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My Summer Wardrobe



I’m the person who wears the same thing virtually every day, as you know. And I wear things til they fall apart. We have a small closet and I don’t really hoard clothes like I do lamps. But I update my wardrobe because I like fashion, and even jeans from 2 years ago can be stylistically dated. As I was packing for a trip this weekend I realized that I needed some summer basics so I went shopping and when I put them all together I was like – hey, this is my own summer “capsule collection”, and to justify the amount of time I spent shopping, trying on and returning clothes, I was like you bet Imma blog about it. So here we go, my 2017 Summer wardrobe.

Most of these clothes are casual, all are comfortable, some are splurges and some are affordable. And while I don’t have some work event clothes or more business-y clothes in the mix, I suppose that is because we really don’t dress up too much here during the summer in our field. So everything here I would wear on prep days, but maybe for important meetings or networking events I would step it up a bit.


Bandana | Blouse | Shorts | Shoes

First up – The shorts that just get better and better. I’ve blogged about them before and a lot of you have purchased and commented how much you love them as well. I love them as much on day 1 as on day 5. The shoes are my new summer Comey’s. I had them last summer and I wore them EVERY SINGLE DAY. They give me 2 inches, but are super, super comfortable. They are flattering (because they are nude) and I can wear them with literally any outfit. I lost one of them in the move, and as summer approached I tried on SO MANY more affordable options (I really liked these, but they were slightly higher, so less versatile) but ultimately these are my shoes. They are a splurge, but I’ll wear them til they fall apart (which hopefully isn’t til at least summer of 2019)


The blouse is from Doen and it’s a thick white cotton that has cute gathering at the shoulder, and pretty ties that hang on the sleeves. Super versatile and just a great every day shirt. I can’t do white silk or anything too precious, but this one feels like it might stand up to life with toddlers. The bandana is from Madewell, and here’s my pitch for these – they are so affordable and unlike jewelry they don’t get lost or tangled. I can’t travel with jewelry, I just throw it in a purse the second it gets annoying then it’s gone forever. These scarves dress up an outfit but also are super practical for a summer traveling with kids.


SunglassesButton Down ShirtJacketJeansShoes

I don’t wear sunglasses, until now. I felt like I couldn’t really see with them (which is why I wear a lot of hats) but a friend of mine convinced me that I was just buying the wrong ones for my face and that I needed to buy Ray Ban aviators – but a very specific style and size. So I did and I LOVE them. The key is getting ‘small’ which is weird because I have a big face. At first I ordered the normal ones and she was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING I TOLD YOU TO GET SMALL. So I returned them and got these and I love them. Am I worried about a child breaking them? No. My kids don’t handle or break anything that’s not theirs. HAHAHA. Wish us luck.

The jacket is on sale for $79 right now and it’s awesome. I bought it in denim too. It’s the WAY less expensive version of The Great’s jacket and it’s actually has more structure.  You can see but it is A-shaped and swingy.


The shirt is a very easy breezy cotton shirt that comes out of the dryer in good shape (that means something to me as I refuse to iron clothes – especially on vacation). It has fitted arms but it’s flowy around the middle – a cut that I’m SUPER into. The jeans are my white Madewells. FYI they don’t stain easily at all (probably because they are denim and not cotton). I’ve worn them 50 times and they are still looking brand new.


Hat (similar) | T-ShirtPantsSandals

Here’s a secret I’m giving you folks – that T-shirt (which looks kinda schlubby, but isn’t in person) is $7 and it’s super soft and doesn’t really wrinkle. They come very oversized (I’m an XS in this shirt) so if you are teeny this might not work for you, but I love the cut so much. And the price. I’m not selling it well in that shot, but trust me that the sleeves are a cute bell, and it’s slightly fitted without being tight.

