Introducing My Living Room

vintage living room

That’s where all the magic happens, folks. The cat cuddling, the reality tv watching, the foot massaging, the partying (single tear, things have NOT been the same since Emily Jr starting growing in the belly), and generally all the Livin’ and being a baller.  It’s a happy room, for some happy beings.

Lets just talk about my style for one second – I love EVERY single style. Name one, and i like it. There are good pieces from every style, truly, but there are some that I consistently want to be around more than others. I think this includes the 70’s California and 19th century victorian (although i am curbing that because Brian isn’t into my english grandma cat lady vibe).  But since both of those styles can be really ornate and busy i juxtapose it a lot with simple mid-century (like the sofa and coffee table).  And then since i want to be in the 21st century I bring in modern art and keep the color palette on trend.  AKA, just because you love 70’s California doesn’t mean that you have to have it all be desert tones (although, Morgan does a fantastic job of that).

But that’s how I feel this week.  And things change A LOT over here, especially depending on the projects that i’m working on. I’m kinda chameleon (or a polygamist) like that.  Right now i’m working on a 1920’s Spanish Revival meets industrial meets mid-century house and its totally influencing me.  Designing is weird like that.

mid-century vintage platner

I guess what i consistently love is color, whimsy and vintage.  It’s REALLY hard for me to pass up a lamp like the one on top of the campaign dresser for $15 from the flea market. He’s all, ‘Sir, SIR!! I am a very proper british lamp’.  And yes, its perfectly ok to put a really pretty dresser in your living room, as long as it fits size-wise and style-wise.  It’s also really hard for me to pass up a Platner side table on Craiglist for $175. That beauty turns my crazy into acceptable. I think.

cognac leather chairs

Nothing really dudes up a kinda feminine room more than leather chairs. If these chairs were seniors in high school about to graduate, they would be named ‘Most Popular’ in a heartbeat. And maybe ‘Most beautiful’ as well as definitely ‘Most Comfortable’. I got them in Utah after Alt Summit last year for $900 for the pair, which is a lot of money, of course, but these sell for $4000 for the pair (if they are vintage and Anthro has repros for $2200 each).

white lacquer media unit

The TV is an eye sore but you know what else it is? My best friend, so it wasn’t going to leave the living room. But I did want it to feel less important than it truly is, so I decided to flank it with these simple white West Elm Parsons shelves and fill those bad boys with my favorite things.

I went back and forth between splurging on some vintage brass shelving units, but ultimately i have so much vintage and crazy lady that having all of those crazy accessories on some simple white shelves kept me and the room looking sane.  The media unit is a cheapo from Ikea that I put on vintage brass legs (sorry you can’t see, but they are the same as the coffee table) but like the genius that I am I didn’t really think about the weight of the tv on the piece, so the second I put the tv on my invention it bowed so bad, so I was forced to mount it which I couldn’t be happier about now.  (Seriously, if you are on the fence about mounting, do it, it cost $80 for the mount and then probably $200 for the labor, but if you have the funds its totally worth it).

Resources:  Dhurrie Pouf, West Elm, Parsons shelving, West Elm. Black/gold blanket from Happy Habitat. Blue Vase, Jonathan Adler. Soundbar from JBL, Sheepskin from Ikea and gold pillow West Elm. :)

styled shelving

I mean, where else am i supposed to put my collection of heads or vintage gold shoes? And they are the perfect height for art in them – which obviously takes up a lot of real estate and adds so much dimension and depth to the shelving.

Resources:  West Elm Parsons shelves, West Elm Souk Rug, vintage rosewood safari chairs, vintage saarinen table (you can buy new at DWR).  Soundbar from JBL. 

pink peonies

vintage collection

Yes, those are 14 karat gold monopoly pieces on the second shelf, thanks for asking.  Right next to my mid-century gold miniature chair. I’m certifiable.  (and notice the gold bentwood rocking chair in the dome…. I CAN’T STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!). And for the record, is that sculptural head creepy or awesome? Sub-question does it look like Orlando even a little bit?

styled shelving

Porcelain and lucite owl? check. Chair in dome? check.  AWESOME paintings? got ‘em.

Resources:  Girl painting by Kiki and Polly (its so awesome, splurge on an original if you can afford it). 

mantel styling

There is the mantel with some usual suspects on it – the miniature wingtip wood shoe that i’ve hoarded for 4 years now from Inheritance, the gold and white footed bowl that i’ve had since my early assistant styling days in New York with many a chip in it, and a collection of brass English beer measurers – they say 1 QT, 1 PT, etc on all of them. And they nest. And when anything beer related nests inside each other then its really, really cute.

The bear collage (its a photo with embroidery) is by none other than the Jealous Curator, Daniell Krysa and I love it.  This is one of the few pieces of art that Brian was excited about, i think because dudes loves bears, even if pretty thread is coming out of their ferocious mouths.

white and brass sconce

The vintage birdcage ladder (AGAIN WITH THE MINIATURES!!!!) also came from Inheritance and i have no idea why i like it, it just makes me smile – which is clearly the answer – if you make me smile I like you.  I imagine that little bird crawling its ladder up to its second story in its victorian birdcage, into its little bed, with its little bedding and teeny tiny alarm clock. He puts his tiny head on his little pillow, watches vintage Felicity on his tiny laptop……AHHHH.

vintage neon arrows

Those are the vintage arrows that I got from a thrift store for $1 a piece that i’m obsessed with. I love that they do what flowers do – add height and softness, except Bearcat can’t eat them and puke them up and then eat the puke.  Although she tries, yes she does.  The scones got updated as you can tell, and are wildly better (and these guys are like $80… i know… run don’t walk).

Resources:  Sconces from OneFortyThree, Bear art by Danielle Krysa, wood shoe from Inheritance.

shelf styling

The painting up on the top is something i’m going to blog about this week; its a portrait of the house we live in now, but reintepreted all cute by Danielle Krysa. Stay tuned for info on that.

vintage gold

And thats where we tip over the edge of crazy; the miniature gold shoe collection. I can’t explain it, so I won’t.  The piece of art behind it is one of my new favorites, by Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen and its amazing, and $200 (unframed) which I think is very reasonable for original modern art.  See more on that piece HERE. 

capaign dresser

Oh he’s VERY proper.  And that abstract art is one of my favorites. Its vintage from the flea market and was kinda  splurge at $150 but the colors are so good. The campaign dresser i’ve been hoarding for a while and finally got it lacquered white ($300). I keep almost selling it, but its just so god damn perfect for me and that space. So fresh and white, but detailed, and beautiful proportions but quiet…..

blue gold room

You can book Bearcat at where you can see her portfolio of blue steel eyes, tail whips and general Cleopatra imitations.

blue tufted sofa

Besides the Souk rug, which I love, that is all vintage, folks, mostly from the flea market and almost all VERY cheap.  The tapestry was $80, the victorian wicker chair, $60, leather pouf $40, and that amazing brass and white glass mushroom lamp is from Portland but I shipped it down because I love it that much, $180.  His finial is like a little Yamakah.  It’s a ethnically and religiously friendly living room, don’t you worry.

