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The Link Up: Em’s New Favorite Paint Color, Ryann’s Most Complimented Jeans, And Our Favorite Red Lip Crayon For The Best “Natural But Better” Look

Happy Sunday, everyone! This was a pretty good week if we do say so ourselves. The Hendersons moved into the farmhouse (AHHH!!!), the team got together for lunch and finally got to celebrate Ryann’s marriage in person, AND it was the last work week of August since Emily is the best boss and is giving us all off next week! Needless to say, no Sunday scaries over here. While we know not everyone gets off next week, we hope it’s still full of fun hangs, activities, and food. Links, anyone?

design by we are duet | styled by olga lewis | photo by anson smart | via domino

This week’s house tour is a feast for the eyes! Especially those who love a farmhouse look with modern accents and hits of whimsical decor. Fun fact, this home/property is an actual former Australian dairy farm from the 1860s. The extra fun part about this project is that it’s a vacation home. This meant that the owners were much more willing to play with color and decor which was a relief to the design firm, We Are Duet🙂 Check out the whole space here.

From Emily: My wish for everyone renovating (or simply repainting) is to love their color choice as much as I love Dew Drop from Sherwin-Williams. Every time I walk into the mudroom I feel a ping of excitement. Sometimes it’s blue, sometimes it’s green. It’s really pale but not in a baby way. It just looks and feels really fresh. I can’t recommend it enough. Of course, always test before you place a full paint order because a color can look so different depending on the room and light it gets. But this is one to absolutely try if it sounds like what you are looking for:)

From Ryann: If you ever see me wearing jeans, 90% of the time they are from Abercrombie. I have many different pairs but I am a huge fan of these in particular (in the black wash) and always get compliments when I am wearing them. I am not one to gatekeep so anytime anyone says “I like your jeans” I end up spilling where they are from immediately because I think they are too good to keep a secret. If you are looking for a new pair of jeans for fall, I can’t recommend them enough!!

From Mallory: I wanted to zhuzh my shower products bottles up a bit because the shampoo/conditioner bottles I use are green, yellow, and purple which is way too much of a “barney” color palette for me to enjoy looking at every day. I decided to get these 32 oz bottles with these labels and I must say I am much happier with this decanted situation. I was in fact inspired by the “how to make your shower look better” post I wrote a while ago, and I will say my shower experience feels much more spa-like. I am aware that these are glass which freaks people out in the shower, so here are some plastic options, or you can use a clear adhesive to hold down the glass ones (which please note can make refilling annoying depending on where your products are in your shower). I will say after using these for a while, they’re heavy enough that I don’t feel unsafe with them being glass but if you do, please take precaution. I also got this $7 soap dish and I was very happy that for less than $45 I made my shower experience 1 billion percent better!!

From Caitlin: Need to take a second to hype up one of my all-time favorite beauty products: this Matte Velvet Lip Crayon. I’m awful at putting on regular lipstick so the pencil shape is WAY easier for me to apply, plus I find that “Cruella” is simultaneously an awesome/saturated red AND a great everyday shade (definitely a “my lips but better” color) when I only apply a bit and smudge it out with my fingers. I’ve had the same stick for over a year and it’s still going strong – HUGE FAN.

From Jess: I don’t know why I waited so long but I finally got an insulated tumbler for my iced morning drinks (currently iced oat milk matcha lattes). This $10 gem has been a game-changer! It’s large so a lot of liquid capacity, it’s double-walled so my ice doesn’t melt until maybe the end of the day, and it fits in my car cup holder. I love it. 10/10.

That’s it from us! There will still be new posts every day so while we’ll be taking a break (and working on our MOTOs), the content will still be here for you. We hope you love it:)

Opening Image Credits: Design by We Are Duet | Styled by Olga Lewis | Photo by Anson Smart | via Domino


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13 thoughts on “The Link Up: Em’s New Favorite Paint Color, Ryann’s Most Complimented Jeans, And Our Favorite Red Lip Crayon For The Best “Natural But Better” Look

  1. Have a wonderful break! Everyone deserves time off and it’s so important to normalize that. This site is my daily counter to the news so I appreciate you have some stuff prepped to fill the gap 🙂

  2. Everything looks lovely!

    Emily can you tell me the name of the blue paint in the very first picture? It speaks to me. Blue is my favorite color!

    1. Looks like the Umbra Cubiko Shower Caddy, available on lots of different sites: Umbra, Lowes, Amazon, etc….

  3. Please let Mallory know that “my lips but better” doesn’t mean what she thinks it does (Unless of course, she’s been blessed with naturally ruby lips… in which case I retract my comment).

    1. I read this from Mallory: “…definitely a ‘my lips but better’ color when I only apply a bit and smudge it out with my fingers,” and it made sense to me that this dramatic lip shade could also work nicely to give just a hint of color.
      Perhaps not the most elegantly phrased and punctuated sentence but is there a hidden meaning that I’m missing?

    2. When I was a kid, people used to ask my mom if she had put lipstick and rouge on me. (The answer is “no.”) Since you don’t know Mallory’s natural lip color or what she considers a better version, this comment seems needlessly mean.

    3. alex- you’re very unkind. if you hadn’t taken the time to be so spiteful you wouldn’t have to retract it.

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