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The Link Up: The $25 Mules Em Is Loving, The Gift Caitlin Want To Give EVERYONE In Her Life, And The Best Afforable Skincare Tool

Y’all it’s April. Yes, the fourth month of the year. It never ceases to amaze us how every year it just pops up outta nowhere! But it’s also Easter so happy Easter to those who celebrate. Let’s get into some links so we can get back to the festivities:)

This house tour is EXTREMELY special to us because it’s Key’s stunning living room reveal that she published this past week!! We of course expected nothing short of totally thoughtful and beautiful work but wow is it something different to actually see the final photos. We are ready to road trip to Maryland to see it with our own eyes. But maybe we’ll let her finish her office/lounge which is going to be revealed this coming week! We are keeping the day a secret so there’s still some suspense:) So until then GO SEE her living room transformation!

Did y’all see the Design Star: Next Gen Finale????? CARMEON HAMILTON IS GETTING HER OWN SHOW AND WE CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH IT!!! It was SUCH a great final episode, we all cried, and it was definitely hard to see Eli and Chris not win too. But only one can take first place and we will definitely be watching their careers. But for right now we just want to celebrate Carmeon and all of the wonderful things coming her way!

From Emily: Like I have over and over, I haven’t been buying new clothes (or very little and no “fashion-y” pieces). But in addition to the Target blouse Emily B. brought me for the Target shoot, these mules were (and are) another favorite. I love the shape and color (I have them in tan). Plus they are flats which I love since I will probably need a course in walking in any sort of heel after this past year. O and they are super affordable and also come in bone.

Also From Emily: I think it’s official – our family’s favorite current show – Making It, the crafting competition. I know it came out a couple of years ago and I watched a few episodes and liked it then, but watching with the kids and Brian is a whole other experience. It’s Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman from Parks and Rec and they are hilarious, supportive, and I think the perfect duo host ever. The crafters are CRAZY TALENTED. Such creativity and the end product is usually super impressive, and right up our kid’s alley. And the whole vibe of the show is so positive and supportive – they help each other, they root for each other, it just makes the entire family feel good. The only drawback is that if we watch it too close to bed (which we do) the kids get so inspired that they start crafting with them and then we have to drag them away from their project if they aren’t done in time (often ensuing a mini-battle). We raced through both seasons and are super excited for the 3rd.

From Ryann: It’s official. I am in love with my dry facial brush and I don’t care who knows it. As someone who has chronically dry skin, I am always looking for ways to exfoliate and hydrate my skin, but what I didn’t know I needed was to simply rid my skin of dry flakes and dead skin cells once a day. I use it after my cleanser and then follow with a gentle cleanser and my skin feels SO soft every day because of it.

From Mallory: I’m in the mood for a new suit for (almost) summer…anyone got any recs on brands??? I’m HIGHLY INTO Triangl (this sequin swimsuit was a real splurge for me but I wear it all the time and plan on wearing it all summer too). OPEN TO ANYTHING PLEASE SEND.

From Caitlin: I need to talk about how much I love my stair rolling cart, because I USE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR EVERY SINGLE TASK. Sure, it’s great for carrying smalls at the flea market, or hauling my weighted comforter to the laundromat, or getting all the groceries up the stairs in one swoop (and y’all, the 3 wheels make it a smooth ride, eggs, and fragile glassware will be unscathed!), but my new favorite use-case is for RECYCLING. I’m no longer struggling to carry a billion different-sized, broken-down boxes/bags of cans/paper scraps down my terrifying back staircase every week – I can just zip around my apartment, throw them all in this guy, and bounce down the stairs. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I splurged on the charcoal because I thought I’d use it more if I thought it was beautiful (this was a correct assumption) but honestly, the cheaper versions are just as good and just as pretty. This is like a top 3, can’t-live-without, ultra-essential product for me. IT’S THAT GOOD. I want to buy one for everyone I know. (Mom, do you want one of these for storing your beach supplies??? Or for hauling laundry upstairs? Or for your gardening supplies? Mother’s day is coming up…)

Also From Caitlin: OKAY, I’LL BITE. Are Printfresh pajamas actually good and comfortable? Has anyone tried them? They are SO cute and I see a lot of influencers wearing them, but like…any real opinions out there? Are fancy PJs worth the splurge?

