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Quick, Casual Fashion


Look at that Friday jig. That there is a lady who has grandparents coming in for the weekend (sleeping in!! No bed-time duties!) and then is leaving for Des Moines for 4 sleep-filled, glorious nights. Yes, I’ll miss my babies, but just as that first tear is about to be shed I’ll fall asleep, and then stay asleep for 7 – 9 STRAIGHT HOURS. You want to know what I’m the most excited about? TV. I am so behind. I feel disconnected to all my best friends. It’s as if I don’t value them in my life anymore. I was allowed to bring a personal assistant to keep me company during my shoot, but I said, no plane ticket necessary – these friends pack nicely in my carry-on. I’m brining The Affair, This is Us, Big Little Lies (I’m caught up on 2, but not the third, but man is it good). And you KNOW my best friends in the world will be demonstrating their love in a private fantasy suite for THREE SOLID HOURS on Monday. (P.S. guess who is going to After The Final Rose the following week???). Don’t get me wrong, I’m there for work, not just TV and sleep. I’m sad to leave those kiddos, OF COURSE, and by day 2 I’ll be like a 13 year old girl in love for the first time staring at my phone every second waiting for them to facetime me, to be quickly rejected and told that Bobba and Suesue have been making them giggle so hard that they don’t even think about me. But, I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Nay. Meanwhile, lately I’ve put some clothes on my body and forced someone to take photos of me/them. These are my ‘everyday outfits’. Nothing fancy, but what I’ve been gravitating towards lately.


Plaid Tunic | Necklace | Black Jeans | Blush Booties

At first I was like ‘this is a very short dress’ but naturally was going to do it anyway (you know I DO love a short skirt/short). Then my friend Suzanne was like, uh, that’s a shirt. Fair enough. She is also the one that convinced me to buy all 4 pair of jeans in this post. I may need to hire her to be my fashion stylist because I wouldn’t typically have tried on any of these, but both she and my best friend told me how amazing these jeans are and I didn’t believe them until I put them on (by the way they run really big, I’m a 26 in these, normally 28-29). It’s not a jaw-dropping outfit and I’m probably not going to get cat called on the street (what? men don’t love plaid tunics?) but I feel comfortable and cute enough in this. Plus, pockets. And affordable.


Wrap Necklace | Peplum Top | Ripped Knee Jeans | Blush Mules

I asked Sara if we were done with the ruffle bottom top look and she was like, nope. So I believed her. It’s just so easy for body types like mine to wear (extra weight around the middle that could use some masking + a propensity towards fun = ruffle). I’m embracing the choker – I had to google a video to see how one applies such a millennial device – WAIT. EXCUSE ME. I was a teenager in the 90’s. Do you think I don’t know how to wear a choker? Girl, I got this one (but seriously I had to ask for help as I’m out of practice).


Sweater | Flare Jeans | Leather Boots (similar)

I keep rocking those Target jeans, with a striped mock turtle that is boxy and tight in the neck and wrists in a very good way.


Plaid Button Down | Dyed Skinny Jeans | Leather Boots (Similar)

This outfit is seriously not showing well, but it’s actually totally fine/great in person. What it is this stupid pose I’m doing?? Anyway, these jeans are comfortable, stretchy, and yet constricting. That shirt is my spirit shirt – so boxy and short (I’m short-torsoe’d) and with a big scale plaid (great for camera). Next time I will unbutton the top two buttons.


Denim Jacket (similar) | Maxi Dress | Suede Boots

Despite my body language, I am not headed to a hoe-down. This dress (which I’m wearing as I write this) is SO cute and SO comfortable. It’s not exactly body-con (more like a nightshirt) but with shoes, a jacket, necklace and a hat, it looks like a real outfit (even though it’s like wearing pajamas). I get compliments on it all day every day. And I do wear it almost every day. Those boots are by that new company that I was just introduced to, M. Gemi, and they are wonderful and super flattering. I needed a break from my nude mules/booties (or maybe they needed a break from me) so these were such a fun find.

