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My Fall Fashion Wardrobe


Oh man, do I love fall/winter in LA. It’s when we stop fantasizing about moving to Portland and really fall back in love with LA, mostly because the weather here is pretty darn wonderful. So, last week I made up the excuse to do this post, and went shopping at the Americana for some fall pieces that I love and yesterday I got my model on. And no, nothing is sponsored here and I personally bought everything (except 1 pair of Nisolo shoes which were gifted). 

The first outfit is me dipping my toe (or body) in the red trend with that super cozy coat. I can’t tell you how happy I am that red is back. It’s certainly always been part of my wardrobe because it’s a color that I think looks good with fair skin and blonde hair, but for a while I felt that you had to be careful with it feeling kinda cheesy. But no longer – its a HUGE trend this year and I’m super into it.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 5 Of 201

The coat is super cozy and certainly one that makes a statement instantly. This is one of the few things that I may not keep because living in LA doesn’t really warrant more than 2-3 coats (even that seems too much) and our closet situation is TINY, but then I see what a statement it makes and think about how it can instantly dress up any outfit.

The jeans are new from Madewell and FANTASTIC. All three pairs that I wear in this post are new from Madewell and all three are extremely flattering and slimming if I do say so myself. Plus they are high rise and very comfortable with just enough stretch. I bought these because I needed one pair of jeans that didn’t have distressing.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 8 Of 201

The top is from And other Stories and is a great easy-to-wear piece that can be dressed up or down (plus it’s good on camera, with a pop of color and pattern, but not too busy).

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 7 Of 201

I got those shoes (similar found here) at The Gift of Garb which is a really great consigment shop in Silverlake near our house. They are last years Stella McCartney and yes, they are rad AF. I had like $1200 of credit there from selling clothes so I got them for $340 but i’m sure originally they were much more.

Also, girlfriend LOVES her bleach blonde hair in that shot (big thank you to Kristin Ess).

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 18 Of 201

The next outfit is one that I wore pretty much all last weekend (like 3 days in a row). The jacket is from Target – their new brand ‘A New Day‘, and it’s super flattering IMHO. I’m wearing a small, by the way.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 19 Of 201

But the real kicker is these overalls with the perfect stiff cropped hem, as demonstrated above. And that bag is my favorite everyday bag by Parker Clay that fits my laptop but is still small and has both a cross body and shoulder straps.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 20 Of 201

I’ve worn these overalls with blousy shirts (similar found here) and tighter and have decided its cooler to go blousy. The shoes are from Nisolo and probably shouldn’t be in the mud like they are.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 16 Of 201

Welcome to my ‘white bootie’ attempt and I’m VERY into it. I searched for a while to find the perfect pair and the reason that i love these is that they are cream and have a wooden heel thus making them way less ‘bright white moon walker’ and more casual.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 17 Of 201

The jeans are my favorite Mother pair, the shirt (similar found here) is an easy to wear casual number that is the perfect millennial pink and that jacket adds a nice structure to take it down a notch. Also I wear top knots now. My hair is SO much easier to do!!

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 9 Of 201

Rocking a black (vegan) leather skirt can be tricky so I tried to dress it up a bit and have it be more proper and conservative. Brian was pretty into this look, probably because a black leather mini was involved …

I love those silver patent leather round toe pumps. They have the perfect block heel making them super comfortable, and the bag is simple and just the right size for a few items.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 10 Of 201

The shirt is from Avion Clothier in Atwater village (similar found here), and the sweater from Treehaus also in Atwater (similar found here). If you live in LA pop over to that neighborhood. There are SO many great shops. But we linked up similar above for you. Also I’m wearing a lot of studs these days. Yesterday, after we shot I got these Ariel Gordon studs in the mail (not shown) as a gift and I think i’m just not going to take them out because they are so beautiful.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 3 Of 20

Here I went a bit more casual/fall with those shoes being my favorite thing up there – and popped them with a patterned sock. I’ve been wearing them A LOT. The pants are super comfortable/slimming black jeans that will be in heavy rotation this year.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 4 Of 20

