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The Black-Owned Home Decor And Fashion Brands EHD is Sourcing From

HELLO, PALS. A few months ago, we published our ultimate online home shopping resource list. If you take a peek at that page, you’ll notice that we’ve added a WHOLE BUNCH of new names, vendors, and small businesses. (And we’re still adding more! It’s a forever work in progress, so it makes a great bookmark.)

There have been so many incredible roundups featuring Black-owned businesses published over the past week, but we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some of the new brands on that resource list that we here at EHD will be sourcing from moving forward. We’ve spent time on each of their sites, we’ve begun the process of reaching out to introduce ourselves (if you haven’t gotten a note from me yet, it’s coming!), and today, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite products from each.

Each vendor below is currently live, taking orders, and shipping — though we did still include a few links to our favorite retailers who have sold out of their inventory just because we want you to get to know them, too — and we encourage you to take a peek at their site, to follow them on Instagram (and to engage with their content!), and to take a deeper look at the products we’ve fallen in love with.

This is a VERY earnest intro (and I mean every word!), but y’all, I wrote this post so it is about to get a little weird. Below, you’ll find a ton of Emily-approved product, but you’ll also find honest feedback like “holding this mug with two hands will make you feel like you’re starring in an HBO drama” and “this wallpaper will help you actualize your lifelong dream of being the coolest person in your neighborhood.”


PS. Sorry, I lied — just one more note! If you’d like to recommend a Black-owned business that you love and that I’ve missed (still not a totally omniscient internet shopping expert, despite what my phone’s screen time function will tell you), I’d love to learn more about them! I’m still finding new vendors every day, but I’m super grateful for any input that can help aid the discovery process. Please leave me a note with any of your favorites down in the comments (also, please just leave me a note in general, because I LOVE TALKING TO YOU and I MISSED YOU). OK. Now it’s go time. BUCKLE UP!

Furniture & Decor

54 kibo | jomo furniture | jungalow


Follow on Instagram: @_54kibo
Bookmark For: Contemporary, organic pieces that will bring some soul to your space
Our Picks: This pendant lamp that Em gushed about yesterday, this mirror that could work in both a minimalist OR a post-modern home (!!!), and this hand-carved end table that’s perfect for drinks

Ali Sandifer

Follow on Instagram: @alisandifer
Bookmark For: Timeless, hand-produced case goods, tables, and desks
Our Picks: The construction of this 2020-take on a mid-century coffee table is giving me heart palpitations!!!


Follow on Instagram: @aphrochic
Bookmark For: Furniture, wallpaper, and accessories that will literally brighten up your home
Our Picks: This blue and white pouf/ottoman that reminds me of Em’s Glendale home, this stunning chandelier (especially in copper!), and this authentic Juju Hat in pink

Bespoke Binny

Follow on Instagram: @bespokebinny
Bookmark For: Brightly colored and patterned throws, pillows, oven mitts (perfect for gifting!), and more
Our Picks: THE LAMPSHADES. We’re on a real lampshade kick here at EHD right now. Natalie also offers a lampshade-making course so you can MAKE YOUR OWN LAMPSHADES. (We are VERY excited about this.)

Domain by Laura Hodges Studio

Follow on Instagram: @laurahodgesstudio
Bookmark For: An incredibly well-curated shop stocking the perfect finishing touches for any room
Our Picks: These napkin rings that will say, “hey, this person has their life together” when your guests see them and this VERY COOL spiked vase that will perfectly bridge your angsty childhood self with your grown, actualized, design-loving adult self (please comment and tell me that you feel this way, too)


Follow on Instagram: @ecovibestyle
Bookmark For: I know I’m supposed to write something concise here, but I’m blown away by their fair pricing and sustainable practices. I actually thought there was a loading error — the whole site is beautiful AND affordable. Bookmark for everything!!!
Our Picks: This $95 terrazzo end table, this $250 rattan chair with circle sides (geometric AND earthy? CHEF’S KISS!), and this $125 pair of brass planters that would easily go for double on a larger site (I wrote our Memorial Day sale post, looked at about a million planters, and am not joking)

