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Playing Dress up with Urban Outfitters

Everyone has “an age” – the age that they will always feel and sometimes you even feel this age before you reach it. My 68 year old mom is 16. My 38 year old friend Scott has always been 40 (even when we were in our early 20’s). I am 27. When I was 23 I felt 27 and now that I’m 38 with 2 kids, a house, and a staff of employees I still feel 27, and Lord knows I act like it. I’ve recently been through a mid-blog crisis, probably because I spent a few years birthing kids and then feeding them with my body, and generally being boring. I was in such a rut with my fashion and beauty, possibly because the style the last couple years was more subdued with less bright colors and fewer big patterns. Hair and makeup was more natural. Normcore took over hard and while I never fully subscribed to it, I was wearing a LOT of chambray tent dresses and camel leather booties. Until recently I wore mostly blue, with brighter pieces in my closet reserved for on-camera jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I liked what I wore and it did look like ‘me’ but I was certainly shying away from anything too risky or trendy.

I found that I was saying this phrase over and over ‘that’s awesome and crazy but I can’t pull that off’ and my friend Jen Gotch, founder of the perpetually youthful brand, was like ‘Of course you can, that’s ridiculous.’ She is actually a huge inspiration to me because girlfriend doesn’t care. She expresses her creativity through her fashion, and in fact has built a million dollar brand out of it. She and her brand are both so exciting. She’s always ahead of the trend, taking risks and has a huge sense of humor about what she wears and who she is.

I recently started following Lyn Slater, The Accidental Icon (@iconaccidental) and I’m so inspired by her. She is in her 80’s, and dresses dope AF.

And I’ve always loved Leandra Medine (ManRepeller) because she has proven over and over to wear whatever she wants, and despite being one of the most successful people in fashion, she doesn’t take it seriously. She’ll wear her $450 banana embroidered pumps and makes no apologies.

So now – I’ve got my shorter french model hair,  my messy bangs, and my fashion is shifting to be more trendy, risky, and to have more fun. Because that’s the thing… you can take WAY more risks in fashion than you can in home. There is no equivalent to a custom-made, built-in bookshelf for your body, that you can mess up and regret forever. Nothing is permanent in fashion and unless you are spending thousands on couture, then the risk is low.

Urban Outfitters reached out asking to partner on a post and while that brand is rather young, with 90’s inspired clothes riddling the store, I knew that I could find a lot that I’m into. And I did.

Last week I grabbed a ton of clothes from the store and online, went to the top of Griffith Park in Los Feliz, and power-modeled 4 different Urban Outfitters looks. We were fighting the sunset (early nights really screw up a bloggers shooting schedule) and the hikers on the other side of the hill were VERY curious about what was happening.

While what you are about to see isn’t breaking any sort of risk-taking fashion reports, it is more trendy and forward than I have been the last couple years, and I’m really digging it.

Emily Henderson Frashion Urban Outfitters11

First up is some extremely high-waisted, wide leg, distressed pants that I’m pretty into (figuratively and literally), with a crazy yellow floral-ruffle sleeved top. When I showed Brian this outfit I asked him if I could wear it and he said, ‘I mean you can model it but you can’t WEAR it’… I think he’s wrong. I think that he needs a dose of what I got – some mental youth serum.

Emily Henderson Frashion Urban Outfitters13

I also tried out a very 27 year old pose, below, really trying to nail this whole ‘young fashion blogger’ (don’t worry, despite the amount of fashion lately, I am not shifting away from this being a predominantly home/design site – just getting more fashion clients lately, probably because I AM TWENTY-SEVEN!!).

Next up is that first outfit which might be my most versatile and the one that I will wear the most.

Emily Henderson Fashion Urban Outfitters1

I LOVE getting into this big shouldered, oversized tweed blazer trend, and yet this one isn’t a fortune. I also liked this double breasted blazer, and didn’t need both, but I do recommend it. This is something you can wear with a graphic tee and dress up any outfit. I’m definitely a jacket person but when they aren’t cool enough I feel like I’m dressing for a presentation. This jacket is not your average Susie Orman style presentation jacket.

The black jeans are AWESOME – super flattering, great length, and comfortable. The boots are a really inexpensive version the Rachel Comey round heeled ones I bought.