The pants are from Target and are soooooo cute. And no, I have no obligation ever to wear Target clothes, but when I’m shopping for home you know I hit up that section, too. The hat I purchased last year at Lost and Found in LA and while I do love it, it is starting to fall apart so I hesitate to recommend it. I need a hat to really last if it’s going to be expensive, which is why I love the Equal Uprise hats, I feel like they keep their shape for a long time. They need to make a straw hat!

Those flip flops are so cute, simple and nude (if you can’t tell I find nude shoes very flattering as it makes your legs look longer IMHO).


Top | Overalls | Mules

My first pair of overalls!!! I wanted to be a part of this trend, I did, but I had to kiss a LOT of frogs to find these. There are so many unflattering ones out there. These are the vintage boyfriend version from Urban and they are universally loved. My friends love them, Charlie loves them. And guess what? BRIAN HENDERSON LOVES THEM. Of course he wants me to wear a tiny little tight cropped top that exposes my side belly underneath and I’m like who do you think I am? Brittany Spears? But his enthusiasm led me to order a bodysuit instead thinking that it would be a good compromise, but the one I got was way too 90’s and just a little too revealing for me. It’s just not me. I get that wearing something more fitted would be cute and perhaps let him live out some sort of 90’s nostalgic fantasy. I’ll look around for something, meanwhile I still like that simple striped shirt I’ve had forever underneath it.


When I came out for this shoot I said ‘look, even with a striped shirt it’s good!’ and he said, and I quote, ‘it’s cute … for gardening’. I get it. Sara and I disagreed. The shoes are leather mules from Free People and at first I was going to return them, not because I don’t love them, but because I don’t need another pair of mules, but then I realized I actually did and that these were sooooo cute.


TopShorts | Sandals

Now to one of my favorite tops, from Tibi which is on sale right now (for $200 which I realize is still EXTREMELY expensive, but I’ve worn it probably 15 times in the last 2 months and it’s originally a lot more). It’s great for the days that I want to look pulled together, but still feel super comfortable – which is I guess every day. I’ve worn it to night time events with a skirt or dressy shorts. It’s also a go-to with these shorts or the Madewell white jeans. It just has such a pretty drape and is really architectural.


The shorts are Levi’s from Urban, and they are just a great fit, decent price, and I’ve gotten PLENTY of disgusting dirt on them, but they stay bright white (cotton shorts don’t do that normally).

I was trying to find a more dressy version of my Comey sandals, something with a higher heel, and I found these, above, and love them.



Every lady needs a deconstructed chambray dress for summer. I secretly even like this one more than the one I got 3 months ago that was way more expensive. Just so easy to wear. Comey shoes – you get it, I love them.

(Also was I the only one googling ‘is Rachel Comey related to James Comey’ during his testimony? I have NO idea why I thought that would be such a fun relationship…)


Hat | Jumpsuit

Ok. This will be controversial, and for good reason. I bought this jumpsuit in Minneapolis and for some reason felt like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was extremely expensive, $450 but I got 30% off, so thats like $370, right? Still RIDICULOUS. But I couldn’t NOT get it!!! I was there on a Target trip and was like – YOU WORK SO HARD AND YOU’VE NEVER FOUND A GAS STATION ATTENDANT SUIT THAT YOU’VE ACTUALLY LIKED AND BOUGHT BEFORE. THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. THIS IS IT!!!!!!! And I do NOT regret it. I know it’s not for everyone and you can bet that Brian isn’t exactly begging me to wear it on date nights, but every single other person in the world loves it and asks about it (although maybe they are just asking because they got caught staring and then had to say something nice…). I wear it traveling all the time, and because of the drop crotch (like super drop) when I sit down it doesn’t bunch up in the crotch area (which I found with many others that I had tried – again a lot of frogs, folks…). I’ve linked up a much cuter one in the ‘get the look’ board below that would probably not be so flattering on me, but it’s way more affordable.