Lastly …


Linen Coat | Linen Coat (similar) | Flare Hem Jeans | Suede Boots

Oh, shoot, girlfriend got all stage 10 HIPSTER on this one. Culottes? Check. Shapeless linen jacket? Check. Light colored block heeled booties? Check, Buffalo check button down? Check. Mediocre top knot? Check. Mid-rise mom-jeans CHECK!!

And yet, this was my millennial staff’s favorite outfit of all and even I have to admit I look pretty hip. Is it flattering? Ha, No. And I don’t think Brian would have been like, ‘put down that lampshade and get in here’. But I have to say, I like it, too. Those jeans are great and are the much cheaper version of the super expensive knock-off that no one should actually buy.

Happy Friday y’all. I hope you have a lovely weekend. And if anyone knows anything fun to do in Des Moines, let me know. xx

PS the crib and tassel canopy are from Target 🙂

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Those flare jeans from Target are so cute!

I wasn’t expecting Target, though, I figured they were going to be a big designer brand.


When in Des Moines, grab the crab Rangoon pizza from Fong’s downtown. And, the breakfasts/pastries at La Mie are very very good.


YES to both of these.

Also the East Village is super adorable.


Yes to Fongs!

I’m excited you’re coming to Des Moines. You should definitely explore the East Village. Reclaimed is a great little vintage shop. Get a coffee at Scenic Route Bakery. Go shopping at Aimee and Domestica. Have dinner at Alba – it’s the best in town by far. You should also check out Found Things which is south of downtown for more great vintage.


Oh you want des moines recs? Cause I got you.
Drink at Magnolia or Bubba
Eat at Centro, The Cheese Shop, and Scenic Route Bakery
Shop at Preservation and Worn (clothes), or Eden (body), or Porch Light and Funky Finds (home)


Oh and you could troll the Waterbury neighborhood for Tudor home insp!

Sherrie S

Lived in Omaha for 9 years, sorry, but there is nothing to do in Des Moines. Good thing you plan to overload on backed up TV viewing. I might have heard of a new shopping area with some hip stores – you can google. 🙂

This is pretty much what I was going to say:)


You lived in Omaha, but have you been to Des Moines lately? There’s lots to do! And it’s going to be great weather this weekend!!


Wowzers. Having lived in Des Moines, and traveled to Omaha often, I can say the exact opposite of your statement! Des Moines has tons of eateries, micro breweries and boutique shops. Downtown/East Village are great to wander around and have a good time!

I second Centro, and their smaller shop next to them South Union for a delicious sandwich!

Check out West End Architectural Salvage for some antiques, fixtures, reclaimed pieces and odds n ends!


Love the Salvage Guys Show! Their “stuff” is great and I would love to own dome “D-art”.


What in the world??? Des Moines is a great place!!!! It’s super friendly, easy to get around, and has lots and lots to do for couples and families. It’s not las vegas, austin tx, or new york…but no one expects that in des moines. Honestly I love it. And there are lots of cute airbnb’s to choose from if you need a place to stay 🙂

Go to the zoo – the Blank Park Zoo. It’s a great place without large crowds. They also have a baby black rhino! Don’t know if you are much into conservation, but they are extremely endangered in the wild, in fact some sources believe that there are no black rhinos left in the wild, and there are only about 800 left total in the world all living in conservatories and zoos. You should go see her. Seriously adorable 🙂

I must say that you have written very well.


But for real – please no more gifs.




Double YES on no more gifs.


I like the gifs. 🙂


I like the idea of gifs but I also have a visual impairment and they literally make me nauseous if they are too fast. I usually have to skip posts that have them.


Yeah. They flip way too fast and make my head hurt. Slower, please!

Mary Beth

Totally agree. They are way too fast and make my head hurt. Just let us scroll through and view the outfits as we please. Or slow it down. Love the outfits, though. Keep these posts coming!


Yes! I feel a seizure coming on watching that! At least a migraine, anyway!


HAYALL yes, sister!


Slow them down!! I would like to look at them but they make me queasy at this speed.


Oh wow – I thought I was the only one that didn’t like gifs. I usually skip these posts as they give me a bit of a headache. I thought myself impaired in some way 🙂

Oooh, DSM is my neck of the woods (by midwest standards anyway)! Can’t wait to see what you’re doing there. I can’t recommend any restaurants/ bars, but you’ll be amazed by how great/cheap the vintage shopping is!