Well, there you have it. Its been styled this way for a month or so now and so far i’m not changing it, which says a lot for me.  I can’t tell you how nice it finally is to have a pulled together living room; long time coming.  It’s happy and colorful and bright, with enough leather and wood t make Brian happy, and enough crazy to make me happy.  Somedays I long to be someone more sophisticated with really refined taste, and then I find a victorian baby rocker on the side of the street and decide that its perfect for my baby.  So there’s that…… Happy Friday, folks.

Is it too crazy? Or just me? Sub-question, are those the same thing????

Shoot produced/styled/art directed/designed – Me, Emily Henderson (and the always lovely Orlando), Shot by Zeke Ruelas.  In partnership with West Elm.


  1. Jaclyn

    you are an incredibly talented woman. what’s amazing is that every piece is so unique and original. i’m obsessed with all of your art. beautiful!

    • Emily

      I love it when people call me a ‘woman’. I’m VERY grown up. Thank you sooooooo much.

  2. Kim

    Seriously…you are KILLING ME! I can’t wait until I have my own place and lots of money so I can hire you to come and style my house. You are freaking FABULOUS. OK I’ll stop gushing like a creeper now. :)

    • Emily

      AHHH, thank you!!!

  3. Susanna

    Your style is amazing!! I always get so excited to see how you’ve decorated your place. Question – how did you hang your tapestry?

    • Emily

      I just threw a nail in the middle of the fiber – not totally genius or sustainable but its still up!! Thanks so much. xx

  4. Laura

    Any chance you guys are looking for a roommate? I could bunk up with Bearcat. It’s gorgeous – Perfectly styled, happy, and feels like a home. I also love knowing that you don’t need to spend a million dollars on decorating. I love all of your vintage finds. Thanks for the recommendation on Kiki and Polly. I just checked out the Etsy shop and found a ton of stuff I love.

  5. Jill

    Yes, this is beautiful. No question about it. I have to admit, though, I can’t wait to see how you style a room with a toddler running around. My little guy likes to knock over side tables, push over lamps, eat precious vintage gold shoes…you get the idea. I know this stage is temporary, but I could use some tips on how to keep things beautiful during the “hulk smash” years. Until I figure that out, I’ll just enjoy your gorgeous rooms.

    • hillary

      Agree, I can’t wait for the babyproofing-with-style posts so I can get over my “we can’t have nice things” baby/toddler mentality!

    • Liz

      I was thinking the exact same thing as I read this post. I love your style, but my 9-month old leaves a war path behind her where ever she goes, forcing me to put all my favorite things in storage. How do you keep your house pretty AND baby-proof?

  6. Michael Allegretti

    I absolutely love everything. You have such great taste. Question: how do you frame your artwork so it looks like it’s floating in the frame?
    Thanks for sharing your work!

    • Emily

      It’s actually called using a ‘floater’. Gross, I know. Basically its like a piece of thick card stock that they prop behind the piece to give it some depth. Its a good way to make it loom more custom but cost barely more. Thanks for asking!

  7. christian nelius

    i want to be you when i grow up. i feel good about my taste as i found a few items inside of your living room which i also own! you’re the bomb emily!!!!!!

    • Emily

      OOH. which ones??

  8. Sharon

    Emily, your remodeling is beautiful! But I have to ask, isn’t it a pain to dust your house with so much stuff out on your shelves? I would love to know how you manage with cleaning!

  9. Kathy

    Thank GOD you mentioned the cat puke thing. I had always wondered how you were able to have all these beautiful houseplants with a kitty. My cats even try to eat plastic fake plants, so sadly no real ones are allowed in our house.

    Sigh. Your living room is gorg; I’m really crushing on your blue sofa!

    • Emily

      HAAA! The plants in the window are cactus’ so they stay away from them, but the flower situation is hopeless. I still buy them because i feel i deserve and should have them, but its annoying. The plants in the office that are hanging are good, but the others on the desk they just munch on the dirt all day like a little snack.

      • Suz

        Have you guys ever tried wheatgrass as a deterrant? I used to have the same problem with my kitties gnawing plants, then I started putting a little square ceramic pot of wheatgrass on the floor near their dishes so they knew it was theirs. The little green patch of grass looks cute and there’s no more plant-eating! That said, one digested the grass well and the other one ate it when she needed to yack a hairball…and then did. Also, I finally put river rock in my tree planters to keep ‘em out of the dirt. Kitties are the best but also fuzzy little hellions!

        • Kathy

          I’ve tried the wheatgrass too, and the kitties adored it, but inevidably hurled it up about an hour later…hair ball or no. :-(

  10. To. Die. For. 100% smitten with everything you do. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    • Emily

      thank you so much!!!

  11. kim

    best living room ever!

  12. AHHH LOVE your space! It is so you and fabulous. You have the most amazing pieces.

  13. Lindsay

    Where did you find the gold (brass?) Jefferson cup? (Bottom right, fifth photo from the bottom of the post.) Usually you see them in pewter but the gold color is a nice twist. Gorgeous space!

    • Emily

      I looked and i think that you are talking about these gold/brass nesting bowls that i bought for a shoot a while ago – they were 3 for $250 which is crazy, but i think the magazine paid for them and i got to keep one. From HD Buttercup but I think that Dwell STudio sells them, too.

  14. Ali

    Love it all!! It’s so well done and really suits you. In face, it screams you, but in the best way :)

  15. Ali

    Ugh, that was supposed to say “in fact” lol

  16. Shelbey

    THE CHAIRS, THE CHAAAAAAAIIIIIIRRRRSSSSSS!! i’ve been obsessed with your chairs for years. i am entirely envious. do not be alarmed if you find me in one some day in your house. (yes, be alarmed [but don’t! i’m nice {but really, that would be creep…ily awesome.}]).

