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The Unexpected 2020 Tile Trend That A Very Unlikely EHDer Is Putting In Her House…Plus An Ask The Audience


Happy Monday everybody! Design trends seem to be kind of an insane topic to talk about right now. “Trends, Jess? Did you forget the world is on fire?” I know, which is also why we haven’t really been talking about them because we simply weren’t seeing that many for obvious reasons. (Remember this post from back when we were young?) The only “trend” topics that have felt at all fitting are comfort and organization ones. BUT for the past couple of months, the desire for bold design and lots of color has been really picking up speed. It’s not the first time we’ve brought up that fact but today we are talking about it in a more permanent way…tile.

I am pretty shocked but equally delighted that “Rainbow Tile” seems to be a real, honest to goodness 2020 trend. If ever there was a year to bring a rainbow into our homes it’s this year. Now when I say rainbow, I don’t necessarily mean the classic 6 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). I more mean a handful of a variety of single-color tiles mixed up in a simple, fun pattern like Mandi of Vintage Revivals did in the photo above. It’s genius and cool and her laundry room was the catalyst for me realizing this was a trend and has been a big inspiration for my bathroom (more on that later). First, let’s dig into this trend some more.

If your first thought, “NOOOO way would I put that in my house,” I get that. But also I love how joyous it is and that has a lot of value to me (especially now). I personally love the one on the left because while it’s very playful it also looks pretty darn chic. Plus it also a refreshing break from the classic white tiled bathroom we’ve all seen more times than we can count. Please note that I still love a beautiful white bathroom:)

design by kim spradlin wolfe | photo by becky kimball | via domino

Now, this tile combo may be a bit more palatable for a lot of you. The colors are a little more “adult”:) And guess what?? The designer, Kim, won season 24 of Survivor! That’s just a fun fact but one absolutely worth mentioning. Anyway, this 400 sq ft. renovated guesthouse looks fresh and exciting. I also love the way she used the same pattern with smaller tiles on the shower floor. It adds just the right amount of visible interest in an already VERY interesting space. Another fun fact is that the tile, which covered the whole guesthouse, cost only $500. Pretty impressive.

design by edwina boase and sophie robinson | photo by tim young | via hunker

So while I love the “random” colored tiles all mixed up, this beautiful ombre bathroom floor by Edwina Boase and Sophie Robinson is also a great option for those who like the idea but want a more uniformed design.

design by alex boudreau | styled by elaina sullivan | photo by skye parrott | via domino

But don’t think that you need a million colors to create this look. Take Alex Boureau’s design in her family’s Mexico vacation home (I know. I am also trying to figure out how to become a family member). She used only four colors and it still makes a beautiful, exciting pattern that is a refreshing departure from the norm but also very in line with the country’s design aesthetic.

So yes, I have fallen victim to the magnetic pull of making my home more colorful. Historically I have been on the more #teamneutral when it comes to designing my own home. I’m not entirely opposed but for sure hesitant (here’s my home if you haven’t seen it). But like I said in this first post about my bathroom, I want to get kinda crazy. AND it’s probably no surprise to anyone that a checkered pattern is my all-time favorite (please see my living rug and art).

So I thought why not continue making my dad’s life hard and design a box to cover my off-centered, not that great medicine cabinet for him to build and for us to tile together (something I have always wanted to learn). This felt like a “fairly simple” and really exciting way to integrate this trend and make my bathroom look super unique. Thankfully he was just bored enough to say yes:) So before we get into the cover design let’s look over my overall plan again…

image source | image source | image source

These are my inspiration photos. I want rust tones, lots of pattern and if I can, a slightly vintage feel. It’s very Spanish/French-inspired if you can’t already tell.

This is my current mood board so you can start to visualize and also help me decide on my tile design. Get ready because it’s going to be visually a lot and I need you to dream with me:)

Here’s my actual bathroom and the future location of the cover. The cover is going to completely go around the moulding, I’m going to pop off the mirror and obviously attach a new mirror to the face of the cover (right now I am looking at this one from Rejuvenation). Also, don’t worry I am replacing the towel rack:) This way the only damage to the walls are going to be the four to six holes I will need to attach it to the wall. Easy, peasy, ha.

