Have a happy cart-filled Saturday folks:) xx

Fin Mark
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I love this… but I was secretly hoping for febROUXary. Never let puns gets in the way of your dreams!

OH SH*T! That’s VERY GOOD. Ok maybe we will!! I am making a soup right now … 🙂

Stacie Martin

I was kinda hoping for FeBREWary where you tried soups with witchy/earthy/exotic ingredients! 🙂

What size overalls did you buy? That size range is frustrating!


Well, the navy dress is beautiful, but I actually prefer your everyday preschooler. I’ve always enjoyed your style and the fact that you love blue as much as I do. Your lighthearted vibe to dressing has always set you apart.


I miss the soup recipe. Please don’t abandon the soup!!


I was so enjoying the soups! 🙁


Why do designers feel the need to veer off into recipes, fashion, makeup?
It must be fruitful for them. As far as I know, which isn’t much, they aren’t chefs, clothing designers or cosmetologists.
I go to design sites for design ideas and inspiration, not to learn how to make minestrone soup
Sorry, but it bugs me.


Polar vortex making you grumpy?? You don’t have to read it…..


I agree with Cat. The whole point of putting these fashion and food posts on the weekends was to separate it from the regular design content. So if you don’t like it you can easily avoid it. And yes Emily might not be a professional chef, but aren’t we all human beings capable of multiple interests, thoughts, opinions and areas of expertise?

thanks Colin 🙂


Rude! I love the outfits and Emily’s style. Keep em comin!


I agree that I am so over the soup along with every other January reminder that everyone is being super healthy (not saying it shouldn’t be posted – I just skip the content) Do enjoy the outfits though.


I don’t even think twice about personal style posts on this blog because I figure that it lives up to what the URL promises—stylebyemilyhenderson, in various forms—and also, having been a fan of Emily’s since Design Star and Secrets from a Stylist, I know that she’s gone into the relationship between a personal style and design preferences in multiple avenues before. From another blogger, a post like this might seem out of place but here it goes along with the thesis of Emily’s past work—her book says, “One of the easiest ways to pinpoint your home style is to look at what’s hanging in your closet.”

thanks, Sarah 🙂


I like design, clothes, AND soup — but even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t presume to tell a business owner what sort of FREE content to create, unless specifically asked. There’s always the option to scroll on by….

yep. there’s a lot to read on a sunday morning 🙂 my outfit content is just one of them. xx


Congratulations to Brian that is fantastic!


Yes, congrats!! And y’all look great.

That white eyelet top is SO adorable. Thanks for linking quality sweatpants!


Love the fashion show!


THANK YOU Emily for showing us an outfit of sweats. Refreshingly normal. XOXO. Adorable in every shot as always.

Pamela Garfinkle

You are one of the few bloggers who I do not find obnoxious or entitled. Keep up the good work and thanks for staying real.

Leigh H


I can’t tell you how nice that is to hear. thank you Pamela and Leigh. thank you,. xx


I also hate laces – I got myself some of those elasticated laces last year and they are the best thing ever! Does make me feel a tad hypocritical when trying to teach my little one to tie their shoelaces, though…


I was hoping for a review of the title pic with the red shirt and jeans. The jeans are adorable and I’m looking for a similar pair.


Old Navy has a daisy sweatshirt in a nice, springy blue with white daisies….very preschool-chic!

Roberta Davis

I like seeing the plaid peeking out from the coat! And I also hate shoelaces! And now you have me looking at Nisolo shoes. And Uggs.


So long to JanSTEWary. Hello to FeBREWary.
Let’s talk about beer now! Hahaha!

Dimitra Kabra

Congratulations Brian! Wow!

Meagan H

I think I am already in love with this series! You have inspired a few new outfits for me once the weather heats up a bit here. Your style looks so effortless and put together. Can’t wait for the next one!


I totally have that longish necklace hanging behind you in your second outfit pic – the bar/triangle/chevron stack. So random. The outfit in that pic looks like something that could come out of my closet as well. <3


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