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The Best Sellers From Each Of Our Gift Guides

The height at which my eyes would roll at people who got their holiday gift shopping done before December 1st, could’ve hit the top of the moon. Preparation? I don’t know her. Let’s be honest, it was all jealously. But regardless I was convinced that I would never be one of those people. Then when I news of “the supply chain” hit (let’s all roll our eyes together), I didn’t want to be even more stressed out than I normally am. And y’all out of sheer will (and sending texts to my family, demanding they tell me what they wanted within the following 24hrs), I am 90% done and baby it feels gooooooooooooood. I say all this not to scare you or make you feel like a failure (as I have felt every year before this), but instead to really consider starting now if you haven’t… and will eventually need to, to reduce your stress. Plus I don’t know about you but I have at least 5 very important birthdays in December too. Ok, my holiday stress just came back a little. AH!

So to really kick things off in helping you even more with your gift buying/idea-inducing journey, below are links to all of our guides and the best sellers from each. Might help you narrow down your choices. That’s the idea at least:)

ALSO, don’t forget to shop your local stores! Last year we couldn’t so this year we should take advantage and support. Nothing like the thrill of finding something in person (plus there are probably some flea markets that happening in the next couple of weeks too:))

My Favorite Things – The Official “Emily” Gift Guide Just Landed: PART 1 Home Decor

The most highly anticipated gift guide of the year! While this one is focused on the decor Em has owned or used before in shoots to ensure quality, I loved getting to see it all together and get inside her decor brain. Basically, everything is a slam dunk gift for a design lover.

The Best Sellers

Embroidered Pillow: I know some people thought that gifting a pillow wasn’t normal but clearly that wasn’t the majority. I am here to tell you that a special pillow like this one would have me OVERJOYED!

Seasonal Coverlet: This puppy is an EHD classic and is the perfect gift for someone who loves home decor, being cozy, and just enough pattern. We were so happy to see that so many of you agreed. Plus Schoolhouse is a treasure trove of items that if for some reason they say, already owned this beaut, there are a million more beautiful things they could get in exchange:)

Striped Box: Whoever bought this for a loved one (or themselves) nailed it. This is the perfect box that adds just the right amount of modern, cool style to truly any room. Yes, even the bathroom:)

Curved Arm Table Lamp: An unexpected winner! This lamp is the perfect balance between traditional and modern, all the while giving off the perfect soft filtered glow. As I sit writing this in my brother’s living room, this might be a really great “part two” gift. THANKSGIVING HACK: If you are at a family member’s house, take a look around at what they might need. Practical and thoughtful gift all wrapped up in one!!

My Favorite Things Gift Guide Part 2: The New Fashion And “Old” Classics I Love

I am a sucker for fashion that Em loves. She always just puts together these effortlessly cool outfits that I want to also be wearing. Can y’all relate? 🙂 Here are the pieces that you scooped up from her fashion gift guide.

The Best Sellers

Chunky Herringbone Chain Necklace: It’s THE necklace of 2021 and isn’t slowing down anytime soon…clearly. It’s got just the right amount of “chunk” to stand out, but simple enough to wear every day and easily layer with.

Quarter-Zip Sweatershirt: We all obviously recognize this as the perfect sweatshirt, right?? I think all of us were convinced of this after seeing Em’s styling post.

Hannah Denim Mini Dress: The denim dress that is both cute and flowy AND would look good on everyone. Not surprised this one was such a hit. Those sleeves are my favorite part:)

The Layne Clog Mule in Leather: Comfort + Style = YES! After seeing Em in these pups, I (like many of you) were like, “I guess I’m into the clogs with cute socks look now.”

Belt Bag: An Em classic that we simply all want and I’m so happy so many of you have or are gifting it this year:)

My Favorite Kids Toys/Gifts Of All Time – What They Actually Play With All Year And Doesn’t End Up In A Landfill

I loved that Em only talked about toys that were hits with her kids. The toy market is super overwhelming (just me?) so I can only imagine having this real-life review post is so nice.

