Target + Vintage in Matchbook Magazine


A lot of people ask what working with Target actually means – like what are you really doing for them? And its kinda a hard question to answer but this post/magazine article is a good example. The challenge (which it wasn’t really a challenge) was to show how to incorporate Target pieces into my style in a photo shoot for Matchbook magazine. We couldn’t reveal our house because that is being shot in two weeks (dear god two weeks???) for Domino, so we took to the studio space downstairs and propped it all out.


Photography by Bonnie Tsang, hair and makeup by Danielle Walch

I think its widely known that of all the mass market stores Target is pretty much the best. Their pieces are stylish, affordable, on trend, and really, really easy to incorporate into many different styles – like so. Their inventory changes a lot (sometimes too quick where i’m like HEY!!! WHERE DID THAT GO!!!) so you don’t feel like you are going to have the exact same things as every single person you know and see something so often that you get sick of it. I’ve even bought things at thrift stores from Target seasons before that I never caught while in stores (like this ‘vintage’ tray that i blogged about that you guys called me out on saying ‘ITS TARGET!!’).


Sir Charles participated in a wildly too large tie. He’s so cute I want to go into his crib, poke him in the forehead til he cries just so I can comfort him back to sleep. Because moms are secretly psychotic like that.


I’m bubbly. Its true. I’m also known as ‘spunky’. If you knew me you would continue to use those adjectives but they would probably be accompanied by ‘scattered, frenetic, a slight know it all with a comically bad sense of spatial awareness’.  But i’ll take ‘bubbly’.


Also I have really pale legs – although look! They are in the color palette and match the sofa perfectly!! Speaking of color palette I was super excited to have an excuse to do a pink sofa. We came up with the color palette and just went with it; pale pink, mustard, teal and lots of natural materials (woven chair, women stool, macrame, etc). I LOVE IT. Sometimes I feel so stuck in my color palette of blue, gray, white, gold, wood/leather that I just get so bored by my self, but my house is so open that I really want it to be cohesive and I want pieces to be interchangeable (although as a teaser I am introducing an accent color that will throw things off – one that Brian is not exactly excited about … stay tuned). So being able to play around with this palette was totally fun. And guess who I sold that pink sofa to? S’right. The Ban-do Party House (office).


I incorporated a lot of my favorite vintage or handmade pieces with the Target pieces. I think that is key to keeping it looking interesting. You don’t have to have a ton of vintage or scour the globe for interesting handmade items, but just a few of those change the context of everything else. Its the same with fashion – you can wear a simple white button up or striped tee and jeans and then do something weird with your purse, hat, belt or shoes to shake it up. Its all about context.


Almost all the pieces that aren’t vintage or handmade are Target, in face I think ALL of them – wait the rug is fro Lulu and Georgia and that blue velvet pillow is from ABC Carpet and Home, so I take that back.

Sources: Woven Chair: Vintage | Macrame Hanging Planter and Pot: Vintage | Pink Couch: Vintage | Nesting Tables Blue Table Lamp | Beach Stripe ThrowTeal Velvet Pillow | Jute Foot Stool | Mustard and Navy Striped Pillow | Kilim Square Pouf | Cowhide RugBlue Floor Lamp |  Brass Accent TableRound Rope Mirror Five Tier Leaning Wall Shelf | Blue Vessel Vase, Bookcase: Target. 

Art: Three Girls “Smile and Wave” Painting | Sketch of my House | Embroidered Squares | Young Man Sketch | Pink Abstract Watercolor | All other Art: Vintage


Sources: Wicker Chair: Vintage | Desk: Target (no longer online but should still be in stores) | Chevron Pillow | Blue Table LampStorage Ottoman (which now lives upstairs in my family room with Charlie toys in it)




My outfit was a mix of Target and other staples. I love that blouse (strangely flattering) and you can get it HERE.  The blue shorts are HERE, and the teal and white button up is HERE. 



Target kills it … we all know that. Between Nate Berkus’ collection, their Threshold line and the Room Essentials line its easy to shop, hoard and style with their pieces. I hope you enjoyed seeing them mixed with my style because man, it sure was fun.

Happy Friday, folks. And thank you so much Matchbook Magazine and Target for making this feature happen.

Photography by Bonnie Tsang and hair and makeup by Danielle Walch

  1. CAT

    LOVING that pink couch. I need it. You and little Charlie look so adorable. Wonderful.

  2. Lily

    I definitely don’t think it’s any kind of challenge to incorporate Target finds into a space — they’re great — and will be even better once YOURS start arriving!!

    x Lily

  3. M

    What about an Emily Henderson line? I would buy that!

    • I second that! I’d camp out in front of a Target to be the first one in the doors for your line, Emily!

  4. Meite

    That pink couch is a seriously flattering accessory on you. And that baby! Too cute :D

  5. Victoria

    I loved the article in Matchbook (enjoyed entire magazine) and trying to figure out the location in your home. I was wrong. Thought you had somehow turned your office into this space and gone pink just for there! The floors even looked like yours and all those little items. It’s amazing what goes into a photo layout like this. I thought Charlie looked adorable when I saw him in that tie on instagram. He looks even more adorable here with his Mom.

    • Emily

      It is in my office!!! You were right!

  6. Crissy

    What a great post…and the pictures of Charlie didn’t hurt! ;-) Thanks for helping me start my Friday off right!!!

  7. Kate

    This is totally not the purpose of this post, but those SHOES are so great! What are they and where from????

