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What You Bought This Past Month – The Data Is In And It’s Clear We Are All Thinking The Same Thing…

Now it may have been a cold and rainy month (at least it has been in LA) but it’s clear that sunshine or more likely, vacation is on everyone’s mind. But hey it’s March! Are we really surprised?! We have warm days full of sunshine and outdoor activities heavily on the brain. However, we are a design blog after all so there were a few big winners that are definitely also helping our homes look and maybe even feel warmer too. Ready to see what’s been coming off the shelves quick this past month??

Staggered Glass Adjustable Sconce


Man, I was happy to see this sconce on the list!! I have a personal attachment to it because it’s from my sculptural sconce post. I know there was some interesting debate in the comments but we are FIRM believers that if you have the wall and/or space, a sculptural sconce is such a cool and beautiful design piece. Sadly this one is no longer available. Did y’all sell it out?? I’d like to think so, ha! Here’s a similar one if you’e interested.

Lewis Double Push-Button Switchplate

Switch Plate

I’d like to take credit for this one with my special switches and switch plate post but I don’t think I can. This beauty was probably snagged from Emily’s farmhouse kitchen and that is anything but a surprise. I know switching out outlet covers and switch plates can feel unnecessary but if you have the budget it’s such a special touch that we love. I’m planning on switching out as many of mine as possible! (At least the visible ones:))

Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

This is what I was talking about when I said vacation was and is on all of our minds. This is Ryann’s new favorite bag (that is going to be perfect for her upcoming Japan trip) and this is what she had to say about it: “My husband and I are going to Japan in less than 2 months (EEEEEEEK) and a few weeks ago he surprised me with this super versatile shoulder bag. I love how simple and utilitarian it is and think it is going to be perfect for our travels. Speaking of our travels, I would love any Tokyo recs! Know of any restaurants, shopping, design stores, excursions, or sights we must see?? Let me know!!” It also comes in a bunch of other really cute colors.

PowerChill 7/8-Length Cami Jumpsuit


Oooo baby did y’all have OPINIONS about unitards last Saturday. However, the popularity of this little number in the link up was the final straw that told us people were into this trend because of how many of you bought it. Thanks to Albie and her new self proclaimed title of “comfort influencer” a lot of you are owners of fashion’s current hottest trend – unitards.

As a reminder this was her review: “Hi my name is Albie and I’m your fave comfort influencer lol. One of my fave new comfort finds is this jumpsuit from Old Navy! So good! I purchased two colors to start and now I want em in every color. What I especially love is that I can wear em around the house with a robe and then switch out my robe for a shacket to pick up the mini from school or do a quick Target run. There’s a built-in shelf bra that’s surprisingly supportive considering how too heavy I am, although to leave the house, I pair it with a bralette to be safe.”

Poetto Pull Down Faucet


This is a mystery link but there’s zero mystery why this beautiful faucet was popular! It’s modern but timeless and that Rejuvenation brass is without a doubt stunning in person. You just can’t go wrong with anything from them.

“Plungey” Swimsuit


GET US TO A WARM BEACH… or pool… or lake… or river… or even a clean puddle at this point! Once I’m there I want to be in this swimsuit because not only did Emily make an incredible case for it, so did Caitlin because she bought TWO. It seems that a lot of you felt the same since it’s #5 on this month’s list. Here are Caitlin’s exact words: “I have been #emfluenced (yes, it happens to our team, too) and I AM GLAD. After reading Em’s glowing review of her new TA3 swimsuit, I grabbed two of my own (the Plungey, which she recommended, and the Lacey, which is a little more covered up – that’s the one I’m wearing up there) and both are AWESOME. I love swimming/the beach/the pool and don’t have a ton of swimwear-induced agony – like, I’m at a place with my body where my general feeling is “it is what it is” – but these suits made me feel SUPER comfortable AND cool. They were both incredibly supportive (the lace-up back is NO JOKE – you’re in TIGHT, in a good way!) and held up awesome after hooooours and hours in the ocean. My friends and I are renting a blow-up waterslide later this month and I can’t wait to wear this one again for the whole day.”