Effortless Composition

Follow on Instagram: @effortlesscomposition
Bookmark For: A whole bunch of pieces that will make people say, “hey, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?” when you share photos of your home on Instagram
Our Picks: This $49 version of the chain in Sara’s living room and this organic-modern candle holder that would look awesome on your dresser, dining table, or coffee table

Ethel’s Club

Follow on Instagram: @ethelsclub
Bookmark For: Home goods curated by someone who’s WAY cooler than you, but in a nice and approachable way — like a nice older sister with good taste, or a cool daughter who’s patient and tags you in Instagram posts
Our Picks: This playful planter (just click, I swear that’s the right word for it), and this mug that mixes neutrals with 1980s Memphis inspo

Expedition Subsahara

Follow on Instagram: @expeditionsubsahara
Bookmark For: The penultimate source for all-things woven — baskets, bowls, placemats, and more
Our Picks: This bright lidded basket could work as toy storage, as a laundry hamper, as a container for your blankets in your living room….the possibilities are endless!


Follow on Instagram: @goodeeworld
Bookmark For: A one-stop shop for ethically-designed, well-made pieces for every room in your home from an insanely well-curated selection of makers
Our Picks: Em recommends this indigo lumbar and this hanging pendant lamp, and I love this kid’s play table made from recycled materials

Home by BE

Follow on Instagram: @brittaneyelise
Bookmark For: Warm, inviting, casual, California cool, “effortless expensive” essentials (yes, we do love this aesthetic so much that we have written multiple posts about it)
Our Picks: This graphic striped ceramic vase, this wavy steel magazine holder, and this sculptural side table

Jomo Furniture

Follow on Instagram: @jomofurniture
Bookmark For: Modern African design so versatile that it could truly work with any decor style you already have in your home
Our Picks: Em’s already reached out about grabbing this adjustable-height stool for her own home, and I think that this stool is a jaw-dropper


Follow on Instagram: @thejungalow
Bookmark For: Justina can do no wrong! The best selection of decor, wallpaper, and art that celebrates the connection between humans and nature
Our Picks: This sage green geometric wallpaper, these ceramic planters (pro tip: pick up more than one so you can mix and match!), and these bookends that double as vases. Plus, Emily just bought this piece of art for her house

Marie Burgos Design Store

Follow on Instagram:
Bookmark For:
Contemporary lighting, furniture and decorative accessories
Our Picks:
This INSANELY COOL spherical Ballroom sconce and this triple mirror

SustainAble Home Goods

Follow on Instagram: @sustainablehomegoods
Bookmark For: The organic vases in soft pastels and the felt flowers
Our Picks: THE FELT FLOWERS, Y’ALL. They’re so sweet! Eschew your faux florals and lean into something like this lavender stem, this lotus, or this snapdragon instead. (Would also be VERY cute in a kid’s room!!)

Woodward Throwbacks

Follow on Instagram: @woodwardthrowbacks
Bookmark For: Reclaimed wood pieces that will make your Mountain House-loving heart smile
Our Picks: This bench made from salvaged homes in Detroit and this reclaimed wood that’s similar in tone to the beechwood we used for the Mountain House cladding and flooring

xN Studio

Follow on Instagram: @xnstudio_
Bookmark For: Your new go-to source for mudcloth, indigo, and batik pillows and furniture
Our Picks: Butterfly chairs are very cool again (and also very versatile — you can swap out covers to fit your room!) and we love this mudcloth version

BUT WAIT, WE’RE NOT DONE. We’d also like to congratulate Grain & Knot, Our Lovely Goods, and Yowie on totally selling through ALL of their inventory before we were able to hit the “publish” button on this post. THAT’S AMAZING. Congrats!!!


claude home | loft & thought | lichen

45 Three Modern

Follow on Instagram: @45threemodernvintage
Bookmark For: Weekly art sales every Monday — also follow the hashtag #cybercrimemonday for updates
Our Picks: These M. Negus abstract and color-blocked pieces!!!

