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Want To See Your ENTIRE Outfit?? The Best Full-Length Floor Mirrors And How To Style Them

We love styling with mirrors because they famously brighten a room and make it appear more open and airy. They are reflective (duh) so they help bounce light around and can make even the darkest rooms look brighter. Suffice to say, there is nothing but love for mirrors over here. But there is something that has been bothering me lately. Why is it that full-length floor mirrors are harder to style than wall mirrors? I see wall mirrors in rooms all day long but there isn’t as much to show for floor mirrors. Is it the vanity aspect that tricks us into thinking that they have no creative styling merit in a room? I know I personally need a full-length mirror because I want to see my entire outfit head to toe before I go on with my day. And if that’s wrong then I don’t want to be right! But I have to admit that the classic mirror hung over a closet door isn’t the most ideal or ~sexy~ styling moment. So this had me thinking…what are the cool ways to style full-length floor mirrors that feel intentional and fresh? SURELY these mirrors can’t be all for naught, right? As I am contemplating procuring a new floor mirror for my own home, I decided to do some research on how I can style one in a way that feels intentional and cool. Wanna see what I came up with? Well then, follow me!


design by julie rose | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: one of emily’s best friends gets a cozy sophisticated bedroom makeover

Whenever something is oversized in a room, it is DEFINITELY going to come across as intentional. If space permits, an oversized mirror can be an excellent way to take up empty wall space and it easily packs a huge design punch. Mirrors of this scale are much more affordable than large sale art and they do double duty as they’ll help brighten the room (and I’m not mad that they are great for mirror selfies, too). In Suzanne’s bedroom above, Julie Rose used this oversized mirror to take up space on an awkward wall and it completely brightened the space. Adding that cute little side table and plant also helps to make the space feel put together. In Julie’s own words, “There are no ceiling or wall lights in this room. So it all comes down to lamps at night and reflecting the natural light as much as possible during the day which this amazing arched floor mirror does that job very well.

design by harlotte de tonnac and hugo sauzay | photo by helenio barbetta |via vouge

If you really want your mirror to be a focal point in your room, you can’t go wrong opting for an oversized ornate mirror. In my living room, I have this one (they also have it in full-length size) and it brings in just the right amount of vintage Victorian charm. And bonus! These massive mirrors are built to be leaned because of their size and weight, so you usually don’t need to drill thousands of holes into the wall. Partners of design enthusiasts all over, rejoice! There is no need to pull out the power drill for these babies. But also safely first so just make sure:)

1. Modern Glam Large Full-length Floor Wall Mirror | 2. Gleaming Primrose Mirror | 3. Emmy Black Floor Mirror | 4. Estelle Floor Mirror | 5. Selene Extra Large Floor Mirror | 6. Arched Metal Mirror Full-length Floor Mirror

An ornate mirror like #2 will bring in charm and make a significant impact in any room. I love the simple lines of #5 and #6. The subtle curve of #3 is also making me swoon.


design by julie rose | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: julie’s huge (and diy packed) bedroom upgrade

Any long, narrow wall space in between two doors can be difficult to style, so why not hang a long mirror?

For Julie’s bedroom makeover, she mounted a long and narrow mirror from Rejuvenation on the wall between her closet and bedroom door. This helps break up an otherwise blank wall in a very simple but impactful way. Also, since this mirror directly faces a wall with a window, the natural light bounces off of it effortlessly which is always a good thing in a smaller bedroom. I also have to note how she chose a matte black framed mirror so it really pops against her light walls and complements the black accents she has sprinkled throughout the room.

1. Metal Frame Narrow Floor Mirror | 2. Adorn Full Size Mirror | 3. Bourdon Full Length Mirror | 4. Umbra Hub Mirror with Rubber Frame | 5. Cassie Leaning Floor Mirror | 6. Hinoki Wood Floor Mirror

For extremely tight spaces, #1 is a great option (it is only 14″ wide!). #2 and #6 are simple and versatile because they can be either leaned or mounted. If you are looking for one that’s a little more unexpected, #5 will definitely turn heads.


design and photos by keyanna bowen | from: blue walls be done! key’s totally transformed office reveal

If your home doesn’t have a ton of architectural interest (I can relate) and you want to create some movement to contrast 90-degree angles everywhere, an arched mirror is an effective way to do so. In Keyanna’s office above, she leaned a simple arched floor mirror on a small wall cutout and it instantly added movement to the space. It’s a classic shape that easily creates visual interest.

