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My Bedroom

Oh hey, look at me all posey on my bed — my new, luxurious, soft, “Mad Men” style bed. The bed that makes me feel like a sophisticated grown up and a sugar high giddy little girl. I had no idea how good it was going to feel to have a grown up bed/headboard, a good mattress, and a king-sized bed.

Every night, I’m not kidding you, EVERY night I feel happy getting into bed, and every morning I wake up and think, “My God, this is comfortable.”

When Laure Joliet shot this I was having a bit of an Elizabeth Taylor moment in my bedroom. Oh those hot pink pendants, the peacock blue tufted headboard, and super luxurious Garnet Hill bedding. It’s not a dude’s bedroom, nay, not in the least, and strangely Brian is cool with anything as long as it’s comfortable … and it’s hard to be opposed to a bed that vibrates. You read that right. Keep reading.

Hot Pink Chandeliers

Oh, I’m sorry, I have to run because the editor at Cat Fancy just called to book Bearcat AGAIN, for a cover shot. Move over Kate Moss. Sayonara Giselle. Bearcat be trending.

Vintage Perfume Bottle

Vintage 60's Painting

Everything is vintage in this space: the headboard, dresser, deco rug (from Bette Midler’s house, by the by), pendants, painting, etc, etc. Someday I will own something that isn’t vintage, but for now, this is what is happening.

Vintage Painting

Speaking of happening, what is happening with my bed? Yep. It’s adjustable. It’s from Leggett and Platt and it’s not your great grandma’s hospital bed, nay, it’s just awesome. I raise the “head” when I’m working or reading in bed, and raise the “feet” (which is really just raising the knees), when I want to release my lower back. And yes, I use the vibrate/massage button when I want to fall asleep real fast (and it automatically turns off in 1/2 hour, so that’s cool). Don’t judge, just try one. I mean, look how happy I am in that bed.

blue tufted chair

Vintage dresser, wingback chair (that is still for sale), pouf, wicker table, etc, etc.  That’s my cute little reading nook that I gladly pile clothes on every day.

nighstand styling

Sometimes you just wake up, adjust your bed, drink coffee from your gold mug, and read magazines all Saturday morning.  One hundred percent heaven. Speaking of bed, I’m going to get in that right now.

All photos by Laure Joliet.

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