The Best Sellers

PLAYmake 4 in 1 Workshop: This might be the coolest kids toy I have ever seen and I’m thinking y’all agree. Giving a kid (recommended 6+) the ability and confidence to actually cut and build things has to be so good for them and their imagination. I love hearing about what Charlie makes with it and am always impressed.

Lego Table: Let the organization commence! This table is not only an incredible gift for a kid/s but a great gift for you (the parent). They get to create in a designated area and you won’t step on any rogue legos. Win-win.

Storytime Chess for Kids: A fun surprise top seller! But this game does look awesome and is basically the best version of chess for kids.

Brian’s “Cool Dad” Gift Guide: All The Things He’s Been Marketed, Bought, And Actually Really Loves

Arguably one of the most useful gift guides of the year (aside from the next one:)). I really appreciated Brian’s tried and true list of things he really loves and uses. Some were things I wouldn’t have thought of and others were just awesome versions of some classic ideas. Here are what y’all connected with the most!

The Best Sellers

Sequoia Flannel Lined Down Vest: A good solid vest is never not going to be awesome to have. This one is just extra cool but super warm:)

Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt: Brian is a huge fan of these and wears them all of the time. A good basic isn’t always easy to find so it’s understandable that these were a big hit.

Wood Vinyl Records Storage: When a storage problem is solved in a design-friendly way it’s a cause for celebration. So since so many of you have asked about our vinyl storage ideas this was understandably a hit! If you are looking for more head here.

Wanna Give A Gift That Will Always Win?? Welcome to Caitlin (And Brenda’s) Tried & Tested Practical Gift Guide

This has probably been our most popular guide and for good reason. I think all of us want our gifts to be useful and make the lives of those receiving them better. Here’s what y’all bought the most…

The Best Sellers

Chom Chom Roller: Not surprised in the least that this magical pet hair removal tool is a best seller. If you know someone with a pet and they don’t own this, you will be a hero.

Airtight Silicone Lids: Caitlin first raved about these and I second it. So happy that the masses agree! They are cute, take up very little space, and work great.

Two-Pack Rolled-Trim Ankle Socks: Who doesn’t love cute socks?! While a good pair of butter socks is great, it’s looking like people are into giving stylish everyday socks (which honesty I prefer).

Our 10 Favorite Personalized Gifts They’ll Actually Love (And No, It’s Not A Photo Book)

There really is something uniquely special about a personalized gift. But finding one that is guaranteed to be a hit can be a little hard. Fortunately, Emily had some great ideas and these were your favorites.

The Best Sellers

Embroidered/Monogrammed Sweatshirt: Me too! Me too! This one was probably my favorite. I think I’m going to order one for myself. It’s so sweet and simple but also pretty cool. Happy we are on the same page:)

Packing Cubes: Another awesome practical gift for the traveler in your life. So glad all of you thought it was a good of a gift as we did.

Leather USB Keychain: Useful, simple, and GREAT for so many different types of people on your list. Secret Santa anyone???

With Endless Options, Here Are The 5 Gifts We Each Would LOVE To Get This Year

We love hearing what’s really on people’s wish lists so we wanted to let you in on ours. We figured the more ideas the better! But these are what you really resonated with…

Top Sellers

Candle: Nothing makes me happier than everyone who gets to experience this candle for the first time!! So whether it was for you or a loved one, enjoy:)

TechLoom Wave Hybrid Running Shoe: A fresh pair of sneaks to replace the likely very loved current ones is SUCH a good gift. Mal always has amazing recs, is a workout lover, and clearly has style. So everyone who got a pair is very lucky!

Pan: This VERY cool and hip pan around is still top dog! I know I still want one because they are as pretty as they are functional. Such a killer gift and no surprise that it was a winner this year.

Sleeping Mask: A little bit of pampering is always a wonderful gift (especially for those who don’t treat themselves usually). And with Caitlin’s glowing endorsement, no one over here is shocked by its popularity.