Badlands Vintage Thrift

Follow on Instagram: @badlandsvintagethrift
Bookmark For: 70s-90s pieces — if you’re burnt out on MCM, this is your spot. (Also, Brittany is currently raising money for a new warehouse and more!)
Our Picks: Her product goes FAST (turn on those post notifications!) but the lines on this sofa are insane — leave it as-is for an 80s desert vibe or reupholster in a linen for a fresh look

Claude Home

Follow on Instagram: @claudehome
Bookmark For: That HIGH-QUALITY vintage (and a ton of additional inspiration)
Our Picks: ALL OF IT. This boucle sofa. The Alky chair. The Gae Aulenti coffee table. The Kagan sofa. How much time do you have? I will link this entire feed. I’m serious.

Dressing Room Interiors Studio

Follow on Instagram: @dressmyroom
Bookmark For: Incredible variety — everything from 19th-century primitive pieces to 1980s laminate waterfall tables. There’s something for everyone!
Our Picks: Speaking of 1980s laminate waterfall tables

Easton Haus

Follow on Instagram: @eastonhaus
Bookmark For: Consistently strong sourcing of sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and end tables
Our Picks: WELL DANG, everything I wanted to show y’all has SOLD OUT. Turn on those post notifications!!! For posterity’s sake, here’s a pedestal that I missed out on last month that haunts me in my dreams

Epoque Home

Follow on Instagram: @epoquehome
Bookmark For: 1980s deco lamps. No one does it better.
Our Picks: This black cascading option is perfect dipping a toe into the new trend waters. Also, should I buy this panther lamp that’s been in my saved folder for a while? I feel like I should, right?

The Lam Label

Follow on Instagram: @thelamlabel
Bookmark For: Vintage ceramics, especially hand-shaped ones
Our Picks: Hello, it’s me, your broken record — just here to remind you to turn on post notifications for these vintage vendors. You know, just so you don’t miss out on something like this vintage toast rack and then think “shoot, that could have been mine if I had just turned on my post notifications!!!”


Follow on Instagram: @lichennyc
Bookmark For: Those splurge-worthy, iconic pieces that you’ll keep for a lifetime
Our Picks: This Gaetano Pesce chair could literally be the only piece of furniture in your room and it would absolutely look like an intentional art installation

Loft & Thought

Follow on Instagram: @loftandthought
Bookmark For: ORGANIC WOOD PIECES. I cannot stress this enough. I have written a whole bunch about buying vintage on Instagram and THIS IS THE BEST ACCOUNT FOR COOL WOOD FURNITURE. I promise.
Our Picks: These pencil reed rattan club chairs, this sculptural bent plywood stool, and this lil’ pair of chairs that you’re now probably going to think about for a whole week

Wildfang Home

Follow on Instagram: @wildfang_home
Bookmark For: Shell lamps, Murano lamps, and tons of inspiration
Our Picks: Hana is the mind behind this raffle that you may have seen going around — winners are announced on June 16th and you can catch up on all entry details in this post!

Ceramics & Glassware

lolly lolly ceramics | estelle colored glass | ekua ceramics

The Coy Collection

Follow on Instagram: @thecoycollection
Bookmark For: Small-batch ceramic cups, mugs, vases, and more (and earrings! I know this is a home roundup, but they are very cute!)
Our Picks: These multi-functional cow print cups are graphic, playful and would look cute in any room of your home

Ekua Ceramics

Follow on Instagram: @ekuaceramics
Bookmark For: Essential pieces with a whimsical twist. Like, if you need a cup, why not make it a really special cup?
Our Picks: I screamed for one full hour after seeing the handle on this lavender mug. It’s SCALLOPED, you guys!!!