Now, I know we shouldn’t care about how we look in a swimsuit but I think most of us still do and this shapeware swimsuit really does a great job at making whoever is wearing it feel confident. What’s also so great about this brand is that their sizing goes up to 4x and they show models in varying sizes. I think this is the year I’m investing in one.

Infrared Sauna Blanket

Sauna Blanket

It may have taken momentary break from this list but IT’S BACK! Maybe we’re all still cold or maybe it’s just an incredible product that I also very much want. If you didn’t catch Em’s updated review after three years of use check that out there🙂 IT’S COMPELLING.

Wide Leg Linen Pants


EE! This was my link and I hope whoever bought these pants loves them as much as I do. I truly would sleep in them if I could BECAUSE they are that comfortable. I even bought a slightly different black pair because I couldn’t get enough. I’ve been dressing them up and down depending on the day so I stand by their versatility. Now, they are linen so the wrinkling is real after a day of wearing them but that’s what irons are for right?

Tropical Groove Midi Dress


Same brand as the pants (Farm Rio) but an incredibly fun and colorful dress that Mallory almost bought to wear to a friend’s wedding! While it didn’t work for the style of wedding Mal was attending, it’s SUCH a cute dress and hopefully whoever bought it has been loving it. I think anyone who has tried on Farm Rio’s clothes can attest to the high quality. They just feel so good on.

Women’s Boxy Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

AH! It’s been a minute since one of my links was #1 so this is an exciting Friday for ole Bunge:) But truly, this shirt is one of my new favorites because of how soft, cute, and AFFORDABLE it is. A perfect layering piece when it’s cold (I have my Paris trip to prove that) but can easily be worn on its own. 1000/10! It also comes in other colors.

Well, that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed this little data review and if you bought something we really hope you are loving it.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Sarah Zachary | Styling by Emily Bowser | Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Afraid Of Designing A Boring Home?? This Designer Will Steer You Clear By Showing You Her Tricks

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1 year ago

This is a great piece of content! Your articles are very helpful, please keep them coming

1 year ago

I love the competitiveness for the top!

Lauren H
1 year ago

The TA3 swimsuit looks great but how do y’all pee in those suits? 🙃 Also it looks like you need a second person to help tie you in, or is it easy enough to do on your own?

1 year ago
Reply to  Lauren H

i tie myself in! you definitely need to loosen it a bit before putting it on/off but it’s pretty easy to manage. i now have a third TA3 suit that i keep in my car for swim emergencies (is this the most la thing i have ever said???) so i am a big proponent of these!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Lauren H

i just shimmy the fabric over to the side to pee in a one piece!

1 year ago

I love that a unitard made the list. Lol!

1 year ago
Reply to  LouAnn

YES! So great after all those very big feelings and very big assumptions from the Unitard comment section last week! (I don’t wear unitards but am very pro-unitard for anyone who wants to wear one! Totally get it! 🙂

1 year ago

Do that many people really buy $1,700 kitchen faucets? It is nice looking, but wow.

1 year ago
Reply to  R

Wondering if this is by profit vs. number of items purchased? That would probably swing some of the higher cost items (like the sauna blanket) up…

1 year ago
Reply to  R

I wanted nice solid faucets for our new build, but the costs were too high for me to rationalize. had the same models for a more reasonable price. I also went with all chrome which was the cheapest version. We ended up buying them from a higher end kitchen/bath display store that matched the prices for us.

1 year ago
Reply to  C

Pfister has a really pretty gold faucet that is similar to this. I got it at the furgeson showroom.

1 year ago

Love these posts. Interesting to read!

Roberta Davis
1 year ago

that sauna blanket every time!

1 year ago

I’m glad a unitard made the cut. Love that article.

1 year ago

Because of the recommendation I purchased all 3 stripped, boxy t-shirts. I love all 3 colors, the fit and softness of the fabric. Thanks for the recommendation.

1 year ago

Hey Jess, I have to say, your post about the big winners in home design for the past month had me hooked! Your passion for design shines through in every sentence. I loved the Staggered Glass Adjustable Sconce – I can totally see why it sold out so quickly, it looks like such a unique and beautiful piece. Overall, your post was informative, engaging, and just plain fun to read. Keep up the great work!