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This New Fashion Trend Makes Getting Ready FAST And We’re Into It

Look there’s something we need to address. We’ve been seeing this article of clothing EVERYWHERE in 2023 and it’s time that we brought it to your attention. I’m not sure how this came to be but it turns out that this is the year of the unitard. Yup you heard that right. We are stripping down to our skivvies and pulling on some surprisingly comfortable, shaping unitards (which are also affectionately referred to as bodysuits or onesies, the unitard is rebranding). Albie even talked about a unitard she bought and loved in the link up a few weeks ago. Here’s what she had to say about it: “Hi my name is Albie and I’m your fave comfort influencer lol. One of my fave new comfort finds is this jumpsuit from Old Navy! So good! I purchased two colors to start and now I want em in every color. What I especially love is that I can wear em around the house with a robe and then switch out my robe for a shacket to pick up the mini from school or do a quick Target run. There’s a built-in shelf bra that’s surprisingly supportive considering how too heavy I am, although to leave the house, I pair it with a bralette to be safe.”

Now at first, I wasn’t sure I would be diving into this trend, but when I saw the viral target unitard all over TikTok, what was I supposed to do? I clicked on that link. And was it already sold out? You bet it was. Did I sign up to be notified when it came back in stock? YES, I DID OKAY. So low and behold, it came back in stock and I immediately added to cart. Here’s what it looks like for those of you who are curious:

It’s a dupe of the Aritzia jumpsuit and it’s honestly a very good one for half the price. Now note it’s not AS shaping as the Aritiza one, but I bought it and find it incredibly comfortable and I constantly want to put it on. Once I solidified that I’m a unitard kind of girl, I invested in this next lil number and I love wearing it to the gym and to my Rumble boxing classes 🙂

So I know what you’re thinking…is this all just workout gear?? Or is this a real fashion statement that I can wear around town? I’m happy to report that athleisure IS fashion right now (which is ideal), and we love a sporty-street wear kind of look, so yes you can wear this around town and HERE’S HOW.

There are 3 main formulas, let’s break them down:

Dad Shoes + High Socks + Sweatshirt

One of my favorite ways to wear a bodysuit like this is with a sweatshirt tied around the waist or around the shoulders (like in example #2). I love how effortless it looks with a simple tied sweatshirt even though I know getting that sweatshirt tie to look good involves much effort. Another notable element of this outfit formula is the dad shoe + high sock combo. We are not wearing ankle socks anymore no no no, instead we’re wearing cool white 90s dad socks with some chunky white sneaks (Just kidding, if you love ankle socks that’s great. This is just what’s very much on trend:)). Also the more accessories, the better. I’ll show you in some other examples below but just know you can never have too much. Add that fanny pack belt bag over your shoulder, pair it with those sunnies, and throw on a baseball hat. The thing about the unitard is that it’s simple and you make it your own with the accessories. So that’s a daytime athleisure look. Here’s how you’d wear a onesie in a more “going out setting”.

Chunky Boots + Blazer + Sunnies

YUP, that’s how it’s done. I know it may feel WILD to wear a unitard out to a restaurant but I’m telling you it’s fun and comfortable. The blazer adds some structure to the shoulders while the uni SNATCHES that waist. The contrast makes for a gorgeous silhouette and a trendy outfit. Now onto the last bodysuit formula and maybe my fav:

Sneakers + Button Down + Accessories

How cute right?? I love the open button-down or the button-down tied at the front. So into this look. Now if you’re convinced that these are the best ever and you want to purchase a bodysuit to call your own, here are our favorites right now!!

1. Target Shorts Bodysuit | 2. Lowback Bodysuit | 3. Mindset Jumpsuit | 4. Ecostretch Jumpsuit | 5. Cami Bodysuit | 6. Good Karma Onesie | 7. Skims Rib Stretch Cotton | 8. Berry Flare Jumpsuit | 9. Alosoft Sunsout Onesie

What are your thoughts on this new trend?? Drop your comments below, let’s chat!! Xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: I Let My 20-Something-Year-Old Staff Dress Me in 2019 Fashion Trends


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125 thoughts on “This New Fashion Trend Makes Getting Ready FAST And We’re Into It

  1. Am I the only one thinking sure, but HOW do you pee?? Especially if you’re wearing layers?? Taking everything off each time is a hard no for me, so much effort. But still fun to see these pics and keep up on what the kids these days are wearing, however ill advised 😂 thanks mallory!!