Also another pair of Rachel Comeys that I bought 6 months ago. Let me tell you – Emily Henderson is NOT a shoe person and I don’t go around buying 12 pairs of $400 shoes a season, I promise. I literally wear the same 4 shoes most of the year, and my closet boasts maybe 10 pairs of shoes total. But this designer has my heart (and my wallet). And no, I don’t get a single pair free or even with a discount. I’ve tried and no one emails me back, I am just a solid supporter of them for all the reasons above.


BandanaStripe Tee (similar) | JeanShoes

Ok, now for a less ‘expensive hipster mechanic’ look, we have some Levi’s, and a $20 Top shop shirt (that has a really cute distressed neckline). You may remember that I insta-storied these jeans a while ago. I LOVED them but then 6 hours later they were so tight that they were painful. Turns out I had bought a pair that was simply too small, and they were more ‘morning’ jeans and less ‘I just put a morsel of food into my stomach’ jeans. No room for food, folks. I wore them all day so I can’t return them, sadly, but then I kept wearing them – just not to work where I have to sit down (because they are more ‘standing pants’ than sitting pants … geez I’m REALLY not selling these things). They have indeed gotten looser and while I tried to buy a bigger size, they didn’t have it at my local Urban. FYI, if you haven’t gotten the point yet, these run small and tight. I bought a 28 and definitely needed a 29. But I still love them!!!!!!! And I get compliments every time I wear them, not because they are flattering but because they are ‘cool’. They are the jeans that 28 year-olds wear. I’m VERY hip. They don’t look as cool up there as they are … Also I forgot to say they are called ‘Wedgie’ style so yah, MAYBE they are supposed to be tight, you idiot (talking to me, not you).

These cute Madewell mules are the shoes that I keep at the back door to for every time I head out to the patio. They come in a cute pink color, too.



Talk about mixing high and low. That top, which I bought for the House Beautiful shoot from Ulla Johnson ain’t cheap, but it’s with Target shorts that SECRETLY feel like jeggings. I mean, they are denim but so, so comfortable. The perfect ‘take your toddlers to the park’ shorts because they aren’t super short, and have so much stretch that you can really play and run.

The shoes are one of my 3 Dr. Scholls that I love. These are pink suede and have an inch in height which I obviously love.

On to swimwear. Sit down for this one because I’ll probably blab for a while.


(Left to right) Blush One Piece | Navy One Piece | Rose One Piece | Floral One Piece | Tan & White One Piece

I historically don’t ‘do’ swimwear. I’ve had the same one-piece since before Charlie – one that I didn’t feel or look particularly good in, but it was modest and cute. But a good friend of mine knows about swimwear and every year she gets super excited to buy her favorite brands – brands that she feels confidant are more flattering than your average one (she worked in that industry for a while so she was exposed to higher end brands that I had NEVER heard of). I went over to her house and tried on all her swimwear and I couldn’t believe the difference it made. I mean, of course more expensive things generally are higher quality and more flattering, but I was shocked at how instantly I felt more confidant, where I normally don’t exactly look forward to donning a suit around friends. So what was it about those suits that was so much better? They are thicker (often double layered), so they keep you in more and show less bits and baubles. And they are cut to look more flattering. They are also way more cheeky – meaning less full coverage in the butt. I’m not talking thongs, folks, but just not full coverage. I resisted this at first, but after trying hers on I realized she was right. It’s not inappropriate in my opinion, it’s just more flattering. This particular friend convinced me that regardless of what your butt looks like, it’s sexier and more flattering if you don’t cover it all up.

So above are the ones that I either bought or tried on of hers. The Blush One Piece is JUST for getaways with Brian (it’s a lot of side boob and while he wouldn’t let me return it, he also said that I wasn’t allowed to wear it in front of his friends ;)). The other three are both family/grandparent friendly and yet SOOO much more flattering than the suits I used to have. I didn’t buy the floral one but I REALLY want to, I’ve just surpassed my budget on swimwear. Cliff notes version: I now love the brands Acacia, Kore Swim, and Boys and Arrows.

