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What You Bought Last Month: Is Anyone Suprised By The #1 Purchase??

The bad news: it’s 108 degrees in LA, and about 105 degrees in my apartment (which, I learned yesterday, literally does not have insulation – it wasn’t a requirement when it was built and it’s never been added! Cool!). The good news: I LOVED THIS MONTH’S LIST and it was enough to make me forget that I live in a city with temperatures and a UV index that rivals the look and feel of the surface of the sun. I’m SUPER partial to the Top 2 items, in particular – for the first time ever, they’re both furniture pieces!!! – and the rest of the list is just as fun. READY?

10. Jess’ Belt Bag

I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE THIS, TOO. Jess scooped this very fun, very loud, and very neon fanny pack (or “belt bag,” if you wanna try to class it up a little bit) before a trip and had this to say upon her return: “I went to my cousin’s bachelorette in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico last weekend and it was the best. Aside from eating endless delicious food, our big adventure was an ATV tour (highly recommend). I realized that I wanted to get a cute sling fanny pack for it and guess who delivered…Target. This $25 cutie was perfect.” (And it looks SO COOL on Jess, doesn’t it????!)

9. Lea’s Curio Cabinets

I mean…you guys saw how good these cabinets looked in Lea’s house, right? And they were 20% off during Lulu & Georgia’s annual sale at the end of August? LIKE, OF COURSE THIS MADE THE LIST.

8. Em’s Favorite Workout Shorts

Two months in a row, baby!!! Emily said it best in her pull-on shorts review back in July: “These are my go-to’s that I wear many mornings for my morning routine. The waistband sits nicely and stays put (but zero cutting in as it sits higher). There is a little flair which I find flattering, has pockets for my beach card, and after I work out, I jump in the lake and swim around and they are GREAT swim bottoms. Oh, and it has built-in red underwear (sounds weird, but excellent for being active). Again, I feel like these shorts with a swim top or tank would look cool and sporty at the beach, and just feels less exposed for daytime swimming with the kids. I wear them with my red swimsuit, mesh pullovers, and Tevas, and not to sound like quite the dorky mom, but I do feel like it looks cool while secretly I’m VERY comfortable and confident.

7. Ryann’s Comfy Jeans

Ryann shared these jeans in last week’s link up (there’s a great photo of her wearing them, too – go check it out and then come right back, please!). She wrote, “If you ever see me wearing jeans, 90% of the time they are from Abercrombie. I have many different pairs but I am a huge fan of these in particular (in the black wash) and always get compliments when I am wearing them. I am not one to gatekeep so anytime anyone says “I like your jeans” I end up spilling where they are from immediately because I think they are too good to keep a secret. If you are looking for a new pair of jeans for fall, I can’t recommend them enough!!” (For any holdouts: it took a long time, but Abercrombie jeans are on par with Madewell jeans now. They’re great. For adults. Incredible.)

6. Mal’s Summer Sandals

If you’re also sweating through an unprecedented heat wave, you may be wearing a pair of these freshly-copped puppies AS WE SPEAK. Mal shared these on-trend sandals at the beginning of August, writing “I find myself exclusively gravitating towards these because they’re velcro but not ugly (I’m too lazy for any sort of buckle or lace these days). If you’re in the market for a nude everyday sandal snag these while they’re discounted!” WAIT, GOOD NEWS: They’re even more discounted right now – you can take 50% off the already-discounted price with code SALEONSALE

5. Em’s Sauna Blanket

If you read these “What You Bought Last Month” posts regularly, you know that I have run out of things to say about this sauna blanket. If you do not read these “What you Bought Last Month” posts regularly: OH MY GOSH THIS SAUNA BLANKET HAS BEEN ON THE LIST SINCE DECEMBER 2021. (Like…should I go start a line of sauna blankets? Is the universe trying to tell me something?)

4. Em’s Linen-Blend Shirt

And like…same thing with this linen top, y’all!!! It debuted in June and it hasn’t left the list since (but it’s also a timeless and practical summer basic, so…I get it). If you grabbed this top, let me know if you agree with Em’s initial review: “This is my new favorite shirt that I’ve been wearing A TON. It’s a little splurgy but it drapes great, is lightweight linen, and is super breathable. Plus you know I love a good stripe. So it’s great for summer but also a great piece for all seasons because it’s really layer-able. Highly recommend!” THOUGHTS?

3. Caitlin’s Variety-Of-Shades Nude Heels

I know what you’re thinking – “Caitlin, girl, those are black shoes. Obsidian. Onyx. Midnight. Lost Soul. Rolling Blackout. Sleeping Panther. Void by Armani.” And yeah, while these are black shoes, Rebecca Allen also makes this style in a variety of nude shades – you can click through and see a few of their offerings – so that every person can have a skin-colored shoe that makes them feel sleek and polished and pulled together. (For the record: I’m a Nude IV.)