This blouse might be my favorite:

Emily Henderson Frashion Urban Outfitters5

It has that vintage secretary vibe, it’s kinda see-through, and it is the perfect length for a partial tuck, but great for the days that you want to let it be freeeeee…..

Emily Henderson Fashion Urban Outfitters2

I love these two patterns together, and this could look great with some skinnies, too.

Next is a super easy-to-wear outfit that feels like pajamas, but looks a lot cooler.

Emily Henderson Frashion Urban Outfitters1

The striped shirt is a really good loose cut, those pants are EXTREMELY comfortable and stretchy (but flattering), and a green brixton hat instantly makes you look like you care. Then I warmed it up with some camel booties that have a great fit in the ankle.

Emily Henderson Frashion Urban Outfitters2

This next outfit is one that I was on the fence about but Sara, who is 27 and loves trendy fashion was like ‘Oh, I would DEFINITELY wear that … this post is absolutely geared towards me …’ And then I was like, wait if it’s geared towards you then it’s geared towards me because I’M TWENTY SEVEN, TOO!!

Emily Henderson Frashion Urban Outfitters6

This shirt is a really cute, flirty victorian inspired cotton number.

Emily Henderson Frashion Urban Outfitters7

The pants (similar here) are my Levi’s from Urban that I’ve had for a while – you know, the ones that I can’t wear after a meal or while sitting down. SIZE UP on those suckers because they have zero stretch, but the cut is just so good and I love the way that they look!!

Emily Henderson Frashion Urban Outfitters9

I’m doing a lot of really large arm movements in this shoot, those limbs are SUPER into this shoot, apparently, but I was trying to show off the ruffly bottom of the shirt.

Now I was on the fence about the poppy red booties, but seeing them here really convinces me. They give the outfit so much more presence.

Emily Henderson Frashion Urban Outfitters8

The shirt has embroidery and beading on it, and it’s really pretty and Doen-like.

Emily Henderson Fashion Urban Outfitters3

This post/experience really reminded me that just because Urban Outfitters is geared toward younger people than myself, it has a lot of pieces that I love and are my twenty-seven-year-old style. While I’m not a fashion blogger, I do believe in expressing creativity through your personal style and what I love about these outfits is that they still look pulled together and like I care, but they are more exciting than my usual chambray shirt and skinny jeans.

They are having a HUGE sale… Buy One Get One 50% Off Entire Store/Site. Yes – that is correct. Which basically means you should grab one of everything and then get the next one 50% off. It’s too good not to.

Age is just a number, folks, and while your career or your lifestyle will inform how you dress I’ll go ahead and say to shoot for “your number”. There is no reason to dress like you are 55 if you feel 32. And there is no reason to dress like a 38 year old mom of two if you are a “27” year old style blogger.

In case you need it real spelled out, dress the age you feel, not the age you are. So folks, let me know – how old are you and then how old do you feel? Do you dress your actual age or the age you feel?

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Sara v.
6 years ago

The last look is so “you”, you should wear that every day! I love that the boots match your lipstick. I like to match my shoes to my hair. You could wear white boots and a dark top and that would give the same effect…

Stacey Grimes
6 years ago

I needed this! ❤️ Going back and forth, in my head telling myself “you can’t pull that off , your over 50!” I don’t feel 50, so I guess I’ll fight it every step of the way! Thank you for this post!?

patricia blaettler
6 years ago

That jacket! I dressed like that thru the 80’s for work. My son saw an old photo of me at work and said “Why are you wearing Dad’s jacket?” hahahaha

6 years ago

What an uplifting post! I really adore that yellow floral top, such a boho chic vibe. What you said about age is so true, it all depends on how we feel and I don’t think we should restrict our style because of our age! Why stop using bold colours as we grow older? I love your style and how unique it is! xx

Kelley Matney
6 years ago

Loved all of these outfits! And you can totally WEAR all of them. My favorite was the last one with the red boots.

Emily S
6 years ago

Sara didn’t lead you astray. That last look was the best!

6 years ago

A woman never tells her age? but I feel and dress like a 29 y.o.

