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What I’m Wearing (kinda)


Welcome to another  – ‘what I wear and why’ post. Lets start with the first one that I’m calling ‘circus chic,’ for obvious reasons. It could also be called ‘circus crazy’ which is why I need your help deciding. I insta-storied this ruffle shirt when I was trying it on the other day and all of America messaged me with either ‘YOU HAVE TO BUY THAT’ or ‘THAT IS HIDEOUS AND I’M UNFOLLOWING YOU.’ I figured it was a great challenge to see if I can pull it off in an actual outfit – because I was super drawn to it.


Here’s the deal – I have to go to a lot of events where I’m photographed and I really want to look like someone who is stylish and yet have an outfit that can be camera friendly (aka a little black shapeless dress – which I love to wear – doesn’t read well on camera). I wear the same things over and over, and typically they are things like this – a statement splurge or something vintage. Now (are you still reading this?) it is actually not that flattering, it’s a little TOO many ruffles (I love the ones around the collar but not the ones on the side that add bulk), and ready for this? It’s $450!!!!!!

But I really wanted to photograph and post about it, so I made up an excuse to do this fashion post (and then I’ll return it :))


Now, I don’t think I would actually wear this shirt with hole-y Madewell jeans, but pretend that they are not that hole-y. I wore my hair in a bun, which is different for me. Then topped it off with my Nisolo shoes, Giving Keys Necklace and a Parker Clay bag which are such great staples by socially conscious companies, who make beautiful products, and are helping the world (that is my favorite bag because it fits my laptop, can be zipped and yet is small enough that I can take it out like a cute bag, not a big slouchy thing).


Next up. This is an outfit I would wear all the time on the weekends – especially now that it’s spring/summer. Those jean shorts are AWESOME, from Levi’s and they keep all my mom bits in because they are cotton, not stretchy, and are high waisted. The jacket is the swinging army jacket from The Great, but I think that Madewell has a much cheaper version of it. The shirt is a great JCrew red and white stripe linen that is cool and easy to wear (plus not everything in my life can be blue).


The shoes are my comfy nude suede Dr. Scholl’s that I’m OBSESSED with, and that backpack is by Parker Clay, again. It’s such a beautiful caramel leather. One request – can someone please design a backpack that has side pockets for sippy cups but isn’t a huge diaper backpack? I just want something simple (probably not leather) that looks slightly ‘Portland hipster’ so I can go on bike rides with the kids without liquid spilling all over the inside.


Next up is this new super simple boxy cotton dress. I am so not selling this very well in this photo and yet I LOVE IT. It apparently isn’t terribly flattering because of its boxy shape and yet it’s so easy and cute to wear every single day. That brand, The Great is expensive (they now give me a deal because I wear/post about them all the time, although I used to just stalk their site for sales). But I find that I wear their clothes daily because they are very much my style and are cut well for me. But, we linked up a cheaper version because $340 for a simple dress is too much. Madewell often has the same style like 6 months later, which is both good and bad, right?


Speaking of Madewell, that bandana is theirs and for $12 it’s pretty great. I have a few different colors and wear them very often (as you have seen on my stories).

Next up. my ‘daytime meeting’ outfit.


On top I have my new favorite shirt by TIBI. Why is it so great? Because it’s simple but special (which is my life quest to find in every form). It’s tailored on top, then balloons out, while the sleeves have cute elastic and there is a zipper down the front. It’s flattering, tailored, and is best with skinnies or something simple on the bottom. Plus it will not wrinkle and yet isn’t stiff.


Again, it doesn’t look that awesome of shirt, but it is. Those pants are Victoria Beckham for Target (which might be sold out online but are often still in store) and they are GREAT. Think about how many chambray tops I have – those tops have been begging for a patterned yet not crazy summer pant. Did I just say ‘summer pant’? Do I now write copy for the LL Bean catalogue in 1982?

I finally got that cute circle bag which makes this outfit a bit more playful and the shoes are my favorite mules from Rachel Comey.

*P.S. are capris coming back??? All of our cropped/frayed pants are looking similar to the capris of my high school years.


This one is my ‘swiss-school-girl look’ and it would be for a brunch or summer daytime meeting. Those shorts are pretty great and flattering and I’ve worn them a lot since I bought them. The shirt was a splurge which I rationalized because it has pretty detailing at the top with the embroidery which is good for camera (most video shoots are just from my waist up so I try to find shirts that have something special about them, but aren’t too busy).


