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All The Shoes We’ve Recently Purchased – Transition Shoe Season Is Here And We Are READY For It

Oh my god SHOES! Welcome to another fashion post where we show you the REAL things we’ve bought and love in REAL LIFE on REAL bodies! And this time we’re chatting shoes, guys. A few weeks ago we were in a team meeting and Caitlin told us how she can’t stop buying statement shoes (and this was at the time where she could hardly walk due to back issues). Then we chatted about how we’ve all been buying fun out on the town kind of shoes although there aren’t that many places to go still. SO we thought…why not round up all the shoes we’ve purchased and have been wearing and then share it with you all??? Are ya ready? Let’s do this.

Emily’s Shoes

Checkered Slip-ons | Flat Mules

From left to right here we go. Obviously, these are classic, but make any “boring outfit” look intentionally casual and cool (not ANY, but you get the idea). I throw these on 3 times a day and the more they are worn, the better they are. These are the mules I bought for the Target shoot a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing them almost every day since. They’re EXACTLY what I need for running around town doing errands, plus they’re incredibly affordable.

Caitlin’s Shoes

Printed Clog | Black Strap Clog | Tan Clog

HELLO, IT’S ME, YOUR FRIENDLY EHD GIANT. Not to be dramatic, but discovering these clogs kinda like…changed my life? Maybe you can relate – I’ve always been a little self-conscious about taking up too much space (shoutout to my fellow tall & curvy pals!), so the idea of investing in 4″ platform shoes for “everyday-wear” was LAUGHABLE. But last year, I discovered Charlotte Stone and now I’m the proud owner of 8 (!!!!) pairs of BIG ASS SHOES. They make me feel really confident and powerful (but maybe that’s just because I’m now 6’ tall and I can step on anyone who is mean to me before smothering them with my surplus of tops with balloon sleeves) – and beyond that, they’re just really comfortable and easy to pull out for daily wear. I have two pairs of Marlos (the printed clog and the tan leather clog – the latter is such a good dupe for Em’s infamous clogs) but I’m most in love with Bonnie, the one with the back strap, because they’re so secure and I truly feel as if I could run a mile in them. LOVE LOVE LOVE. (I think this link generates a special coupon code and then we can both be giant women, taking up a ton of space together!!!)

Jess’s Shoes


I had been eyeing these clogs since Em got them! Then when she so generously let us raid her garage, there they were and are now mine. They are SO cute on, the perfect amount of height and are “a statement” without being a statement. They are still available at Madewell so if you have been wavering, waver no more. Thank you again, Em! (P.S. These were those jeans I talked about two weeks ago!)

Mallory’s Shoes

Flats | Pumps

I wrote about these bad boys in the link up last week (BEFORE I KNEW WE WERE DOING THIS POST, OKAY?) But they’re both so good that I just had to tell you about them again. The flats on the left are my everyday running around summer shoes and the wild statement shoes on the right are my sassy brunch shoes. Both are SO comfortable and so cute!! I’m such a shoe hoarder.

Ryann’s Shoes

Ballet Flats | Loafers

I have these ballet flats in tan and blue and I wear them almost every day. I love how they go with everything in my closet and I feel very cute and ~effortless~ when I wear them. Over on the right…THESE are my favorite flat shoes ever. They surprisingly go with everything, they can be dressed up or down, and they are just classic and so cute.

Now onto the shopping…

1. Black Lace Up Huarache | 2. Leather Ballet Flats | 3. Women’s Maggie Espadrille Flats | 4. Women’s Greta Mules | 5. Annalese Ankle Strap Flat | 6. Whitney Weejuns | 7. Sayulita Ankle-Wrap Sandals | 8. The Malia Espadrille Sandal | 9. Go-To Flatform Sandal | 10. Sorel Studded Roaming Sandals | 11. Checkerboard Slip On | 12. Sonny Slingback Espadrilles

1. Calming Influence Platform Sandal | 2. Thick Heeled Sandals | 3. Ramona Strappy Block Heeled Sandals | 4. Raegan Mule Clog Heels | 5. Rianne Sandal | 6. Jamm-3 Slide Sandal | 7. Ocean Casual Wedge | 8. The Louise Sandal in Leather | 9. All-Day Open Toe Clog | 10. The Ayanna Clog | 11. Nadine Mules

1. Marlo Chunky Platform | 2. Mista Ankle Boot | 3. Block-Heel Slingback Pumps | 4. Tule Block Heel Sandal | 5. Analees Slingback Pump | 6. Penny Knot Mule | 7. Saira Leather Perforated T-Strap Pump | 8. Tea Party Platform Sandal | 9. Elsie Ankle-Tie Pumps | 10. Michelle Pump | 11. Ilamoye Mule | 12. Bonnie Clog

That’s all for this post! Drop the link to your favorite shoes right now in the comments below 🙂

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: My Favorite Clogs Right Now

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2 years ago

In case anyone else is like me and been mostly barefoot or in sneakers during the pandemic, I wanted to share that the Loeffler Randall sandals (#6) come in a lower heeled version and one with an ankle strap.

