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Trending: Chrome Lighting + Shop Our Favorites

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In case you missed the big announcement a few weeks back….. I’m expecting – that chrome will be a big trend this year. Haha, I hope I didn’t give you a Monday morning heart attack but, I had to make sure I had your full attention before we dive into all things chrome and why this once totally overused and mainstream metal is now coming back in fresh new ways and how much we love it.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Inspiration 111
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For those of you that have been pinning with your eyes closed, brass has been the reigning metallic for the last little while when it comes to home decor.  Although we love it, and I have used it all over my house, some of the brass that has now been coming into the market is feeling a little oversaturated. Don’t get me wrong I still love brass, it is totally timeless and I will continue to use it in my own home and other projects. BUT, there is a big difference between something that is painted a shiny brass color intending to look like brass vs a beautiful raw brass that will age and patina as it used. It’s like Jane Doe showing up to the Oscars wearing a Meryl Streep mask and heels. It might fool you for a second, but no imposter will ever be as beautiful, timeless, or classic as the original.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Inspiration 36
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A few weeks ago we introduced the trend and to our surprise everyone was very positive about it coming back in style. We aren’t quite sure if that is because a lot of you are over brass, copper, and the warmer tones of those metals, or if a lot of you already have chrome in your homes and this announcement finally means I will start giving some love to what you already have vs talking about how much I love brass.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Inspiration 28
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Because chrome is not a style or trend like “Parisian Art Deco” or “California Casual” which we have already introduced and covered on the blog, it means that it can be used in almost every single style or room. So we scoured the market/internet/stores to pull together some of our very favorite options in the lighting category for you.

Let’s start with the easiest way to adopt it into your own decor – table lamps.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Roundup Table2

1. Marble Accent Lamp | 2. Bell Table Light | 3. Glacier Desk Lamp | 4. Flos Table Lamp | 5. Modern Arc Table Lamp | 6. Stockholm | 7. Ashling Table Lamp | 8. Collet Table Lamp | 9. Leah Mini Table Lamp | 10. Attwood | 11. Byron | 12. Coralvine Desk Lamp | 13. Marble Task Lamp | 14. Armendariz Table Lamp | 15. Jamie Table Lamp | 16. Panthella Table Lamp | 17. Arched Table Lamp | 18. Giselle Table Lamp | 19. Carlo Table Lamp | 20. Fiona Table Lamp | 21. Gris Table Lamp | 22. Austin Table Lamp | 23. Berlino | 24. Arpel Table Lamp

I love and have used SO many of these, but when using chrome in your decor it is important to bring it in and pepper it around the room. That means if you bring in a table lamp then bring in some other item that has chrome in it to help balance it into your existing decor. That could be with a pair of candlesticks, a small box, some chrome accents on your furniture, or even a chrome base to your chair.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Inspiration 42
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You also shouldn’t be scared of mixing metals like you see below. Mixing a few different metals is ok, mixing 4-5 metals is not. So keep your choices refined and feel free to mix brass, and chrome like below and accent with different colors. But to keep your place from feeling like a metallic candy store steer clear of pulling copper, brass, nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and stainless steel into the same space.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Inspiration 05
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Next up we have floor lamps. The same rules apply for these floor lamps – try to bring in the color elsewhere in the room and to help balance out the cooler tone of the metal, bring in some warmer tones next to it. I would buy #2 in a heartbeat, #4 is so pretty in person for the price, and if you lean more traditional then #15 could work for you.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Roundup Floor1

1. Gero Task Lamp | 2. Donna Floor Lamp | 3. Arco Floor Lamp | 4. Stockholm | 5. Tyrone Floor Lamp | 6. Sullivan Task Floor Lamp | 7. Adjustable Floor Lamp | 8. Maverick Marble Floor Lamp | 9. Stockholm White Shade | 10. Omicron Floor Lamp | 11. IC Task Floor Lamp | 12. Petite Arc Metal Floor Lamp | 13. Studio Swing Arm Floor Lamp | 14. Corbe Task Floor Lamp | 15. Eupen | 16. Cumberland | 17. Buckner Floor Lamp | 18. Miles Floor Lamp | 19. Berkshire Floor Lamp | 20. Winchendon Tree Lamp | 21. Bell Floor Light | 22. Losh Task Lamp | 23. Collet Floor Lamp | 24. Hambly Task Floor Lamp

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Inspiration 41
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Up next is what happens on the places where you might have to call a professional to help with the installation: wall sconces, and ceiling lighting.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Inspiration 43
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Some of these do come with white or black incorporated into them, but when it comes to ceiling lights pay attention to scale and shape as some of these do run larger and when it is in an all chrome finish it can look very contemporary, modern, or futuristic unless you have the right space and ceiling height to balance it out. I am very into #3 for that price, #23 is classic and will never go out of style, and #2 would be so pretty above a bathroom vanity or in a hallway.

