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15 Pull-On And Go Pieces That’ll Make You Feel Chic, Even When You’re Only Running Errands

There’s nothing like a whole-hearted recommendation from a friend…so when Arlyn sang the praises of Pact, a fresh brand that sells luxe and comfortable clothing made from organic cotton at an affordable price point, I listened. (Duh. The gal’s got great taste!) And then, I did even more than that: I reached out to the team at Pact and scored an EHD-exclusive coupon code, EHD20, so you can try whatever you’d like at 20% off (that’s more than their usual 15% off discount – it’s the best deal you’ll find on the internet!).

There are a lot of reasons to love this brand – they’re ethical, committed to sustainability, and affordable to boot! – but honestly, they just make really cute wear-everyday clothes that I know you’ll love, too. (Like, literally – I’ve seen the data on what y’all like, and these pieces are going to be RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY.) Wanna take a peek at some of our highly-recommended pieces that’ll elevate your weekend style? 

Oversized Button Up, $86.40 (Normally $108)

CHIC, CHIC, CHIC. How sophisticated does this model look?! Toss on this oversized button up to jazz up a simple all-black outfit for a grocery store run; pair it with some trendy boots for a fun night out; wear it unbuttoned at the beach or pool as an elevated coverup.

Courtside V-Neck Sweatshirt, $46.40 (Normally $58)

This is my favorite Pact piece! The v-neck cut feels so much more tailored and thoughtful than the standard crewneck we see at this time of year. It’s a simple swap that blends comfort and style – who knew a camel sweatshirt could look so refined? (PS. It comes in nine different colors that are all perfect for fall, too!)

Classic Fine Knit Cardigan, $78.40 (Normally $98)

The shape on this cardigan is dreamy – it’s not too tight and not too loose. I’m particularly taken by the cut of the arms, which drape in a really lovely way. It’s also 100% cotton, so you don’t have to worry about pilling or stretching. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a simple, timeless, relaxed cardigan over the past few years – most are either too cropped or too oversized – so I’m really impressed by the Goldilocks fit of this piece.

Midi Shirt Dress, $102.40 (Normally $128)

Shirtdresses are obviously a closet staple, but they really shine during this time of year as temperatures start to cool down. I love the hem on this one – it’s a modest length, but it highlights your legs in a really beautiful way! – and it’s easy to belt if you’re looking to define your shape a bit more.

Fine Knit Front Zip Sweater, $102.40 (Normally $128)

LOVE. Nothing dresses up a pair of leggings on a Target run like a refined zip-up sweater. You’ll also be the most put-together person as you sit on the sidelines and watch the sun rise at your kid’s early morning sports practice, I promise. (I mean…the collar! The dropped shoulder! The slouchy fit that isn’t bulky or heavy! So good.)

Brushed Twill Zip Front Jumpsuit, $118.40 (Normally $148)

PAGING ALL ART DIRECTORS AND ADVERTISING EXECS. How cute is this jumpsuit?! Can’t you see this piece roaming the halls of a creative office? It’s playful enough for the weekend, but polished enough to still give you some gravitas in the workplace. (PS. If you’ve been loving Em’s jumpsuits lately, the navy option is a great way to try the look – sustainably! – at only a quarter of the price.)

Airplane Colorblock Pullover, $67.20 (Normally $84)

Full disclosure: I am OBSESSED with Pact’s Airplane collection. I’m an LA transplant in a long-distance relationship with someone on the opposite coast, so I spend a lot of time on airplanes – around 12 to 36 hours in the air every month! – and am admittedly the exact target demo for this line…but y’all, nothing compares to feeling polished and comfortable at the airport (vs. my normal sentiment, which is usually “panicked and schlubby”). I love the shape and color on this one, but especially want to call out the barrel neckline – it’s one of my favorite cuts and I it was more common.

Popover Top, $59.20 (Normally $74)

I love a popover top – you get the effect of a button-up, but you don’t have to worry about managing any awkward gaping in the chest region. This one is particularly easy-to-style – french tuck it, full tuck it, leave it untucked! – and it’s just as comfortable to throw on for school pickup as your favorite lightweight t-shirt. (Did I mention that it comes in eight colors, too?)

Lounge Jumpsuit, $62.40 (Normally $78)

OBSESSED. I have a full, overly-detailed review of this piece coming in The Link Up tomorrow (so come back to hang with us again, ok?), but here’s what I’ll say: if you’ve ever gotten a spray tan, or been a bridesmaid, or spent a hot day cleaning your house, this jumpsuit – with its breezy fit, functional pockets, and pull-on-and-go construction – makes all of those tasks SO MUCH SIMPLER. (But seriously, I never want to wear another too-small robe while getting my makeup done for a friend’s wedding again. I’ve gone full-on practical, baby!)