    • Emily

      I’m well aware how covetable they are. Should i invest in a security system just for the chairs. Like is someone else sits on them they self destruct?
      I know. Best splurge ever.

      • Nicole

        I agree – those chairs are amazing!!!!! Definitely an awesome find! Good job!

      • Shelbey

        Get out of here! I’m thrilled you replied to my scary comment! A security system will not be necessary, unless you want to hire me to install it…and then I’ll sit in the chairs when no one is looking…like that shower commercial when the man takes a shower after installing it.
        I see those Rhys chairs at Anthro and I’m convinced I can finagle up a DIY of some sort with a chair of a similar style–and if my sewing maching could handle a thicker faux leather. I’ve been on the hunt for awhile–I’ll let you know if I find anything!

  17. kate

    every single day. you are amazing. true talent beyond scope. Thank you for sharing pieces of everything you do… it’s such a bright spot in my day!

    • Emily

      AHH, that totally made my day. Thank you SSOOOOOOOOO much. Such a nice thing to hear. xx

  18. Michelle

    Love it!
    Question: Does the West Elm rug shed too terribly? Want to pull the trigger, but I’m not interested in a sheep dog! Thanks!

    • Emily

      On a scale of 1 – ridiculous, its like a 5. It sheds some but honestly not a ton. You can kneel on it and not come up with furry legs, but after two weeks i’ll find hairballs in the corner of the room. I’ve had worse, for SURE that has driven Brian nuts. But ultimately soft rugs just shed, kilim or tightly pulled rugs don’t but they aren’t as comfortable…

  19. So amazing, Emily! I don’t know how you do it. You have so many amazing pieces that all come together so nicely without looking cluttered. Love it!

  20. V

    very very jealous. just moved to my own place (well like a month ago) but barely had time to unpack half my stuff. Question- is there anywhere online i can get cheap upholstery fabric?

      • Lori

        Another (cheap) upholstery idea from “gensfavorite” on Instagram that I found today: use Westelm drapery/curtain fabric. Sounds crazy, but they look great.

  21. Char

    Simply characteristically fantastically Emily! LOVE.

  22. Cara

    Love the chairs and the way you always fill shelves in such an artful way. I looked through twice and couldn’t find where the couch came from. Is the couch a vintage find or where would recommend finding something similar? Love the design, as always. Thanks!

    • Emily

      Oh, sorry! I’ve credited the sofa so much because i’ve had it for so long and i forget that not everyone has read every blog post. :) Its vintage, i got it in Portland from The Good Mod for $700 at the time, but now that store has totally upped their pricing. Best purchase i ever made. Thanks so much!

      • Katherine

        noooooooooo I have been searching your comments for the origin of this couch, and finding out that you got it for $700 like a bajillion miles away from where I live is just the stabbiest stab in the heart. That same couch is out there somewhere right now for $4,000.00 I just know it.

      • Hannah

        Sorry to bump an old comment. Do you know the brand of this couch anywhere? It’s pretty much my dream couch, so I want to try and find it (or a similar one) somewhere. Thanks!

      • Victoria

        I’ve been searching everywhere and for the life of me cannot figure out the designer/manufacturer of your sofa! It could be a couple of people, but it’s so distinctive and is not quite any of them. Do you know?

  23. Barbara

    Love Love Love it all! Every single thing in the room is so much fun to look at.
    I am truly obsessed with the chairs, though.

  24. Halie

    Emily I love your style and can’t wait to see how having a child changes it! We have nothing sharp, fragile or of importance below three feet which means our shelves are practically empty! I have adjusted by “styling” my kiddo’s toys and books on the lower shelves.

    • Emily

      OH, i’m sure i’ll be blogging about it. Maybe i’ll do a ceremony to pack up all my precious things, you know, like sending a kid off to college – its a good thing, but you are sad to see them go. I’m sure kid friendly furniture will soon be a HUGE talking point on the blog. You are warned. :)

  25. Lesley

    So beautiful. I’m curious if you have any window coverings for privacy?

    • Emily

      Very good question. I’ve had now THREE different window treatments in there but i haven’t seemed to like any. So what i’m doing now is a really thin white rolling shade that fixes to the part of the window under the arch. You barely see it when it is up and then at night i can pull it down for privacy. Its more modern than i normally am, but the best solution. I should do a post on it, it was totally annoying trying to find the right window treatment for those weird windows and I think i finally did.

  26. Absolutely beautiful…as always! I was so engrossed by these beautiful pictures that I didn’t notice the spider crawling across my desk until it got to my hand on the mouse. AHHHH! However, totally worth it!!
    I picked up a vintage piece of art at a flea market a few weeks ago, golf leafed frame, gold velvet mat, still life of some flowers in a vase and a bowl all in blues. My Mom and I both agree it’s definitely an ‘Emily Henderson piece’! :)

    • Emily

      That’s amazing about the art, but terrifying about the spider. Brian would have been VERY unhappy, that man HATES spiders. xx

  27. That hand chair? should have gotten its own picture! Love it. The sofa is lush as well.

  28. Christina

    Your space has lots of great layer: textures, colours, time periods, etc and says come on in and join the fun. Flea markets are amazing…treasure hunting.

  29. Lisa

    Emily, I love you/your style/your living room. I would normally call myself creepy at this point but I feel I am in good company given some of these other comments. I used to be all about that stark white Scandinavian style, but then I found your blog and it really made me appreciate color and whimsy. Now all I want to do is find a flea market and go all kinds of crazy at it.

    Question for you about sconces in general (and yours here are beautiful!) How do you typically mount them and get the wiring done? If you hire someone, how much does that typically cost? I love sconces but the idea of putting them up and dealing with the electric stuff freaks me out.

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful home! Posts like these are my favorite.

    • Emily

      Good question. I normally hire a handy-dude. It think its normally VERY easy and I really should learn how to do it, but a handy guy knows how to. I pay my handy guy $25 and hour and he can do like 3 sconces an hour. Its fast and easy. I think i’m going to learn soon, though. I bet its one of those things that the second i learn i’ll be like, ‘OMG, this is crazy easy, i can’t believe i was paying someone’. But you don’t need to hire someone fancy or an electrician, just make sure they can do simple wiring like sconces and chandeliers and normally handy guys charge 24 – $40 an hour. xx

      • Lisa

        So much better than what I was expecting! Thanks for replying, Emily.

  30. Boryana

    Nice ! I love the way you fit the TV within this lovely space. any tips on how to hide those nasty TV cables – how did u manage yours?