Also Also From Caitlin: I’m pretty sure @fosteringpuppies was the first-ever link I submitted for the linkup back in 2019, but it’s still the best. Ashley, a service dog raiser, literally JUST got a new, floppy, chunky lab puppy named Zucchini and we’ll get to watch them grow together over the next few years as she gets him ready to work alongside someone in need. The stories are so cute now (and impressive and heartwarming later!) and it’s one of my favorite IG accounts. Highly recommended for those in need of some smiles:)

From Jess: I assume that a lot of you also follow the wonderful Joy Cho on Instagram (also please go watch her and her husband’s episode of Secrets From a Stylist because it’s so fun). But on a more serious note, she wrote a post about a great company called Hollaback! whose whole goal is to end harassment in every form. I know that it’s easy to feel helpless or not want to make a situation worse when you are witnessing a scary situation, but they have a free downloadable bystander intervention guide to empower all of us to know what to do when we see someone being harassed. We have to have each other’s backs and this is such a great place to start.

Also From Jess: I am clearly on a denim kick if you read last week’s link up but now it’s jeans…and they’re NOT a skinny! I just got this pair and I’m convinced it’s the perfect summer jean. They are a light wash (not something I ever normally go for), have a raw hem and an above-the-knee cut (casual for summer), and tapered leg opening (so gen-z will be off our backs for only wearing skinnies:)). Also, almost everyone in the reviews, myself included, recommends sizing down. So while I would love to be evolved enough to say that doesn’t matter to me because a good fit is what’s important…it still feels pretty damn good. O and I actually got them in petite which is great because then they are actually cropped on my almost 5’4″ frame. All in all, they are cool, comfortable, and kinda effortless which is exactly how I want to look/feel this summer.

From Julie: Hi all! It’s been a minute since I’ve had any links to share but today I am shamelessly promoting my sister and brother-in-law’s new business venture!

Anyone in the Bend, OR area looking for delicious breakfast burritos?? Well, you are extremely in luck because that’s exactly what Bend Breakfast Burrito is serving up! They also serve banana bread muffins which is a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family and of course they have freshly brewed coffee. The burritos are BIG and filled to the brim (evenly distributed I might add which is a plus in my book)! Plus, if you live in the following zip codes you can get FREE DELIVERY: 97701, 97702, & 97703. They also have some amazing items that they will be adding to the menu soon & plans to grow their team! So if you live in the Bend area go check them out and support a literal family-run business, here’s all the info! Hours of Operations: Tuesday-Saturday 7:30-11 am, place your online orders here: & check out their Instagram (love you Val & Trent, congrats on your new venture in a wonderful city!)

And thank you to those of you who support small businesses in general, I now get to see how much joy it brings to the owners through my sister when she sends me a text in the morning saying, “I just got a request for worksheets from my ebook from someone I don’t know!” It really does make all the difference!!

That’s it from us! Hope you have a beautiful rest of your Sunday and get ready for a pretty week on the blog:) xx

Opening Image Credits: Design and Photo by Keyanna Bowen

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2 years ago

Re: Printfresh pajamas. I bought some (long sleeved, long pants) and the fabric and construction are both great. The cotton continues to soften and the print isn’t fading. They boost my spirits. But I was reminded that I do NOT like sleeping in woven pajama tops at all, they’re too constricting for me regardless of the size. I only wear the pants when I sleep, but will throw on the whole ensemble to lounge. I plan on buying more pants to pair with knit tee/tank tops for bed. The prints are so cute and noe they’re doing organic cotton, which I love. The pajamas of my heart come from LAKE, though. The knit cotton is SO SOFT I almost weep when I put them on (I don’t follow instructions to line dry, I wash in warm and machine dry on low and they’re still fairly soft) and I’m excited to try their new smocked styles for summer. They’re not as infuencer-y, but comfort is Queen for me when I sleep.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

Thanks for the review. I’ve been getting targeted Insta ads for Print Fresh and clicked over a few times, the prints are so cute! But like you I worried about how comfortable they would be to sleep in. Carly and Julia B always talk about Lake pajamas, and was also tempted but can’t get over the price tag.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jasmine

The Lake pajamas were a real “treat yourself” / defeat insomnia and grief via consumerism situation, but I haven’t regretted it. YMMV. That being said, a plain knit tee or tank with the cute print fresh bottoms would absolutely work beautifully for comfort, style, and price, and is something I’m considering.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

I got two printfresh sets, and while I love the feel, I didn’t size up as other reviews suggested and the shorts are a bit snug. Whoops. My other issue: they’re hot. However: I am a human broiler when I sleep and I doubt most people would find them hot. But I really sweat in them – and I got the short set! I find myself reaching instead for a silk set from Lunya that my husband got me for Christmas that are a DREAM and breathe much better. They’re spendy, but I’m considering a second set. Maybe my Printfresh tops will become exuberant and eccentric daytime shirts instead, because I do love them. But if you sleep like an oven, I humbly suggest silk. They were almost the same price.