  8. I’m glad you like that rope mirror and the brass side table. It’s like a tiny validation. I featured them on my blog because I love them but my husband gave me no end of grief when I tried to bring them home to our house!

  9. Muoi

    Yeah! It’s always been fun to spot Target pieces in your makeovers but this was cool because I suspect most of us probably have more than just a few pieces from Target in our homes and this was beautifully styled.

  10. I just love that pink sofa – it’s such a show stopper! (Sorry Brian, siding with team Emily on that one.) Lucky ducks at The Ban-do Party House. I can’t wait to see your new place in Domino! It makes me gush every time I see that pillow in your home – I know it’s loved and thank you, always!

  11. Kim

    Looks fabulous!

  12. tammyCA

    I just laughed out loud at your “poking Charlie in the forehead”…babies are so lovable.
    The pink couch..I love it! I’m a color lover…I buy crayons for myself. The space looks amazing..I almost got the aqua lamp at target awhile back, but I also love and hoard vintage lamps so I had to refrain. Target is becoming more appealing to me..I’m hoping to come across one of those little gold tables I’ve seen in your styled rooms. I’ll tell you what I’d love to see at Target and would buy..vintage inspired white metal room dividers/screens..I see them at estate sales and they are always sold immediately. Think concentric circles, starbursts, diamonds..the Hollywood Regency cocktail era. And also if they ever make colorful rugs..I’m so turned off by all those muddy, dull colors & designs popular with the masses.
    I sure wish I had kept the macrame hangers I made “waybackwhen”..but I just found an old instruction book.

  13. sarah

    Loved everything about this post ,thank you for the eye candy!

  14. Monica

    How can a woman who just had a baby sport such a rockin’ bod? Some people!

  15. Sabrina

    I probably would’ve bought things from Target in the last few years if their mobile browsing experience wasn’t so terrible. I remember a few times looking at the Threshold line or something similar, and getting turned off quickly by the setup of “5 items on a page, with the option to click on 1,000 other tabs with 5 items.” So slow, hard to filter, hard to navigate. I know you obviously have no control over that, just putting it out there. I do like the styling.

  16. Jaime

    You ROCKED it. Thank you for using my art! Also, you are pretty spunky.

  17. Lisa

    Love all of this! I would love to see a regular post like “Trolling Craigslist” but “Trolling Target. (How you would style what is currently on sale and available with other things…) I need some new comforters right now and would love to know what you would choose and pair them with. I’m sure it would be an insanely popular post because Target is so affordable and accessible! Combined with your eye, it’s a no-lose situation. :)

    Also, if there is ever an Emily Henderson line for Target, I’m buying every. single. thing.

  18. Chrissy

    I LOVE the surf print!!! Is that vintage or from a book or magazine?

    • Julie K

      I also love the surf print and would love to know more about it!

  19. Rebecca

    I can’t tell you how many times I went to Target for NEEDED items (like detergent, makeup ,etc.) and then ended up spending an HOUR looking at all the stuff in the home goods section…….and filling my cart with stuff I DIDN’T need…… But it sure is fun!! You and Charlie looked adorable!!! Love the room. My daughter,30, still loves pink and would go crazy over that sofa! The room looks awesome!

  20. Kate

    Love this post!
    I’m about to ask you every clothes you worn. Very pretty.
    Target pieces are my favorite, too.

    PS, Charlie is always adorable.

  21. OMG! I have to say my favorite “piece” is Charles, what a doll! Happy Nesting.

  22. Donna

    I love the spread, you and Charlie look so cute! Love the pink couch, love the Target desk and lamps, love everything about it! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with your new home.

  23. Isla

    Inspiring post, as always. I just love how you guys put things together. I cant shop in Target unfortunately as I live in Scotland but would definitely be taking a trip if I was over the water. Is there a name on the surfer picture, I would love to get a print of this? Thanks again for sharing, this is my favourite blog by miles.

  24. Suz

    I love that you are able to balance your love of all things vintage with new pieces. I did not know Target had so many great accent pieces. Must check them out.

  25. Amanda

    Mustard and pink! Who’da thunk? It works but it may be that Charlie has something to do with that. The pink couch looks fabulous on you. Wear it often. The fireplace in the office is such a bonus. And Target is the bomb. I hate that expression.

  26. Michelle

    Hi! You put in links for the teal velvet pillow and the blue/mustard pillow but where did you get the multi-colored pillow (blue, pink, gray, white)? The color palette would go perfectly with my family room…thanks!

    • Amy Elizabeth

      Yes! I want to know about the pinwheel pillow too!

    • Dana

      Me three–thank you!

    • lola

      me four! i’m dying to find that pillow…if anyone knows, please help a sista out!

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  28. Sarah

    This post just cost me $240…and I could not be happier!9

  29. Chausey

    Love it! Beautiful work! So inspiring and fresh! :)

  30. Mika

    Love this post and your style as usual. May be off topic, but where are your shoes from??

  31. Haley

    What a lovely spread, and I just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the pink!

  32. Hope

    Remember how you were asking a while back about sheets? The BEST sheets are the Threshold sheets. They are soft, don’t wrinkle and the fitted sheet is marked SIDE and TOP/BOTTOM. They also come in really nice modern prints (and florals). I have three sets that I rotate. There is no reason to buy any other sheets! Did I mention they are very reasonably priced? Love the room, by the way. I have followed you since Design Star.

  33. Sara

    Loved this post & the article! Thanks for sharing!! (Of course, I’ve also always loved Target.)

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