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Roundup Ceiling1 1. Dome Pendant | 2. Classic Pendant | 3. Bell Flush Mount Lamp | 4. Mirror Ball Pendant | 5. Owen Chandelier | 6. Leucos | 7. Claybourne Semi-flush Mount | 8. Bell Pendant | 9. Ipanema Multi Bloom | 10. Holjes | 11. Esperia | 12. Fade Pendant | 13. Camille Pendant | 14. Ball Pendant | 15. Upton Chandelier | 16. Siena Flush Mount | 17. Sputnik Chandelier | 18. Punk Globe Pendant | 19. Broadway Pendant | 20. Lexington Chandelier | 21. Salter Semi Flush Mount | 22. Nash Chandelier | 23. Marine Medium Flush Mount | 24. Donna Pendant

Emily Henderson Trends Chrome Lighting Roundup Wall

1. Fjord Sconce | 2. Flos Wall Sconce | 3. Double Post Sconce | 4. Eastmoreland | 5. Metropolitan Sconce | 6. Garamond | 7. Laito Wall Sconce | 8. Bistro Double Sconce | 9. Void Surface Light | 10. Orbiter Swing Arm | 11. Post Wall Sconce | 12. Boston Single Arm | 13. Prescott Sconce | 14. Arc Spotlight | 15. Meurice Five Arm Sconce | 16. Armstrong | 17. Pelle Sconce | 18. Pittock Single Sconce | 19. L Sconce | 20. Glenford Wall Sconce | 21. Vista 2 | 22. Overture Wall Sconce | 23. Jantzen Single Sconce | 24. Globe Sconce

So which ones are your favorite, or which have you tried before? Let us know below and Happy Monday Folks.

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6 years ago

I guess I missed the memo of chrome being out of fashion in the first place, oops. (and I’m a designer, double oops!)

This reminds me of Wall-E (which since I have a 3 year old, I have watched on repeat over, and over, and over), and they say “try BLUE, it’s the new RED”, and everyone has to have it. I say pick a couple metals that you like, and use them how you wish. Every metal finish eventually goes in and out of fashion. I have chrome and matte black throughout my house, and love them both. But matte black I’m sure will go out of fashion in a couple years. Oh well, it’ll come back around again in ten years. 🙂

All that said, I love all the lighting selections above (I’ve been loving Cedar and Moss stuff…great style for a great price).

6 years ago
Reply to  Jamie

You took the words out of my mouth! While I know chrome hasn’t been the most popular kid in recent years, I didn’t realize it was out of style either. We remodeled our master bathroom about 5 years ago and used chrome for the fixtures. No matter the trend, I think the chrome fixture on our clawfoot tub will forever have my heart.
As always, thanks Emily! ?

6 years ago

I live in Nebraska and I swear to God the brass/gold trend hasn’t even gotten here yet. Now I wonder whether it ever will or whether we’ll just skip it and keep brushed nickel forever. BTW – my house has some brass/gold, but I always have to keep it minimal for resale.

6 years ago
Reply to  Brandyn

^ I can relate to this in South Carolina. When I went to the design center for our new build, brass wasn’t even an option. Chrome, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze – no other options were available for hardware, lighting, or fixtures.

6 years ago
Reply to  Brandyn

This was my immediate reaction when I saw the post last week. In the Midwest, (Ohio here!), it never went “out”! LOL.

Tiffanie Hall
6 years ago

Re-posting from Oct 2nd?

6 years ago
Reply to  Tiffanie Hall

Yeah, it was a prescheduled post that went up on 10/2, but she removed it after vegas news broke, shared her thoughts on Vegas and reposted this today.

6 years ago

All I have to say is THANK YOU! I’m so happy to see this metal receive the attention it deserves.

Once again, you haven’t missed a beat! <3

6 years ago
Reply to  Ania

Chrome has always seemed very masculine to me..somewhat cold in a decor setting. I’d think I would have a hard time adding it in my home. I am very much pleased with brass back in though.☺️

6 years ago

Can you explain difference between chrome and polished nickel and when to use one vs the other? Do you also see polished nickel “coming back”?

6 years ago
Reply to  Julia

Uh oh, was polished nickel ever “out”?? If I want a cool metal, I always thought of that as the more subtle alternative to chrome.

6 years ago

Nickel, chrome and stainless steel all seem very similar to me, a non-designer. Is there truly a design difference?

6 years ago

I haven’t ever stopped liking crome (especially in a bathroom). I think it feels timeless (if done correctly). Glad it is making a comeback.

Lisa Lee
6 years ago

I’m Feeling the love for All the Tom Dixon pieces. The dome lamps appeal to me. And I’ve been enamored with the cantilevered globe lights in general. I love the milk glass globe used with any metal, because I’d like to incorporate the Deco with the Mid-Century I’ve got going on. Although, the pic with the chrome industrial floor lamp next to the Mid-Century chair is an exciting look! I Also love the bathroom shot. So old school yet super fresh! Thanks for all of your research, of all the things!! All the time!! I’m doing a lot of redesign right now and you and your team’s research is invaluable! ps Orlando has mixed the metals in his place flows so well.

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6 years ago

I love these designs. I wish that I could stay in a place like this. It must be great!!!

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6 years ago

Thanks for so many tips .I will get to start it tomorrow.

6 years ago

happy camper here. I love chrome. Luckily I make decisions based upon what I like versus trend, but the good news is that hopefully there will be more chrome options to choose from.

I am about to click buy onat for a pair of chrome schoolhouse semi-flush light fixtures for our entryway reno. At $50 each, I’m a little worried how they’re going to arrive, but the reviews seem positive. Wish me luck!

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6 years ago

Thanks you for sharing so many tips.I will started Tomorrow.Helpful!
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