    • Emily

      Chord covers (conduits) that go from the TV to the media, and then we taped a lot of them to the back of the media piece. You can still see some, but its really not bad. Thanks!

  31. DANG one, you’re so freakin funny, the cat puke thing made me cackle (and i’m at work haha!) two, this entire space just kills me with its perfection. you are so talented! I wish I could put you in my pocket and take you to my loft and have you sprinkle a bit of your fairy dust. weird? prob, but you’re amazing.

  32. Cait

    I am so obsessed with this it’s not even funny. I wish I could live inside your head for a day to absorb an ounce of your talent. (Was that creepy?) For real though, I’m trying to decorate my place and this makes me want to crawl up into a ball with a pack of thin mints because my place will never be this cool.

    • Emily

      NO!!! It Will!!!! Its all i do everyday and it still took me A YEAR to finish this room. So don’t feel bad. I can do other people’s places, but doing my own is always wildly more difficult. Put the mints down and go shopping. :)

  33. Jessi

    so fun and colorful! i arranged my tv the exact same way, low ikea unit, tall matching shelves on each side. i totally feel legit right now! i need to mount my flat screen, because my cat jumps on top of the tv like a tight rope and then jumps on top of the shelves. hilarious, but the tv looks like it’s going to break every dang time. anyways, love the space as usual! need vintage arrows….

  34. Elisha Johnson

    Emily, you are so dope! It looks so amazing. I’m a lover of all styles too so your living room is yet another example of how you can love many different styles and make them work together in one room. ECLECTIC and COLLECTED! I love it! The Pasadena Flea Market is this weekend, and you’ve given me renewed inspiration! Thanks Ms. Lady!

  35. Amy

    Emily. I love you. I just REALLY love you. (sidenote: I’m so happy that you’re growing a human, Emily Jr. seriously…got all choked-up when I saw your post…because I had my own struggles getting pregnant…I remember how hard the waiting was and I remember the absolute shock-filled joy when it FINALLY happened. YAY for the baby in your belly!) LOVE your living room! favorite? the very proper gentleman lamp atop that lovely campaign dresser. and your comment about LOVING just about every style of décor…that’s ME…i’m a design schizophrenic!!! so my question is: what’s your advice for someone who loves it all and can’t make a decision to save her life so she ends up with too much because she’s trying to have everything? I know you don’t have to go all one way/one style…that you can do a bit of all you love…but HOW??? without being thematic room by room or…as I do…having too much because I want it all…ugh! help a girl…and her very tight budget out. :0) I think this would make an excellent blog post. ;0) bless you, baby, and baby daddy!!!

    • Emily

      Ahh, thank you! About your question: keep a kinda strict color palette – that is the quickest way to keep it looking coherent. Oh and keep the background color simple, mix in some straight clean lines here and there and make sure you have enough pieces that are big enough to ground everything. I should write a blog post about that, for sure. thanks for the suggestion. xx

  36. Gorgeous! I love how layered the space is and how everything works together.

    Any source for the abstract art above the mantel? It looks like the sister piece to the one above the campaign dresser so I’m assuming it came from the flea market but I’m secretly hoping you’ll say it came from West Elm or some other place I can order from :)

    • Emily

      Sadly from the flea market. New art is just so expensive, so i get most of mine from the flea. xx

  37. Gabby

    You are seriously Amazing! I love the color and whimsy of it all, perfection.

  38. Mary

    Walking you through the series of emotions I felt when the first picture popped up:
    *Complete and utter shock and amazement (pretty sure my jaw literally dropped); followed by
    *Extreme anger at how amazing you are and how damned beautiful you made that room; followed by
    *Joy and happiness that such a room exists; followed by
    *Thoughts/schemings of how I might go about adopting you or becoming your best friend so that I might sit at your feet and learn your amazing ways

    Kudos- this is amazeballs. -Mary

    • Emily

      That totally made me laugh, smile and feel all very warm inside. Thank you so much. I particularily liked the ‘extreme anger’ part. Hilarious. :)

  39. Haley

    Truly lovely. I am going to share this post with my hubby. “See? Vintage can be amazing! Not just old.” What shade is the wall paint?

  40. Colleen

    Hey there,
    Four questions if you’ve got a sec.
    1. Those giraffes. I can’t. Where are they from?
    2. Is that crazy squares sculpture thang from CB2? Have been thinking of purchasing.
    3. Where is the giant bulb lamp with the gold base from?
    4. Souk rug vs. the similar one on Rugs USA? Is the West Elm one worth the extra cash?

    • Elyse B

      Yes, the giraffes! I’m digging through these comments trying to find the source. I never see giraffe sculptures/figurines RUNNING. very cool, love your style.

    • Emily

      OK, so sorry i left those out. Here you go:
      1. giraffe – good will, like $12. Such a good find.
      2. Square sculptures from a store called ‘Haus’ in LA for $24 each!
      3. lucite/brass bulb lamps – flea market, 80’s but i switched the bulb from a frosted tulip shape to the modern globe.
      4. souk rug sheds less, but is more yellow. Rugs USA sheds more and looks more white but they are both really comfy and cozy. Souk rug looks more like the moroccan rug its trying to look like, but the rugs usa is again, fresher…..

      • Colleen

        1. dang. jealous.
        2. sweet. will guilt trip LA friend into getting me one and shipping Brooklyn-wards.
        3. badass.
        4. very very helpful. the rugs usa one is currently 65% off so I’ll put up with the shedding :)

      • yay! I have shopping a.d.d. and couldn’t wait for the source. I went on a wild google search for wire cube sculptures, found some, and ordered them. Just checked back and saw they are from the same source,Haus! Such a fine eye I have. Or maybe there just aren’t a lot of wire cube sculptures out there….

        • Jill

          Jessie, do you have the web address where you found them online? I don’t seem to have your luck!

  41. Dana O.

    Can we talk about them gold frames! Beautiful! Well, obviously the entire freggin’ living room is beautiful, but seriously those frames make me drool. (I’m also going to copy you on the arrows trick!) Also.. can I live there? Maybe crash nap on the couch just a few hours a week to hoard and absorb all that living room’s amazingness?
    Too Close? Too weird?
    I didn’t think so either.
    -Dana O.