LOVE the culottes and light boots on you!!!!! LOVE!

Tina Q

What is your lipstick color? Please do a beauty post!


Ohhhh. How I would love another beauty post!!!


Love love love your fashion posts. Keep em coming !! <3




How did you end up liking the Dr. Scholl’s mules?


I’m very curious about that too


I could hardly believe my eyes when I read that you are coming to Des Moines! I live in DM and of course had to quickly Google whether there was an event here that I didn’t know about… Humble little DM surely isn’t nearly as exciting as all of the other places your work takes you but if you get some time and are looking for a break from catching up on your shows you should check out the East Village (just east of downtown). There are lots of great boutiques, shops, restaurants, bars, etc. The Continental is one of my favorites. 🙂 I hope you enjoy Des Moines!


I’m guessing she’s working with Meredith…

I love East Village. Hit up the Spice, Locally Grown, RayGun, basically every adorable shop down there.

Also, West End Salvage. You could find something perfect for your new home!!!!


That’s my guess, too. ?Hope so and that we see sneaks soon!


There’s Brass Armadillo for antiques, Valley Junction has great, unique stores, Jordan Creek Mall and if you want some place cozy to relax…. come to my house!


You look beautiful with that green dress on! I also love, love, love the target jeans + striped turtleneck, very flattering indeed.


This post had me cracking up the whole time. MAN I love reading your blog.

Love them all. The last outfit is super cute. With skinnies it would be my fave.



AGREED – I was cracking up the whole time. The “cat call” had me giggling out loud (as well as other pieces). The whole thing!

PS – I actually really like M. Gemi. For a few years, I had wanted to up my shoe quality and I was really seeking Italian leather. I never pulled the trigger on the $400-$500 shoes at the department stores. The M. Gemi concept (of working directly with the Italian manufacturers to produce a lower price point) made sense to me, and I was happy to find them. I own three pairs (all low-heeled – ha) and I like all three. My shoe closet now smells good like leather. 🙂 PPS – I had to go pretty large on the Italian shoe scale. I wear US 8, but I had to go Italian 39 or higher on everything. (I know it sounds like I work there, but they are really nice people, too – friendly about returns and etc.)


Hi Emily, I absolutely adore you and think you are so beautiful but girlfriend you need to finish off your eyebrows! In all your photos they look like they disappear at the mid-point of your eyes. I get this urge to draw it in on all these photos. X



Ok, I’ll stop yelling now.

Some of my favorite places in the city are–

– The Cheese Shop (if you only do one thing while you’re in town, go here)
– La Mie (breakfast/lunch spot – not open on Sundays – right next door to The Cheese Shop)
– The Continental (drinks and jazz music with a cool vibe – in the East Village)
– Malo (tacos – in the Des Moines Social Club)
– Bubba (upscale Southern comfort food – cute decor)

The weather is supposed to amazing (for February) this weekend – enjoy your time in Des Moines!


I second the meet up!!! I had a fan girl moment reading this post and just screamed at my boyfriend that my fave interior designer/blogger is coming to humble little Des Moines! So awesome to see so many fans living in our city 🙂


I have questions. So many questions. For instance …

1. Why are you so freaking adorable?
2. How is it that you have TWO kids? Becky with the good genes (and jeans!) over there!

In all seriousness, even though we have polar opposite body types and all of this would look like garbage on me, I really enjoy these fashion posts! Keep ’em coming, EH!


Des Moines!!!! That’s awesome; I’m a transplant and it’s a GREAT city. You’ve gotten a lot of good recommendations in the comments. I’ll also add Django (French food but not pretentious). The Waveland is amazing for breakfast. My vote for best milkshake is Drake Diner. Oh, and West End Architectural Salvage is *totally* your speed for interesting finds.

I am really loving these fashion posts! My favs are the boxy mock and the navy ruffle top with those black skinny jeans, Legs. And YOU are going to be the funnest thing happening in Des Moines.