Estelle Colored Glass

Follow on Instagram: @estellecoloredglass
Bookmark For: Colored glass…and general mood-boosting, because this shot of all these glasses is INCREDIBLY soothing. (It can’t just be me — I know at least one of you must feel the same)
Our Picks: You gotta go with the custom set — choose your favorite six colors! (Our office favorites include lavender, mint, amethyst, and emerald)

Grey Remedy

Follow on Instagram: @greyremedyco
Bookmark For: Handcrafted ceramics that will make you feel like you’re playing the leading role in an HBO drama about your life
Our Picks: Spent about 5 minutes dreaming about drinking out of this blush mug while wearing a wrap sweater and looking out over the ocean before remembering that I live in the middle of a city next to a fast-food restaurant

ANOTHER QUICK PITSTOP, PLEASE. Here are a few more ceramicists that we love — each sold out of product before we published, but we wanted to make sure they’re all on your radar. (They are that good!) Congratulations to Black Pepper Paperie Co., Lolly Lolly, Naked Clay Ceramics, Nur Ceramics, and Pottery by Osa.

Textiles & Bedding

linoto | tactile matter | johanna howard

Bole Road Textiles

Follow on Instagram: @boleroadtextiles
Bookmark For: Hand-woven throws, curtains, rugs, and pillows with incredible texture and depth
Our Picks: Em’s a big fan of this wall hanging (a huge impact for $119 and perfect for those open spaces where you need a big piece of art), and I love this dusty rose blanket and this neutral lumbar that could really simplify your bed styling process

Duett Interiors

Follow on Instagram: @duettinteriors
Bookmark For: The ultimate grandma-cool pillow source
Our Picks: HOLY. Who knew we’d fall in love with plastic-protected pillows? How does plastic make jacquard look more modern? Just look at how this one is styled and you’re gonna get on board too, I swear


Follow on Instagram: @ispaci
Bookmark For: Our favorite cozy and comfortable lumbars (Cherise also takes custom orders!)
Our Picks: Send a photo of your space or requested colors, styles, or textures to get the perfect pillow made just for you. Em owns a custom one and loves it, and I have my eye on this mini lumbar as a birthday present for my mom! (MOM, don’t read this!!!!)

Johanna Howard

Follow on Instagram: @johannahowardhome
Bookmark For: A dream collection of drape-anywhere throws for every home and decor aesthetic
Our Picks: This deco throw could either pull traditional/glam or graphic/modern depending on the room (a truly foolproof pick! Bookmark this for gifting, you cannot go wrong!)


Follow on Instagram: @linotodotcom
Bookmark For: Linen bedding, bath, and curtains at an unbeatable price (again, trust me, I look at prices ALL DAY)
Our Picks: This sheet set comes in 25 different colors, y’all. TWENTY. FIVE. There are neutrals. There are brights. There’s a stripe. There’s a set for you in there, I can feel it!!!

Tactile Matter

Follow on Instagram: @tactilematter
Bookmark For: Stunning textiles and prints (maybe even a ceramic or two!) that will make your home feel like it’s golden hour 24/7
Our Picks: We’re so inspired by the tones and lines of this throw and of this print — either would be great “jumping off point” for starting your room design


elan byrd | jade purple brown | nom.

Christa David

Follow on Instagram:
Bookmark For: Incredible work that combines paint and collage
Our Picks: HELLO, I’M OBSESSED with this primary color series. I fell hard and fast for this yellow ‘joy’ piece before realizing that there are blue (for peace) and red (for play) prints, too. This is the kind of triptych that EHD can get behind!!!

Diane Hill

Follow on Instagram: @dianehilldesign
Bookmark For: High-quality Chinoiserie prints that will bring character into your home (we get a ton of questions about how to add soul to new builds, and folks, art like this sure helps!)
Our Picks: I audibly gasped when Jess sent me this modern rendition of an 18th-century piece, but I would love to see a piece like this in Em’s house (maybe in the new shared kids’ room?)

Jade Purple Brown

Follow on Instagram: @jadepurplebrown
Bookmark For: Prints that will make your color-loving, maximalist heart sing
Our Picks: Are there 13 prints available? Yes. Am I going to show you nearly 25% of them right now because I think they’re so great? ALSO YES. I’m absolutely going to buy one of these pieces, but I’m torn between Women of Color, Fashion Killas, Diva, and Into the Unknown. Thoughts? (Maybe I should just get all 4?)