  42. i’m going to start with the fact that this totally made my day. i think you are the only person that loves navy velvet and brass as much as i do. which basically means we are the most kick ass people ever. and now i can show my boyfriend this picture and say “seeeeeeee! navy velvet sofas DO go with camel leather chairs. HA!” and then do a victory dance. also, i am completely obsessed with your campaign dresser. i am in the middle of making my own nightstands since i cannot find ones i like anywhere. maybe i need a dresser too? my guy has a similar version of your solider lamp but his has seen more battle (it was his dads and his grandfathers before that). i can’t wait to find a great home for it because he makes me happy. and now that i have left an essay as a comment, i swear i’m normally not this crazy.

  43. Rose

    Wow and wow some more. I have a similar shaped living room except opposite my fireplace wall is the only large wall in the room. All other walls are covered in windows, but it throws me off on how to place furniture. Plus, the wall the fireplace is on, the focal point (the fireplace) is not centered. It is flanked by a built in on one side and a doorway to the sunroom on the other. What is the wall opposite your fireplace like? Any tips or did I completely confuse you? :)

  44. Daniela

    completely awesome!

  45. Faireden

    Beautiful, cool and interesting! Definitely magical. Thanks Emily.

  46. Krista

    I have been following you (and that adorable dog portrait) for awhile now, and I get so excited to see a finished room (oh, and baby announcement!) on your blog. I would also be interested in paint color, as you are my first resource when it’s time to pick paint. It is a beautiful room, and I especially appreciate how you have dealt with the t.v.

    • Kiira

      Yes! the dog portrait! So glad you’ve held onto it. I want it for myself, but I love seeing it in so many of your vignettes. The living room looks amazing!

  47. Sooo beautiful! It’s not crazy, it’s whimsical, which are very different things. This room totally makes me happy, and that’s what it’s all about, right?!

  48. Too crazy??! Absolutely not! Usually I’m a big fan of cottage style, but lately I also find myself drawn to modern and eclectic. I keep going over your pictures, taking in every detail. Going to be pinning some of the pics – thanks for the inspiration!

  49. amy

    love this! your craziness is perfect! your style is spot on awesome. question for you – what color “WHITE” did you paint your fireplace/walls?? i’m looking to paint my place, and searching for that perfect white….

  50. jeannette

    it’s absolutely gorgeous. the arrows and the beer measuring cups are fabulous, but the reason i am now lying down on the floor with all four paws in the air is, the soldier lamp/painting/dresser/black striped sofa pillow vignette. dang. you are good.

  51. Amarilis

    Beautiful!! Everything just come together so nicely. I’m in love with your blue sofa and the miniature gold shoe collection, and the miniature chairs, and the miniature ladder…you get the point!

  52. Mary

    First CONGRATULATIONS, you will make a great mother! Your spirit is definitely reflected in your design and you will encourage your children to be free spirited, artistic, non-conformist, appreciative of all things beautiful and to love the story in everything! Your room looks wonderful! I bet you remember when and where you were when you collected each piece. The hunt is so fun! Certainly, you have the nursery planning going so keep us posted on that project. BTW, how are you feeling?

  53. Emily

    I think I say this every time I happen to comment, but I am SOOOOOOO envious and in love with your style. Everything = YES. This room is full of butterflies and squee.

  54. this post was like a decadent dessert to me. i didn’t want it to end. i could only take little bites at a time or my head would explode. it’s taken me 4 hours to dissect it. thank you, emily for making my day.

  55. You have MAD skills. MAD. I absolutely love this space. Cheers to you!

  56. Tori

    Re: “TheHead” – It does NOT look like Orlando, but it DOES look like the Brawny Paper Towel Guy’s even more brawny cousin. Just sayin’.

  57. Kimberly

    I’m totally obsessed! It’s better than I could ever imagine. And those leather chairs…major swoon!! I don’t know how you find these things, you’re like some vintage dowsing rod. Thank you for posting. I’ve just pinned every single picture so I can obsess a little more.

  58. Jessica

    Amaaaaaaaahhhhhhzing! Yup…that’s all for now;)

  59. This is my kind of living room! I love all of your thrift/vintage finds. Great job Emily!

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  61. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’ve been a stalker for awhile now, but this prompted me to comment. Where are your pillows from? And congrats on your pregnancy.!

  62. This post made my day! So inspiring. I just acquired some vintage goodies from my grandmother’s home and we are working on a living room re-do…this is just what I needed! Gorgeous!

  63. Pingback: Birch + Bird Vintage Home Interiors » Blog Archive » Favourites for a Frenzied Week

  64. Annie Rice

    I absolutely LOVE this room (particularly the little collections) not gonna lie, I am 20 and my friends all make fun of my hoarding problem when it comes to furniture/accessories/relics/whatever! So your hoarding comments totally crack me up! Also, I remember being sad when you sold your old coffee table, but oh man, the new one is awesome too! I should have known… Love it!

  65. What a great inspiring room, Emily! I’m so happy to see that there are others who find it fun to mix “grandma”/mcm/modern. We moved from Portland last fall to Pittsburgh, and the house itself is all that with mcm architecture style but painted country blue (I’m basically standing on the ladder ready with the brush!) And other vintage features like rose pink toilet! Oh, you mentioned California style – the pool in back makes this mcm ranch a little bit of that too. Enjoy your pregnant months – best time of your life. :-)

  66. It’s all together a space where I myself, would plop down and feel so smart and comfy at the same time. It’s an AWESOME space, really! I just adore it all. And, the weird part is it’s so me, so me, so me. Well done, Emily…I’m a huge fan.
    @theturquoiseiris on IG and FB

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  68. karen f

    Of course I love everything; the furniture is beautiful, the art is perfection. What I love most… the unexpected bird ladder on the mantel.

  69. Vicki Reynolds

    I have watched you from your first tv appearance and love your work. We are in need of a paint color for our hall & living room (23 ft ceilings). All white furniture and black baby grand. Like to accent with apple green & turquoise. Also dining room has white wainscoting. An oriental rug with deep red,sage,black and cream(must use). We are older and this is the last time and we want to get it right. I like more of a contemporary look even though I am sure it is all going to be eclectic look and that is OK. HELP!!!

  70. Lindsay H.

    I love you style soooo much. And I’m pleased that I’ve done something similar with my TV area. It’s like I’ve gotten your blessing, lol.

  71. CM

    SO beautiful and inspiring! Hard to believe you went from that empty room to this.

  72. Wow! I have just discovered you from Australia and have spent a few hours browsing archives from your blog.
    I love you style!
    Just wondering where your blue sofa came from? Its incredible!