Ok, that’s it! I hope that you are able to get some great gifts via some great deals either here on the interwebs or in your local shops.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Our Living Room, Dressed Up for the Holidays (With a ‘And How I Feel About It’ Running Commentary)

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2 years ago

Where is everyone? Where have all the comments gone. I was on a blog post from 2019 and there were nearly 300 comments. It feels kinda empty here nowadays :/.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jen

I feel disappointed with the huge amount of gift guides… this post is just a circle back to the same posts from the past 2 weeks. So many missed opportunities for posts about decor/styling… how about decorating outside? How about things to use around the house to wrap gifts? Recipe ideas? Even just SOMEthing other than click this link and buy this item.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jen

What is there to talk about anymore? There’s been no new content in so long it’s just kinda silly at this point. For those of us who have been reading from the beginning and grown into middle age and families along with Emily the teeny bit of content there is is all written by young staff and interns and just not relatable to our stages in life anymore. But really this blog has become just a giant catalogue of pretty things to buy, so everyone I know that used to follow has pretty much just taken to checking in every month or so in hopes of more actual content, which I’m guessing is indicative of how loyal the following could be, that we haven’t given up completely. I can’t imagine it’s actually going to last much longer around here though- it really has gone from vibrant community to a ghost town shopping mall- so sad.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jen

Is anyone here part of the EHD paid community feature? I checked it out when it first launched, but didn’t keep subscribing. How is it for those who are part of it, worth the extra money? I do miss the community aspect that used to be here.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jen

Well, personally, other commenters suggested that if I didn’t like the gift guides, to just not comment and move on. And so I did. 🙂 I check back here in case there’s actually something interesting, but as long as it’s just “buy more crap” filler posts, I’m skipping town. I get a lot more out of rereading the archives of this blog than I do checking the latest content.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jen

I always loved reading the comments section here. It used to take a while to read through them all, and I do miss that sense of community. That’s why I started leaving a comment every Sunday about what I’m reading or watching, even though I doubt too many people care 🙂 . Trying to create the feeling of community that seems to have disappeared.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kj

Kj, I love your Sunday comment. Your additions to the link up are so enjoyable. I keep thinking I should add my own, but I don’t take the time.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kj

I always look forward to your Sunday comments, Kj! Thank you for sharing and spreading some inspiration! 🙂

2 years ago

Why all the emphasis on gift-giving and buying-? This is beyond overload. I am seeking joy.
And…although I am ‘just’ a renter at least the true design posts from EH are interesting.
Not this stuff.

Sonya McKelvey
2 years ago
Reply to  LINDA

Well put, Linda ! May we all seek joy as we strive to pay for food and gas and meaning presents if one can give them.

Sonya McKelvey
2 years ago
Reply to  Sonya McKelvey

meaningful…oops 😀

2 years ago
Reply to  LINDA

Agree. Its all buying stuff and the items are all trendy. Doesnt feel like an accomplished designer page. Really just a web version of the LTK app. Feels too much like ‘Click here to buy and its really cool’ . Im 54 yrs old and working from home with 3 kids close to going to college. Would love some affordable ways to freshen my house. Maybe Im not the EHD target…

Cris S.
2 years ago
Reply to  Anne

I’m the same demographic Anne! I would love the same. I love that I know there will be something new to read everyday and would also read the comments, often returning later in the day to do so. I always enjoyed engagement with the staff responses in the comments but there is much less of that now and definitely if you aren’t one of the first few commenters.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anne

I’m in a different demographic (early 30s with little kids), and I’d love the same thing! I’m not sure who the EHD target audience is anymore; I guess people who shop for clothes a lot more than I do.

2 years ago

Gee how surprising: A bunch of whining from commenters who expect loads of fresh content but won’t pay a dime for it.

2 years ago
Reply to  LouAnn

But we do pay. The traffic to the blog is reported to those who buy ad space and when there is something worth buying our clicks garner payouts. We are her consumers and you listen to your customers. The blog has been all over the place for months. A blog post about the revolutionary idea of painting your outlet covers- great for a younger person, then an abrupt shift to a ma$$ive reno indicates they aren’t even trying to cultivate a consistent audience.