The sweater is Who What Wear for Target and has GREAT parachute sleeves. I got that denim jacket from a store in Minneapolis so here is a similar one.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 1 Of 201

After searching and searching and searching I FINALLY found my over-the-knee boots. The only person happier than I am is Brian. I wore that skirt and boots out last night and I really liked the combo. Here’s why these are so great. 1. They aren’t CRAZY high-heeled, making them more comfortable and easier to wear during the day. When they get to be really high they can also go a bit cheesy so you have to be kinda careful. 2. When wearing socks they stay put. Yes, they slouch a tiny bit but only a tiny bit. and 3. They weren’t $800. When I was in New York desperate to find the perfect OTK boots for an event the only ones that I liked that I could find that day were Stuart Weitzman and they were $800 and almost too ‘classic’. I’ve never spent that kind of money on shoes before but if i’m going to, I personally think they should make more of a statement and feel really fashion forward. These are comfortable, make me feel good/sexy and look casual enough that I can wear them everywhere, not just out to clubs (as if).

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 2 Of 201

The skirt is the same as the black vegan leather one, but denim (and a GREAT fit). It’s my personal opinion that if you are going to rock a mini and OTK boots, then it’s a good idea to pair it with something more conservative (aka not a crazy tight tank top). I kinda think it’s sexier than showing all your goods (but I was raised Mormon so admittedly I tend to veer on the modest side.) The sweater is from Common – another great store in Atwater village and I LOVE its tight sleeves and really balloon-y cut (similar found here).

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 11 Of 201

OOhh, this might be my favorite. I wore that coat last night and am OBSESSED with it (and it’s affordable!). It has SO much structure and instantly dresses up an outfit. I love pairing it with ripped denim to give some edge, and MAN, those jeans are SO GOOD. I remember years ago when Madewell’s denim was AWFUL, and of course I would tell them every time I went in. It literally make you look wider and flattened your bum. They brought in a whole crew of denim experts a couple years ago and I think they are hands down the best denim on the more affordable market.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 12 Of 201 Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 1 Of 1 Edited

The blouse is Who What Wear for Target and is super lovely and pretty. And I LOVE those shoes (clearly into this patent leather trend).

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 15 Of 201

Next is my new favorite blazer that was a total splurge but I had two events where I was given a wardrobe budget so I had the excuse. If any of you know the brand Smythe then you’ll understand why they are worth it. The cut is PERFECT. I’m super into the tweed trend (always have been) and those of you who have been following for a long time know that I love me some princess sleeves (can you believe they are back already????). I can wear this EVERYWHERE, to ANY occasion and it will elevate every outfit. I like pairing it with distressed jeans for an every day look with a bit more edge, but can obviously work with a more business-y outfit as well.

Emily Henderson Fall Fashion 14 Of 201

I love those jeans even though they aren’t as flattering (imho) as the Madewell ones. That slit in the front is pretty cool and I like what it does to your leg. The shoes (similar found here) I returned because they were a fortune and Madewell has much more affordable ones that aren’t as high and therefore much easier to wear. (BTW I don’t get anything free from Madewell nor do I know if they even know I exist). The blouse is a pretty number from Target from their new brand (similar found here). Had I just worn a t-shirt and sneakers it would be such a different look but still look on-trend and pulled together.

The bag is my new favorite from Sezanne. Should i have worn a belt with that? Maybe … are we wearing belts again? Were belts ever out? Did I have too many drinks last night? TGIF folks, let me know if you have any questions on any of the items and which look is your favorite of the fall looks I’m currently sporting? Have a great weekend. xx

***Thanks to Danielle Walsh for getting me all dolled up with Hair and Makeup for the post. 

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Love your style and your haircut too!


So many cute look….adorable and I liked the tree peek.


Hey! The Madewell jeans link (first outfit) takes you to Anthropologie instead 🙂 love the new hair ?


