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My new office, revealed … again.

It’s finally done, despite all the different stages it went through. First there was this office from this post with the dark navy walls:

(paint color, “Loyal Blue” by Sherwin Williams)

But then we decided that that room would be for Brian and the back room would be for me because I’m a sucker for natural light. For a while it looked like this (although to be fair we had JUST moved in):

Then I did a post about how Ikea helped me organize my back room into more of an office, where I put in these dope storage closets (please notice the knobs I put on those — I love them so much):


I apologize for the photos; I took those uglies myself. But it was never really “designed” or felt pulled together. Despite what people think, designers and ESPECIALLY stylist’s homes are normally not ever “finished, ” and more importantly are often super chaotic because you are constantly shooting, which means constant inventory and constant bags, boxes, rolls of fabric, random lamp shades, etc.

But now, it’s finally all actually done. Designed. Intentional. DUNZO. I’m not saying it’s the most beautiful office ever, but it’s light filled, bright, happy, clean, organized, and pretty. I totally love it. Every day it makes me happy and it makes me more creative and a better worker.

photo by Kimberly Genevieve

That’s me and Orlando, my work husband, full-time assistant, and friend. I know you can’t really see my office there, but that’s because this is just a sneak peek … the whole story is featured on today. It’s under career features, but tomorrow you’ll get all my behind sources and process here.

photo by Kimberly Genevieve

Tomorrow I’ll have all credits on the blog and how to “get the look.” But, for now the Roman shades are from The Shade Store, which have made my life so much easier and my eyes so much less sore. Everyday the sun completely fried that room around 3pm in the summer and 1pm in the winter, but now we can control the light all day long, and they look so pretty in there. The lamp is from Lawson Fenning, pretty much one of my top three stores in LA, the gold horse is from Dwell Studio, and the footed white bowl with blue tips is from  A+R.  The abstract painting underneath is a Michelle Armas and virtually everything else is vintage.

photo by Kimberly Genevieve

Sometimes I put miniature chairs in glass domes and hang plants in macrame plant hangers (from Osh hardware in LA for $7…best find of the year).  The vessell is from Dwell Studio

photo by Kimberly Genevieve

And thats where i stash my newest and most favoritest styling loot.  I have a big storage unit but i keep my new things in my office to style with, play with, bathe with.  As one does.

Wanna see more? Me too.  Check out TheEverygirl where you’ll also read a whole interview about my life, career, loves, sexual prefererances and design process.   

Kidding, but still check out the story, and let me know what you think, and then come back tomorrow for a all the pics and resources, thoughts, emotions and regrets.

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