1. Handmade Rattan Mirror | 2. Manocorro Arched Full Length Mirror | 3. Natia Ebonized Oak Arch Floor Mirror | 4. Metal Vintage Style Leaning Full Length Mirror | 5. Curvy Floor Mirror | 6. Aperture Floor Mirror

#3 has an ebonized finish that is really divine and I love the two stand-alone legs, too. #5 has a sort of inverse arch which is equally cool and interesting. #1 is a lovely handmade option and would be perfect in a boho-style room.


design by malcolm simmons | photo by keyanna bowen | from: maloclm’s bedroom reveal is here

Beloved EHD contributor Malcolm Simmons is always surprising us with his unexpected and refined designs. In his bedroom reveal, he created a curtain wall so he can choose to hide his full-length mirror if needed. Now I know I am making a case for showing off these bad boys, but this genius hack offers the best of both worlds (cue Miley Cyrus). You can unveil the mirror to check yourself out or simply open up the space, or close the curtains to make the space more quiet and relaxing. SO GOOD. If you want to try this out, here are some of our favorite wall-mounted mirrors:

1. Oversized Metal Framed Mirror | 2. Floating White Lacquer Floor Mirror | 3. HOVET Mirror | 4. Infinity Mirror | 5. Kate and Laurel Rollo Capsule Framed Wall Mirror | 6. Metal Framed Full Length Mirror

For an affordable option, #3 is great and has tons of raving reviews. #2 also has a very thin frame, so it could almost blend into walls effortlessly. Because I love a more round shape, my eye is one #5 and #6.


photo by david tsay

One thing we often take for granted when it comes to mirrors is color. We are used to mirrors being traditionally “clear”, but in fact, a mirror can have any color hue. Now, bold colors like blue or green might be out of most of our comfort zones, but an amber or rose-colored mirror is interesting and will create a layer of warmth. In the above living room, the oversized amber-colored floor mirror is super unexpected, it complements the neutral tones throughout the room, and adds a contemporary flair. This hack might be a small design risk but when done right it’s SO GOOD.

1. Framed Mirror | 2. Umbra Misto Decorative Wall Mirror for Entryway | 3. Contemporary Mirror ‘Tafla Q1’, Aurum Collection

There aren’t a ton of readymade options on the market (which makes them even more special) but I really love the shape and color of #1. #2 on the other hand has a gradient that is subtle and inviting. Although an investment for sure, #3 is clearly special, has a really interesting shape, and would look awesome in a contemporary home.

So which styling trick is your favorite? Are you team full-length mirrors or do you think of them as a design faux pas? Tell me everything. xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Malcolm Simmons | Photo by Keyanna Bowen | From: Maloclm’s Bedroom Reveal Is Here

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1 year ago

Absolutely lovely <3

Man I love Malcolm’s bedroom! 🥰 also, Julie’s!
Ok, love the colored mirrors. I have leaning mirrors and wall mirrors all over my house to bounce light, and I love the look. It works so well.
All of my leaning full length mirrors are actually mirrors from low and long mid century modern dressers. I just removed the metal poles from the backs and now you have large wood framed mirrors. Much cheaper route. You can get off FB Marketplace or Craigslist.

1 year ago

That is brilliant! This is why I always read the comments here

1 year ago

I have that ikea mirror for about 10 years. I used to have it propped and now I have it hanging. I prefer it hanging since dog ahir always seemed to collect behind it. I also like that its frame is wide enough on the sides (may 2-3 inches deep) that I have 2 command strip hooks next to each other going down the sides. Its perfect for hanging necklaces. They mostly disappear on the sides yet they all hang and don’t get tangled. I was struggling with necklaces for years. I’ve got one of those earring trees, but didn’t have space anywhere for necklaces.

