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The Link Up: The Romance Novel Em Got Brian Into, A Magical NO SCRUB Vase Cleaner, And The Affordable Healthy Recipe We Love

Hope everyone is having as good of a week as they can. While no one is feeling good right now we hope to bring you a little joy as you read this. On Monday, Emily is revealing her primary bath:) If you missed the recap or the medicine cabinet journey go catch up on those before tomorrow. She is really proud of it (even the “hiccups”) and we hope you love it too. Since Monday is reveal day, you know that means…we have another great and in-depth YouTube video for you! So before all of the links, here’s a little preview of the primary bath video (just wait for the short ad to play:))

And if you’re ready to watch the whole thing, tap right here to enjoy:

Em’s Primary Bath Full Video Reveal

This week’s house tour is actually a hotel. But not just any hotel! This Parisian hotel was designed by EHD favorite, Beata Heuman. Hôtel de la Boétie is her first hotel and if the photos are any indication it’s perfect. Colorful, whimsical, and chic just like all of her projects. Go check it out here!

Our friends at Pact have extended their EHD-exclusive sale through the end of the month! Right now, you can take 20% off your entire order (that’s the best deal currently available!) with code EHDFALL. For some cute outfit inspo, be sure to check out Em’s fall basic recommendations or our favorite pull-on-and-go pieces that’ll make you feel pulled together, even when you’re just running errands. (PS. Did we mention that they’re affordable, sustainable, and women-owned? If nothing else, you’ve gotta check out the cute landing page they made for Em – love it when our partners go above and beyond.)

From Emily: I just finished a page-turning weekend read that, yes, is in the romance genre but it’s more about relationships. It’s called The Roughest Draft (Kindle + Local) and it’s written by a husband and wife author team that usually does YA, but this is their first foray into more of the adult genre. You definitely get a sense that they bring a lot of their own relationship into the story which makes it very compelling and hard to put down. Brian’s even gonna give it a go because he heard about it–that’s how non-romance novel-y it is.

From Caitlin: OH MY GOSH. Why did it take me so long to learn about Bottle Bright tablets?! Y’ALL HAVE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME!!! Here’s the deal: I love having fresh flowers around the house, but some of my vases are REALLY difficult to clean and they’ve been looking a little worse for the wear. (The ones with narrow neck openings? The super long and tall ones? HOPELESS.) Enter: these freakin’ miracle tablets! Over the weekend, I filled up two of my glass vases with warm water, dropped a tablet in each, left them in the sink overnight, poured them out the next morning, and…MAGIC. All the gunk that had been impossible to reach and that had been clouding up the glass was just TOTALLY GONE. I didn’t even have to do anything!!! No scrubbing, no swishing, no monitoring – I just dropped in a tablet and my vase was clean. These were originally formulated for water bottles (and I will absolutely be using them for that task, too) but OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW WELL THEY WORKED. (Actually, I can – the reviews are filled with people who have freshened up ancient coffee tumblers, teapots, and more.) Anyway, if you want clean vessels but do not want to spend time scrubbing anything, these are AWESOME. (PS. If you also like buying vintage cache pots or barware or planters or anything that can hold liquid, these make fast work of cleaning up that gunk, too!) 

From Mallory: I was marketed for this dress and they got me good. How cute would it be with some chunky gold earrings and tall black boots??? I’m in my Sandro-style-but-not-Sandro-prices era and this dress totally fits the bill 🙂

Also from Mallory: I wish I had a baby child at Christmas time just so I could dress them in this.

Chambray Lattice Baule Decorative Pillow | Bright Botanical Suzani Napkins | Recycled-Glass Tumblers

A BEAUTIFUL collaboration just launched between St. Frank and Food52! It’s full of color and pattern and is mostly things for your table…but of course, there are some pillows too:)

From Gretchen: Winter is coming and I need a new coat! I had a long puffer coat I once loved from Uniqlo (basically this one), that sadly bit the dust. I wore it camping once and a rogue ember burned a hole in the arm–thankfully I caught it before it burned one in mine! It also wasn’t waterproof, which is a mega bummer here in Oregon, like in a really dumb way. Finding my perfect coat means: it’s matte black with minimal to no flashy branding, Michelin Man puffy, sits at or well below my knees but doesn’t graze the floor, has a good hood with no fur, is under $200 (we’ll see) and, most importantly, is waterproof or water repellent. Does anyone out there know of a coat like this?? That you swear by? I’m starting my search back where I left off, at Uniqlo, with this coat. It says it’s waterproof and I like the overall look and price, but I’m still searching. Of course, I LOVE this Lululemon coat but it’s roughly double my budget, so I’d really need to love it, love it to justify the buy. I also found this great option from Quince. I haven’t bought from here before so it makes me a bit nervous, but it may be worth a try? For now, I’m back to the drawing board but would love to hear if anyone out there can recommend something better!