Ironically I tried to wear it in a video shoot yesterday and Brian said it was too white for camera and I was like NO IT’S NOT, IT IS VERY GOOD FOR CAMERA. I now realize I may have been wrong. Thank God I got it on a huge 40% off sale (sorry, we couldn’t find it online but it’s Isabel Marant, here is a similar one).


The hat is my favorite from Equal Uprise and I wear it very often.

Lastly – I finally found some culottes that I love.


They are powder blue and are medium rise and one could even call them ‘slacks’. I tried a few shirts tucked in but felt best with a tailored longer shirt as it had too much stretch up top to look flattering.


I’ve had that shirt from Madewell for FOUR YEARS – I wore it when I was pregnant with Charlie! Hopefully you guys aren’t sick of seeing those shoes – they are still my favorites and I wear them almost every day.

So that’s what is happening in my closet these days – and here is everything linked up! Not everything was available online so some of these are similar to what I was wearing. If you find any of the items that we haven’t been able to find online be sure to comment below and we will add them in for everyone.


1. Denim Shirt | 2. Light Gray Hat | 3. Light Blue Pants | 4. Tan Bootie | 5. Key Necklace | 6. Black Leather Tote | 7. Blue Strip Ruffle Blouse | 8. White Jeans | 9. Black Bootie | 10. Army Green Jacket | 11. Red Striped Jacket | 12. Jean Shorts | 13. Blush Suede Sneakers | 14. Blush Round Purse | 15. Dark Gray Hat | 16. Peter Pan Collar Blouse | 17. Blue and White Striped Ruffle Shorts | 18. Camel Mule | 19. Light Blue Jean Dress | 20. Dark Blue Denim Dress | 21. Red Bandana | 22. Leather Backpack | 23. Navy Puff Sleeve Blouse | 24. Buffalo Check Pants | 25. Rachel Comey Mules

If I had to call out my ‘must haves’ it would be the white Madewell jeans (they are my first white jeans of my life), the pink Dr. Scholls, the Parker Clay black bag, Levi shorts and the Equal Uprise hat.

Fin Mark


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such cute outfits! i am undecided on the circus top…part of me thinks it’s cute and you can pull it off and part of me thinks it just slightly crosses the line into crazy territory. that wasn’t helpful at all 🙂 love that black bag and the dr. scholl’s shoes! i am always drawn to culottes, but i don’t think i can pull them off. i’m only 5’3″, so they always end up looking like a big tent on me…you look great in them, though!

OMG, You are so right re the diaper bag. I have a great tote from Schoolhouse Electric that has side pockets for sippy cups but could someone make a backpack version? I am searching for one for a trip and it’s next to impossible to find something that doesn’t look techie.


I think this is the perfect backpack, sippy cups and all!!


Sorry I’m a little late in posting this, but check out State bags. My teenager wanted a backpack that was more stylish than a Jansport. They are very fashionable, great quality, lots of styles and fabrics, plus they do great things for the community, such as a give a backpack to a student in need for each one sold.


Oh no… I had never checked out The Great before, and I think you just created a monster. SO many good things!!

Love your fashion posts 🙂


You can TOTALLY pull off that circus shirt. I love it!!! (Pricey, yes, but CUTE!)

Sarah D.

Looooove the ruffled circus top! Don’t return it!! However, I wouldn’t be upset if the baby blue culottes disappeared from your closet.


I actually like the baby blue culottes but I don’t think they work with those booties.


Personally I don’t think it looks too white! Its perfect! But then again Brian probably knows better being that he does video a lot. Oh well.


Gotta ditch the circus shirt. It’s way too crazy. Plus, it’s too recognizable – you’d wear it once on camera and then could never wear it again.

As far as crazy circus outfits go though, you’re rockin’ it!


I 100% agree. It’s too whacky for your adorable self, and once you’ve worn it and been photographed in it once you can’t really wear it again.

I think your style is so cute, but that shirt is cray.


Agree, that top is crazy bad…


Agree, the circus shirt is too ‘costumey’. It looks ok on you but you have to keep posture a certain way and it feels like too much work for the laid back-ness of your usual style and ethos. Also too recognisable.
If you’re spending $450 buy a caramel leather jacket. Or hire something if you want a one-off wow moment for a particular event.
The target crops are great though!


Yes to all of this.