Who What Wear for Target is so good this season! I’m actually wearing the black dress shirt with tiny white dots and blousy sleeves as we speak.
What color lipstick are you wearing with in the pic with the green sweater?


Love these fashion posts, Emily! Always fun to see what you’re wearing.


What about that WONDERFUL, denim?…navy coat?

Thank you, jay


Love these posts and your stories, wanted you to know Smythe is not pronounced Smith. I can’t think of a rhyme but like the I in knife or wife…PSA from a Canadian proud of a great Canadian company:)



HA. that’s what I thought but then I was like ‘what if i’m wrong and i’m that person pronouncing the easiest word ever wrong just to sound fancier’. So good to know. Smythe. 🙂


Omg thrilled to get a response from you! Presume you know of Canadian hgtv star (and decorator and author) Sarah Richardson and her co host Tommy Smythe….Smythe jackets are made by two women, one being Tommy’s sister. Yay Canada! ??

Oh really? That is a fun fact! I LOVE Sarah and Tommy (and those jackets, although they are a fortune). I bought my first at a consignment store for $200 and I was like USED? for $200? But then i LOVED it so when i found that new tweed one for an event I did it …. and i’m going to wear the heck out of it.


ok! so! been reading your blog for years- I dont think there has been one post that hasnt been amazing and inspiring (how do you do it?!). and your team! I love how talented they are! I have meant to comment on soooo many posts through the years but here I am, i think commenting for my first time and my comment has nothing to do with interiors- just that you are the most adorable human. ever. love the new ‘do, love all the looks and love you! you seem super sweet and fun. love coming to your site! keep being awesome (and real!) its refreshing to have you out there!!

WOW. Thank you very much. that made my morning and I needed it because we went out late for a friends thing, and the kids woke up at 6am so i’m sitting here letting them watch a cartoon, trying to caffeinate myself and now i’m happy because of you. THANK YOU. Comments like this have a very long-lasting effect and really make us want to try even harder to create better and more content. thank you thank you thank you.


Love the Who What Wear blouse on you! And I’m so happy to see Madewell is making some non-distressed jeans. I just cannot get into heavy distressing. It looks too “try-hard” to me.

It’s also cool that you found a vegan leather skirt. Do you ever try vegan leather shoes or bags? Would love recommendations in that vein.

I’m going to try to find some vegan leather. I’m not 100% vegan but I try to be so it only makes sense that I should be avoiding leather or buying sustainable leather (such a thing? ) for my clothes. i’ll do some research,. xx


This really surprised me because you use so much leather in your interiors! How do you think about new leather nightstands, leather frames, furniture, etc?


Love the top knot!


Emily, YOU LOOK AMAZING ALL THESE OUTFITS ARE AMAZING IT’S FRIDAY ALL CAPS CAN’T STOP. Seriously, so good on all of these outfits, and I love these posts mixed in with all the other good stuff and your irrepressibly unique, entertaining, honest, silly voice shining through. Keep it up!! And enjoy your weekend! xx

thank you 🙂


Your hair worn up in a top knot or pulled back is so cute, especially since you have bangs! I seriously love that pink ruffled top and the velvet heels. So pretty!

thank you!


Such a fun post! Also your haircut is inspiring me to cut mine next week!

I have a question though since you just professed your love of Madewell jeans. I bought Madewell jeans this past year and they were AMAZING for the first two months but then they starting falling apart. I got a big hole in the crouch and then one of the front buttons popped off. I was so perplexed because they weren’t too small. It made me never want to buy their jeans again, which is so sad because they were so comfy and flattering for those first two months. Anyone had this problem? Was it just a fluke? Or are their jeans just poor quality despite being flattering? The ones that fell apart on me were these ones:


Caroline — I currently have six pairs of Madewell jeans in my closet; skinnies, all cotton straight leg, blue, black, white. They have all withstood constant wear & tear over the last few years. I think you had the bad luck to purchase a defective pair.