    1. This has crossed my mind, but on the other hand I love a good jumpsuit, and I accept the annoyance of the same bathroom situation for the trade off of having an easy, cute, comfortable outfit to pull on without much thought. (Best combo for me is a long, comfy casual dress with bike shorts to avoid chub rub, but it’s nice to have options).

    2. How do you pee in a one-piece swimsuit or in tights under a dress? We can do hard things guys.

      1. That’s why I go for the coverage of a tankini but the ease of separate bottoms. And taking down tights under a skirt is a helluva lot easier than stripping a whole unitard off.

      2. I can handle tights under a skirt. For a one-piece suit, just gently pull the crotch to one side. Works every time. 😀

    3. It’s too much effort. Think of all the stuff you’re carrying when you’re running around town and trying to get into bathroom stalls..

  2. This seems like a thing to do when you’re a 30-something who lives in LA. I’ll report back if I see any of my mid to late 30s mom friends in DC trying to pull this one off…

    1. Mid to late 30s mom in DC with lots of similarly aged friends in the area…and no, I have literally never seen a mid 30s mom try to pull off this Gen Z baloney…lol!

    2. Another late 30s DC mom here. Was this post aimed at us? The idea of a unitard working in our lives makes me LOL.

    3. Late 30s mom in SF… I love my unitard! Basically leggings that don’t ever need to be adjusted with a built in bra. I wear mine with a sweatshirt to do school run or walk dog, and when I’m traveling for work I’ll wear it with an oversized blazer and boots on the plane.

  3. The average age of a reader here has to be, what, 40? And most of us likely have kids? The chances of us wearing a unitard are therefore… slim-to-none? As a member of the (presumably) plurality cohort of women who come here for floorplan- and paint color-based diversions from our jobs/kids and planetary/political crises, please, friends in charge of this blog, don’t give us this!! It has no bearing on our lives at all!

    1. when I was younger and bodysuits were an actual thing I never ever owned one. Onesies were bad enough through 3 tiny baby bodies, no way in hell was I doing that to myself for no reason. Even less relevant to my life now that I’m pushing 50…

        1. I don’t think she’s making any assumptions; she’s just stating her viewpoint. Everyone’s viewpoint is received and respected, doesn’t have to be gospel and adhered to.

    2. I’d personally, love to see so metrics on age ranges of the readership.
      Caitlin could crunch numbers!

  4. No way. When I need to pee I do NOT want to take apart my whole outfit and wrangle that in a bathroom.

      1. Can you imagine pulling the whole thing down so you are now buck naked from the knees up, squatting over a public toilet, where the door frame is just a little too wide, and people walking by can peer right in and see you totally naked, hovering? Hilarious!!

  5. This is definitely a good for you, not for me moment! I’m 5’11” with a long torso so any kind of one piece jumpsuit, overall, and now unitard situation is a no go for me, even the tall versions.

    This is also definitely not my aesthetic. However, I appreciate these types of posts. It gives me ideas to buy my 16 year old niece who would totally love this look!

    1. Lol integrity? Calm down. 1) I’m a plus size woman in my 30s who has been influenced and is now seriously considering giving this trend a chance (I love bike shorts, maybe this is even better) so some portion of their audience is open to this – the blog does not revolve around you and 2) even if this is a total miss (which I’m sure the professional women who run this blog will identify through data), there is no reason to think it wasn’t written in good faith. I hope you never have a lackluster idea at work and have your integrity questioned as a result! What an impossibly high bar to live up to.

      1. LOL to “lackluster idea at work”…seriously, who among us has not phoned in some part of our job, thinking, “Clearly this isn’t my best but I gotta get something out”?