6 years ago

I think my inner age might actually BE 34 year old mom of 2 (aka me right now), but one who is ok with paying for jeans that are already distressed and will have AT LEAST one flirty jumpsuit ready for holiday parties.

6 years ago

Emily, I’m all in favor of looking, feeling and dressing young at heart! You look fantastic! But I draw the line at trying to talk like the young of today! Describing someone’s style as “dope AF” seems unnecessary and not very descriptive either. I have three daughters ranging from 16 to 21 and I’ve tried to teach them not to say or type anything they wouldn’t say to their grandparents.

6 years ago
Reply to  Charlotte

sheesh. I find saying or writing this criticism of her choice of words far more unnecessary than ‘dope AF’ 🙂

virtual hug

Home Sort
6 years ago

Emily… loooove this. This whole post just made us smile. I (Brandie) am reading it and Piper (my 5 yr-old) came up next to me and said, “Mom that’s the one… she’s your fan.” LOL. No Piper, we are her fan! Love that you are 27. Ryan and I never left our 20’s either! XOXO

6 years ago

I live for your fashion posts. My total favorite!!!

6 years ago

I don’t know what Lyn Slater’s “what I feel like inside” age is, but I’m pretty sure her “how many years I’ve been here” age is not close to 80-something. I’m sure she’ll be fab in her 80s, but let’s not rush her there….. 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  drk

Yes, I read that she is only 63!! Oops, maybe Emily should have checked first ?

6 years ago

I LOVE the first one! It’s so warm and friendly and fun!

I’m ashamed to admit this but I have a hard time wearing the fun and fashion forward things I’m really drawn to because my husband hates them. He basically just wants me to wear jeans and tees in a “cute tomboy” look. The independent feminist in me wants to say screw it I don’t dress for him, but it is hard to get over his looks. Does anyone else struggle with this?!?! I love him and he’s great, it’s just annoying!

6 years ago

the red boots are a must, I am 63, wear what I want, and have thought, I admit, that the cambray, , endless blue and stripes needed a lift. Now put back that striped shirt!

6 years ago

Yellow top is a definite win! I like the other two shirts too, and the red boots. Not a fan of most of the jeans styles out there at the moment but the longer ones work well with the yellow top. Sometimes it’s a really good idea to mix inns up a little.
27 inside too (38 really) and I have a big pale pink tulle skirt that is impractical and not completely flattering but makes me feels like a ballerina so I wear it anyway.

6 years ago

I’m a HUGE fan of yours for all the inspiration you provide. just wanted to stop by and write a little memo– because well, I’ve been meaning to for EVER! you ROCK! i’m in the same mommy rut as well in home and fashion– your page has helped with that even before this look. also– i just completely want to apologize on behalf of all the jerk commenters who have no manners on here. truly, i’m so hurt when I see you feeling the need to defend yourself. not because I pity you or think you’re weak in anyway! BUT because you’re amazing and inspirational and spread so much of that and it’s a shame that sometimes you have that time doing what you love taken from you! but really– i’ve gone on a tangent and just meant to tell you that you’re wonderful, thank you for he time you dedicate, and that the 1st and last are the best 🙂 you look genuinely the most joyful in them :). I’m happy to know you made it/ are pushing through this funky season of your life. be sure to take some time for yourself as well 🙂 you deserve it… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Mandy

(jerk response commenters=on other posts. was not referring to any commenters on this post)

lara / the glossarie.
6 years ago

have you sourced your necklace previously? It’s gorgeous and i would love to know where it’s from. thank you!

6 years ago

My mamma always told me, “age is just a number” and that is what I believe. I wear whatever the hell I want and you either accept me or not. It’s all the same to me.

I love the yellow blouse on you and the last look. And YES, you should wear that every day as SaraV says!

Julie Sikora
6 years ago

I definitely feel about 29 inside despite being a few years older. Mom with 2 kids here too – I have never been that into trends but I do think about my clothes and like to look put together and pretty. Patterns exhaust me (I don’t use them much in my home either!) so apart from stripes and the occasional floral sundress I wear solid colors with textural detail. I have no idea what fashion “age” that puts me in, probably older than I would like to think LOL. I love the yellow top on you! And the red boots.

6 years ago

FYI Lyn Slater is 64 years old, not in her 80’s.