Brushed Twill Straight Leg Pant, $94.40 (Normally $118)

The taupe and olive colors of this pant are also REALLY lovely, FYI. These lightweight pants have a bit of stretch (so they’re not totally “hard pants,” for those of us who are still struggling to stop wearing leggings every day) and they’re a great alternative to throwing on a pair of jeans. The slim fit even works for those of us with curvier hips (there are some great firsthand reviews on their site!).

Airplane Easy Hoodie, $62.40 (Normally $78)

HOODIE EXPERT REPORTING FOR DUTY. This is another piece from the airplane collection, and it’s VERY thoughtfully designed (again, coming from someone who spends too much time in the sky). Elements to note: the wide neckline and large hoodie (we’ve all worn a hoodie that’s a little too tight at the neck – it can be suffocating, doubly so when you’re exhausted from a long day of travel!), the breezy bottom band (I just think this looks cleaner than hoodies that balloon at the body and cinch at the bottom), and the sleeves are the perfect length for curling your hands up in. I just love seeing a tailored version of a closet staple, you know?

Brushed Twill Pull-On Pant, $70.40 (Normally $88)

If the button and zipper on the aforementioned twill pants were still a little too formal for you, don’t fret!!! You know I’ve got you covered with a pull-on option that still looks intentional. No one needs to know that you’re wearing elastic pants! (I’m especially partial to the mustard shade – it’s so bright and cheery!)

Coastal Jumpsuit, $78.40 (Normally $98)

SO PRETTY. If you’re looking for a way to make your legs look, uh, A MILLION MILES LONG…you’ve found it in this jumpsuit. The fabric is light and breathable, but the gauzy texture, waist construction, and removable belt give it a clean, refined shape. (Plus, who doesn’t love the effortless nature of a jumpsuit? You put on one piece, your outfit is pretty much finished, and other people think you’re stylish because you’re wearing a jumpsuit. Total life hack.)

Airplane Pant, $62.40 (Normally $78)

THANK YOU, MORE PLEASE. That’s not only my gratitude mantra (yikes, have I ever written anything more LA-coded?), but it’s also exactly what I said when I saw the drape and shape of these sweatpants. Leggings have held court for too long, folks! It’s about time that we’ve earned a looser, loungier, comfier alternative. Pair these with one of the earlier hoodies – or anything else from the airplane collection – and you’ll be the chicest barefoot woman that the TSA has ever seen.

All Ease PJs, $30.40-$46.40 (Normally $38-$58)

If you’ve been a little resistant to hopping on the matching PJ set train, you’re not alone! But let it be known that Team EHD swears by a PJ set – Em’s often said that it’s the one small thing that can totally change her mindset from “I feel frazzled” to “I am put-together.” And, I mean, it makes sense – switching from my past bedtime attire of “whatever shirt I wore that day” or “college sweatpants” or “oversized hoodie I found on ‘the chair’ that I’m 70% sure smells normal” to an actual pajama set has changed how I feel at the beginning and end of my day, too. All that said, these are a great entry point into the world of PJs – you can mix and match tops and bottoms and they come in 12 sweet colors, too.

That’s it from us today! Thanks so much to the team at Pact for partnering with us to offer our readers an exclusive 20% off coupon code. (Reminder: It’s EHD20, and it’s active through Monday!) It’s really exciting – and genuinely fun – to bring special deals from cool (and nice!) brands straight to your screen, you know? Hope you found something cool (or at least a new retailer to check out in the future, next time you’re in the market for some well-made pieces!). See you back here tomorrow for a fun Link Up. Until then… xx

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7 months ago

I love Pact! Both my husband and I have several pieces from them. Perfect combination of comfortable and pulled together.

7 months ago

Good staples! Thank you for introducing Pact:-)

7 months ago

I would love anyone’s advice on how to use a public restroom while wearing a jumpsuit. Seriously, how do you keep it from touching…..things you don’t want it to touch?

7 months ago

I love Pact—thanks for the awesome discount code!!

7 months ago

Their cotton underwear is the bomb. I have like 8 pairs of their black cotton briefs. It’s been years and they are still sturdy.

7 months ago

Also their organic cotton bedding is soooooooo soft and beautiful 😍 it’s extremely hard to leave my soft organic bed.

7 months ago

Appreciate the article, but the discount code was invalid 10PM PST on Monday Aug 28- maybe specify time zone the code expires at next time? (Yes, I left it to last minute, but still disappointed I missed out)