Ok I was just deciding between Pillowfort canopies for my girls’ room and seriously considering the tassled one. Sneaking it in here just convinced me 🙂

Also may have convinced me on the cali flare Madewell jeans but being 5’3 I’m still a little scared of that fit on me!


you’re hilarious! what room are you in? is this birdie’s new nursery


Random question…when you click on the jeans link to Target, it takes you to a darker-looking pair of jeans without a cut-off hem on the bottom. Did you just cut yours off? And do they just happen to look lighter in these pics? Or is the link to a different pair of jeans? Love the jeans on you, so just trying to make sure I get the same ones :).


I totally love the self awareness regarding the last outfit. It is on trend – but hideous! Why is making oneself look as horrible as possible hip?! Please fill in this old lady. (And no, this isn’t a dig at anyone or Emily especially). I just highly suspect the hipster/dumpster fire look is going to go down in the books as the only one to truly rival the 80s in fug. This is a straight up Jackie-O No No.

Susie Q.

LOL! I felt the same. Or at least I wouldn’t have put those pieces together. For example, the linen jacket, but with long pants. Or the “high-water’s” but with flip-flops and a striped t-shirt….


Inspired just by your having a fashion post… I finally caved and bought your Rachel Comey mules! Shopbop is having a sale…

Now wondering if I should have gone Dr. Scholls. Super excited about them though!

That last look is EVERYTHING! I’m right there with your staff on it, and I think it’s super flattering on you!


As to your best friends and their fantasy suites, I will also be glued to my couch on Monday!

I’ve been meaning to ask/recommend — have you ever listened to the Bachelor/ette/in Paradise fan podcast called Rose Buddies? It’s a couple — Griffin and Rachel McElroy — who watch and do weekly recaps. If a podcast could be my spirit animal it would be this one. They are hilarious and there’s even a fantasy league that’s grown out of the podcast that’s pretty spectacular.

Please say you’ll listen. You will NOT regret it.


This post had me cracking up and spitting my seltzer across my keyboard too. You can totally rock that level 10 hipster look! Although, I think level 9 is more accurate if you’re standing next to a crib 🙂


Bought everything in look 1.
I love everything but it’s cost prohibitive.


Welcome to my town! We are thrilled to have you. Lots of great places to explore here, as noted by others. Valley Junction in West Des Moines has lots of antique shops as well. Are you here for work or just visiting friends/family? Enjoy your stay 🙂


Ditto on the East Village recommendations for Des Moines, especially Domestica. I also recommend the Sculpture Park downtown and the law library in the Capitol – gorgeous architecture. Have a great time!

Susie Q.

I liked everything except the last outfit, which made me chuckle. I like your makeup and hairstyle in that shot, but the outfit is….err. If that’s what the cool kids are wearing then I have no desire to be hip, which makes me extremely hip. *pats self on back*
Actually I just found the BEST khaki green jacket yesterday–it was my size, looks great, from Old Navy, and $6.29 at the Goodwill. YES! I thought of you.

I LOVE your posts, but your images are so heavy, it takes for ever to load! Sometimes I give up and close the post :/


I have to say thanks for making me give Target jeans another try! I couldn’t find the pair you love, but you led me to a high rise pair of jeggings I’m not obsessed with. Am I the only one who had trouble with Target pants fitting right for a few years? I’m so glad they’re back in the game!


I love these fashion posts soooo much!! They are in for real people who want to look good and hide some belly pooch sometimes. For real….the Dr. scholl’s mules from last post are ah-mazing, haven’t taken them off for 3 days! Love your style sense, Em!


These fashion posts are fun 🙂


Please fix links! Linen coat link 1 is a homepage of a retailers, link 2 is a plaid shirt…


I hope you enjoy your time in Des Moines! After moving away I always ended up moving back, it’s a good place. You’ve got lots a great recommendations I see here that I would suggest as well. Also Evan’s City Guide for Des Moines on Design Sponge is a great go-to for places to see and eat here.
All is fan girls hope we get to run into while you’re here!

I love all of the different looks here! The denim jeans are my favorite from Target! Good thing there is a Target just 10 minutes from where I live!
xo Debbie |


Your smile is adorable. Love the clothes! The hipster outfit seems the least like you.

I love your back jean/ navy blouse ensemble!

Plaid and stripes for life! My own personal style sentiments!


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