Love your style, but yeah, that shirt has to go. The sleeves / shoulders are crazy. Now, you could pay to tailor it and just get some of those crazy ruffles cut off or minimized (keeping the ruffles near the collar / neck), but, why? The cost of the shirt is crazy high to begin with. Then with the tailoring, ack, money. Plus, as others have said, as-is the shirt is way too recognizable for multiple events. So, what I’d do is, first, RETURN IT ASAP. Then, think about how you could get the things you like about that shirt in a different, preferably more affordable way. Maybe you could find a similar fabric and get a custom-made shirt that isn’t quite as crazy? I think there are also some ways that you can get custom-made clothing for cheap via accessing tailors located in other countries, e.g. India. Not sure how this works, only that my Indian friend has done it for multiple outfits (the only trick is fitting since, obviously, they never measure you in person). Or maybe you could buy a cheaper shirt with a similar pattern and pay a local tailor to modify it? Or, maybe just… Read more »

I think that’s a great idea. Maybe I should get a version of it made because I agree with you guys, for the price it would need to be PERFECT and its far from it. Hilariously Orlando has an event tonight where I have to where something 80’s inspired and ‘CRAZY’ and I was like SHIT!! I ‘VE GOT JUST THE THING!! But I really want to return it before that so I don’t accidentally ruin it. xx

Hello! You might want to check out the Henri Bendel Jetsetter bag as a good non-diaper bag. I use it for my purse and stuff diapers and wipes and snacks in for my girls. It converts from cross body to backpack, and does have small side pockets that you could put (small or bigger if you were okay with it sticking out) drink bottles for your kids.


The Henri Bendel Jetsetter is EVERYTHING!!! I bought one in navy last year for a trip to Paris, specifically because of the convertible to a backpack feature. I carried maps, a water bottle and picnic blanket in it every day (and sometimes also a bottle of wine!) and my back and shoulders never hurt–and I could still pick up my son from time to time without worrying about my bag. I used it nearly every day for nine months and it still looks brand new–even though I schlep it around with my 5 year-old son to parks and Chick-fil-a regularly. I loved it so much I convinced my sister she needed one too.

OOh its is so pretty …. you put the sippy cups in the zipper pockets? I also want them for easy access so I don’t want to throw them in. I kinda want something more sporty or simple, for parks/bike rides, too. But I love this. Right now I have a petunia picklebottom diaper bag (that my nanny sports all week, then I do on the weekends) and Iove it.


Check out the Timbuk2 Walker backpack! I’ve had it for a year carrying a laptop and school books, and and can even throw in gym clothes, an extra layer, or a bag lunch without it looking crazy bulky. It has an excellent side zipper pocket (only 1, unfortunately). It’s exactly the vibe you’re going for though, I think. Plus, it’s not out-of-control pricey like so many hip backpacks these days.


Petunia Pickle Bottom has a super cute plain backpack called the Pathway pack that has side pockets for sippy cups. It is seriously my favorite!


Mom bits – LOL! I was definitely on the “shirt is bad” train when I watched your insta stories (which are my fav insta stories ever), but if anyone can pull it off, you can. I agree that it’s a few too many ruffles. What does Brian think? My husband would HATE it! You look adorable in all of the outfits. You are so stylish and love how you put a little flair into all of your outfits. Your style is very unique!

HA. I think he thought it was crazy but gave me a ‘you do you’ kinda answer 🙂 However, I didn’t tell him how much it was ….


Okay, I’m loving that Parker Clay bag from the first outfit but I want to know if it has separate areas inside or if it is just one large opening? Hopefully that makes sense. Please let me know! I looked at the website and it doesn’t show the inside or say anything about it. Thanks!

Ps I LOVE the ruffle shirt and disagree with you about it not being flattering. I think it looks fantastic on you and it has a great artistic/designer edge. Personally out of all of the outfits, I think it is one of the most flattering tops. And while the price tag is crazy, I think you should keep it.

It’s not super unflattering but the top is straight and stiff and short and it needs to be either boxier or more drapey so it falls better and yet its too short to stay tucked in for too long. But thank you 🙂
Also re Parker Clay it has to small pockets, but they don’t zip 🙂


For a cute backpack with side pockets for sippy cups, check out the Fawn Design diaper bags! They don’t look like diaper bags but have all of the organizational pockets of one and they’re faux leather so very cleanable. I love mine!


Hi – I like the look of those bags. May I ask, are they heavy when empty? I’ve never held one before and I want something that’s not going to feel like a ton of bricks from the get-go. Thanks!

Yah, those are cute! I hadn’t seen them before. Maybe i’ll get one ….