    2. Amy I totally agree. I feel like EHD was at its best when it’s people were actually creating and designing. I love when they featured projects they did for charity, or for a friend. DIYs? Yes please. Family conundrums? Yes please.

      But then Emily moved to Portland to retire. JK. Just referencing Portlandia. And now it seems like the blogging is mostly done by her younger staffers and none of them have her voice or her aesthetic. I find myself interested in 20% of the posts max, and I’m sure their site traffic is reflective of this. Get back to basics ladies. What about Malcolm, Orlando, Albie, Key? Where did all the awesome other voices go?? Enough telling us to buy fast fashion.

      1. I loved the blog in the before times and love it now, too. You mention Malcolm, Orlando, Albie, Key, but they were all in their 20s when they wrote here, too! The people Emily staffs are in early or middle stages of their careers and I love seeing them all blossom year after year. I appreciate seeing the growth and even sometimes decline of this space. I’m just so grateful to be able to check in every day or every few days. Sometimes it’s a gripping read, sometimes i skim it. No matter what I am grateful for all the work that goes into this blog from top to bottom!

  6. every single person saying no in the comments must be okay with hiking up their leggings constantly in workout classes haha- I love a unitard for yoga and these are fine ideas for wear to/from class & running errands after.

  7. Ordered the Target one. I think it would be amazing for Pilates, the. I can throw on a sweatshirt and go.

    Keep on with all kinds of content. Just because some of us are in our 40s doesn’t mean we’re ready to go all caftan all the time. (Although that idea has a certain appeal). I hate the idea that certain types of fashion are only reserved for certain ages. Haven’t we let go of that concept yet?

    1. Absolutely agree. I’m early-60s and I just sort of smile at the comments about age on here. And 40s is still so darn young – enjoy!

      1. Also 60s, and I don’t mind seeing something that’s not for me. Not about a the age group, (I can totally see a 60+ New Yorker wearing this in Manhattan with Doc Martens or something) just seems unnecessary and not really different from bike shorts and a tank so why are we making it a thing?

    2. Seriously! Something that really bums me out about comments like “I can’t wear X because I’m over 40/have a soft belly/etc” is that when we say things like that, we’re not just talking about OUR individual bodies. We’re contributing to the dominant discourse that older/heavier/etc women can’t wear these things.

      Everyone is allowed to have preferences (and even hangups!)…but I wish we’d just say, “I wouldn’t feel comfortable in that.” Own that insecurity, it’s fine! (And completely understandable.) But don’t spread your ageism and fat phobia to those of us out here rocking crop tops and unitards and whatever else we’d like.

      1. I *could* wear it. I’m fit, lean, long legs, confident…I just wouldn’t, because it’s not actually a ‘new’ idea, not easy to wear unless you’re at home, and like Emily, denim shorts and tees, etc. are actually practicably easier to wear, comfortable and cute! Simples.

        I don’t imagine for a moment, that most “not for me” comments are from overweight people or people who actually ‘want’ to wear it.

        It’s called a debate.
        Debating different views and having freedoms to express those opinions, is healthy.

        1. Yeah, I wasn’t at all addressing people who simply don’t like the style. As I said, people are allowed to have preferences, and if you enjoy debate about the ease of peeing or how cute something is, cool! My issue isn’t with people who just don’t like it, but with with commenters that say “I CAN’T because I’m too heavy, too old , etc…” and reinforce the harmful cultural “rules” that what we can wear is dictated by our weight/age.

          Your statement that you “could” wear a unitard because you’re thin is exactly what I’m talking about here. When you suggest you “can” wear something because you’re thin, you’re reinforcing the untrue belief that there are some of us who CAN’T wear a unitard because we’re not thin. If you do in fact believe that, okay, whatever, but please keep that to yourself.

          1. I never said that any body type could or couldn’t wear a unitard.
            I said I choose not to, because shorts andtees are far more practicable.
            Perhaps your own subconscious bias is influencing your response to me?