Paul Thomson
2 years ago

I live in Colorado and naturally have dry skin. I’m gonna give the facial dry skin a try.

2 years ago
Reply to  Paul Thomson

I started using a Buf Puf (facial sensitive skin version) on the recommendation of an 84 year old lady with beautiful skin. I’m so dry Im going to turn into a pile of flakes any day now. My face feels wonderfully better.

2 years ago

I have long sleeved/long pant pjs from Printfresh and I love them. I have a blue elephant print and they just look so much nicer than other pjs out there. It’s make me happy wearing them and sleeping in them is so comfy bc of the soft cotton.

2 years ago

Key, the living room is gorgeous!! I’m so excited to see it and love how the relatively small changes you made to the bookcase/fireplace had such a huge impact (even thought I know the paint process was NOT simple). We’re about to take the plunge on a Frame TV and I can’t wait. Question: how do you handle the seating arrangement in relation to the TV? Our living room has a similar layout and I’m struggling with this. I mean, the furniture needs to be placed how it looks best in the room but hubby is not happy about TV viewing angle…. Anyways, congratulations! Can’t wait to see the next reveal!

2 years ago
Reply to  Molly

Having a tv where it’s uncomfortable to watch, especially if you have to crane your head upwards to see it so that the weight of your head is unbalanced on your spine, is going to keep physical therapists in business for a long time.

2 years ago

Swimsuit rec:
They’re made from recycled water bottles! The company is in Vancouver and pays the factory employees a living wage! They will repair the suits in the first year if necessary. AND they will recycle the suit when the time comes!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jasmine

WOW!!! This is very cool!🌏

2 years ago

Verrrry good with the HOLLABACK! rec, Jess! I signed up. Thanks! 😊 Super helpful!

Caitlin, that trolley! I don’t have a car anymore (Mr Ex’s name and I don’t have the wherewithal to fight for it!) and instead of blowing money on one, I’m going carless -yikes!
The local high street shops are only 500m away, but carrying heavy bags, up a steepish hill, with numb hands won’t work. The x3 wheels?!
Do they actually just kinda grab the stairs and do their thing…or does it require some serious heave-ho???? (I don’t have a huge amount of arm strength since chemo)
This could be my answer!
(Love the PJs, but $$$+!)

I used to use (still have it) a dry facial brush, but it just wasn’t my thing, then. Maybe it is now? I might give it another whirl.

The mules look nice, spesh in tan. Do these make yourfeet sweat? I’m interested in non-leather shoes and wear open Burkinstock vegan sandals, but I’ve wondered about closed-in synthetic shoes?

2 years ago

Why didn’t you put a spoiler alert for DSNG?!?! Grrrr.

that living room reveal is stunning. i’m not usually a neutrals kinda a person, but that is just so good. i kept looking through the pictures and just studying them. so relaxing and peaceful looking. and so layered. eek!

2 years ago

Hey- check out Lime Ricki for swimsuits. I have a lot of ‘mom fat’ and not so tight skin in my stomach and breasts and something about their fabric just totally hides it and makes me feel great. Their suits have built in bras that are so comfortable and dont slip around. Cute solid colors and gorgeous and fun prints. Plus they are a woman owned small business based in Utah with mostly everything sewn in the US (LA area!!) Highly highly recommend everyone go check them out.

Amanda McCullough
2 years ago

I just bought a swimsuit from Aerie and I like it <3
Can’t wait for summer weather 🙂

2 years ago

Swimwear rec – Marvell Lane Swimwear, if you are busty. Women owned, sustainable, Australian business. So beautiful and amazing fit. Love them!

2 years ago

I have Printfresh pajama bottoms – the print is gorgeous and holds up well to washing, but I’m a little bit between sizes since the woven cotton fabric has no stretch and the waistband is a traditional drawstring rather than elasticated. I first tried the size S and it was huge (I wear a 26 jean), so I waited until they came out with XS and bought that, which fits well but does have to be wiggled over my hips a little bit. Agreed with others that they’re not the softest PJs ever, but the quality is great and I’d still consider buying more, cuz the print is that pretty.