Kaleen Ezelle
6 years ago

Love the last look! I’m in the same phase. As a 30 year old mom of 2, I’ve been feeling the need to dress more cool and sexy than I had been. Pre-babies I got to dress up for work (a manager at anthro). Then life changed and none of my clothes felt right. You have actually helped a lot with these posts bc we have very similar body types. Thanks for inspiring us to keep it fun!

6 years ago

Love love love LOVE, all of these looks and all of these words.
I’m 26 and live in Brooklyn and you’re inspiring ME to live more boldly on my body! I feel like the older I get the more “fuck it” I feel about clothes and people judging what I’m wearing (and the more apt I am to wear stuff that my 60 year old mom wears (read: sometimes yikes, but always authentic)), but it’s interesting to think that I might also look back and think that when I was young we could take clothing liberties that job/kids/life don’t always allow for now. I don’t want to look back and have regrets about what I didn’t wear when I was 26 and I don’t want to look forward and have regrets about it either. We’ve got to put our hands up and ride the ride and enjoy it! I’m just inspired by your boldness and perspective on all of this, Emily. Thanks for being you and sharing with us! xo

6 years ago

Love the plaid blazer!

6 years ago

Great Job, your post content Too short but Very well define and much effective.

6 years ago

I’m really REALLY into the yellow blouse + wide leg jeans! Wow, this is SO me. I’ve been trying to dress conventional for work so that people take me seriously – apparently I look too young (even though I’m older than 27). But maybe I should stop, have fun, dress bright and silly. People dont’t seem to take me seriously anyways, I might as well have fun with clothes!

Sophia F.
6 years ago

This totally speaks to me, as a 31 year old mom of two who just said ‘eff it’ and got a tiny gold septum piercing for her birthday. I spent the last couple of years worrying about what I ‘should’ look like, partly because I look really young for my age and was tired of getting withering glances when out with my kids and partly because I felt like I needed to look adult to be adult… and then I realized that I can be a fantastic parent, wife, and person without looking like someone I’m not inside. So 30 was the year of giving less of a damn, and 31 is the year of re-weirding myself 🙂

6 years ago

You are on FIRE and look so so confident and great!

6 years ago

I just read that Lyn Slater is only 63, NOT in her 80’s.

6 years ago

This is appreciable and wonderful post that you have provided for us.Great site and a great topic as well i really get amazed to read this.

6 years ago

I love this post. That last outfit is killer on you, embrace your “27” year old self!! I’m 44 and I guess my number is around 29…..but I wish I was 23… not sure how that works. Ah well.

6 years ago

Is it bad that my favorite posts here are your fashion posts?? I mean, duh I love your home styling as well (and have definitely taken your advice when decorating my own home), but your fashion posts are so fun and freewheeling and inspiring! Especially this one. 🙂

6 years ago

Emily, I love your fashion posts and check in as often to see what you are wearing as what is new at the Casa Hendo. Your new hair is AMAZING – it enhances you while being very chic, so it’s no wonder you are getting your fashion groove back! Early mom years + successful career = uniform, right? But now I can’t wait to see you putting the edge and whimsy back into your personal style. I’m so happy you are looking and feeling fabulous – own it, sister!

PS: If it helps to know, I am permanently 37 at age 49, and I still sometimes shop at UO, and my uniform is *still* wide legs and vintage blouses and boots. My only “concessions” to age are taking more risks and buying much better quality design…I think of it more like an upgrade than a concession. #oldisnotanumber

6 years ago

Yaaay! Finally, some great fashion choices! Having your shirt tucked in, even a little bit at the front, gives your body so much more length and, let’s face it, you have a great figure, so it’s wonderful to see you ‘wearing’ it!
Fashoin experts are such, because they know their stuff, so a little guidance can go along way.
You rock in these clothes, 27 or 37+ 🙂

6 years ago

I love these looks, and appreciate your commentary on them. I used to pass over the fashion posts feeling that they didn’t apply to me, but I’ve really been enjoying them this year and have explored brands new to me as a result of some of them and I’m enjoying trying to figure out how to balance my inner self (who is approaching the return of saturn) and my mom to two young kids self who is just turning 40. Love the inspiration to just go for it.