  73. Kate

    It looks fabulous!! I also have a bizarre obsession with heads. My husband is not a fan :). Had the same issue with narcolepsy in my first trimester. I was sooo tired all the time. It’s gotten better though (just hit 27 weeks today). I’m both looking forward to and dreading seeing your nursery!! I’ve been having trouble making decisions and putting things together. Just finally ordered the crib and our baby boy might just beat it here.

  74. Lainie

    Your style is crazy, crazy GOOD! More is more with you, and your home reflects a life well lived, with so much joy, happiness and beauty. Enjoy it now because you will not be so psyched when it comes time to baby proof. Sorry to be such a buzz kill, but it’s inevitable. Congrats Emily! You are going to be one fabulous Mama!

  75. hillary

    I love every single single thing. All of it! I love how happy it is, and how everything looks important even if it’s part of a collection. And those arrows kill me every time. Not literally like sticking out of my heart, but in the good way.

  76. Hi Emily, I think this is crazy good! And I totally was there when you bought those chairs at The Green Ant in SLC. I asked if you were there for Sundance, duh! Anyway, great find. I was in there yesterday, but I don’t seem to be able to find such deals. You must have totally charmed him.

  77. SOOOOO you! And you are a breath of fresh air, wild and full force. It’s a stunning room, and my life is a happier one because of it :)

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  79. sg5785

    Guys, the head looks a lot like Orlando. Something about the large eyes, the high cheekbones, the kind but critical look. And the golden hair, of course. I was browsing through the photos and thought “Oh, that head looks like Orlando” and then I saw Emily’s question!!! As you would say, “boom!” Living room is phenomenal, by the way. I noticed that you have the TV behind the two vintage leather chairs. I am considering following a similar layout, and I hope it works because I also got low chairs. I think it’s better than the TV above the fireplace option. Any problems? Is the TV still your best friend?

  80. I’ve been following your blog for a few months but have never commented, but after seeing what you did with your living room…wow—speechless. Being a designer myself, I always find it hardest to design for oneself, nothing is ever good enough. You did a phenomenal job!

  81. Melissa

    I love it all. GET IN MY LIVING ROOM. just kidding… and why have a refined and sophisticated living room when you can have that? Just awesome.

  82. I just. I can’t. No words. Ok, one word. Tremendous.



  83. Christina

    I’m obsessed with your living room! I keep looking at the pictures over and over.I was wondering what size your rug is? I was thinking of saving up for this rug but don’t know what size to get.Yours looks perfect!

  84. Sue

    Where is the small white top/gold base round table between the leather chairs from….all so great!!

  85. Austinites: Vacancy Road posted a matching chair to Emily’s sofa this morning. Run! (I have too many chairs already).

  86. BSA

    AMAZING!! seriously – just LOVE it! Quick question – did you paint the inside of your fireplace? a navy? if so, can you give me more information on that!? THANKS!!

  87. Megan

    What color white do you use on walls? I’ve spent waaay too much time thinking about it. Show me the way Sensei!

  88. It is too good…really. You are such an inspiration to me and I drool over everything you touch.

  89. Deja

    uhhhh. WOAH. I think I just stumbled upon my stylin’ sole sista. Incredible. Brilliant Emily brilliant. “slow clap x3″

  90. Alisa

    Good God, I can’t wait to see how you deal with baby-proofing! ;)

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  92. Soooo, I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to move in. But I’ll save you a spot on the couch, so don’t worry. Thanks.

    Oh, and it’s GORGEOUS.

  93. Rachel

    So I was thinking… I might not have a ton of money, but I have some killer recipes in my pocket. I’ll make you a meal if you decorate my apartment. Okthankssomuch

    But really, you’re incredible and I feel like you’re the only designer who articulates exactly what I’ve always wanted.

    And congrats on Emily jr. Can’t wait to see what you do with the baby room!

  94. Wow, this room is just screaming personality! I love the way you’ve mixd the vintage and modern together. I agree with using the white west elm bookcases, your vintage and crazy lady collection is meant to stand out so using a clean and modern backdrop is the perfect solution. Between your living room and the ridiculously awesome job you did in Bri Emery’s home, I will not be short of inspiration for my apartment :)

  95. christiana

    LOVE this room, Emily! Feels to fresh and original – very unexpected but still all pulled together. That surprise/excited feeling when you seen an inspiring room feels so much harder to come by these days – so thank you. Also I like the dude sculpture. And, last, but not least, huge congrats on Emily, Jr.!

  96. ketti

    The head sculpture is awesome and I think looks like Bill Murray. Which makes it awesomer.

  97. Averyl

    i know you’re porbably sick of hearing this but i just have to say it, I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!! i have a question, where did you get that adorable striped cushion on your couch? Also im reupholstering a midcentury couch with tufting in the back, the color that will best go with the room is a blue more on the teal/ tourquoise side, what fabric reccomendations would you have?

  98. Chris

    Clearly I’m obsessed with you. But you have such an amazing gift of styling bookshelves, coffee tables, side tables, and tops of credenzas making each piece appear as if it is your most prized possession. You inspire me daily.

  99. Bridgette

    I love all your side tables!!!

  100. Lucy

    Amazing job! Like you, I have a miniaturization fixation. I am also seriously in love with those beautiful safari chairs. Thanks for the Kiki and Polly shout out. I just ordered the Girl in the Yellow Suit.

  101. Absolutely not crazy– totally and completely perfect! We are finally settling down into a little apartment in Seattle and all my pretties are getting shipped out next month. I can’t wait to start nesting! Your work is always such an inspiration, you manage to layer vintage and modern with just a bit of humor to create such interesting spaces filled with personality. Totally aspiring to that in our new home!

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  103. Rach

    Your living room is so amazing! I love everything. The leather chairs, the wall art, the vase of arrows!!
    Btw, welcome to portland! ; )

  104. OMG the miniatures! My husband makes fun of me constantly for being obsessed with mini chairs, model sailboats, model trestle train bridges (seriously, the old metal chippy ones painted bright colors look so awesome on a shelf) & whatever other crap I pick up at the flea market. I love your miniature stuff, and totally GET it. Now I have ammunition with which to prove to those who mock me that MINIATURE S#*T IS COOL. This lady is a fancy stylist, and she’s got a mini chair in a dome, so step off people!

  105. You new cease to amaze me! The living room is amazing! Well done once again:)

  106. Dragana Bozic

    Oh my …. I NEED that campaign dresser. Where’d you get it?!

