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A Year In Fashion

Photo by Tessa Nesutadt

It’s been an insane couple of weeks (when is it not?). Brady and I are in NY (check my instastories to see what we’re up to), the girls are holding down the office, it’s the last real week of summer here in the states, which is always crazy because so many people are out of office all over the country, and my birthday is right around the corner. Which isn’t really adding to the physical work load, but it’s happening. So this week we’ve pulled together some “blog in review” posts, rounding up some of my favorite content from the past year. For new readers it’ll be a fun way to check out some of our favorite posts that you may not have seen yet, and for our loyal readers it’ll be a little revisit (or maybe you’re busy enjoying the end of summer like 80% of the people I know). Either way, we’ll be back with new content next week! But for now, let’s take a look back at my favorite fashion posts from this year.

I’ve always thought that fashion and interior design are in the same wheel house. Now I’m not saying that I could just up and start being a clothing stylist, but the clothes I wear on a day to day basis are a pretty good reflection of my style in areas like color, structure, and comfort. Back in my Design Star days I was wearing a lot more vintage, a lot more color, and a lot more pattern. And that’s kind of how I was designing too. These days I’m still mixing in the vintage, but I’ve refined my color palette a bit, and have started prioritizing comfort and quality over high heels and fast fashion. And as my career’s grown I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend a little more on some amazing independent and conscious brands that I’m happy I can support. But that doesn’t mean I won’t rock a pair of $25 sloggers from Amazon when I’m out in the backyard, or shimmy into a pair of amazing Target jeans (they’ve really been upping their fashion game in the past two years).

Because of my job I tend to spend a decent amount of time in front of my mirror, my entire closet spread out on the bed and floor, figuring out how to dress myself for an event, being on camera, or a photo session (pre, during, and post pregnancy too) – which means I try on a LOT of clothing every year, both high-end and super affordable. When I find pieces I love I want to share them with you guys, just like when I discover a new paint color I start using in every room or a styling trick I’m obsessed with. So this year we’ve been trying to do a little more fashion content than we have in the past, and so far a lot of you seem into it. Here are some of my favorite fashion posts from the past year (and hopefully a lot of the links are still up and working, just in case you do fall in love with anything).

Affordable Fashion Essentials – This post came together when I was shopping for some closet staples to get me through LA’s mild seasonal shifts, and adapting to a new house. That meant adding a rain coat and boots to my closet, and a few workhorse pieces that could handle warm and chilly evenings in the new backyard.

Affordable EssentialsEmily Henderson Fashion Affordable Goto Essentials Roundup 1

What I Wore April 2017 – For a while I was trying to do monthly “What I Wore” posts, which didn’t last too long (mostly because forcing myself to pose for fashion-y photos when I’m not a model made me feel weird, so I would keep pushing off shooting them). But spring brought a bunch of really good new pieces with it, so I forced myself in front of the camera to share ’em.

April Fashion 171

Emily Henderson Fashion What I Wore April Get The Look

18 Things I’ve Bought, Almost Bought, or Am Going to Buy – You know those days when you have 1 billion tabs open, and 10-20 things in each cart on each tab, and then you get so overwhelmed that you just close all the tabs without buying anything? That’s kind of where this post came from – a bunch of pieces that I’d recently bought, wanted to buy, or almost bought.

Emily Henderson Rerun Post Fashion 18 Things I Bought Almost Bought Will Purchase18 Things

Quick Casual Fashion – Another one of those “What I Wore” posts, this one from February. A lot of good pieces that I’m still mixing into my wardrobe today (and will be even more as it starts getting colder).

Quick Casual Fashion

Transitioning Your Fashion for the Seasons – This post was part of a bigger collaboration I did with ThredUP (an online thrift store), all about my personal style. In this post I took three different pieces and styled them for both fall and spring, to show that pieces can transition from warm to cool weather (heatwaves and blizzards excluded).

Transition Seasons

Fourth of July 2017 – Finding the perfect outfit for a holiday can be a fun, exciting, stressful, time consuming, and a terrifying process. Luckily I have two toddlers, so anything I wear will be dirty and stained within 60 seconds regardless, so there’s really no pressure. But looking pulled together for those 60 seconds can feel nice. When it came time to get dressed for our 4th of July BBQ I pulled together a quick-round up of pieces that would fit the red, white, and blue theme but also work in the rest of a summer wardrobe too. Obviously there’s no reason to buy a whole new outfit for every holiday or event, but if the piece can keep working beyond the event then it’s totally justifiable, right?

Fourth Of July

4th Of July Get The Look

Ruffle Tops – I have, and probably always will, love a boxy peplum. Last August I had reached a new height in ruffled-bottom top ownership, and everyone was noticing. Instead of letting them make me feel weird I created this round-up to let people know what they were missing out on.

Ruffle TopsRuffle Top Roundup Womens Fashion Emily Henderson Design4

What I Wore November 2016 – Ahh, fall in Los Angeles . . . chilly 70 degree days and freezing 50 degree nights. Guys, it can still get up to 90 degrees in December here. NINTY! It doesn’t really get cold until January, and then it kinda only lasts through February. But we’re used to it, so we still blast the heater in the mornings when it’s 60. Also, I was prepping to go shoot in some chillier locations when I put this post together (hence the peacoat and sweaters).November Fashion

Summer 2017 Essentials – What we DO get here in LA are hot summers. Really, really hot, dry summers. And when you’ve got kids that means a lot of summer days at the park, in the backyard, and at water related locations (the beach, pools, lakes, etc.). This round-up was all about summer fashion, and included some pretty life-changing bathing suit revelations.