I LOVE the circus top, it is interesting and stands out from your wardrobe. We all need more interesting in our lives.


i read your blog every day and never comment, but today i feel like i must, because the striped MSGM shirt is the best piece of the entire line up. i love it. it looks adorable on you and it suits your personality. embrace its quirkiness! AND it pops on camera. it’s a win win win win win and you’re cray if you return it.

Thank you 🙂 It does pop on camera!!! Every time I see it I get a jolt … but then i’m like – will I wear it enough to splurge?


You are beautiful and look good in just about everything! Your instincts were right wearing the ripped jeans with the circus top. Ruffles can look to girly (versus feminine) unless you toughen the outfit up a bit. I am built very similar to you (though your legs are so much better!) and I think the chambray dress is a size too small for you. I make the same mistake sometimes trying to fit most of my body which is small instead of fitting my breasts which are large. For this kind of thing I think it is best to go up a size and get it tailored to fit properly elsewhere. My favorite outfits were the shorts and khaki jacket which you looked very effortless in, the blue top and VB pants and the culottes whose company should pay you for making them look so good! Thanks for sharing!

I think you are right. I think i should have gotten a 2 and not a 1. Whoops 🙂


What Terri said! The “crazy” blouse is crazy stylish: a win for camera, especially with your hair up!


I’ve been really wanting this backpack / cross-body / tote combo bag, and I think it might fit your bill for a not giant diaper bag. Has the hipster, utilitarian PDX vibe?

OH yah, thats GREAT!


YOU can pull that circus top off because you have the right crowd and right type of creative and stylish places to wear it. I would look ridiculous if I tried to wear that to my IT job.


The circus top is perfect! You’ve found the ideal hair style for it, too. That bun/topknot has simple lines yet looks artsy. If you can accept wearing a cool, artistic, slightly flashy outfit, this is the look! It has a slightly Asian feel, I think.


In reference to the striped “Circus” shirt, I think there are other really great stripe/ruffle shirts out there, just expensive too, that are actually more flattering. Try Self Portrait, they have a few off the shoulder versions that are gorgeous. For $450 I think you can definitely find something better.


Can’t vouch for this as I don’t have kids, but I saw this backpack changing bag on Pinterest and kind of want it despite the aforementioned lack of need for a diaper bag.


I love your blog and think you look soooo cute in your clothes. But, cute in a “I’m just chilling at home, may run out to the store” kind of vibe. Have you ever considered consulting an established, professional stylist who can take your “look” to the next level? I know I get stagnant in my “look” and an outside, expert opinion can get me moving again.

I also want a kid friendly, bike friendly backpack that looks chic….BUT have settled for this marmot daypack, which is super lightweight, laundry friendly, sippy cup friendly, and what isn’t more portland hipster than an actual outdoor gear item!? We got it for camping, then discovered it was the perfect diaper bag for travel and then loved it traveling so much we use it at home all the time now.

I absolutely love these posts! I love your style. I passed up those blue and white striped ruffled shorts on my latest haul at J.Crew but after seeing them again, I’m thinking I might need to go back and make them mine!

Shawna ||


I love your fashion posts. You are helping me to up my game from black tee shirts and jeans to actual outfits.
Re: sippies, please check out think baby straw sippies on Amazon. They are stainless steel which is a safer choice and the part baby sips on is silicone which is also safer. I carry one in my bag all the time and it is great but I only use it for water. If you must carry around milk, try the thermos straw sippy. It is insulated stainless steel and the straw baby mouths is silicone. Safe and spillPROOF.


I would look so ridiculous in those ruffled shorts and peter pan collared blouse and a fedora (for the love!) and you just rock it and look so natural. You’ve got your own personal quirky style and it works perfectly for you!

Just not the shorts/Swiss schoolgirl look. Please. Wear a modern, structural shirt, or a sexier tank. Otherwise too schoolgirly for a talented woman with the authority you’ve earned.

In my 60-year old opinion.

The circus shirt? Awesome. Perfect for your photos opps. My fave backpack? Duluth Pack. But you’d have to carry a bota bag for the kids. (Making myself laugh.)


Co-signing Lisa’s thoughts on the shorts/Swiss schoolgirl look. (And I’m closer to Emily’s age if that makes a difference. 😉 ) I think both pieces are great on you, Emily, but together – and with the hat – it’s a bit twee.

Also, the circus shirt is awesome and a bun was a great choice for your hairstyle so that you can see the cool neckline.

I love when you do these posts. And now I need to go buy a bandana to copy your look with the denim dress…


Yes, Duluth Pack! 100% agree and I’m 24!