I had this problem with a pair of black jeans from Madewell! I’d been wearing them for the better part of a year and LOVED them before the split (while I was in them and far from home, of course. For clarity’s sake, I’m very petite, these weren’t tight, and the fabric had plenty of stretch to it.) I went to the nearest Madewell and showed them the pants to see if they could help me find a similar pair and they gave me a new pair at no cost. DISCLAIMER, I’m not sure if that’s store policy or a product of the fact that I stop in that particular outpost often. (The new pair has no split but isn’t the same fabric or fit as the old one.)


I have had a lot of madewell jeans over the past six years and a really positive experience. I’ve only ever had one pair that split across the knee but it was in a natural spot after several years and I just sandpapered the other side and now looks like a new pair of jeans they sell. I would recommend giving it another go. Only other ‘issue’ is that I’ve been totally spoilt by a few pairs that have their magic pockets which are just so comfy and flattering. I recently bought a high rise pair without and I’m still coming to terms with the natural pouch that most normal denim has at the zipper. ?

OH and if you bring a pair of jeans – i think ANY – into the store they recycle them into insulation and give you $20 a new pair. I REALLY wish i had brought some of mine in when I bought those three pairs …. 🙂 That’s so nice of them to replace those for you….

yah, i think it was a defective pair. of course if you wear the heck out of something that is a natural fiber it can age more quickly, but i haven’t had problems either!


Please share the lipstick

Its Sonia Kashuk from Target. I just but a bunch of her bright colors and i LOVE them. I think that one is called tomato red. xx


Thank you!


Love that you are having some fun with fashion! Thanks for the fun, fresh content as always!!

Christine Schwalm Design

You’re selling me on those Madewell jeans. I have a completely different build than you (5’4″ with more booty and less leg) but I’m at the point now that I want some good quality jeans. I bought a pair from Everlane and while they feel like quality denim, I’m not sure the cut is terribly flattering. But damn, it’s that high waist lighter rinse that everyone in LA is wearing. I will still get down for a dark rinse skinny jean, I don’t care if they’re played out.

a dark skinny is ALWAYS flattering. I feel really good in all those skinnies up there. xx


I’m a similar build (5’5”, lotta booty and long torso) and usually prefer dark wash but I have the Madewell skinnies and I LOVE them. Got rid of 3 other pairs of worn out skinny jeans I’d been holding onto cause I love them so much but after wearing the Madewell skinny jeans every day for a week I didn’t think I’d wear the others again.

Emily K

I stopped in the Chicago madewell store last weekend. I had wanted to try on some if the jeans you rave about but the store was tiny and packed with very long lines waiting for dressing rooms. Guess all you bloggers are doing the trick 😉 I had a few people with me and didn’t want them waiting bored for so long so I got a t-shirt on clearance and that was it. Oh well maybe next time I’m in town. What are some other smaller retailers of affordable fashion that you like?


Yes belts! Your hair is darling!


Emily, can you please do a post about your hair and how you style it now! It looks so stylish and fresh! I love the bangs on you!

We are ! Kristin (ess) who cut it is going to do it with me and show 3-4 different go-to styles for me. but HONESTLY its so much more fun to do. last night I wore it in a messy 1/2 top-knot and it felt so young and fun. The hardest is when its all down because my hair can go ‘helmet’ but 1/2 up or all up with bangs down is such an easier go-to than anything was pre-cut and it feels way more modern and young. I joke with brian all the time, asking him how it feels to date a millenial. 😉 it really does make me feel as young as I feel, which is much younger than I am.


Loving the new hair!


Your hair looks great!


Hi Emily! I really am obsessed with those patent black shoes but the link only gives me the ‘& other stories’ Sweden- not US…not coming up on US site…help please!

Stacey, Austin TX

Hello Emily,

Love the post and your new hair cut! I realize the Stella McCartney shoes are last year, but I need to find myself a pair. Is there a name or style number so I can start my treasure hunt? Are they true to size?

Thanks for a wonderful blog and lots of fantastic content!