Acacia sells out pretty quickly but they last for years (I tried on my friends high waisted cheeky bottoms, too, that were SO cute. I do wish that more one-pieces had more boob-support, but I care way less than I thought I would and the above ones are so cute. Oh and the navy blue one is reversible so you can put the zipper in the front which can make it a bit sexier. I was going to do a full post about swimsuits because I tried on SO MANY and learned so much about all these new brands, but the bummer is that you can’t really go anywhere to try these on, so you have to order and return SOOO many before you find the ones that are flattering and comfortable (and appropriate for whatever occasion you are going for). Plus every body is different so me doing a post felt kinda weird.

I will say that now that I’m older and have more happening on my body, what with the two pregnancies and subsequent nursing, I found that splurging on one more higher end swimsuits, by a swimwear brand who design for active women, using thicker, higher quality material is worth it to me. So those are the ones that I love and for the first time in YEARS, I’m actually not secretly avoiding the summer pool party.

Sara just bought a few from And Other Stories and LOVED them, and they are way more affordable so give them a whirl, too (I’m over my swimsuit budget, but I’m going to try hers on). Any suit suggestions are welcome in the comments because I know that it’s a tricky one for most of us ladies. And no, I’m not body shaming myself, I’m just being transparent about the challenges of wearing tiny spandex in front of your friends and strangers, if you aren’t a swimsuit model. 🙂

WOAH. That was a lot of information to digest. So that is what is happening in my closet and suitcase this summer. We rounded it all up in one product board for easy shopping so if you are into it, here you go:


1. O’Keeffe Top | 2. Blue Bandana | 3. Denim Shorts | 4. Rachel Comey Tulip Sandals | 5. Flat Top Straw Hat | 6. Stripe-Mix Shirt Dress | 7. Wynne Sandal | 8. Leather Backpack | 9. Sunglasses | 10. Avocado Straw Hat | 11. Marine Iliana Top | 12. Denim Bermuda Shorts | 13. The Elinor Loafer Mule | 14. Sophia One Piece Swimsuit | 15. Tibi Seersucker Trapeze Top | 16. White Cropped Wide Leg Pants | 17. Majorca Sandal | 18. Eyes on Me One Piece | 19. Roll Cuff Stripe Tee | 20. Ryder Boyfriend Overall | 21. Avocado Straw Hat | 22. Hallie Flat | 23. Striped Twill Button Down Shirt | 24. Levis Wedgie High Rise Jean | 25. Wander Lace Up Block Heel Mules | 26. Denim Army Jacket | 27. The Transport Crossbody | 28. Cevza Jumpsuit ( here’s a similar denim jumpsuit, without sleeves for warmer weather) | 29. Lulla Heel | 30. Avocado Straw Hat | 31. Denim Drop Hem Shirtdress | 32.Yellow Bandana | 33. Back News Beck One Piece | 34. Courier Shirt | 35. White Jeans | 36. Blakely Slip On Sneaker | 37. Navy T-Shirt | 38. Packable Straw Fedora | 39. White Frayed Denim Short | 40. Foundations Flip Flop | 41. Cropped Army Jacket | 42. Striped Boatneck T-Shirt | 43. Ehukai Mesh Full Piece

*Nothing was gifted EXCEPT for the Doen top and the Equal Uprise hats, which were sent with no promise of coverage, but I love them very much. While it sounds like I’m a spokesperson for Madewell and Rachel Comey, I sure wish I were, but I’m not 🙂 Everything was collected over the last several months. If you have any really good summer basics tell us in the comments!!

Update: Loved my 2017 picks? Then you’ll ABSOLUTELY 100% love my 2018 fashion picks (because they are VERY similar…what can I say, I have a “style”). Check out that post here.

