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Trending: Chrome Furniture and Decor + Shop 36 Favorites

Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Happy Friday folks. If you haven’t been paying attention to the reveals of our recently finished Griffith Park project that we have been pushing out this week, then take a second to head over to the Sunroom and Living Room reveal and ogle at the pictures for a moment and you might notice that there is a heavy dose of chrome in the decor. Don’t worry we haven’t abandoned our love for brass, but this 70’s modern meets Georgian traditional home and it’s wonderful home owners were down for bringing the best chrome has to offer into the space and I can’t tell you how much I love it in all the pictures.

We introduced you to the trend a few weeks ago on the blog, then showed you a roundup of lighting and today we are finishing up our roundups with furniture and accessories. Let’s start with furniture.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 09
Photo Source

When it comes to chrome furniture in your home you have a few options. 1) go all out and get a fully chrome piece like this sculptural coffee table above or these chrome chairs and canopy bed below.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 31
Photo Source
Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 26
Photo Source

All of which totally work in their respective spaces. But, all chrome isn’t for everyone (just like an all brass canopy bed might not be for everyone) so rather than a fully chromed out piece you can introduce the trend as 2) an accent on your furniture. Let me give you a few examples.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 35
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Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 36
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I used to have the exact same chairs as above and this picture is really making me wish I wouldn’t have sold them.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 33
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Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 17
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You’ll notice that all of these rooms have chrome in them but they all say, “Hi, I am chrome, nice to meet you”. Not, “HI! I AM CHROME, NICE TO MEET YOU”. Bringing chrome in through smaller accents in your furniture is a much more subtle approach if you are looking to introduce it into your decor and something that is easily attainable not only with some of the items that we have pulled for you in the roundup but also through vintage pieces.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 20
Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Which is exactly what we did in the Griffith Park project, both the credenza above and the chairs below are vintage and introduce chrome to the space in a modern way while still feeling authentic and timeless.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 21
Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Last but not least, and for those of you that are a little hesitant to jump on board with chrome – let me introduce you to, “I like chrome but only in tiny little accessory sized doses”.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 25
Photo Source

The decor market is heavy with chrome accessories right now (which we are loving) and they are the easiest and most affordable way to quickly bring chrome into your decor without having to commit to a trend that you aren’t quite sure of yet. See how non-committal albeit beautiful that small chrome chain and candelabra are?

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Furniture Inspiration 23
Tessa Neustadt

Without further chrome commentary…. chromentary?! Here are a few of our favorite pieces, at all different prices, if you are into the chrome trend. Let us know how you are feeling towards chrome below and TGIF folks.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Decor Roundup Final

1. Taper Candle Holder | 2. Maison Accent Table | 3. Agency Chair | 4. Kentworth Armchair | 5. Water Pitcher | 6. Toulon Accent Table | 7. Drum Accent Table | 8. Flag Halyard Chair | 9. Loop Candle Holder | 10. Drexler Dining Table | 11. Tea Kettle | 12. Bertoia Counter Stool | 13. Bookends | 14. Nube Armchair | 15. Paolo Piva Coffee Table | 16. Ernest Bar Cart | 17. Mobile Sculpture | 18. Platner Armchair | 19. Winston Coffee Table | 20. MR Side Chair | 21. Candlesticks | 22. Jamaica Counter Stool | 23. Cube Objet | 24. Concrete & Chrome Coffee Table | 25. Orb Serving Bowl | 26. Cesca Side Chair | 27. Margaret Tray Coffee Table | 28. Glenn Bar Stool | 29. Sonya Coffee Table | 30. Bulb Vase | 31. Maison Bar Cart | 32. Cuff Wall Hook | 33. Platner Stool | 34. Polished Vase | 35. Ludwig Armchair | 36. Novel Coffee Table


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34 thoughts on “Trending: Chrome Furniture and Decor + Shop 36 Favorites

  1. I’m feeling it. I bought a set of Cesca chair knockoffs for my kitchen a couple of years ago. I was hesitant about the chrome tubing, but I’m really happy with them and I love how shiny they polish up! The chrome balances out with the brass finishes in the rest of the home.