The Medicine Cabinet Cover

But here she is in all of her untiled glory! She’s a big kid at 28″x34″ and face width at 4.25″ which is perfect for the 2″ tiles you will see below. Also, keep in mind that the font and sides will be tiled so like I said, it’s going to be a statement. Honestly, it may turn out horrible but luckily this project isn’t permanent if it all goes down the toilet. I also just really want to take a risk and break out of my shell a little. With that said drumroll please… here are the six designs I am highly considering:

The Design Options

I forgot to mention that these are all zellige tiles (like in Emily’s LA kitchen) so they have texture, depth, and are my favorite tiles in the world. I initially thought that I was going to go with option 1. But then I thought it was maybe too safe and I would regret it. Plus when I saw the rainbow trend coming in hot I thought, “Jess, add more color! Be bold!”. But I’m honestly not 100% sold on options 4 through 6. Maybe it’s my color choice? Maybe it’s because it’s on the computer? I don’t know but I would LOVE your thoughts.

So let me know what you think in the comments (while also being kind:)) But let’s also talk about this trend! Would you ever consider rainbow tile in your home? Are you also intrigued or is it just a hard no? See you in the comments.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: Design and Photo by Vintage Revivals

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Love option 3! It’ll match with the shower curtain you picked.


Option 2!


Option 2! My eye went to it immediately. It plays off the light fixture and is fun without being cray.


I would pick option 3!


Option 1, 3, or Option 4. I don’t like the pinks in Options 5 or 6. And Option 2 looks too countryish.


Exactly my picks 1,3 or 4.


4, 5, 6!
Have fun playing!




Option 5 all the way! Be bold!


Jess, your MOTO was my *favorite* and I can’t wait to see what you do in your bathroom. I also loved Mandi’s rainbow tile and am even more inspired by the other examples in this post (I think I pinned all of them?). I think my favorite mirror option is #3, but I am a big fan of the rainbows as well.

kristina k

4! 4! 4!


What a fun project! Even though this is totally out of my comfort zone #6 speaks to me immediately. I don’t care for 1-3 because all I see are Vans shoes and it feels dated- a reminder of 80s BMX days. Lol


I agree with this 100%. 1-3 = Vans shoes. 4 = swimming pool edge tile 5,6 = winners!


completely agree! Maybe if you pair the white tiles with some pastel yellows and/or pinks it would fit better, but with darker colours the contrast is too strong. options 5-6 are sooo much better!
(this is my first time reaction in the comments, because I have such strong feelings on this one!)


I agree. 4-6 felt more sophisticated to me. The ones with the white made me think vans or “circus” for some reason.

I love that you’re experimenting with this trend. And like you said luckily this isn’t permanent so that gives you some freedom to play!


I had exactly the same “circus” thoughts about 2 and 3. I have this visual of circus tents being white and red and the red, white, and blue kinda makes me think amusement park fun house. 4-6 look much more sophisticated.


I think I might *like* the resemblance to Vans


4,5,6! With 5 and 6 immediately catching my eye. 1-3 feel more quaint.


Um no. You shouldn’t tile that at all. Leave the frame wood and tile something else! None of those options will look as good as the wood frame.


My son has his bedroom floor in this style that he designed a few years ago to look like pixels. But we did it with Flor tiles so it’s easily reversed when he (or I) get sick of it


5 & 6 are actually more harmonious feeling to me. The white in 1-4 feels jarring.


Agree. I’m usually team neutral, but I like 5 and 6.


I love the cabinet in the laundry room with the skinny drawers. Is that a custom piece?


Looks like a vintage printer’s or paper storage cabinet up-cycled?


It’s a custom “false front” and actually has laundry organizers behind the drawers. It’s basically one big drawer! Check out @vintagerevivals on Instagram for the deets!


5 or 6. The rest are too busy and scream “look at me” in a needy way that is unbecoming of a cabinet.


5 and 6 are actually my favorites! I love the tonal play of color — it will bring so much joy and energy to your small space bath. 1 – 3 remind me of the plasticky checkered tablecloths you buy for backyard cookouts and 4th of July … they don’t really have the rainbow effect you’re seeking to achieve.

I’m sure whatever you decide will be beautiful! Can’t wait. Also, kudos to your dad, the real MOTO MVP.


I think with option #3, you’ll be getting too matchy-matchy with the shower curtain and wallpaper also being those same two tones. With #4 you add in more colors, and it still very much coordinates with your mood board choices you’ve made. Plus #4 has white tile in it which I think your eye will need in this space. I love the new light fixture!


Option 6!


Love 5-6


Such fun! I say go for it, as it will be the moment in your bathroom. Either option 2 or 5!


3 or 6!


3 all the way!!


#4 or #5!


I like #6. 🙂


I love 3 or 5.