2. Em’s Family Room Sectional

We’ve been loving this deep and cozy sectional for a while – it was one of the first furniture purchases for the farm! – and I’m so excited that you feel the same way, too. You may have seen this piece a few times over the past year (we’ve shared on IG stories and on the blog), but apparently, Em’s one-line description in her recent family room update – “We already have our cuddly sectional which we are obsessed with” – was compelling enough to convince a whole bunch of you to take the plunge on this sofa. (I have to laugh that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back – not the footage we’ve shared on Instagram, not the times I’ve linked up in sales posts…just one line (in a post about paint colors, no less!!) about a “cuddly sectional.” This job is full of surprises sometimes 🙂

1. Em’s Famous Abstract Coffee Table

ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME! This iconic coffee table is show-stopping, shapely, and the ultimate quiet statement piece. It’s also under $900 (how?!), one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality…and, most importantly, FINALLY BACK IN STOCK. (Only took…uh…a decade? Half a decade? It’s been a long time coming, y’all.) Each table is made using a unique tree which means no two are the same and, to quote Emily, “It does the job of a square, rectangle, and an oval at the same time. It visually fills more space than its dimensions. It’s just so good.” RINGING ENDORSEMENTS ALL AROUND. (The bad news: while you can still order this coffee table, it’s backordered with an estimated delivery of March 2023. It’s a long wait, but I bet it’ll be worth it!)

THAT’S IT FOR ME. Thanks for an incredible August. Have a great weekend. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Lea Johnson | Photo by Sage E Imagery | From: Lea’s Open Concept Pass-Through Dining Room Design Agony – SOLVED!

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1 year ago

Please please pretty please can we have a post about what Emily’s new house looks like now at move-in stage? With furniture just wherever it fits and the garden a mess and nothing styled? Then when you do the big fancy photoshoot in Spring we can admire how things have developed since now. Spring is so far away!

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Elle

Yesssssssss!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Elle

Agree. Will also add that the ratio of shopping posts to design posts feels out of whack at present. Can we bring back some of the makeover takeover posts from the team. I loved those. And updates re their house purchasing adventures. I loved those too.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sally

Please, I should add.

1 year ago
Reply to  Elle

Follow her on Instagram! She gives sneak peeks almost every day of how it’s coming together!

1 year ago
Reply to  kiki

And if you don’t want to “log in” to be tracked by Big Tech, you can use any of the anonymous viewers like, or

1 year ago
Reply to  Elle

Would love this. I just moved from Manhattan to Chicago to a relatively gigantic apartment and am at sea about how to make decisions about things! Would love to see more about decision-making and processes.

1 year ago

I’m curious about the details of this list! If you don’t mind sharing, is this this the top 10 by… dollars spent? number of pieces purchased? Individual people who purchased things?
I just started wondering this when I saw how many people bought those cabinets. They look great but that feels like a big decision and I am surprised that so many people purchased them. (The coffee table makes a little more sense to me since it hasn’t been available.)
Always interesting to see the top items =)

Kelly P
1 year ago
Reply to  Stacy

I love reading these lists and have always been curious about what the parameters are for deciding which items top the list too.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Hey Caitlin…
Two things:

1. You’d fall over laughing if you knew what the British-influenced world means by the term “fanny”.
It literally means VULVA.🤣🤣🤣

2. I’m trialling this super-easy, cost efrective and recyclable hack for window insulation when summer comes downunder to Australia…bubble wrap!!!
You clean your windows. Collect bubble wrap. Lightly spray your window with a fine mist of water. Press the bubble wrap across the glass and….it sticks.
Light still comes through but the heat, not much at all! 🥵

Sure, still doesn’t make up for no roof insulation (wot’s with that!?!), but it’ll help a lot for heat in through glass.
I’m using recycled bubble wrap from everyone’s saved packaging (I choose to not personally buy online due to the packaging waste) and the pieces are quite large.
My windows aren’t ginormous panes coz my house is @ 100, but give it a try.

1 year ago

Not surprised even a little bit by #1!! I looked for a similar version FOREVER, but finally gave up & went a totally different direction. Em’s famous abstract coffee table is badass!!

1 year ago

i got the fanny pack too and it is EXCELLENT. the “gray” color is more of a luxe looking champagne. I had been looking for a neutral luxe looking fanny pack (haha what) ever since Carla Rockmore werked one on ig, and this one from target is IT. A lot of reviewers seem to think it’s too small to cross body, but maybe I got lucky.

1 year ago


1 year ago

I wasn’t able to leave a comment on the original post about Lea’s pass-through design, but I’d love to know the source for the beautiful blue window treatments in her kitchen, if possible. Thank you!

1 year ago
Reply to  Sam

Just an educated guess, but maybe from Calico Corners: You can see the curtains she had made from that fabric here:

1 year ago
Reply to  Sam

Hi Sam and KJ, the window treatments in the kitchen are from Barn and Willow.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lea

Dang, I thought they matched and that I had cracked the case. 🕵️‍♂️