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I love, love, LOVE my Wedgie jeans! I was dying at your insta story though because I had the same initial experience. You definitely have to size up on those. But once you have the right size broken in, they’re game changers!

I feel you on the bathing suit search, too ( My go-to used to be Victoria’s Secret but since they no longer sell swimwear I spent a lot of time ordering things online, trying them on, then sending them back. Finally found a winner at J.Crew, but man did it take a lot of options.


i love Rachel comey & have the same tulip sandals which are heaven on my feet but how have you kept yours from changing colors as they wear? mine are now a mix of colors, I’m assuming because it was untreated leather. – ks x

Mine are brand new. Last year they changed colors REALLY fast. I feel like they might have improved them because these are definitely wearing better (but i’ve only had for 10 days). Hopefully they fixed that because while I still really loved them and wore the heck out of them, they did look VERY worn in really fast. I think its all how you dye the leather, and hopefully they fixed this. It may just also be a product of buying a lighter leather shoe …


These are great! Is the Madewell denim jacket the same one you wore for the FB house tour video? I thought the back of that one had a round hem. If it’s different, would you mind sharing the source, please? Btw, I totally bought the Madewell yellow dotted bandana, it’s so cute!

No, that one is from The Great, and I like it a lot but really expensive. Its more of a shirt and I find that I can only wear it with certain other shirts, but not with anything collared. Anyway, long story short – save yourself $200 and get this one 🙂


Daaaaamn! You look wonderful! Just perfection. I was looking forward
To this post when I saw some of your insta

This may b too much to ask, but I’m sure hoping for some styling tips for different body types.

I will still buy some of these things, but as a pear, many would just be the opposite of flattering.


Can I ask you a question about the solid one pieces, especially the free people nude one? Is the fabric super thick enough to cover a c-section scar/bulge? I’m short and thin/curvy and I always used to wear lower cut bikinis prior to kids. Then I had a c-section and I can never find bathing suits. I can’t wear low cut bikinis and higher cut ones look ridiculous on me (short waist). And one pieces show my scar tissue from the incision so I am stuck with super patterned one pieces which just aren’t my style. If anyone else has found an awesome swimsuit that has a similar situation, please share 🙂

The free people one is thick (the one that is pink is less thick). I think it would cover it, but i’m not sure. Acacia DEFINITELY would – they are super thick, double layered with mesh and hide all ripples. Not that you need to hide that scar from your baby, But anything to make us feel more confidant is allowed in my book 🙂

E. Redde

I hear you, sister. There are many of us out there with “the shelf.” And, while I agree with Emily, we shouldn’t have to hide a baby scar (women’s bodies are amazing!!!), I also personally don’t really want strangers to have any reason to stare at my crotch area. Anyway, I’ve found that Lands’ End has really nice, thick, textured suits and suit options. They have shorts and talls, they have different bra cups (like underwire, soft cup, shelf, etc.) for different suits. They have a lot of classic shapes and styles, and usually a handful of really cute, trendy prints. I think they are extremely reasonably priced for the level of quality. The only drawback is the whole having to buy a zillion and return them. Good luck!


I always love your style posts and this is no exception! Those Target pants are gorgeous and remind me of Kamm pants, but much more affordable.

I tried the Kamm pants and they looked so bad on me and were so expensive. 🙂


You have blue shoes!!!!

I am forever clicking all the cute 1 piece swimsuit links before remembering that I’m tall with completely normal length legs – I’m ALL torso:( A few years ago, I ordered a long torso 1 piece from a European designer. It was my favorite swimsuit ever and I lost it while traveling last year. The worse part is that I can’t figure out where I ordered from. So tempted by the floral suit (that you didn’t get), but it’s normal length.


Same! I love my torso except when shopping. I keep hoping my fairy godmother will make all the brands carry a cute rash guard suit in insanely long torso + post pregnancy plus size bod size. Ha ha


J Crew has a few long torso lengths, as does Lands’ End. Good look, my long torsoed sister!