Follow on Instagram: @studio.nom
Bookmark For: Geometric and earthy wall hangings
Our Picks: This 4′ long off-white cotton and beechwood (our favorite wood!) piece will be perfect finishing touch for your gallery wall — like a real-life version of a long Tetris piece

Reyna Noriega

Follow on Instagram: @reynanoriega_
Bookmark For: An instantly-put-together art wall that you can afford right now — try 4 or 5 of her square pieces in a row to fill up a hallway, or build a 3×3 square out of your favorite prints
Our Picks: Reyna makes a ton of beautiful nature abstracts, but we really love her pieces that feature people — Jayda, Lorena, Flora, Torya, Shaena, and Lizzo (yeah, like, Lizzo!) are my personal favorites

You know what time it is: CONGRATULATIONS TIME! This week, we also fell in love with the work of Elan Byrd and Roma Osowo, both of whom have sold ALL OF THEIR WORK. We can’t wait to see what each of them make next! (And as a side note, if you own any work from a Black artist, I’d love to hear more about the maker and the piece you purchased! There are truly so many incredibly painters and illustrators out there and I’d love to write more about them in a fully dedicated round up. I know y’all have incredible taste, so please drop any favorites in the comments below!)

Plants & Planters

maddi & joan | the zen succulent | samplehaus

The Handmade & Co.

Follow on Instagram: @thehandmadeandco
Bookmark For: Terrariums, macrame plant hangers, and fiber art (I know, we’re in the planters section, but it’s really good!!!)
Our Picks: Natasha’s about to launch an Etsy shop — we’re very excited about the few pieces she teased in this photo (especially those two dip-dyed ones!)

Maddi & Joan

Follow on Instagram: @maddiandjoan
Bookmark For: Macrame plant hangers, fiber art, and earrings (sorry, I know, off topic) — plus, 15% of sales through June 19th will be donated to the NAACP
Our Picks: This set of 4 plant hangers for $55 (yes, that is a GREAT price) and this beginner kit that comes with an instructional video so you can learn macrame, too!


Follow on Instagram:
Bookmark For: One of a kind planters made from interior design waste and discontinued marketing samples
Our Picks: We’re on a big red kick here at EHD (yeah, like, the color) so this African-inspired embellished vase with a red opening is really hitting the right notes for us

PAUSE, PLEASE! I just need to take a second to acknowledge a few more of our favorite businesses in this space. Congratulations to Ashe Ceramics, Grounded Plants, Plant Vessel, Tal & Bert, Things by HC, and The Zen Succulent for an incredible month of sales — please bookmark each for your future plant and planter needs!

Paint & Wallpaper

mitchell black | clare | sheila bridges


Follow on Instagram: @clarepaint
Bookmark For: Paint buying made easy
Our Picks: Without spoiling too much about upcoming projects, I can tell you that Team EHD loves Whipped (a great warm white), Two Scoops (a minty green), Pop (a bright coral, a swatch of which may or may not be on the wall behind me right now), and Baby Soft (the perfect light pink)

Elle Gibson

Follow on Instagram: @gibsonelle
Bookmark For: Wallpaper designed with heart and intention
Our Picks: The fingerprints one!!! It’s simple, abstract, and meaningful. WE LOVE.

Mitchell Black

Follow on Instagram: @mitchell_black
Bookmark For: 365 totally unique traditional OR peel and stick wallpaper options
Our Picks: Y’ALL, Mitchell Black turned some of Gray Malin’s iconic photographs INTO WALLPAPER which I didn’t even know was possible. (Once I got over that shock, I fell in love with this bear print that would look SO CUTE in a kid’s room!)

Sheila Bridges

Follow on Instagram: @sheilabridges
Bookmark For: Actualizing your lifelong dream of living in the coolest home in your neighborhood
Our Picks: Em sent me this wallpaper over the weekend and we geeked out over it — it comes in a ton of color variants, but we’re partial to the yellow, pistachio, and hand-colored versions

Yaël & Valérie

Follow on Instagram: @yaeletvalerie
Bookmark For: Wallpapers and upholstery fabrics inspired by the Caribbean
Our Picks: If you’re looking for a reason to say “oh, that’s pretty!” out loud, check out the multi-colored version of this wallpaper

Fashion & Beauty

brother vellies | haati chai jewelry | lem lem


Follow on Instagram:
Bookmark For: Unisex travel accessories that will have people stopping you at the airport asking “where’d you get that??”
Our Picks: This snake print hand stitched adjustable belt bag perfect for those who are always on the go.