Emily Henderson Summer Essentials Fashion00011

Summer Essentials 2017

There you go folks, some of my favorite fashion content from the past year. If it’s not your jam, never fear, we’ve got some awesome design content planned. But if you’re into it, stay tuned because we’re gonna keep putting it out and let us know in the comments the type of fashion posts you’d love to see.


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6 years ago

Just have to comment to say that technically it’s only the end of summer in half the world. 😉

Also, I am in love with that long floral dress!

6 years ago

I looooove your fashion posts bc your style always hits the mark for me and you have such a good sense of humor about things! Keep at it!

6 years ago

your fashion posts.
I have the opposite body type tho so I can’t really duplicate your look. I still manage to get some thugs like accessories, learn about trends etc.
I’d love if you could dress others with different body types.
Thanks for asking our opinion and for all u do.

rachel shipp
6 years ago

i bought overalls because of you!! and i love them 🙂 very cute post.

6 years ago
Reply to  rachel shipp

Me too!!!

6 years ago

I love your fashion posts! Please do more. 🙂 Would love to know what all you packed on your trip to NY.

6 years ago

And now I’m tempted to online shop for the rest of my work day….!!! I will someday buy a pair of Dr.Scholl’s…the other brand that is also one of those workhorse shoe brands that mix function and fashion that I haven’t seen on your blog is GEOX.

Ruffle tops = <3

6 years ago

I have always envied your fashion and totally agree that it reflects your interior design. I’d love to see a fall roundup from you too 🙂


6 years ago

I have always been very interested in how fashion and interior design follow each other. People often think that architecture and interior design are super closely connected but personally I notice far more similarities between fashion and interiors. You are able to play with pattern, color, and form in the same way. Love your fashion posts!

6 years ago

Hi Emily! Can you share the source for the dress you’re wearing in the first image of this post? Thanks!

6 years ago
Reply to  Sam

Yes! Love that dress! Pretty please, Em?

6 years ago
Reply to  AlyssaM

Thirded! Such a pretty dress!

6 years ago
Reply to  Megan

Fourth! Need that dress — stunning!

6 years ago
Reply to  Sam

My dress was a christmas present to myself that I got at Finn + Willow in Pasadena. I couldn’t find it online:( But it’s made by a brand called Tylho. xx

6 years ago

Lovely post but PLEASE tell us where the dress in the top photo (taken by Tessa) is from!!!

Caity Quinn
6 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Yes, I’ve been coveting that dress for ages now!! Please share 🙂

6 years ago

I love this post. I definitely agree that doing this each month would be very tiring! But doing it once a season (plus maybe a special one like “networking outfits” or “photo-ready outfits”) feels just right.

I am a little disappointed that most of the ruffle-bottom blouses that I liked are apparently all sold out now. Nonetheless, I did treat myself to a little something in this post from Madewell.

6 years ago

Any excuse to look at a bunch of fun clothes is fine with me. Bring it on…

Paige Flamm
6 years ago

This is such a fun post! I love that red ruffled top you’re wearing!


6 years ago

Is anyone else having issues with the pictures showing up? I’ve had this issue before but I don’t know who to ask about it. It happens both on my phone (iphone 7plus running Chrome) and my desktop (Windows running Internet Explorer). 🙁

6 years ago
Reply to  Rose

Oh no! I will let our IT guy know that you’re having some issues with the images. So sorry about that.

6 years ago
Reply to  Sara Tramp

Thank you so much! I can see all the pics now! 🙂

And yes, I too love the design content of the blog, but the fashion stuff is a lot of fun too. And agree with other posts here that your sense of a fun personality really comes across in how you dress as well. Thank you for providing sources when you can!

6 years ago
6 years ago

Love this! More of this. Love your sense of style in life ❤️ Both home and fashion. Xo

6 years ago

Sorry, but this isn’t my jam. I LOVE and have followed your blog for years because of the interior style content, but I’ve even taken to heart many of your posts about other topics, like family, friends, and politics. But the style ones I just don’t care for because our styles (of body and of fashion) are really different. I might be interested if you dressed different body types (I’m curvy, so all the billowy tops, overalls, and culottes make me look huge).

Keep the home stuff coming 🙂

6 years ago

Very cute outfits.

However, I never buy clothes at Target. The quote below would never ever ever never apply to me because Target only “targets” short women. If you are 5 foot 4 inches or under then you can buy whatever cheapo thing you want at Target.

>….or shimmy into a pair of amazing Target jeans (they’ve really been upping their fashion game in the past two years).

Anyone who is remotely taller than average can NOT buy any clothing at Target or any other run of the mill retailer.

Tall women can buy clothes at New York & Company.

6 years ago

Please say something to acknowledge those who are suffering in Houston. Many people have died here. Many thousands have been displaced. People are still fearing for their lives here. I understand that you run a lifestyle blog, and maybe it’s not your responsibility to say something. But I think that as a public person, you (and others who have a platform or a megaphone) could offer some kind words and encourage support via the Red Cross. Please send love. We need it.

6 years ago

I like your style, it;s so inspiring.

6 years ago

Also, I am in love with that long floral dress!

av porn

6 years ago

I bought the tan leather Dr. Scholls mules because of your recommendation… they are literally my favorite shoes and I’m constantly impressed at how well they go with EVERYTHING.. is 28 too young to be wearing a comfort brand of shoe? I don’t care. They get complimented lots and make my feet so happy.

6 years ago

Love all the fashion posts!!! Keep em coming ?

6 years ago

First of all, I love your fashion posts (in addition to your design posts) so please keep them coming! Second, I hate these negative comments about posts. If you don’t like the fashion posts, skip them! You do not have to read them. I read several blogs and they don’t always post stuff just for little old me. When that happens, I skip over them and let all the other folks who enjoy them, do just that. Em – keep doing you! I love it. You can’t please everyone:)