            I find it mind-numbing that posts about “new trends” are continuing when they aren’t “new” at all, but simply fast fashion regurgitation to the masses who get sucked in and add to the landfill after they find put that the “new, fun” plastic-fabric item they just bought over the internet, causing excess packaging, transport, etc. is ill-fitting and nigh impossible to get on and off for toileting purposes. Simple.

            I hope we can all be indful that people’s comments are not all about the subjective “you”.

          2. I agree with AM. You literally used the word “could” and associated it with being “lean.” You chose those words. They indicate someone who isn’t “lean” could “not.” I’m sure you didn’t mean any harm, but you’re the one with the unconscious bias here. I hope we can all be mindful that comments can be unintentionally harmful.

            PS: I’m fat with short legs, and I most definitely “could.”

          3. I can see what you mean.
            I think I related to other comments about body types re: unitard and likely did have unconscious bias within my snswer.

          4. For what it’s worth, the garment itself comes with plenty of unconscious bias. It “snatches” your waist and one option provides more “shaping” than the other option. Shaping into what? Some more “ideal”shape, I guess?

          5. That’s not the garment itself – that’s how a few copywriters chose to describe two designs. To me a unitard is athleisure wear’s answer to the romper. I wear rompers because I like feeling pulled together without having to think too much about my outfit. Feel the same about dresses. This is a nice alternative, especially for days where a dress or romper feels too formal or too constrictive to chase around my toddler.

  8. Probably won’t wear it, but I loved this post – so fun! I appreciate how you all break things down – whether it’s how to style bookshelves or how to style a unitard. I don’t have the mental stamina to figure it out, but I love a good “1, 2, 3…here’s how to do it.” Fun, easy read on a Saturday morning with my coffee. Who knows? Maybe I’ll pick up a uni when I’m at Target later 😉

  9. Outside of the USA, nobody (and no body) would be caught dead in this crap outside of the house. This is just a new round of fresh hell.

    1. My European friend always remarks on Americans in athlesuire in public when she comes to the states. I agree with her that house clothes or gym clothes are for the house and gym. But to each their own.
      it’s a fine round up regardless of personal taste/style.

      1. I think Europeans look nice in Spring and Fall weather due to layering and structure, but when it’s hot outside their summer tops and bottoms look just as unprofessional and flimsy as ours if not more. I agree about yoga pants or soft shorts, but a flimsy, cheap dress with shoulder cutouts in a questionable print is not much different. What’s good about American fashion is that people do what they want to, they have more confidence to put on things they want and not for show. My grandma and aunt in Europe would never be caught in pants or leggings. They always wore collared shirts and stiff jackets going out and running errands even in 80 degree weather. That was based in customs and also in feeling shame about their body and being afraid to be different and do what they truly want. So sure, it would be good if people cared a bit more.

    2. It is strange, isn’t it? I am in the unique position of having avoided the entire “yoga pants” thing. I continue to wear what I wore before yoga pants became The Uniform….jeans, sweat pants, casual loose pants, etc.

      1. I am right there with you with avoiding the yoga pants/leggings thing. It’s not about feeling shame about my body or anything, I just feel like nobody needs that much information about me.

        1. Ha ha, that’s what I was thinking but you put it perfectly. *I* don’t even need that much information about me.

    3. Thank god for American fashion. We literally created jeans and tennis shoes and Hollywood stars popularized sportswear in the 1930s. Would we still be wearing corsets and dresses to vacuum otherwise???

      1. Actually, it appears that a unitard IS similar to a corsett when one needs to pee!!

      2. Naw, we’d be wearing “shapewear” under our dresses to vacuum. That’s all corsets and girdles were- less technologically advanced shapewear. The girdle replaced the whalebone corset and my grandmothers generation was thrilled. Those ladies were later delighted to trade in their rubber girdles for Spanx.

        Shapewear used to be limited to policing womens waists and breasts, now there is no part of our bodies left free to breathe and be whatever shape they happen to be. Sorry, I just really hate wearing shapewear! Bring on the caftans!

