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The Lake House, post #4

We all know I love miniatures, so it stands to reason that I would love miniature human beings, otherwise known as ‘babies’ or ‘children’. They are kinda on the brain right now for a couple of reasons:  I’m doing a nursery in venice for a not even born little dude of some pretty awesome and hip parents. And then at the lake house I’m designing the playroom/sleep room for a couple of the most entertaining 2 1/2 year old twins ever.  All boys.

Plus I think I’m getting to be that age (the time to grow up and grow a baby age) and every time I see a baby, like the one I just saw in Starbucks, I get the urge to do extremely awkward faces at them that usually involve some sort of weird request to, ‘Give me a smile, come on, give me a smile’ and then I usually comment on their outfit saying ‘I love your sequin Toms, yes I do, I love your sequin Toms’ and its just over all weird and inappropriate but not surprising.  Perhaps we need a junior in our lives soon.  A miniature human all our own…….question: can we name him/her just ‘junior’?

‘Junior’ Henderson.  Not bad. Very Indiana Jones, which Brian would LOVE. I’m actually terrified of what we might name our kids since our cats names are ‘Bearcat’ and ‘General Meow’ (inspired more by the Chinese-american delicious spicy yet sweet dish, than by the Communist/fascist Chinese leader).  It would be very me and Brian to name our kid ‘Adorable-face’ or ‘Little Pumpkin’.  Terrifying.

Anyway, The Lake House boy’s room is shaping up and we are installing it all on Monday.  Here’s the general plan:

The twin beds were from Pottery Barn which they already had (and a dresser to match…I think the set was a hand me down from friends, but they are totally cute), so that kinda started the color palette – as if it’s torture to force me to use blue.  I want it to be super playful and fun and alive, but not toooooo baby, but ‘kid’ enough that they walk in and know it’s their room and bright enough that they’ll remember it when they are older and get nostalgic for it. I’m manipulative that way.  These two (they are 2) love rockets and monsters and space and anything that has a mechanical anything…also they love baby anything (especially bunnies).

Here are the resources for this room so far:

CB2 Sofa –  $1299.  I’ve wanted to use this guy for a while. Its sooooo crazy comfortable and deep, PLUS when you take off the back cushion its as deep as a twin bed – which is great for when other kids come stay the weekend.

DWELL STUDIO RUG: 8×10 $495 Link HERE.  It’s the perfect ‘not too orange’ orange – persimmon at its best.

Roman shades: These guys are from Country Curtains for $149 each (for 48″). They have a ton of different widths and lengths that are readymade so we have found them consistently a good affordable option (this is the 5th time I’ve used them…still waiting for my ‘frequent shopper’ punch card or some sort of discount….). Very similar ones at Potterybarn Teen are $250.

Plane chandelier – This adorableness is vintage that I got on ETSY and is super super cute. This guy takes vintage wooden toy planes (that are 24″ wide) and turns them into chandeliers.  He has two more that he is selling for $350 which isn’t cheap, but for the amount of character and impact it will bring to the space, it’s totally worth it.  You can buy another one HERE.  

Rocket ship bedding:  From GARNET HILL  Ridiculously cute.  $28-$108  The boys are going to love this and the pattern works perfectly with the rug.

Elephant Hamper.  for $59.  It will make laundry time a total joy, no?  They’ll be begging to do the laundry, trust me.

Car pillow:  Dwell Studio, $34

Elephant pillow: I can’t find the source for this, sorry.

Whale Pillow:  ETSY, $55 but this store is ‘on vacation’ and I don’t think I ended up buying it, but it’s real cute.

Naturally since they like baby bunnies and they are twins I’m splurging on this Sharon Montrose photograph, for $350 (but they have smaller and less expensive prints), Link HERE.

We have A LOT of adorable artwork and lighting coming in, too, (vintage skyrocket lamp, framed ‘We landed on the moon’ newspapers, fun string lights….) but I need to leave some surprises for them.  I will give all sources as soon as the after pictures are out.

AND there will be tents around the two twin beds – Permenant FORTS!!  I’m putting denim colored linen ($9 a yard from Grey Lines Linen in New York, 39th between 7-8th)) on hospital tracks on the ceiling and they are going to totally enclose the beds, if they want….with thick rope tie backs.  I’m so excited.

Off to squeeze a stranger’s baby….and hopefully not get arrested.  Nat,  I’m coming for your baby soon.

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