Follow on Instagram: @ayeleandco
Bookmark For:
Affordable natural, skincare that caters to ALL skin types.
Our Picks:
For the softest skin ever try this sunflower sweets face mask


Follow on Instagram: @aziza.handcrafted
Bookmark For: The coolest statement gold jewelry inspired by Egypt.
Our Picks: This palm cuff for those that do not like to wear rings, but still like to make a statement.

Bobbi Made This

Follow on Instagram: @bobbimadethis
Bookmark For:
Handmade geometric clay earrings that are as unique as you
Our Picks:
If you love unique shapes these squiggle earrings will be a great addition to your jewelry collection

Briogeo Hair Care

Follow on Instagram: @briogeo
Bookmark For:
Naturally based hair care
Our Picks:
This farewell frizz oil treatment for dry and brittle hair

Brother Vellies

Follow on Instagram: @brothervellies
Bookmark For: Luxury accessories that celebrate cultural histories and timeless design. 
Our Picks: This handbag that will elevate any outfit


Follow on Instagram: @cushnie
Bookmark For:
Artfully crafted luxury dressware tailored to achieve the perfect fit for the female form.
Our Picks:
The perfect dress for any formal occasion


Follow on Instagram: @__edas
Bookmark For: Everyday staple accessories
Our Picks:
These green opal stone earrings


Follow on Instagram: @golde
Bookmark For: Superfood health and beauty
Our Picks:
Pure matcha to start your day off right and clean greens face mask for a detoxing skin treatment

Lem Lem

Follow on Instagram: @lemlem
Bookmark For:
 Artisan-driven collection of women’s, men’s, children’s and home goods made entirely in Africa
Our Picks:
This summer dress perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool

Union Los Angeles

Follow on Instagram: @unionlosangeles
Bookmark For:
Super stylish streetwear-meets-high-fashion clothing and footwear.
Our Picks: This retro T shirt that would look really cool paired with these classic Nike’s.


Follow on Instagram: @whitespacejewelry
Bookmark For: Dainty and elegant jewelry handcrafted in LA
Our Picks: These earrings and this birthstone pearl necklace that would be the most romantic gift ever (hint hint, fellas).

AHH Y’ALL, WE MADE IT. Thank you for coming on this roundup journey with me. Again, if there are any Black-owned brands that you’d like to share, please do! Our EHD online shopping guide is a living document — we want your taste to be reflected here so that our whole community can support the businesses that you love.

But now, it’s question time: Did you find any new small businesses to follow? Did you make any purchases? And maybe most importantly (just because I am a little selfish and because I have your attention), can you please help me choose a piece of art to buy? Just kidding (but also…not kidding). LET’S CHAT, please!

Opening Image Credits: Home of Kenesha Sneed of Tactile Matter | Photo by Marisa Vitale | Via Apartment Therapy

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4 years ago

Wow. Thanks for the list!

4 years ago

This is an incredible roundup, thank you so much!

4 years ago

Wow. This is amazing. I’m actually distressed by how many amazing artists and stores are out there that I had never even heard about. Also my bank account is also pretty concerned now based on all the items I have in shopping carts.

Roberta Davis
4 years ago

I did recommend one in a comment on a recent post. Lisa Hunt for art.

Samantha W Zutler
4 years ago

I said this on yesterday’s post, and I feel the same way again; this is some of the most exciting design content I’ve seen in as long as I can remember. Keep it up!