    4. I live in Scandinavia and I can say sweatpants as fashion abound for the teens and early 20s crowd, but not unitards. I am thankful for that. Kudos to those who feel up for it, but it’s a no for me.

  10. I saw a young woman wearing one in our fave restaurant the other day and I thought she was a prostitute. They look great if you have the right body and accessorize well. I guess, but it seems like it would be a pain every time you needed to use the restroom.

    1. Hey don’t down vote Roberta! I think she could help the blog out it’s clearly struggling.
      DIY , vintage finds any of the other features or contributions from EHD staff about housing would be nice.
      Not sure about using old posts again it’s just odd. Fash probably not interested

  11. I saw this unitard trend at Aritizia last weekend, and was like, who the heck would wear that, and where? I wouldn’t even wear it to yoga class because it’s too exposing. Maybe if I were 18, but honestly I probably would not have even then. If I were forced to wear it I’d HAVE to have a sweatshirt over so that it looked like bike shorts. No thank you.

    1. I remember in the 90s when there were moms that refused to stop dressing like it was the 70s. While I don’t jump on every single trend I do like to know about them and try not to look dated and out of touch lol

    2. Exactly Katherine, who knew the unitard would get so heated. My 20 year old daughter and her friends, where this a lot in college. Its comfy and cozy (she is school in Michigan, we are from California) so warmth is important for her as well as fashion. I think the younger ones don’t worry so much about “having to pee” so that is less of an issue for them. Would I wear it (I’m 53), possibly. I tend to wait awhile before jumping on a trend, then maybe buy one of the trend, wear it for a few months, in my 50 year-old style, then move on. I’m now wearing 90s style jeans that I said I could not do (when my daughter mentioned the new style of jeans, as in “mom you should consider not wearing skinny jeans all the time”) and guess what, they are comfy and not as bad as I thought.

  12. If I was a 30 year old with long shapely legs and a tiny waist who never peed I MIGHT consider this. You will not see a woman over 50 with overactive bladder and tummy rolls anywhere near this trend. Just no. The world is not made of young thin people, I wish the designers and influencers would remember that. There were two “normal” sized people in those photos. Sorry. this is a miss.

    1. Yeah, if you want to sell me on a trend show me pictures of real women wearing these. Not 20 year old models or Kardashians.

  13. In the first picture of DAD SHOES + HIGH SOCKS + SWEATSHIRT, it looks like she’s wearing ankle socks, not high socks.

    1. And in photos for the last formula “sneakers + button down + accessories”, the models in the first two pictures were wearing sandals, not sneakers. I was disappointed, since that’s the one formula I could see myself wearing.

  14. Love these! I had both bike short-length and ankle-length unitards when they were fashionable in the 80s. I found all kinds of ways to wear them. I’ll definitely pick them up again. They’re comfy, stylish, and casual. I’m 63, go out to live music (both playing and also to just dance,) and lead a super busy life. There is no age limit to anything. Wear what you love and what suits your own life. It’s as easy at that.

    1. Diana, you sound like so much fun! I hope you buy all the unitards and work the hell out of them. 🙂

  15. I enjoyed this post, and all fashion posts, even though I’m unlikely to pick up this particular one. The commenters getting all bent out of shape about a fashion post they don’t gel with baffle me. I hope the author/team can ignore them. It’s been said many times, but if a post is not for you, move on and come back another day – sheesh. Anyway, thanks EHD, for some light and fun Saturday content!

    1. 100%. This looks super cute and I might not engage due to, yes, having had two babies and not feeling great in this particular item but I like seeing the trends anyway. Keep up the fun Saturday content, please. “You girls keep me young!”

  16. There’s kind of an incredible one from Amazon that I bought last week and I never want to take off. OQQ Women’s Yoga Ribbed One Piece Tank Tops Rompers Sleeveless Exercise Jumpsuits

  17. This is how the rich white moms dress. ;). I am a sub teacher so I see all the schools around town….this is either ‘my husband is a ______ doctor and I spend 30 hours a week doing pilates’ ‘ or ‘yep, I’m under 30 and I want everyone to see how hot I am’ outfit (ie the majority of models on this post). We should all put on our spandex onsies and pose!!! :0.. who is first???

