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The Top 10 Posts You Couldn’t Turn Your Eyeballs From

I’m likely biased but this is my favorite roundup of the year. And as someone with an increasingly shrinking attention span, I LOVE getting to see what you all are into, like really into, and will spend a lot of time taking in. Like Emily said last week, traffic is obviously important to us because we want people to be interested in at least the topic we are chatting about. But what is the most important to us is how long you stay on a post. We feel it’s fair to say that the longer you stay in a post the more you like it or are interested in it and THAT’S really what we want – Meaningful and/or fun posts for you to fully enjoy every inch of it. So we thought counting down the Top 10 Longest Read posts would be really fun and to see if they are what you thought they’d be. Let’s see what we’ve got…

10. My Infrared Sauna Blanket Review – One Year Later. Is It Actually A Weight Management And Mood Boosting Tool Or A Really, Really Hot Sleeping Bag?

How could you not want to read every word of this post?? It’s both wild and completely intriguing and did I say wild? Plus how can you now just love that Em really shows you the real…sweat. I know I want to see a real-life review of a product I’m considering and because of Em’s description, these sauna blankets are pretty darn compelling. Did any of you buy one??

9. Just A Couple Of EHD Gals Back At The Rose Bowl (A Real Flea Market Diary With Some Very Helpful Tips)

This one makes me so happy because it was a joy to shop, I mean write:) Actually, both parts were awesome and Caitlin did most of the writing (and the woman is compelling). I think most of y’all are flea market lovers like all of us and after a year of not getting to go to one, you were ready to read about our fun and extremely fruitful day (#friendshipfurniture). Plus Caitlin is a true flea market pro so her tips are SUPER valuable. This was a real good ole fashion diary-style post and I am so glad you all really dove into it. More next year???

8. Ask The Audience: How Do You Design A House For Rainy Weather?

While the post itself isn’t long there are 486 comments! That’s is 486 pieces of golden info and recommendations. Especially when it comes to a problem that everyone is trying to solve…like designing in a rainy climate… we all want the things that work. So like the others who have come before you, head to the comments if you are also in need of rain advice!

7. We Bought A (Mini) Farm!!!! Introducing Our New/Old Oregon Home

Is anyone surprised?! The only thing that is surprising to me about this is that it was announced this year. Wow, time has flown by. But in all seriousness, this was such an exciting one to get to post and it’s not even my house! We had a feeling you all might feel the same way;) I know you are all excited about more farmhouse content and I promise you are going to get it in 2022.

6. Emily’s Bon Voyage But Not Before A LOT Of Vintage Shopping – Wanna See What Caught Our Eyes… And Wallets??

This was another EXTREMELY fun and slightly bittersweet day/two days of vintage shopping in Long Beach before Em bid us adieu. We again are SO HAPPY that you are very much our people and will read the heck out of a post like this. Who wouldn’t love looking at 4 EHD gals’ vintage finds?! Emily was the real vintage winner of this trip though. You gotta see what she got (and what she wishes we would have shown her:))

5. What Do You Wish Someone Had Told You Before Renovating Or Designing Your Home???

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: styling to sell: how we staged our dining room and kitchen (with the changes i should have done years ago!)

This post was a genius Emily idea. We know that you all have so many great tips, tricks, and ideas when it comes to design and renovation. So it only made sense to ask for your advice before Emily was too knee-deep in renovations to backtrack if she wanted to change something. And let me be clear, the reason this post was so engaging was because of you all! Again there are 468 comments FILLED with amazing, useful information. We even took your awesome advice and made them into two posts! One for kitchens and one for bathrooms if don’t want to have to read them all to find what you are looking for.

4. A Tale Of A Girl In Search Of The Perfect 48″ Induction Range And The 6 Different Options I’m Considering (Along With A Rant, Of Course)

right photo by sara ligorria-tramp, from: it’s finally here: the reveal of the mountain house kitchen | left photo by tessa neustadt, from: our modern english country kitchen

We clearly need more of this kind of content on the internet! You all were so on board with learning about the ways Emily is trying to be sustainable in the farmhouse and relieved that it was laid out in a digestible way. The problem actually isn’t that the info isn’t out there, it’s that it’s SO OVERWHELMING and hard to understand. So Emily took you through her whole thought process about induction ranges but don’t worry there’s more to come.

3. Emily Bowser’s BEAUTIFUL Hardworking, Multipurpose Room Reveal (+ Get Ready For Her DIYS)

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: emily bowser’s beautiful hardworking, multipurpose room reveal (+ get ready for her diys)

Emily E. Bowser knows how to take you on a wild journey and then show you a stunning room. This post was all that and more. If you haven’t had a chance to read it you must! It’s personal, hilarious, mind-boggling and of course beautiful. If you can’t wait for her next post, neither can we.