Em, you look great in everything! I’m on the fence with the circus shirt though…
The Honest Company makes a pretty cool looking and functional diaper bag.

They don’t have side pockets for sippy cups! Not to go on and on about the need for this, but you can’t make a backpack without easy access to sippy cups/bottles. but otherwise its cute and I was excited when it first came out, but then bummed when my search for the side pocket came up empty 🙂


Gah!! I love everything about you, but the fashion lately is my very favorite.
My body is opposite of you (pear), but I still get good tips! Key necklace and purse on the way to me! 🙂
Perhaps someday my wishes will come true and you will “dress the audience” or at least share some things you find for women shaped like me.
Love it!


I love the “Swiss schoolgirl” outfit – so summery and it really shows off your great legs! And a little off topic, but the same outfit and photos make me think you’d look so cute with a short bob!


i wouldn’t spend $450 on anything i didn’t totally adore. i totally adore the blue striped blouse, man, it’s totally toulouse lautrec. specifically, you were inspired to channel la goulue when you put the bun on your head. DOOOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!


I bought the pink nude Dr. Scholls after your fashion post including the gray ones and they are the cutest things ever, so thanks for that. But I feel like they are sort of stretching out in a weird, make-sounds-when-you-walk way. Still wearing them, still loving them, but I wish the quality was a little better for the price. Also “circus” top is definitely something I would see on Leandra Medine, so huge yes in my book.


That Isabel Marant shirt is dreamy — looks great in still photos! And I too own the blush Dr. School sneakers (oxfords? what are they exactly?) I can attest to their perfection. They are very comfortable, add some height, and give a bit of style to a simple outfit.


this is good to know because i just ordered the dr. scholl’s blush shoes/sneakers/whatever they are they’re awesome!

RIGHT? And somebody mentioned that they do stretch out (which they do) and if you don’t wear socks they will get kinda gross (which all shoes do if you don’t wear socks) but they are still my favorites and I have 4 different pairs of their casual sneakers. And they are SUPER affordable.


Do they run true to size?

Honestly- You look great in everything you wear! Such great style, always


I love these fashion roundups! They always include some whimsy and stylish comfort. I appreciate that as an artsy mother of a toddler. I’ve been looking for the unicorn backpack you mention and have yet to find a winner BUT I did just order this one and I’m hoping it fits the bill.


I totally went to Nordstrom to buy those Levi’s shorts and they are great! I was on the fence, bought them and brought them home to try on with all my stuff yesterday. Still wasn’t sure. Then today I put them on again and they are so comfy. I think I made up my mind.

i think the clown shirt is great and you should totally keep it!!!!

also the swiss girl look is cute. love the top and the shorts. 😀

Love, love, love outfit #2 and love the last outfit. You knocked both of those out of the ball park 🙂 Both are so flattering on you. Do not like the blouses in #1 or #6 at all.


Circus top might actually be tropical fish top?? Would you wear it more than once?
Blue coulottes with short sleeved shirt + sandals?
White blouse is cute, but is the whole outfit too nuetral/white-ish? Would swapping the shorts for jeans be too basic?
I know nothing! But so fun of you to share 🙂


The circus top reminds me of one of those dinosaurs that flares up when it’s angry. But you can truly pull off anything. Also, I know there may be some haters on this post because things are pricey. But I say congrats to you on being a badass who works hard and can afford these things 🙂


I can live with everything you have chosen EXCEPT that ridiculous winged blouse. NOT A KEEPERT! You look so spectacular in classic, clean-lined clothes; frou frou is not your strong suit (no pun intended!).

Ferrell Richardson

That shirt is awesome. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Keep the ruffle shirt!!

All so pretty and I heart that rugfled shirt, but that backpack? That is giving me life!


Nooooo to the circus shirt. It looks like something Effie Trinket from hunger games would wear. I love everything else?

Yes! Keep the striped blouse! You’ll find it goes well in unexpected ways ?


A little too many ruffles on the shirt for my taste. If you are indecisive that’s a clue to get your money back.


Love all the outfits except for the circus blouse and the box denim dress. The prices were a little outrageous. But you look adorable in the rest.

I think it the circus shirt would look more every day-wear if the collars weren’t popped up? But if you want that dramatic effect, the popped up collar is great!


When you find the cool Portland hipster backpack can you please share it with us? I am currently on the hunt for the exact same thing.

That ruffled shirt is life…. even at $400+

Definitely keep.

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