1 year ago

Great post! Unfortunately several of the links are wrong 🙂

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Mirrors make magic!!!
They not only bounce light, but energy, around.
All the mirrors!!!🤩

I have a little project I’m cooking up – I have a collection from years back (while under control) of small, gold-framed mirrors of different shapes (even one I made-cast the plaster and everything!).
My project is to hang them like a mini-gallery wall, above my mantle in the living room. I think it’ll be a fun, spirited addition and bounce the light (and energy) around.😊

1 year ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

What a great idea. I am finding that I only really like gallery walls that rely on a strong element of uniformity, whether through size, color palette, medium, or subject (e.g. I vaguely remember seeing a collection of vintage seascapes in gilt frames in a post here). I had never considered a gallery of mirrors, though, and I am going to tuck that idea away for future use.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Eliot

I’ve wanted to do it for yearrrrrrrs, but my ex controlled everything.
Freedom flourishes… Yaaay ! 😃

1 year ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

That sounds like a wonderful element for your living room Rusty!! This is one more reason you need to be on Instagram and/or have a blog! 🙂
I love gold frames, small and large, and buy interesting ones when I find them at thrift stores, sometimes silver or wood with plans for turning them gold Rub ‘n Buff or gold leaf – really like to try my hand at that! Mostly these will be for reframing with art, though a very few already have interesting art or mirrors. I especially like small round mirrors that are framed with sun rays – only found one of those! 🙂

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Deborah

I’ve used a tiny tin of oil-based gold paint instead of rub n buff or gold leaf.
I dry-brush with a manky old paint brush with bristles sticking out every ehich way and it gives the same effect.🤗
Don’t use the water-based version though…it’s far less gold and looks dull.

Gah! I need more time n space to delve into Insta and other socials. (Sienna, my mentee is big on Snapchat and Insta so she could teach me).😏
Being so isolated kept me out of touch.
Note to self: Get a move on, Rusty! 🥴

1 year ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

Hi Rusty, yes to using a wonky brush, I want them to have a patina effect! 🙂
Yes, hope to see you soon on IG, it’s less time consuming than a blog, but a blog is better in the long run and both compliment one another very well. 🙂

Reply to  🥰 Rusty

I love that idea, Rusty! I’ve always wanted to do a wall of mirrors, but then i figured I’d scare myself at night. I’m a big chicken. But I think that would look amazing!

1 year ago

I love a big leaning mirror. My baby knocked one over, though, and it shattered. No one got hurt, but there were lots of tears (mostly from me) and a spectacular mess, and…. maybe seven years of bad luck? In any event, I’m forgoing full-length mirrors until the youngest develops some restraint. R.I.P. my outfits

1 year ago
Reply to  Eliot

Came here to say that I LOVE Full-length mirrors as a decorative and functional
element but wouldn’t consider putting one in my home until my littlest is out of the toddler/small kid years. I’m so scared of it shattering because he’s a whirling dervish. Sadly, I don’t look at my outfits in a mirror or if I really need to see my ensemble, I look at my reflection in the oven. Ha!!

1 year ago

Nice collection of floor length mirrors Ryann, I especially love seeing them in their interiors, thank you! 🙂

Another type of floor length mirror to consider is the a free standing mirror. What I like about them is that they fit perfectly in a corner which is a great attribute for small bedrooms. 🙂
Last year I found a free standing “floor length” mirror that pivots in it’s frame at the Goodwill – it’s not really special as I see them occasionally, though this one was poorly painted a gaudy Barbie pink, but I have plans to paint it gold and use Rub ‘n Buff at some point! 🙂

1 year ago

This is timely! Looking for a mirror for my new apartment 😁

1 year ago

Fingers crossed you’re able to update that DWR tinted mirror link! I think it’s exactly what I’m looking for, but I can’t find it on their website! Halp!

1 year ago

What I wish I’d done; build a frame around the mirror and hinge the mirror to it. Ideally the space should conceal an opening between the studs and allow storage for accessory items like scarves, necklaces, and other jewelry. Make it useful as well as beautiful.
I saw this once on a house tour. A hidden space, my dream!

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Patricia

Grrreat idea! So functional.👍
Unfortunately, ALL my walls are brick, internal too, so this isn’t possible.

1 year ago
Reply to  Patricia

In my home, we are having a mirror which is made with sea shells, You know, It is really awesome. It enhanced the beauty of interior walls. Awesome, Thanks for sharing !!

1 year ago

We recently did a renovation in our bedroom/primary bathroom. We are fortunate enough to have a walk in closet that had a traditional swinging door. It was in the way all the time. We replaced it with a sliding door, and installed a full length mirror on the side that is in the closet. It is so convenient! The only place we would have had room to lean a mirror against a wall would have been right beside the bed. Gulp. No. Lol!