I bought the tall version in leopard and quickly realized I couldn’t walk in them. I was so excited I could exchange and not crush my cute shoe dream. Unfortunately it’s 45 degrees where I am today, so won’t be wearing them for a while.

2 years ago

Where are Caitlin’s jeans from? They are great!

2 years ago
Reply to  Cait

ahh thank you!!! they’re the 11″ high rise flare from madewell – i got them in arbordale wash last fall but the conwell wash looks pretty much the same!!

2 years ago

thanks! Madewell jeans are the best!

2 years ago

HI! Thanks for all these great recommendations! Is there any chance Caitlin could share where her white dress is from? Thanks!

2 years ago
Reply to  AM

i’d love to!! it’s this one from madewell and i loooove it. got it a few weeks ago and it’s my fav thing to pull on! (word to the wise – if you have a chest it will fit more “babydoll” then at your true waist BUT it is still super flattering somehow??? i think it’s the sleeves. SO MANY COMPLIMENTS ON THIS BAD BOY and so many ways to wear it!!)

2 years ago

Totally jealous of those of you who live in cities where you can go places to wear some of these fun and gorgeous shoes. I live in a college town in Pennsylvania where the majority of people go out in their pajamas : ).

2 years ago

Where is Emily’s shirt from?

2 years ago
Reply to  Amy

The black and white checked one? Also where is caitlin’s colorful print shirt from?

2 years ago
Reply to  Amy

not sure on em’s top buuuut my was from farm rio’s summer 2020 collection!! the print is retired but they are a GOLDMINE for colorful pieces (and the end of season sales are SO GOOD) 🙂

2 years ago

Joining in in the “where is ___ from” Mallory’s dress is gorgeous! Where is it from?

2 years ago

Tortoises target shoe number 12 in second section not linked. Please help.

2 years ago

I was excited to read this and got a few ideas for whenever I need mules, ballet shoes, and loafers. Right now, the only shoes I need are lace-up sneakers for my daily nature-therapy strolls. Any recommendations welcome!

(Out of every pair I’ve bought in the last couple of years, I liked the fit of Ryka, Adidas, Mizuno, and Merrell. I didn’t like how Nike or Skechers fit me. Keds used to be perfect for me, and I’d love to buy a pair of the Keds with Jungalow designs. But … either my feet have changed, Keds’ sizing has changed, or both; and I’m in between sizes with them now. )

2 years ago
Reply to  Irene

I have a very hard time finding any shoe that is comfortable and definitely could not wear a heel for any amount of time.
However for a casual flat shoe I have discovered Allbirds to be very comfortable and the colors vary at different times so you can usually find something that works for you. I really like their return policy as they give you plenty of time to determine if the shoe will be comfortable . I have three pairs and have not had to return any but I like that the option is there within 30 days of purchase.

2 years ago

Ohh, love this! Although after a year of wearing slippers 75% of the time, if the shoes aren’t comfortable, I’m not interested.

I’ve been loving Able shoes for a while now. They’re very similar in style and price to Nisolo (and also sustainably minded!), but a little younger/more fun IMO.

2 years ago

Caitlin’s clog reco is so gorgeous… just wish they weren’t upwards of $200. Still on the hunt for a high-quality, affordable clog.

2 years ago

Where is Jess’s striped shirt from?

2 years ago

Seriously people, we are still in the throws of Global Pandemic, massive social unrest and mass shootings on almost a daily basis, and you guys are pushing click bait for sandals???

2 years ago
Reply to  Kim

We can think about all of those things and still want to wear things that make us feel great so yes.

2 years ago

wow you guys are really into clogs 😀

2 years ago

I know this is a post about shoes, but all I can think is I want Malloy’s adorable white dress!

2 years ago

Can you share where you bought the white shoe that is in your left hand in the main picture at the top of the blog? I love those and kept going back over the lists, but I don’t see them. It’s similar to #9, but definitely not the same. Thanks!

2 years ago
Reply to  Sara

They’re the Free People Belem’s Clog –
You may be able to find them on sale somewhere else – I got mine on sale from Nordstrom. They’re super comfy!

Sara Vidan
2 years ago
Reply to  Stacey

Thank you!!!

2 years ago

Caitlin, any advice on the wood sole shoes? I have a pair of Swedish Hasbeens which are as cute as your clogs but I am so fearful of freak rain (I live in DC) that I never wear them…

2 years ago

Caitlyn, you stole me with this. So happy you have embraced big shoes and balloon sleeves and are feeling yourself! BE PRESENT.

Alice Ger
2 years ago

Wait a second, I need to know where those shoes Emily is holding in the main picture are from!! It’s what drew me to reading the post! Also the lower sandals to the far left please!

2 years ago

Where is Mallory’s dress from? It’s so cute! 🙂