From Arlyn: Man do I love a designer collab. I mean…who doesn’t, right? While I’m not sure entirely when, I know my EHD pals shared the original release of Arvin Olano’s line for RugsUSA (it’s so good, it’s worth mentioning again). His fall collection just launched this past Thursday and ugh…I want everything. I’m in the beginning phases of finding some new rugs for my dining room/living room and many of these are high on the list. 

Also from Arlyn: I’m always looking for meal inspiration that’s satisfying, affordable, healthy, and everyone at my table will eat. I recently found and tried this recipe for whipped tahini tofu with a bean and tomato medley and OMG I enjoyed eating it so much. The next time I make it, I’ll likely add some more acid via white balsamic vinegar and let the beans and tomatoes marinate a bit more but I couldn’t wait to eat the leftovers the next day. 

From Jess: TikTok may have got me again. Look at this car phone holder that goes into your cupholder! I might have been living under a rock because until this week I hadn’t seen one like this! This is IDEAL since the vent holders tend to not be strong enough for the bigger phones or don’t always work with bulkier cases. You can also place your phone vertically or horizontally AND still be able to use your cup holder for you know, a cup. The reviews are great so I am adding to cart!

Thank you for reading, go watch that YouTube video :), and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Anne De Wolf of ARCIFORM and Versatile Wood Products | Styled by Emily Henderson and Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: This Might Be The Perfect Rustic Bathroom – With An Easy Design Tip To Ensure It Feels Cozy

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3 months ago

Oh my gosh, my brother created the cell phone seat! I can’t wait to show him this post. He has worked so hard on producing and selling his product, and I’m really proud of him. Jess, thanks so much for sharing, and I can totally vouch for it. I love my cell phone seat!

3 months ago

Gretchen, check out Marmot for their down jackets! I think some of them are on sale at the moment as well

3 months ago
Reply to  Tiffany

I was going to rec Marmot too! Classic and great quality!

3 months ago

@gretchen – I got a coat from Noize last year and really like it: I particularly liked that they had vegan puffer coats, which is important to me personally.

3 months ago

Thank you again for Arvin Olano recommendation. Design, materials, price point and available sizes are all worth consideration.

3 months ago

I learned this the hard way, but “water resistant” does NOT mean “waterPROOF”.  That Uniqlo coat will not keep you dry in Oregon! Ask me how I know 😆 😭 
A couple tips:

  1. Look on eBay, ThredUp or Poshmark for higher end winter coats for cheap. It’s better to get higher-quality for winter gear, and if you buy used you can stay within budget.
  2. The Columbia employee store here in Portland has great deals, you just need a friend to get you in. Google around, I see folks posting passes all the time.
  3. I’ve been loving L.L. Bean lately. Their winter stuff is great quality, and actually waterPROOF. I bought my favorite raincoat there for $90. Plus, they do petite and tall sizes, so the fit is always great.
3 months ago
Reply to  Marian

I’ve had great luck finding good prices on Patagonia on Poshmark and eBay. And I thought there was a Columbia outlet in Portland. I think I bought snow boots there once. Overall, I agree with the sentiment that buying a good quality waterproof coat means looking at outdoor companies. There are a lot of stylish options still, and so practical. Check out outlets or secondhand stores for more affordable options. Or even a Facebook Buy Nothing group. People give away great stuff on mine all the time.

3 months ago

Gretchen – strong vote for this coat – on sale now for $225:

I’ve had mine for years and it still looks brand new (I actually bought it twice – lost it the first time). Matte black, tiny Columbia logo at the chest, removable fur at the hood (I removed mine), and very strongly water resistant. I live in Chicago and it’s never done me wrong! I’m 5’9” and it hits my knee comfortably. Thumb-hole cuffs at the wrists are a bonus!

3 months ago

Quince is the best. I own tons of their silk and cashmere.

Lisa H
3 months ago

I live in Colorado, where everyone owns a version of the knee length down/down alternative puffer. I like how light, but warm they are. My latest one is from Eddie Bauer. All of their coats seem to be water repellent. Some are full on waterproof. Aren’t they a Seattle base company? Seems like they should know what they’re doing.
I also like the fact that they are an outdoor clothing company, rather than a fashion clothing company. I see a lot of their coats seem to have a faux for hood trim, but they are all able to be zipped off.