      1. Yes!
        Celeste is amazing!
        She also raised millions for the horrendous bushfires in Australia through her Instagram feed.

    1. Or “I’m a late 30 something mom of 2, director at work with a partner who also works FT, no abs to speak of, and I just wear what I want because it’s comfy and I feel good in it…” why are we judging so much? It’s just a piece of fabric on a human body.

  18. I am currently wearing a breastfeeding unitard and it’s not only the most comfortable thing I own, it’s honestly cute. 20 year old me would be horrified 😂

  19. As shown in all of these photos you need to have perfect legs for this look. This is a hard no for me too!

  20. 48 year old mom in the DMV here. My twenty year old daughter and her friends wears unitards and they look adorable. Not my best look – sigh – but I do like it on others. Fun post – thank you!

  21. It’s in the same category at jumpsuits. So cute on until your bladder is about to explode at you have to strip down in public bathroom trying to keep everything from touching the floor. 😰😰

  22. If the post doesn’t interest you, just move along. Not every subject is going to be interesting to everyone. I remember before Covid, Saturday posts were frequently about clothing. The negative comments people post when they don’t like the blog seem unnecessary. I’m 65 and enjoy reading the perspectives of different ages and demographics here on the blog even though many of the posts don’t necessarily reflect my experience.

  23. Listen, if you’re confident enough in every. single. angle. of yourself from clavicle to knee that you can stretch a knit fabric over it with nary a slouch, pleat or pocket to hide behind, a thousand praise hand emoji’s to you. I’m a hella fit mom of two, and I, in the words of St. Brené: “am dangerous, I love myself so much.” But that’s still a no from me so hard you can cut a diamond, bébé.

  24. I’ve been loving a unitard moment for a few years now! Mine’s from Universal Standard and it’s insanely comfortable. I’ve done everything in it- lounged, slept, flown, yoga-ed, gone to work, ran errands, etc. I wear mine out with tunic top or shorter dress, so I haven’t run into feeling overexposed in a public bathroom (although it’s slightly cumbersome if I’m also wearing a jacket).

  25. Love this post. I wore bike shorts and onesies in the 90’s and love seeing them come back around. I have been wearing a Free People onesie to Orange Theory fitness for the last two years. I’m 58 and 5’10. It’s hard finding jumpsuits and onesies long enough for my torso, but when I do they are fabulous! Totally worth the inconvenience of going the bathroom. Just can’t wait till you really gotta go. I haven’t tried layering up for wearing outside of working out, but this post inspired me to try it. Thanks!

  26. Who knew that the comments section of EHD was filled with so many cranky old Karens. Lol. We have the internet to thank for all of these folks thinking that (1) content should be free, (2) they should get to rant at length, and (3) if there is an article they don’t like, the world must know.

    1. It’s called a “comments section.” People are commenting. I’m pretty sure I know who the “cranky old Karen” is.

      1. That you have come back to this thread to comment repeatedly tells me the Karen is you. Didn’t realize a Karen could be triggered by a unitard.

    2. Right? All of a sudden any older Karen who isn’t catered to in a post (spoiler: not every post is going to speak directly to you) has to sprint their ass to the comments to complain. Must be exhausting for them.

      1. Paige, LouAnn –

        You must be young if you’re happy being so derogatory of other women’s ages, so let me share some knowledge with you, something you’ll learn as you mature:-

        • Women don’t need to be derogatory towards other women in order to disagree with them.
        • Women don’t need to demean other women in order to take issue with their comments.
        • Women don’t need to belittle other women if they have a different opinion to you.

        And y’know for the most part the ‘cranky old Karens’ reading this blog manage to get their point across in a way that remains respectful.