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  108. Emily Jane

    Hi! Not sure if you check comments on a previous/older post but I wanted to let you know that something isn’t working on the 6/11/13 Jet Set post -when you click on “no comments” it goes to the “uh oh. can’t find it” page making it impossible to leave a comment..!

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  110. Nate

    This is a… very impressive living room. Pretty much everything in there is unique in and of itself! But is the door hardware leading to and from the room all it can be?

  111. Amanda Greta

    Emily, I adore you and am consistently inspired by your style. The Irish Setter portrait is fantastic and I may just have to find a similar interpretation…or even paint one in my still 4th-grade-level artistic style. Congrats on Emily Jr.!!

    (btw, I think the little Jewish skullcap to which you referred is a yarmulke, which is not at ALL an intuitive spelling of the word.) ;)


  112. michelle mauro

    OMG.. the little falling down giraffes.. where did you find those.. *flails* .. LOVE LOVE LOVE .. I have a red giraffe planter I had made on etsy and ever since my friends and I had a long conversation with the giraffes at the LA zoo, I have had a soft spot for the little guys.. and yours are totally awesome.

    The whole place is inspirational. I have just finished my bedroom and have started the slow process on the living room of my 955 sq ft condo.

  113. I’m in awe… those colors… totally gorgeous, Emily! You never cease to amaze me with all of your rad vintage scores and I’m completely obsessed with you shoe collection. It makes me want a peek into your wearable shoe collection! ;) Also, my pillow couldn’t be more at home on your beautiful blue sofa! I’m beyond thrilled!!

    And… Congratulations on the bun in the oven!!!! So excited for you!!!

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  115. Terri Rosa

    Hi Emily, absolutely love your eclectic sense of style and whimsy. Where did you get your sofa? Love it. Also, any issues with Bearcat’s claws? Looking for something that’s not too “cat-friendly”. We learned that leather is not good… thanks, TERRI

  116. Laura

    Hi Emily,
    I love the Souk rug too but I don’t like the fringe. I don’t see the fringe in your picture. Did you tuck it under the rug?

  117. mariana

    I crazy love it!!! it’s so quirky and ethnic and colorful and it magically works out!!! and i’m not just saying it to be nice ;)

    i watch the fotos and something inside me moves and makes me feel happy :)

    p.s. i’m glad you are not refined and sophisticated…i often crave this too and so can’t make it happen i’ve given up :P even when i was growing up i’d say to my mom why don’t i feel like i’m normal and pull together like all the other pretty girls? (and i do think (not trying to self praise) i’m pretty just in a not too common kinda way)

  118. jennifer

    Love it all! Make’s me want to make my livingroom over even more.I love the different mixes of items and furniture, mixed in with “cheap” ikea.& the fact it is NOT matchy.
    I keep staring at that fabulous blue couch… Can u please tell me where u bought the blue couch?

  119. Lana

    You’re so awesome Emily! Where’d you get the tapestry? Sorry if you already answered this question. Tried weeding through all the comments but they’re just so many!

  120. Samantha

    Hi Emily, your living room is spectacular! You’re styling is beyond inspiring and i love your sense of humor too :) Thanks for making all of your images so easily Pin-able! I’m gonna refer to them over and over again. Congrats on the future mini Emily!

  121. Malia

    Hi, I Love the bookcase styling! Where are those gold (or brass) picture frames from? I’ve never found ones that look so clean and fresh. They all seem over the top decorative.

  122. Rosie

    Your living room is the living room mine wants to be when it grows up. Stunning.

    Two things: Is the wire sculpture vintage? I want one now.

    The Souk rug looks lovely, but you may want to consider something else from the time your baby is able to crawl until he/she is about 18 months/two years. Tufts of wool in mouth. Constantly. Just saying. I went with a synthetic “Beni” from rugsusa for this very reason!

  123. Anna

    Beautiful! I love the extent and uniqueness of all your pieces, yet you were able to bring them together in such a cohesive way. What color is are the walls???? I MUST know =)

  124. gill

    Emily! You are such an inspiration. I am obsessed with your living room. Well, im basically obsessed with you. You pull many eclectic items together so effortlessly gahhhh i wish i could do that. you are the coolest designer out there

    • Emily

      AHHHH, thank you so much. What a VERY nice thing to hear. Thanks, Gill. xx

  125. I recognize the lamp of the soldier in black. I owned two of these lamps that my father made me from Liquore Galliano L’Autentico bottles.
    Seeing your lamp brought back wonderful memories of that do-it-yourself father/daughter project and just in time for Father’s Day.
    The soldier is an Italian Carabinieri Guardsman.

  126. Totally digging the living room! You did an awesome job and love the styling of the shelves! love to hear about all of the lil character pieces you have collected! I am obsessed with the throw you have in one photo over your side chair (and I believe it’s usually in your master bedroom…the hot pink with mustard stripes….where did you find that)? cheers!

  127. You rock! I can’t stop reading. and pinning. and i too have a blue sofa obsession.
    would you ever take a job in the SF bay area? i would *love* you to come help me. please contact me if you’d consider it.

  128. Ummmm….You just put into pictures my vision for my living room..somewhat creepy that you were able read my mind like that. I’ve wanted a blue velvet couch for 5 (FIVE!) years now. Since we JUST bought our first house, I finally get to buy my couch. I’m such a craigslist/garage sale shopper, and I love to mix good finds with nice stuff. Anywho- thank you for giving me pictures that I can show my (somewhat reluctant and distrustful of my design skills) husband of the look I’m after.

    I’m already in the midst of painting the whole bottom floor white…I may or may not have painted the ceiling kitchen yellow. I’m not sure why he distrusts me….but there is a reason I’m doing it all while he’s out of the country for a month.

    I had never heard of you until today (I don’t get out much…it’s me, not you) but now you’re my fav! Oh- if you’re ever in the Denver area, go to this place called the Brass Armadillo. Its a huge-ass antique/flea/market of the coolest things you’ll ever find. And it’s cheap!

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  130. love your style…always! & your living room is beyond my wildest living room dreams ;)
    truly inspiring, thank you for sharing!

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  132. Brooke

    Gorgeous room! Two source questions…..the white side table next to the leather chair and the tv cabinet?

  133. Brooke

    I also have the same rug…how do you manage to clean yours? Any tips or tricks?