Check out Albion Fit for long torso suits. I haven’t bought from them, but I’m loving this Clementine one. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I have an average torso and I’m actually worried that it will be too long just based on how it fits the model.


You know you really are just the NICEST person. It’s so refreshing in this snarky day and age. Yes adorable clothes but an even cuter human in them.

I want to hug you. thank you. xxxxxxxxxxxx


I love this! You speak the truth.

Patricia Harmanci

A very lovely selection! You look beautiful in them all! Enjoy them and let us know how your summer goes. (ps–I feel the same about nude/camel shoes. They elongate the leg.)


Love all of this. Emily please don’t feel like you need to justify prices, we have money. We spend money! (I know, you can’t win!)

I really like the plain tshirts at Uniqlo. They’re supima cotton and are soft as jammies. Size down for a more tailored fit. They make a built in bra top cotton dress that is my go to for the LAX->JFK red eye. Throw it on with a denim jacket, mule sandals and scarf for that unicorn combination of looking like I give a damn but also being supremely comfortable.

I think the loose fit jumpsuit would flatter you a bit more if you wore it with a few buttons undone (you can always wear a nude cami underneath if you’re worried about it gaping), the chunky heeled sandals and the RayBans. Your fella still may not be on board, but I think it would look smashing!


This post made me laugh aloud. How cute are you? This sounds like a monologue I would have given my mother or best friend if I fashion-showed new purchases. Very fun.

(And I quick ordered the Target jean shorts in a range of sizes to give a try for summer fun.)


I’ve been eyeing that bandana on you on Instagram – it looks like spots on a fawn – so cute! Your link doesn’t include the print you are wearing. Could it be from somewhere else or maybe Madewell no longer has the print?

So many great suggestions, thank you! I feel your pain with having to kiss a lot of overall/jumpsuit ‘frogs’. I recently bought this jumpsuit from Anthro and love it. It hangs loose and boxy and has a fun shapeless feel. I usually wear it over a fitted tea with low ankle boots or slides and get tons of compliments when I wear it. And it’s on sale!


LOVE, love, love Hackwith Design for swimwear!!! The best I’ve ever had on my body. Their stuff is exactly what you were talking about “They are thicker (often double layered), so they keep you in more and show less bits and baubles.” Hated wearing swimsuits before, but feel SO much more confident now. Also, they have high waisted pieces, and fully covered bums, if you’re into that style and want more cover-up.


So cute and funny. I love how you label your looks like “gas station attendant”. Ha. On a side note, what is it with men and their likes??? Sure honey, I’ll wear a crop top, a g-string, mini skirt and 6 inch stilettos to go out with you – and I’ll feel SUPER confident while I’m at it.. No problem. Happy Canada Day!!!


You, ma’am, have an awesome quirky style and I love it! I’m intrigued by these $7.40 t-shirts… You said you are wearing an xs, but what size do you normally wear in t-shirts? Thanks for all the great ideas!


Plug here for GOOD sunglasses ALWAYS. I have worn sunglasses since I was a teen when outside because my eyes are super sensitive to light. Flash forward to being 50: major sunglasses bonus is NO crinkly crowsfeet because I have never squinted while outside (squinting is an involuntary reflex when outside). Only buy lenses that provide “99% UVA/UVB Sun Protection”

Gah! I love your fashion posts! You are so incredibly cute. I want my legs to look that perfect but alas…

I cannot forgive you for introducing me to Rachel Comey shoes in general. This is becoming an expensive habit.

I want that gold bracelet you are wearing in the picture with the Tibi shirt and white shorts. Do you have a link? You look gorgeous in that and all the other shots/outfits!


Love it! Those overalls are PERFECTION and I can’t believe that those pants are from Target!! I’m going to get some immediately! I like that your wardrobe matches your home 😉 Mine does as well. Great post Emily!