        You didn’t need to use demeaning language in your comments. You chose to. And it shows that you commented without any self-awareness that your contribution, your own ranting and public whinging, looks exactly the same as the ‘Karen’ behaviour you’re supposedly calling out.

        Own goal ladies.

        1. And my two sentence comment was “ranting” lol….I wasn’t derogatory about age in my response unlike the dozens of angry older women in this comment section and there was no demeaning. The nastiest interactions I’ve seen on this blog and on socials always come from older, typically white, privileged women.

  27. Okay – You do realize that some of your readers here are not 25? (-: Would be great to have someone on your team that can relate to / offer ideas for those of us that aren’t. I’ve got ideas! Pick me. (-;

  28. Did it in the 90s. Will not repeat. It was a fun thing then, but meh, the reality was my long torso and unitards, bodysuits, etc never really fit. My 40s are freeing because to all of these 90s rebrand trends I say: great for you, not for me. I’ll be over here in my skinny jeans. 🤣

  29. Allowing age to define style feels quite antiquated and limiting. We don’t want to be put in a box but aren’t we putting ourselves in a box when we isolate styles to a certain age group with the knee jerk “no.” I’m not saying you gotta love a unitard but I’m a 42 year old mama and I’ll be damned if I let a number dictate my style- now or ever. I love a unitard and I love overalls and I love skinny jeans and flared jeans too. Wear what makes you feel good but leave all that judgement behind- it’s toxic. For all the people over 30 out there complaining about this post, aren’t we wise enough to know that it always comes down to confidence and aren’t we feeding the cycle with comments that limit our choices?! I recommend embracing a wider scope of possibilities – you’ll be surprised at how liberating it is!

  30. How many of us are of the age where we pee when we sneeze unless we’re doing a kegel and the right padding? And how many of us are wearing a unitard? I’m wearing a tank top and separate legging or biker shorts: same silhouette, better convenience. I’m wearing what I need to be wearing at my age and body shape.

  31. Yikes. Shocked to see so much unitard hate in the comments. I absolutely love to wear these and am a 38 old woman without a perfect body who doesnt live in LA. Everlane had the best one (sadly discontinued) and I would buy 5 more if I could and check Poshmark on the regular. Perfect to layer with a sweater! for bike rides! for Pilates! Also, my go-to comfort outfit when on my period 🙂

  32. Looks like nobody has asked about Emily’s sunglasses in the top pic yet?? I still love a cat eye, but they’ve become a little harder to find…

  33. Women crack me up, ha – these comments are so hostile. I could live in any onesie, jumpsuit, unitard & love that that EH likes to experiment and have fun with clothes. I’m a pregnant mom in my late 30s & believe me, one can still figure out how to pee wearing a onesie. It’s not complicated.

  34. Same reason I won’t buy a jumpsuit. I am never going to be on board with being undressed when needing to use a public bathroom. Actually wouldn’t want to do it in my own home or at friends’. And if it actually hits the floor of a public restroom, ugh!

  35. Unitards do seem like too much work for me too but they are super cute and I loved hearing about this trend so thank you 🙂 I don’t mind these types of posts occasionally to keep it fresh and fun, I avoid social media most days so it’s not easy to keep up with what the kids are doing !

  36. Love the fashion posts interspersed amongst the design content. It’s so fun to see how your interior design style translates to your clothing choices, trendy or not.

  37. The comments on this post are hilarious. I think the post is worth it for the controversy and discussion it’s promoted. I very much enjoyed reading this piece regardless of whether or not I’m into the trend it’s cool to know what people are into.

  38. Wow! People have really strong opinions on this simple garment. FWIW — I am 55 and a mom in the DMV. Haven’t tried the unitard, but am certainly tempted. I do love me a jumpsuit and wear them so often they’re kinda my signature thing. People often ask me about using the bathroom, which frankly I find a little strange? I manage.
    Also? Glad to see lots of pushback on what people “can” wear or “should” wear. Progress!

  39. I’m thinking this is your April fools’ joke on us! Unitard? nope. But I would wear a loose jumpsuit like designer Leanne Ford might wear.

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