4 years ago

I’m so excited and (is it okay to say) proud to see this white woman driven brand I love really embracing calls for diversity. I’ve always loved your content and point of view and writing and design sensibility enough to overlook the lack of diversity, and it’s nice to not have that asterisk behind enjoying something I love. I’m also happy to think that One topic I’d really love to see tackled on this blog (and especially as, like, an interview format with a white interviewer and a Black interviewee) is the topic of cultural appropriation in interior design and decor. I’ve tweeted about it a couple times ( and for some long threads) but basically I see a lot of motifs/pieces/”looks” celebrated by design professionals who have no connection to the cultures the art or design is from, and it makes me feel squicky but I also kind of get it and have done my fair share of it before getting more woke and feeling less OK about it. Also here’s a thread of just Black owned candle companies ♡ Keep on kicking ass and evolving and figuring this stuff out in public, this is what I’m… Read more »

4 years ago

Oops I was going to write “I’m also happy to think that Veronica won’t have to be the only Black woman on an otherwise all white team” but then I peeked at the about page and she’s gone. 🙁 I look forward to reading new more diverse perspectives as you’re able to hire more BIPOC people!

4 years ago

I miss Veronica so much! But she felt ready to look for the next step in her career as a full-time photographer, and I know she’s already started doing some exciting freelance work. But we hope to keep working with her freelance too! (As long as she doesn’t get too busy for us, haha).

4 years ago

I love this idea about drilling down into (mis)appropriation.
A little suggestion… GLOBAL BLOG… BLM is a global issue … as is appropriation of design, culture, etc.
We’re holding BLM protests all over Australia and all over the world.
Appropriation is relevant everywhere.
What’s the possibility of you guys being global in your approach to this topic? Please?
Yes? 🧐

4 years ago

Yes! +1 on covering the topic of cultural appropriation in interior design and decor. Also: exotification in interior design.

4 years ago

Omg I cannot agree more on this and happy to follow you on twitter! Interior Design and Architecture is drowning in so much privilege and I’ve always loved how EHD has made it more accessible! I’ve had to go to holiday parties for studios and firms and it’s made me so uncomfortable (& even sad & ashamed) to be the only person of color and one of the few women. I love EHD & was sad to unfollow them when I committed to only following PoC & people I know irl on Instagram for a year. I realized I then only followed 2 design accounts. Was I allowing myself to be influenced only by white people? Was my interior design aesthetic basically “white lady” haha. It’s weird to face and suggest anyone to take that challenge even if it’s only a week.

4 years ago

Can you introduce and showcase design without sounding so hyperbolic or “try hard”? Takes away from the message a bit, at least for me, and seems counterproductive when newly leaning into supporting Black designers, content creators, etc.

4 years ago
Reply to  calm

Support the goal, but would prefer a more authentic approach. I don’t doubt your motivation and good will, but I get the eye rolls.

4 years ago
Reply to  calm

I guess you hadn’t noticed that literally all the posts on EHD include lots of caps lock and exclamation points.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Caitlins ebullient writing makes me smile

4 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Yes, and when talking about a “life changing” face mask or product at Target, great, who cares about the hyperbole or whether it seems contrived. But given the virtue signaling inherent in these posts, the tone may miss the mark for some.

4 years ago

Hubbard Design Group is a fantastic Black [man!] owned design group based in Chicago. Super luxury and chic!

Aimee Graham
4 years ago

Her work is out of my range, but I’m totally inspired by Lauren Pierce.

As a pastry chef, it’s also a bonus to see that she makes cakes, too!

4 years ago

This is fantastic! Just one teensy request: for huge lists like this can you put a table of contents at the beginning and link to the different sections? When I finally get to, say, the Textiles and Bedding part of decorating my new apartment, it’s going to be hard to sift through all the h2 sized designer names to find the h2 sized section headings…

4 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Also more pictures please! (Like what you did for Father’s Day to give a sense of each company). I exhausted myself after clicking on the first 20 links and stopped…

4 years ago
Reply to  Lea

I agree, I didn’t want to click on each link to see what it was about. A picture for each representing the brand would be great to get an overall sense of the style.