I lived in Santa Barbara for 15 years and had amassed a healthy amount of swimsuits in my pursuit for a flattering, cute, modest, sexy, functional swimsuit – my unicorn as it were. Most of them were cheap and never really fit right for top and bottom or I wasn’t totally comfortable in or they were ones that were not functional for swimming. I’m a healthy size 6-10 (yep that’s a big range – stupid women’s non standard sizing) with a large chest (36DDD). After relocating to the Pacific Northwest and clearing out all my clothes that I no longer wear only two swimsuits remained. My favorite being a Boys and Arrows two piece polka dot with a high waist bottom and twisted bandeau top with straps. Even after years of wear it’s held up great, the top is so flattering for my large chest and the bottoms are still cute and give me the needed belly bulge coverage after having a baby. It just hits in the right places – it’s not my unicorn since it does shift a bit while swimming (possibly buyer error? I maybe should have sized up on the top, I dunno?) but it’s so… Read more »

E. Redde

Ha! Loved this post. So funny and relatable. It reminded me of the I Mom So Hard video about swimsuit season. I’ve probably watched it fifteen times. Watch it if you want to laugh.


Goorin Brothers hats are nice…not sure if they are your style but they’re good quality.


You wear a lot of blues. I wear a lot of blues. Sometimes, when I look at what I’m wearing, I’m like this is a Emily Henderson outfit!


You have the best taste! Love that Tibi top and considering pulling the trigger but it’s final sale. Not to get too personal, but think the top works well on bigger chested women? Love trapeze tops generally, so I feel like it would be a good investment piece.

Yes. i’m bigger chested 🙂 GET IT> honestly I would wear it every day. and it never wrinkles. and it keeps its shape all day/night.


Love this! Also, please keep posting your “what’s on my body” instastories. I’m a new mom, watching them gives me a taste of dressing up with my girlfriends when really I’m stuck in Nap Prison!

Oh i get that. We call it nap trap 🙂


My fav by far are the white wide leg pants – so cute on you!!!


Thank you for linking the Freda Salvador Wander mules. I’ve seen you wear those a few times on insta stories and always wondered what they were. Whats your opinon on them??? Comfy, a lil high but stylish, takes a bit of wearing in, only works with long pants?? I love your style and would love you opinon before I take the plunge

Oh i love them. I think I love the rachel comey mules in that moon color slightly more because they can look casual, whereas the fredas are more oxford-y and great for work. But if thats what you need get them for sure. SUPER comfortable, not too high at all. Wearing well, generally. I don’t think great with long pants ,but honestly I just realized I haven’t worn long pants in months so I don’t know 🙂 but elongates the leg, for sure = flattering.


you look adorable in your overalls with the striped shirt and mules…but don’t forget that other pair of overalls that match your daughter. you look great in them and maybe your husband would like that fitted version. men! and good news, with 30% off the jumpsuit it was actually 315 – a bargain! 😉 I can always justify a great purchase. thanks for another great post.

i love your summer outfits! I love the loose shirts/distressed jeans in particular.


What do you mean by “denim and not cotton”? Isn’t denim cotton??

By the way, your swimsuit shopping description is right on! Just had baby #2 five months ago and it’s a WHOLE different ballgame in the swimsuit dept!

ha. yes. i should edit that. I just mean that cotton trouser shorts don’t quite reject a stain like white denim. at least in my opinion 🙂 Good luck with the swimsuit hunt. Heading now to pack for my trip and retry-on the ones that i’m bringing on the family vacation 🙂


Please do a swimsuit post. I am struggling and summer is almost over!! Uggh


Loved all the outfits Emily! Too bad it’s winter here in Australia and we can’t get a lot of those brands here 🙁

A note about swimsuits, I know how hard it is to find good quality, flattering and not too exp bathers! Seafolly (an Australian bathers brand) does AMAZING bathers (I own like 5 pairs ?)! They are really great cuts, thick material, fab quality, very flattering and you can often nab them on sale on Asos! I thought I’d share the love as I know swimwear can be a headache to buy!