  2. I think chrome in deocrating is totally underrated! Since it is coming back, there are lots of great finds on FB Marketplace as well as good old Craigslist!

    1. exactly! im in the process of changing all the lighting and knobs in the house! we had a house built and they used all silver/chrome and its so ugly(for me).

    2. Totally understand what you are saying but as someone who lives in the desert (Southern AZ), I loathe having anything in my house that “warms it up”. With a 7+ month long, very hot summer, I’m super into furniture that cools my space down, visually and physically. Bring on the chrome baby

  3. My grandparents had a very “mod” 60’s house that was looking pretty dated for a while… and it’s all BACK again! The chrome dining chairs are reminding me of being a pre-teen and sitting through long holiday dinners with the grown-ups, and wishing I was still young enough to crawl around under the table instead (on the ivory wool shag carpet). Thanks for the throwback!

    1. same here!! My grandma has those #26 dining chairs (exactly like the ones pictured around the tulip table!) around her formica kitchen table. It’s the stuff of my childhood…when I was a child hanging around the stuff of my mom’s childhood!

  4. Oof, this all looks like the 90’s to me. Maybe it’s just because my family had a chrome base glass dining table and this just takes me back to that kitchen. I loved the Parisian posts and others hated it, so this is another example of “to each their own” 🙂

  5. I am really really feeling this! I’ve always loved chrome, so admittedly, this is an easy win with me. I want to find some chrome lighting for my bathroom, stat!

  6. At first I was a little hesitant about this chrome trend but let me tell you I am LOVING it now. All these photos are winning me over and that griffith park house reveal. Can I move in? it’s perfection!

  7. I have to say, and I mean this with love, I think the quality of blog posts seem repetitive lately. I feel like i just read an article on this site about chrome. While all of this is very pretty, it doesn’t seem fresh. Same with the french deco and the frame tv. I do love this site and make a point to visit every weekday, but the content is getting stale

  8. As with brass I generally prefer the aged and patinated chrome .. not the shiny ones . As you say ” hi I’m chrome ” not “HI! I’M CHROME ! “

  9. I love everything about this project including the chrome. It’s all so so good.
    Dayum that sh*t is tight!

  10. I love chrome, I have had it for years. My furniture all have something chrome on them. I have had chrome for the last 15 years and I’am still not tired of it. I feel like it’s stays modern, for me brass looks so old fashioned

  11. Chrome furniture is definitely something to consider when you want a touch of modern and unconventional but you are on the budget. I love how you matched it perfectly with the rest of the adornments and decor.

  12. Earlier this year I replaced all of my wooden dining room chair with amazing Craigslist finds. One was a pair of chrome and black leather cantilever chairs, the rest a set of white molded tree chairs with chrome bases. I absolutely love the look. And to be honest, I normally don’t gravitate towards chrome. But boy, it works! And now, thanks to your post I feel trendy:)

  13. I’ve always been a fan of chrome (in doses). Loved the cognac and chrome chairs, just enough for me! 🙂

  14. Hi, could you post some chrome friendly paint options? I’m looking specifically for a farrow and ball color. The room is north/northeast and the accents are navy and wood primarily. I’d like to stay in the light/neutral colors. Thanks so much. ☺️

  15. Thanks for sharing.Your article is awesome! How long does it take to complete this article? I have read through other blogs, but they are cumbersome and confusing.
    I hope you continue to have such quality articles to share with everyone! I believe there will be many people who share my views when they read this article from you!

  16. There’s a distinction between stainless steel and chrome that isn’t noted. Just because something has a silver finish, does not make it chrome. Ex- the sculptural coffee table in the second photo is definitely not chrome, but stainless steel. The only reason I’m pointing it out is, this post seems to be trying to educate the reader on the validity of a chrome trend, but it isn’t really using the term correctly.

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