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What You Bought In April… Once Again We Were Shocked (But Delighted) By #1

Oh May gosh, can you believe April is already over??? Sorry for forcing you through that dumb pun, I just saw an opportunity and had to take it. Anymay, (MALLORY, STOP) we linked a stupid amount of great products in April and there were 10 specifically that you guys seemed to love the most! Why is it so fun to see what people are buying? Is it to know what people actually liked or is it just because it’s one of the least creepy ways of spying on everyone?? Either way, we’re gonna share the top 10 best sellers for last month, so let’s go.

10. Jess’s Clogs

First up to bat, we’ve got Jess’s clogs from our shoe post!! These little beauties are from Madewell and are A GREAT summer shoe. Here’s what Jess had to say about them “I had been eyeing these clogs since Em got them! Then when she so generously let us raid her garage, there they were and are now mine. They are SO cute on, the perfect amount of height and are “a statement” without being a statement. They are still available at Madewell so if you have been wavering, waver no more”

9. Em’s “Mrs. Doubtfire” Dress

Mrs. Doubtfire Dress (noun): A dress that is flowy enough and comfortable enough to slide over your pajamas, workout clothes, or any other “at home/quarantine outfit,” and works perfectly to disguise what you’re actually wearing during Zoom calls. Doesn’t everyone have one of these by now?? It’s the ole Zoom call outfit hack and it’s the best way to dupe clients or coworkers into thinking you’re wearing a real outfit. Plus this particular dress is extremely cute and well made which is why Em loves it so much:)

8. Indoor/Outdoor Rug

This rug hails from the awesome laguna beach house tour we featured last month. You can find it in their very cute kid’s room!! Wow, it’s styled so well. This rug is such a cute color & has a fun, casual feel AND it’s an indoor/outdoor rug so it can handle a bit more wear and tear. I totally get why this was a top seller! It’s highly snaggable.

7. Jess’s Facial Sculpting Wand

Jess is obsessed with Shani Darden’s products, so when she saw that her face sculpting wand was finally back in stock, she knew it was something she wanted to save up for and invest in. Her glowing review includes: “Not only do I just feel more toned after I use it, it’s also a relaxing massage for my face and neck. I like that I’m forced to slow down a little and enjoy the process.” So if you’re looking for a splurgy self-care gift for you (or mom for mother’s day maybe??) check this bad boy out!

6. Emily’s Necklace

Emily’s had this necklace for YEARS and it’s only getting better with age. It’s one of those little pieces that can instantly edge up an outfit but also make it personal, plus it makes a great gift. We are so happy it’s still available xx

5. Emily’s Blouse

Not too surprised to see this lil beaut on here. Em wore this for our latest Target shoot and the minute I saw it I was like, “WOW THAT’S CUTE AND IT’S ONLY $24???” so of course, everyone felt the same!!! It also comes in a brown and white gingham that I HIGHLY recommend checking out.

4. Mallory’s Summer Heels

I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO TALK ABOUT THESE AGAIN! My favorite shoes. Ever. I could not NOT welcome summer without these babies on my feet. I like wicker in my furniture, so why not on my feet. They’re pretty tall and make me feel like a wicker giant, but aren’t uncomfortable because of that thick platform. They also come in 2 other more neutral colors. 10/10 to these babies.

3. Jess’s Summer Jeans

These jeans are the best!! Jess linked them in the link up a while back and I totally get why these made the top 3 because she even sold me on these (and I’m obsessed). You know how everyone says skinny jeans aren’t in anymore? Well these to me are the perfect transition pants if you’re not quite ready to let go but you still wanna seem “in with the trends.” Plus the wash is the best kind of denim wash to me. 10/10 to these!

2. Emily’s Boyfriend Jeans

Emily wore this cute pair of denim with that cute shirt that took home 5th place and they are a STEAL. At $24 for a pair of jeans, OF COURSE these would make it to second place. Their awesome boyfriend cut is totally in and I love the rips in them. All in all, these jeans could not be better for the price.

And in first place we have…

1. Ryann’s Sweatpants

The wildly cute, wildly affordable TARGET SWEATPANTS! These pants are perfect in every way. Especially because they’re stylish enough to wear out but they’re still sweatpants…win-win! Plus they come in so many different colors for there’s really a pair for everyone. WAY TO GO RYANN FOR RECOMMENDING THESE! You made lives better with this rec 🙂

Thanks everyone for tuning in! Take care of yourself today. We love you xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: How Target’s Fall Threshold Collection Nails the “Updated Classic” Trend

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2 years ago

Yep! I bought the sweatpants when you shared them and they are my favorites! So thick, so highwaisted, and the green color is super cute!