Love your fashion posts (and all your other posts too!) (:

Dani Trimble

I love all the show recommendations. I never thought I would buy Dr schools branded shoes, but I just got a pair of black flats and they are surprisingly cute and very comfortable!

On a side note, I hope that you will consider using another term instead of ‘nude’, as not all people are beige colored. I cringe every time I see nude used in this way, and I suspect that it probably turns off others as well. I truly mean this in the kindest of ways, and am not trying to be a critical internet troll. I just hope you can be a little more inclusive in that regard.

Dani Trimble

Gahh, stupid autocorrect! Meant to write Dr Scholls shoes!

I like the demin jumpsuit. Being 5’2 I’ve yet to find one to fit me :(. I also have an army green jacket. It’s linen (or thick nubby cotton) and I got it just when it started to warm up so I have absolutely NO use for it right now in 90 degree Alabama. Such a bummer. And I love the white target pants 😀

So excited for Daredevil season 3. I just wish they would hurry up and bring out the season as fast as possible especially because they left the last season with so many unanswered questions.
Really hyped to see Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock and Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page. For more details Click Here


I was going to say GO TO AND OTHER STORIES for swimsuits! I bought three the other day and two were on sale — $130. And they’re so cute. Not sure if links are allowed but search for the “deep cut swimsuit.” I have two kids and it covers all (okay, most of the) the mom bits with a deep plunge to still attempt sexy.


this was such a candid and fun post to read – especially the swimsuit part – thank you!!


Marshalls sometimes has fancy swimsuit brands. Mine are from an Australian company and I love them.

I love t-shirts from Everlane. Affordable and ethically and sustainably produced; which are very important to me. Hackwith House Design makes gorgeous clothes (I have two dresses bought on mega sale). They are pricey, but very small handmade batches made in Minnesota. One of my dresses is 1 of 5 total made. So you can be sure it’s unique. They are flattering and easy to wear, especially on hot days.


Did you size up in the Levi’s denim shorts? I love them so much but the reviews on Nordstrom aren’t great – mostly due to sizing issues. They look great on you and fit you so well, so I would love to hear your recommendation!


So fun, Emily! You look awesome in all of these outfits– thanks for the inspiration. (And, you never have to justify to us, or anyone for that matter, what you choose to buy for yourself with your hard-earned $$$!) Have a great trip.

Austin, TX

Lauren O'Brien

Love the Rachel Comey sandals!!! They look great on you. Do they fit true to size???

Emily K

I feel like you and your other readers just helped me have an epiphany on swimsuits. Im going to splurge on a heckuva suit. A high end suit! Of course!!


Hi Emily!!

Love the clothes. Can I make one suggestion? Could you provide your measurements (height, weight, sizes)? I know it might be awkward, especially because you’re not a fashion blog, but it’s kind of a given on fashion blog that show off clothes and you’re doing posts like them. I love seeing your style but it’s hard to know what the clothes are going to look like on me without more information. At least knowing if the sizes run big/small/whatever.


Love this!! Such great insight into bathing suits – all mine are from Target but I’m at the point where I need additional help from the suits. And I want to be friends with your sunglasses and bathing suit friends too!!


I just think u r so pretty n ur clothes r awesome. I’m about 5/1 n my body is a pear shape. Do u have any suggestions of clothing for my body type.

CS in DC

I just want to say that we don’t share the same style and I’m not interested in about 75% of the clothes you feature, but I LOVE your fashion/clothing posts just the same. Your approach is so refreshing and enjoyable. Please never stop doing them.

Emily, what size do you have in the Madewell green jacket and the Levis shorts?

I need the jacket but they only have L and XL! 🙁

I like the way the shorts fit you and the length, so I’d like to order the same size.

Thanks again for this post. I am embarrassed to admit how many things I have bought from it!

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