  134. Pingback: L.A. bungalow makeover | Emily Henderson

  135. I love to hear about Bearcat, because I feel less like a crazy cat lady when I hear you gush, and because my Pepper looks much like her. Being a cat person, I appreciate what you said about Bearcat eating things and puking them up and then eating the puke. I thought I was the only one who talked about my puking cats on my blog. But seriously, I have hardly any decent upholstered pieces because of my puking cats. And I don’t buy wool rugs because of my puking cats. Does Performance Velvet work well when one needs to clean cat puke off upholstery? I’m dying for more non-leather upholstery, but it’s gotta be cleanable! Seriously, my cat is puking on my bedroom carpet as I type this. Help!

  136. rach

    Hi, I’m so in love with your living room, I might ask it to marry me. Or at least for a first date. Can you share where the super-colorful throw pillow in the last picture is from? I need some color in my living room…until yours moves in, anyway. Thanks!

  137. I love love love this- I like minimalistic style and like everything to be put away but my boyfriend is the complete opposite- you’ve showed that things can be on display but still look good…complete inspiration for what looks like a new project in organising our shelves and bits and bobs for personality and not just ‘clutter’. Wish me luck!

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  139. Monica

    I know I’m late to the party on this post but I had to write my first ever blog comment to say 3 things. #1 I am wicked jealous over your couch and chairs as I am minorly (ok majorly) obsessed with vintage furniture. #2 yes the sculpture head is creepy and #3 why don’t they make TV’s in white so they will blend in better with pretty things?!

  140. Hi Emily, can you please shed some light on where you got those colorful striped pillows on the ends of your blue couch?

  141. Tina Myers

    I love the style of this room. I might have to use some of these ideas! I’ve been trying to find some simple, modern looking loveseats for sale to put in my new apartment as well. Thanks for sharing.

  142. Stephanie Acker

    Totally lame question and I read through all 188 comments, so I’m hoping I didn’t miss it. Where is your tv console (correct name?) from?

  143. Ceuma

    First I have to say….pYou reply to everybody… And second I wanted to cry when I sow what you did… It is incredible. I I do have a house we have similar styles but know I live with my boyfriend and we bought a house and I trapped in boring. My boyfriend thinks that my sense of design is to loud he prefers things more organic… He just doesn’t trust me I have the capability of bringing my design to meet with hi function and comfort. I’m so so sad. I love this. I want to be free.


  144. Ultimate living room!! So so good. This is my source of inspiration for my new apartment makeover :) Do you feature other homes? I’d love to share mine once I’m finished!

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  148. Olivia

    I am SO looking forward to see how you make “baby proof” look beautiful. I have twin one year olds running around, tearing everything up and its hard to make everything look nice AND keep it all out of reach of little hands. So excited and happy for you! Babies are wonderful! You will experience your happiest of happys :)

  149. HI, This is giving a old look with modern style and feeling good.

  150. Wonderful article! That is the kind of info that are supposed
    to be shared around the net. Shame on Google for no longer positioning this publish higher!
    Come on over and consult with my website . Thank you =)

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  154. carol

    Loved the YouTube video on decorating a nightstand. So excited to see you use the hot pink velvet pendant. I have a pair of them and can’t wait to hang them. I’m looking for 2 campaign style bedside tables to go under them. I’d like to share my master-bed room when I complete it.

  155. Hena

    Hi Emily,
    You are so amazing at all of this. So happy, light and FUN. Love your blog and the energy you bring into your interiors and posts. Could you please comment on what color White you painted your home (living) in? I am contemplating white and all your white spaces look so bright and clean and WHITE.
    Best and keep rocking!

  156. hi Emily,
    i quit like your taste for color selection and loved every pic of your with detailed finishing of accessories which makes the perfect living room with all the bright colors.

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  161. Mikell

    Your living room is giving me heart palpitations. I LOVE your style! Can’t get enough of it! Thank you for being so inspiring.

  162. wow, I love these shelves.They are so beautifully designed. Nice job

  163. Thanks for the tour around your gorgeous living room and I’ve got this linked to my living rooms post too today!

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  165. chris

    I sure hope you see this post, as I’m commenting from your living room post, which is a bit older now. FIRST, I’m so glad that you can now be an email subscriber to your blog. I just noticed it today, usually, I just pull it up on my own everyday, now I will see it in my inbox every day, which makes me very happy. SECOND, the reason I pulled up this older post is because I kept thinking about the tiny gold midcentury chair on your bookcase. Well, a little background story. When my mom was a little girl, each Christmas, her parents would take a picture of her with all her Christmas presents. She was born in 1935, so I would say probably around 1939, she received tiny furniture, a mahogany dining room set, and yes, two gorgeous gold chairs. No kidding, these are definitely the same chairs. I finally got around to restyling my mantel a bit, sure could have used your help!, as it is LOOONG, but I decided to put those two little chairs on the mantel by our old mid century clock. Love, Love your blog, your design sense is out of this world amazing, love how authentic you are, and hey, pretty soon, you’ll have an adorable little one in your new home with you equally adorable husband. (you make such a sweet pair). Anyway, hope you see this comment. I just about died when I saw that chair on your post awhile back. Very cool!! Have fun in your new home!

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  167. EuroSheepskins

    Thank you. We have real sheepskins made with eco-friendly tanning at There’s no comparison between thick, natural sheepskin rugs and the cheap mass produced ones sold by the big boxes.

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  169. Megan

    I LOVE this! The couch and leather chairs are simply a-ma-zing! I love the small details and how you mix all those colors without overdoing it. My apartment is white, black and beige, but I would love to add some color. Every time I see your blog I want to go shopping immediately! You’re really talented and I can’t wait to see what you make of Joanna’s apartment. Good luck!

  170. So cute and where have you been all of my life U! Can’t wait to explore your blog more! I am adding you to my bloglist too! thanks :)

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  174. Louisa

    Could you share where you found the brass legs on your coffee table and media unit? I’m having a hard time finding anything similar. Thank you!

  175. Your point of reference in life most often changes our viewpoint. Sometimes good and sometimes this alteration is bad but it is our paradigm that influences over what we see.

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  179. diana gordon

    Where did you get the gorgeous blue couch???

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  181. Phuong Ireland

    I love your couch — can you tell me where you got it?

    Thank you!

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  184. Taylor

    Where is the rug from?!!!

  185. For a great sleep you must choose the sleep surface.

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  187. Great room style.It is very wonderful and saw many decorated post of your room design.Do you have website which related to room design ? because I want to see many design of living room collection and guide actually I have own business of furniture so it will be help for my products.

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