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My happy little foyer …

I’ve found working from home to be both amazing and isolating. The last couple weeks have been spent mainly on the computer, less shopping, less socializing which means I HAVE to switch up where I work in order to not go insane. I have my cute office, which I still love but sometimes I feel like I’m getting  bed sores if I just sit in there all day. So here’s what I do, folks: I start my day (around 6:30) in this space, the foyer, drinking my cup of jo and near Brian. It’s an extremely happy and bright space that I’m going to really miss (big announcement on monday, friends).

photo by Tessa Neustadt

This space was kinda tricky because it isn’t huge and its a walkway so we needed a round table that you could push chairs almost completely under. Naturally I’m a massive fan of Sir. Saarinen and the classic tulip table from DWR, so that’s what we chose and I think I will never in my life get sick of looking at it. Its one of those tables that lets your eye relax when you look at it – it’s just so simple, the lines are so smooth and virtually seamless (unlike the knock-offs).

photo by Tessa Neustadt
vintage saarinen
photo by Tessa Neustadt

Plus it goes with almost any chair. You don’t need to worry about the color of the wood clashing or the arms not being able to slide underneath because of the legs, etc. It’s just so good.

saarinen table
photo by Tessa Neustadt

On office days I spend from 8 – 2 in the office, but then it gets super hot in there so I have to pull down the shades which makes me sad, so I come back in here and finish the day. It’s just so calm/clean and simple which I think is good for my brain because, my god, my brain needs to not feel overstimulated most of the time and this is my spot.

It’s the last weekend of the Knoll sale at DWR where this bad boy (and every other Saarinen, Mies Van der Rohe, Bertoiia, etc) is 15% off. Get yourself a piece of classic design. It was a splurge that was hard for me, but now I’m just so happy I did it. Its one of those pieces that I can put crazy chairs with (like the vintage mint/gold folding chairs) and it elevates the whole space. Those chairs can go ‘junky thrift shop’ but not next to this table. No siree.

Happy Saturday, friends.

Thanks Tessa for the beautiful photos.

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