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Top 10 Pins of 2020 + An Unexpected Trend Comes In 1st Place…

Kitchens and living rooms are always highly pinned, so it’s very telling to see some offices (and even some artwork!!) in the top 10. Actually, offices haven’t ever been on the list until this year. Clearly, it’s because we were all thrown into our homes and now we can’t or don’t want to leave them. We needed (and still need) to maximize FUNCTIONALITY above all else, and it’s really the time to see just how functional your home can get. But don’t worry it’s not all offices but number one might completely shock you like it shocked me… HERE WE GO!

10. From: Recognizing Juneteenth (Plus, Resources To Learn More & Take Action)

artwork by melissa koby

I’m SO glad Melissa Koby‘s awesome artwork made it in the top 10! Now someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any artwork has made it into our top pinned before (probably because people mostly come here to look at pretty pictures of interiors –– we get it and we’re here for that sometimes too). But anyway, if you don’t follow her on Instagram yet, it’s most definitely time to get on that…her artwork is TOO GOOD.

9. From: Have An Unused Nook Begging For Some Attention?? Make It A Beautiful At Home Office

design and photography by tiffany of pretty real

2020 was truly the year of the at-home office…and an impromptu one at that. No one could’ve called that WFH was going to be such a motif in 2020, and many of you (like us) might now be going back. So probably similar to Emily, we started with tables on paint cans but now we’re looking at creating more permanent workstations in our home. This one, created by Tiffany from Pretty Real Blog, is one of my all-time favorites because she took an unused wall/nook area and built this crazy cool shelf and desk situation. The best part is it creates more than one work area so her kids can simultaneously do homework here, which is a plus with everyone being at home. No surprise why it was a popular image.

8. From: 20 VERY Affordable Pillow Combos & Our 5 No-Fail Combo Rules

graphic by jess bunge 🙂

Our sweet Editorial Director, Jess has MANY skills, but combo-ing pillows might just be one of her strongest (which says a lot because her skill level on everything else is also VERY high). Pillow picking and combo-ing is a real challenge for most everyone –– even designers/decorators –– so this guide is VERY helpful (plus it consists of our 5 no-fail pillow combo rules). The affordable angle is always a hit because man, pillows can be expensive. I’m sure that’s also why this was such a pinned imaged.

7. From: How to Lean Into Eclectic Granny The Minimalist Way (Via A Vintage Lover’s Dream Home Tour)

staging by a 1000 x better | photography by scarlett macdonald | creative direction by gillian lawlee | rug from blue parakeet rugs

This home tour popped OFF on Instagram, so I’m not surprised to see here that it popped off on Pinterest as well. This room pretty much single-handedly made me want to turn my studio apartment into a library…it’s SO dreamy and how do I fit that ladder too because I need it.

6. From: 20 VERY Affordable Pillow Combos & Our 5 No-Fail Combo Rules

graphic by jess bunge

See? I told you Jess was good at pillow combo-ing. Not only did she make one killer affordable pillow roundup, but she made TWO and both of them were repinned many times for obvious reasons. Also if you have a moodboard for a room you are designing, you could screenshot the pillow combos you like and drag them in to see which one you like the best. All the hard work is done for you, so all you gotta do is hit “add to cart” to make it happen in your home (which is kinda awesome).

5. From: Evolution Of An Aesthetic – Design Discontent or Design Enthusiasm? (And Also, Is A Room Ever Truly Done?)

by willow crossley | by willow crossley

I noticed something I hadn’t before while looking at this kitchen picture again: THERE ARE HOLES IN THE COUNTER SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO OPEN YOUR TRASH CAN TO THROW SOMETHING AWAY. I think it’s kinda genius but also I would worry about accidentally throwing away food that I was prepping (I have really bad spatial awareness which wouldn’t help). But imagine chopping vegetables and you could just slide the scraps into this hole. It’s pretty cool. I totally get why this made the list at #5 because it really makes you think, doesn’t it? Not to mention it’s insanely beautiful.

4. From: A Moody, Movie Themed Office Design On A Tight Timeline

source unknown

Another pin that proves my point about 2020 being the year of the home office…we need IDEAS on how we can all work/school/generally live 24/7 in one space. This moody office personally slays me and I like how industrial and chic it is (I think many of you do too given that it’s come in a whopping 4th place).

3. From: Sara’s Kitchen “Update” Spirals Into A full Renovation (Plus – Help Her Choose A Design Plan)

via oakstone homes

In 3rd place we have this gorgeous kitchen inspo, which feels good to look at. I love a pretty kitchen as much as the next gal, and Sara filled her kitchen intro post with LOTS of pretty kitchen photos. Sara’s kitchen is a reveal that I’m HEAVILY looking forward to seeing and hopefully you are too 🙂

2. From: How to Lean Into Eclectic Granny The Minimalist Way (Via A Vintage Lover’s Dream Home Tour)

staging by a 1000 x better | photography by scarlett macdonald | creative direction by gillian lawlee | rug from blue parakeet rugs

This living room, back at it again. I mean COME ON IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. Of course she deserves to be here. Then at number one we have…*drum roll please*

1. From: The Unexpected 2020 Tile Trend That A Very Unlikely EHDer Is Putting In Her House…Plus An Ask The Audience

photo by lufe gomes | via casa e jardim

Hahahaha. I’d title this photo “when you can’t dance at the club, bring the club’s dance floor to you.” Anyone else feeling some Saturday Night Fever vibes from this tile? We’re the first to admit we all LOVE a good trend and this rainbow tile trend is not one to go unnoticed, clearly. Jess wrote this post on how she was planning to use it in her apartment bathroom until she, well, moved apartments (can somebody say #pivot?) and now I guess it’s nothing but a distant memory that will forever live in the form of this photo being our #1 top most pinned post of 2020 (unless she figures out a way to get it in her new place, which I would be first in line to see because everything Jess touches turns to gold when it comes to design). 🙂

So there you have it, our top pins of 2020. Lots of home offices, lots of pretty rooms, and a funky tile trend that some love, some not so much. What are your thoughts?? Let’s chat below. Happy almost new years!!

Opening Image Credits: Staging by a 1000 x Better | Photography by Scarlett Macdonald | Creative Direction by Gillian Lawlee

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3 years ago

Ha! Those tiles remind me of my dining room chairs… colourful.
A teen I mentor came over just after I got the chairs and she had a quizzical look on her face and said “Um, are they supposed to look like this?!?”
Too funny! The chairs are distressed, cafe style, and she comes from a very straight-laced home design-wise… she thought they were damaged!
Well, yeah, I guess they are ‘damaged’, only intentionally!

Yup, loved most of those top pinned images too!
The library!!!

I wondered if Sara’s TV room ir wallpapered wardrobe might be the number 1.
They’re both fabulous… oh, and the office (Mac’s office…hehehe).

3 years ago

I always love these but are 6 & 8 the same? Same title, same pics or am I missing something? I haven’t had my coffee yet so maybe.

3 years ago
Reply to  Cynthia

I wondered the same thing…

Sarah M.
3 years ago

I think this about sums up how bizarre 2020 has been LOL

3 years ago

Pin #6 shows pillows 1-10 from that roundup, and pin #8 shows pillows 11-20.

(I shouldn’t have looked; now I want some of them.)

3 years ago
Reply to  Irene

This was supposed to be under Renee’s post.

3 years ago

So fun to see what everyone was into throughout the year! That rainbow tile reminds me of Mandi’s laundry room backsplash- it’s so good!

3 years ago

No offense but there must be some tallying mistake! That tile could not have won first place over that staggeringly gorgeous library living room! If I just stare at that library every morning maybe I can forget about 2020!