At first I was 100% 3/4/5 because there’s less contrast within them and would be less busy, but then I looked at the photos of your bathroom and thought maybe 1/2/3 would be nice to reference all the existing white that isn’t going to be changed. Sooo… I think they’re all great!

Have you made much progress on the changes? If I was you I’d probably wait until I had the other colors in the space and then decide.


Option 1!!! I don’t think it’s playing it too safe with all the other decor that will go in there. Or…just leave the plain wood?


What is the difference between 5 and 6? Am I colorblind? 🙁

Love option 1 and 4 🙂


This is so crazy, I just emailed Fireclay tile last week trying to get help deciding how to do this in my bathroom remodel without looking crazy. It’s no surprise I love it, I think it was Rachel Ray’s kitchen like 15 years ago had this during her cooking show and I wanted something similar so badly. I’m so glad to see color in design, I can’t look at another mid century all white room.


I guess i can also comment on 1-6. 1 and 3 are super cute, but I think the reason everyone is voting for 4-6 is because they are something different than the same old, same old. However, i think pairing blue and red maybe a little too bold? For me the colors I am looking at using are two shades of blue, grey, green, and brown. they all go nicely together but aren’t so in your face country. I’d probably go the blues routes, or the red/orange route.


I love options 5 and 6. Something about the white tile in the rest of them is jarring to me.

Have you ever been to the Spanish Village Art Center at Balboa Park in San Diego? The patio is full of colorful tiles and it’s gorgeous.


I vote for #5 or #6.


6 all the way! But maybe you could swap out the turquoise blue for a darker blue–more of a navy to go with your towels.

1, 3 or 5/6 (are they not the same…?). The white with multiple colors is very jarring so if you use multiple I would not include white.


I love 6!


5 & 6! The colors might be ‘brighter’ but there is less contrast between the colors so it actually just feels rich and jewel-toned to me


I would totally do this! Absolutely! 👍 In fact, I ran some mosaic courses at a community arts centre a few years sgo as a side hustle and for fun (It’s SO much fun!) and my sister mosaiced her kitchen splashback in a country cottage. It was brilliant! Not that everyone can handle or even likes mosaics, as in the smashed tile version, but done well and with a plan beforehand rather than completely random, it can be fabulous! So…a safer option is what you’re doing and I still love it and, it’s for a rental, so yes! Something I noticed on the amazing frame your dad built, is the smaller edge detail of the frame on the outside. I really think you shouldn’t cover this up, but show it off! You can get (or cut with a tile cutter…manual clippers or sliding cutter), really thin tile pieces to fit that detail and THEN you’re in stand-out artistic territory instead of a ‘nice’ tiled frame. It would put more of YOU into the project and room. Consider pulling out your favourite tile colour from the colours you choose (my fav mix is #5) and using that chosen, single thinly sliced… Read more »


And oooh-la-la! I lurve that light fixture!!!
If ya need a new one and it’s sustainably produced, uses an LED globe and you have solar panels to run it on.
::face palm laughing at myself::






Option 6! My eye went to it immediately – it’s gorgeous!

Kelly O'Neil-Brown

I like option 5. At first I thought 5 and 6 were the same. I would stay away from the checker board style.


Hi Jess! Love the rainbow tile trend in general – would definitely do in our home! And I love your mirror designs, especially 6. (and 5). But as someone who lives with (and loves) a 50s bathroom fully tiled with aqua and maroon tiles (and a maroon wallpaper ceiling), have you thought about how the colors you choose will affect your lighting? When we first moved in, I was shocked at how I looked in the mirror with this color combo as backdrop – it’s anything but “natural”! You would be using a much smaller pop of color, but it’s still worth considering, I think.


Those are some fun ideas! I’ve been craving more color in my life as well. What about doing the tile in a gradient pattern where it starts white at the top and slowly gets saturated to a deep color at the bottom? You could do white, blush, mauve, and maroon or something similar in blues. Just a thought! Can’t wait to see the finished space!

Amanda McCullough

5 – I would say go for it since it might not be permanent? Such a lovely statement!

How about placing each of your mockups in your mood board? I think it will become clear to you. Can’t wait to see what you choose.


love 5 and 6!!!


Definitely 6! The high contrast in the others (especially 1-4) is very jarring to me. Excited to see how this all comes together! I really love how you’re playing with unconventional colors.


2 or 3!


#2 or #6
#2 is enough color to be interesting but still pretty simple.
#6 is if you want more color, but it is lower contrast so it’s easier to look at every day

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