They are true to size and amazing. I love these from Nisolo but just realized there is only a 6 left (and they aren’t patent).

Stacey, Austin TX

Thanks Emily! The Nisolo are fantastic, but I’m specifically looking for the Stella McCartney shoes. I’m in love and I’m on a mission to see if I can find a pair somewhere somehow. I’ll be starting my internet scavenger hunt over the holiday.

Have a great Thanksgiving,


I loved the mini skirt (minus the otk boots, not my kind of thing, the top was fantastic). I also loved the trench coat look with the ripped jeans. I’ve been reading this book called The Cool Factor and it’s one of the recommended ways to do ripped jeans, with something classic on top. I’m not a fan of Madewell jeans (in mid rise anyway) but I like Everlane. My biggest problem is when the weather turns cold I need a long jean (I live in Seattle!) so showing ankle just doesn’t work.

I realized that last year when I went to new york with all my cropped Cali cut Madewells and my ankles were like BURRRRRR. But here its fine. And yes to classic + distressed. xx


Thank you for this, Emily! I have no idea what’s cool, but I can see you know! I appreciate the help!


As a man the fashion posts are obviously not meant for me, so I usually skip over them and the IG stories about them…but the black denim and target sweater is very cool. It brings a little edge to go with your new hair style!

Well thank you, Shaun. 🙂 Always nice to have a variety of opinions so thanks for the compliment. Strangely Brian really liked that look too. xx


I love all of these outfits so much, and your hair looks amazing! I’ve just bookmarked a few items to my wishlist 🙂 The link to the Madewell jeans in the first outfit links to Anthropologie instead. Would you mind sharing which Madewell jeans these are? They look great!


First off I am obsessed with that red coat but wonder if it would be warm enough for a Michigan winter >.< secondly, in the most respectful, non judge mental way I have to point something out. In your stories you said “faux fur because I’m not a crazy persOn” when you were trying on that cute faux fur jacket, which I silently applauded you for because f*** fur!!! BUT I need to point out that wool and leather are the same thing as fur, it is the skin of an animal who did not want to have it removed. It is cruel, and “quality” leather is most often from little baby cows (because it is softer) who surely don’t deserve such horrific treatment. I think the vegan leather skirt is awesome and it’d be cool to see you embrace even more cruelty free fashion than you already do! So much love to you and the cutest blind clown wardrobe of all time.

I don’t totally equate fur with leather but maybe I should. We are doing a socially concious gift guide where cruelty-free beauty and vegan leather will be rounded up and i’m excited to do the research. I thought that wool was sheered so that it was just like giving a sheep a haircut, but i’ve NEVER done any research on it – that is just my fantasy I suppose…. There are SO many faux alternatives now to things that historically have been sourced or mined in a terrible way that it seems like perhaps we are moving in the right direction… hopefully. xx


I grew up on a sheep farm (in Ireland) and wool is shorn every summer as otherwise sheep would be too hot; it’s for the sheep’s benefit, not the farmers. The cost of hiring a shearer is more than you make from selling the wool. Perhaps Jaime is thinking about sheepskin rugs etc. which are equivalent to real fur as are literally skinning the sheep (which is awful) but wool is not a cruel product.

Dịch Vụ Sơn Nhà Hà Nội

Love these fashion posts, Emily! Always fun to see what you’re wearing.
thank U


Don’t get me wrong, I love all your posts…. But the fashion ones make me SO happy. I feel like I always learn a new more stylish way to look. I always buy AT LEAST ONE, usually more of your recommendations.
I LOVE how it’s high low so no matter what I can by something.
You are selling the Stories strips blouse! Dang Lois perfection.
Thanks for all you do!

Ricardo Lane

This is one of the best articles I have come across. Keep up the good work.


Great Post !! Very interesting topic will bookmark your site to check if you write more about in the future.


Emily! Please tell me where the red ruffle blouse ( not pictured in this post but which was on your insta story)ness from???? It’s the one your husband liked too…short with a red ruffle across the front. I need it!! Thank you!!!

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