3 months ago
Reply to  Lisa H

Lisa, I agree with you that Eddie Bauer has great water repellent winter coats. And they have their 50% sale right now, so prices are great!

3 months ago
Reply to  Lisa H

Yes I swear by my full length Eddie Bauer puffers. I always get them in dark colors because I bathe in coffee accidentally all the time and they keep me warm and repel all my spills. Obviously great in snow too.

3 months ago

My two cents, don’t splurge on the lululemon. I bought a RAIN JACKET from them once that turned out not to actually be waterproof! :/

Lisa H
3 months ago

To add to my recommendation of Eddie Bauer, it’s great that they are size inclusive. They offer tall sizes, petite sizes, and plus sizes.
I especially commend them for plus sizes. It seems like outdoor brands, especially don’t make practical outdoor wear for people who are larger.

3 months ago

I have purchased a bunch of stuff from Quince and have been super happy with the quality. My purchases have all been cashmere items, which I’m sort of fussy about, and they’re awesome. Highly recommend!

3 months ago

I have bought several items from Quince & all are beautiful, high quality, affordable, & sustainably sourced.

3 months ago

Check out NoSo patches for patching your puffer and outdoor gear! You don’t have to toss your puffer because of an ember hole.

3 months ago

Gretchen- I have the Cotopaxi Long Solano down jacket. I can’t speak to Oregon rain but it suits me in North Dakota snow! The high collar is such a helpful feature I haven’t seen in other coats.

3 months ago


I highly recommend Land’s End coats.
I have one that is 15 years old and still looks good and I
have three others.
They are on sale now but I usually wait a little closer to
Thanksgiving to get the best deals . Still all under $200.
I have never paid more than $100 for one and that was because I wanted a particular color. Good Luck!

3 months ago

I have this Eddie Bauer coat and LOVE it. I’ve also seen this Amazon coat frequently recommended for its warmth.

3 months ago

Arlyn-thank you for posting the recipe link-it made my mouth water! I only have an immersion blender, but maybe silken tofu will blend smooth enough. Definitely putting the ingredients on my next shopping list.

3 months ago

I have the shorter version of the Uniqlo seamless jacket, and I would not buy it if you want waterproof. It’s definitely water resistant but water does soak through the fabric if you’re in actual rain. I live in Seattle, and it’s been great for the drizzle, but not for walking around in normal rain.

3 months ago

Thank you for the recommendations for Pact. I’ve bought from them before and have loved what I’ve gotten in the past. I ordered some new tops and cozy sweats with your code. Thanks!

3 months ago

It’s good to have coat options. I’ve had luck with Quince. Good return policy, so maybe worth a try? Here’s a $20 code if you haven’t ordered and don’t have a discount yet.
Sometimes Patagonia’s 2nd hand marketplace has some less branded finds too. Good luck!

3 months ago

Basic unflavored denture cleaning tablets do the same thing as Bottle Bright for a FRACTION of the price!

3 months ago
Terri Markle
3 months ago

Bottle bright tablets sounds great! You can also use denture cleaning tabs! Easy way to clean any glassware or pottery!

3 months ago

I live in Portland and do LOVE the Columbia coat recommended by Gretchen for snowy winter times. However, I just got the Helly Hansen Victoria waterproof raincoat from Nordstrom Rack on sale. It has a great hood, is warm with primaloft filling and roomy enough to wear a sweater underneath. I’m 5’9″ and it hits near my knees. It might just be in the sweet spot of a warm raincoat for PNW winter weather!

3 months ago

Gretchen– stop your search. The coat is “Girl on the go” coat from Eddie Bauer. When I moved to Portland from the east coast my coat was too warm and not water proof. I texted my friend in Seattle and said what do we wear here??? She sent me the link and I did a little research but it seemed like the best option. The number of women I have met who hunted for months for a good Portland coat and ended up with this?! There have been many. The lining buttons out if it’s not that cold, or if you have a thick, cuter sweater underneath. Most of the winter I just do tee or long sleeve and this coat. But it also fits a sweater (at normal size, not sized up). I’m an evangelist.'s-girl-on-the-go-insulated-trench-coat

3 months ago

Gretchen! This is the coat of your dreams, I promise:

In general, the puffers from Aritzia are great. Admittedly above your ideal budget, but very good quality!