2. You Guys Hated 5 Things About The Farmhouse First Floor Floor Plan – We Changed Some Of Them

This was another really cool post that was all thanks to you (and also probably why you so carefully read it:)) Emily (and Brian in this case) truly take your suggestions to heart. So when a bunch of you had some really great floorplan suggestions/really didn’t like what they were planning, it was back to the drawing board. Luckily ARCIFORM was down to switch it up. Go check out what they changed!

1. A Huge LA House Hunt Update: Caitlin’s Entered The “Making Offers Sight Unseen & Over Asking” Phase

Another no-brainer because Caitlin Higgins is a storytelling magician. Her posts take you for a ride you DO NOT want to get off of and this one was a FUN ONE. I think anyone attempting to buy a house in the past year and a half could highly relate to this post. It’s got drama, comedy, tears, educational housing info, etc etc. While I’m happy for Caitlin’s sanity in choosing to switch up where she’s hunting for houses, I am sad to not have more of these posts! But who knows what 2022 will bring;)

Ok, that’s the list! Do you agree with how gripping these were? Is there another post that you are shocked isn’t on here? Let’s talk.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design and Styled by Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara LigorriaTramp | Emily Bowser’s BEAUTIFUL Hardworking, Multipurpose Room Reveal (+ Get Ready For Her DIYS)

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2 years ago

I love any post Caitlin writes! The longer the better!

2 years ago

This was fun!
I’m shocked the original farmhouse floor plan post isn’t on the list. (When Emily wrote that one, it was presented as “here’s the new layout” and so many people responded with suggestions, which led to the post that did make the list.)
I thought for sure it’d be #1!

2 years ago

I loved the rain post. More of that, please.

I love Caitlin’s posts. Felt like I was on the ride with her.

Cris S.
2 years ago

I feel very vindicated that two flea market/antique shopping posts made this short list out of over 300 posts. Whenever you do a survey or ask what readers wand to see, this is my answer. It’s what brought me to the site MANY years ago and it looks like I’m not alone. But we still don’t get really any more of those type of posts, sadly. I don’t know if it’s because they can’t be sponsored, or if the team is overestimating the production values needed (seriously, we are all fine with phone camera pics!)? And of course lately there is a challenge to find open fleas. But I hope the desire for this type of post (which you do so well!!!) is remembered.

And Caitlin’s house hunt! It’s like a slow motion train wreck that is some how both hilarious, entertaining and horrifying!!! Amazing and personal writing on desperate situations where I’m screaming “get out! No!!! Don’t do it!!!” Will always be top of the list! Fingers crossed for you girl!

Roberta Davis
2 years ago

I was in love with Bowser’s room! Spent a lot of time reading, thinking about, looking at everything!

2 years ago

Loved Caitlin’s house-hunting adventures. But did I miss something? Is she still looking? I think we need an update from her.

2 years ago
Reply to  Nicole

She hinted in the comments of another post that she’s moving internationally, I think? And said more news to come on that. I’ve been excitedly waiting for that post, it will feel like Christmas morning when it drops. 🙂

2 years ago

So much good stuff! Thanks for a year (and all the past years) of great posts!!!

2 years ago

I love the crowd-sourced renovation tips posts. We all know the nagging fear before and during a renovation or new home build of overlooking something that later will be a major regret, and I’d happily spend hours combing through comments to allay that fear and find some ingenious suggestions. I also think this is what we’re all excited about for Emily’s new book, too!

I’ve also loved all of the home buying posts – especially the ones that give a peek into the nutzo LA housing market. I still remember Bowser’s post about her insane house buying process, as well as Sarah’s slightly less anxiety-inducing but still dramatic one. Both Emily’s farmhouse intro post and Caitlin’s house hunt post scratched that itch of the drama that is house hunting, the dreaming about potential, the financial reality, all of it. Caitlin especially went where most of us would never go, but boy was it fun to watch. Ajai’s post this past week had a bit of that too!

2 years ago

Ok, so I have a request for a post in 2022. My husband works in government and occasionally has important Zooms in which he has to present stuff. He doesn’t use a virtual background – he uses our actual rooms. Could you do a post about good Zoom backgrounds in your house if you aren’t in a creative field and it has to look…I dunno, grownup?

2 years ago

Yes, more flea/vintage shopping trips! I find the discussion around prices (what’s high, what’s a steal) is SO helpful.