4 years ago

A grammatical point – how about “60 Black-Owned Home Decor Businesses” instead of “THE . . .”? I can tell your intentions are to be helpful, but this sounds like you “approve” (for lack of a better word, but sadly how it will come across to some readers) only these 60. Again, intentions don’t matter, actions do. Looking forward to regular posts that include many different creators, as opposed to specific posts geared toward uplifting but still tokenizing black designers. You have this EHD team! It’s all part of the learning process. I’m in it myself.

4 years ago

I have been a devoted customer of Peacesake Candles for over a year now. They make scents that allowed me to move on from Anthropologie candles.
They are eco friendly, family owned, and their candles have a very long burn life. Pacific Lily and Citrus Verbena are my favorite scents.
Please check them out!

Their IG is also really well curated:

4 years ago

Great list! It will take some time to get through. Each site is full of beautiful products!

Julie P
4 years ago

Thank you guys SO much for doing all this research! Such an incredible wealth of stuff here… it’s going to take me weeks to get to visit all the shops online. This is PRECISELY what EHD is all about – giving us a glimpse into another world of inspiration that we’d never find on our own. Bravo!

4 years ago

This is amazing, thank you! I’ve been waiting for this post 🙂 I’m sure this is in works, but also really looking forward to round-ups (and features on) black designers.

4 years ago
Reply to  Nora

*interior designers

4 years ago

I have been thinking about that 54kibo mirror since you posted it the other day and finally took the plunge in the natural wood/black thread color! It’s beautiful!

4 years ago

More pictures please, and product prices. I wouldn’t mind if you featured fewer sellers/artists at the time, but added more photos. I would actually like that. Roundups are great as a summary and resource, but I do enjoy learning AZ nd getting in the details of things.

4 years ago
Reply to  Lane

I am sorry if this sounded demanding. I am just very visual and would love to see more depth.

4 years ago

Smiling from ear to ear Emily!! You’ve really outdone yourself with this comprehensive list for what could complete an entire living space – I especially loved how you picked pieces from each designer’s site to share what you love most about their art and design. I’m excited to have discovered some new ones here as well! I’m a huge fan of Reflektion Design’s shop run by Anitra which is full of all types of styling decor – wall art, baskets, & more. THANK YOU for sharing my custom pillow shop, and for highlighting these amazing designers!!!

4 years ago

Thank you for doing the research and compiling this list! Bookmarked and excited to be introduced to so many amazing companies!

4 years ago

How about you show us the 60 best. I’m not racist and this smacks of racism! I’m about done with the current political narrative, have already dumped Domino from my feed and may do the same thing here. Please give us content that is drama and politic free. I get that from Twitter, don’t need it here.

4 years ago
Reply to  Carrie

Why are you threatened by this list?

There have been plenty of white creatives elevated on this platform and the EHD team are broadening the horizon of creatives they are following and purchasing from. How is this a problem for you?

There is plenty of room at the table and in our interiors for awesome talent. 60 of which are featured here.

I suspect if this had been a list of 60 white owned businesses you wouldn’t have made that comment.

Jessica Aboagye
4 years ago

I love everything you guys do at EHD but my heart is so grateful for this post. My husband is a Ghanaian immigrant and I am always trying to bring colorful unique pieces into our home that represent his heritage, our children’s heritage (while still keeping that neutral Scandinavian/ midcentury EHD feeling). Ideally I try to by from small black business’s & this just nailed it.

4 years ago

I’m in love 😍 thank you for sharing! And lifting up black creators and business owners!

mariejeanne juilland
4 years ago

You’ve done an outstanding job sourcing and listing these great black designers. If you do additional lists, I’d love to see you add


4 years ago

This list is an amazing resource, but I hope Emily is also looking into the actions of companies or people that she has given as sources in her previous posts. I know of at least one company that has recently been exposed for its toxic work culture that I’ve seen featured on her blog. I’ll be watching to see if Emily continues to support this company (and others) or cut relationships with them.

4 years ago
Reply to  Lauren

Oh brother. “I’ll be watching”???? These kinds of comments make me want to scream. This is a witch hunt.

4 years ago

Thank you for this list, bookmarked! We know you are also very into fashion, can you please make a black-owned list for clothes, I bet I’m not the only one who would love it!