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My Favorite Things Gift Guide Part 2: The New Fashion And “Old” Classics I Love

This year my “gift guide” is really more a “list of stuff I love and maybe you or someone you know will, too’, with the hopes is that it’s useful to you. May we all buy better purchases with less regret, right? After a year of not spending hardly any money on clothes, besides sweats, I dabbled back into fashion recently but I’m trying to do it more responsibly and buying pieces I know I’ll wear for years. Buying vintage and locally made is ideal, but not all of us can do that – so here is a list of some of my favorite fashion finds that I either purchased this year or really really want myself.

New This Year:

1. Chore Coat: This is the perfect high quality weight that layers so well, is a happy blue (which I need in Oregon) and makes almost any casual outfit feel a bit cooler.
2. Duck Boots: I LOVE THESE. I like the tonal blue, the zipper, the comfort. I’ve been wearing them 4-5 times a week running errands.
3. Rugby Shirt: A playful rugby shirt that makes me happy and brings some color into my life.
4. Sweatshirt Onesie: I’m in it right now and its what I’ll wear all winter. And yes I leave the house in it (and this is how I style it when I do).
5. Tall Leather Boots: They are a splurge, but they are excellent quality, comfortable (warning – they have a tight/slim fit) and can be dressed up and down.
6. Quarter-Zip Sweatershirt: I throw it on very frequently, love the brass zipper and the good boxy cut.
7. Men’s Socks: I like how tall they are, the retro stripe and super warm/soft.
8. Blue UGGS: I’m in these all day every day for 6 months out of the year. I’m sure there are other good ones out there, but these have the right amount of support that I need for house shoes.

1. Leather Belt: So pretty and looks good even over sweaters.
2. Chunky Herringbone Chain Necklace: I have a few dangly ones, but you need a chunky one to layer with.
3. Leopard Belt Bag: I already have my OG belt bag, but I just love this one if I had to buy another (which I won’t).
4. Gold Locket: My favorite gift to get from my kids 🙂
5. Crossbody Bag: I’ve had this bag for years, but the strap gives it a whole new personality.
6. Plaid Tote: Its me, in a grocery bag 🙂

1. Yellow Fleece Snap Button Jacket: I’ve had the navy version of this for a couple years and love it. But mustard really pops (I love how the PNW vibe is so trendy right now – making it very easy for me).
2. Black Sweatshirt: This is a splurgy sweatshirt for sure (which is why it’s a great gift), but the puff sleeves and the white ties make it very stylish.
3. Angelino/New Yorker Tee: I’m just generally obsessesd with the Sundry teeshirts, especially the vintage style – it’s so thin and drapey.
4. Love Tee: Another Sundry but aa more fitted style. I love wearing these T’s with a more tailored jacket or coat.
5. Quarter-Zip Sweatershirt: The cut is so good – the drop sleeve is crucial to the cool cut and the color block is awesome.
6. Sherpa Fleece Jacket: I don’t have this YET. Adding to cart because I know this will get a lot of wear.

1. Hannah Denim Mini Dress: Such a cute denim dress for all seasons, so easy to wear and layer, and room for plenty of holiday food underneath. 
2. Moussy Vintage Glendele Skinny Jeans: These are the jeans that I’ve worn 3-4 times a year since 2018 when I bought them. They just got reissued and while they are a splurge, they are EXCELLENT. They are Japanese denim that does not have a lot of give, but are way more comfortable than tight Levis. They are true to size, but if you are in between sizes right now, size up – they are cute a little baggy.
3. Knits For Good Oat/Cream Sweater: A cute check in puffy sleeves from one of my favorite shoe brands who is making really cute apparel now.

Things I Want:

1. Plaid Dress: I have this dress in a different colorway and its just so good – it drapes in a really flattering way, with big puffy sleeves that keep their shape and pleats. If I have some holiday shoots I’m going to get this for sure.
2. Black Blouse: I finally splurged on a new Ulla shirt (these last for YEARS) and this one is so pretty, puffy and with a lot of details. I’ve already worn in 6 times and I’m wearing it on my date tonight 🙂

3. Jean Dress: This dress is so flattering – it holds you in and shapes you really nicely. Size up if you are in between sizes (mine fit me when I got it, but one burrito/beer later and it was too tight, so I returned it to size up).
4. Light Blue Blouse: This hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s such a pretty feminine blouse, made with chambray so it still feels casual.

1. Jean Vest: I just got this and my long sleeve T-shirts never looked so cool.
2. Fair Isle Sweater. I got this for our holiday card but it didn’t arrive in time but this is SO CUTE, great for the holidays and if red is too bold for you then don’t worry, it comes in navy.

3. Plaid Blouse: The sweet ruffled sleeve and tuxedo front are pulled back with this casual plaid pattern.
4. Detachable Sleeves Lightweight Parka: I JUST bought this coat in green after trying it on in person and its much cuter than the model makes it look. It has a draw string so its not as oversized, but with aa really cute high collar and cool stitching and now its 50% off. its a  great stylish rain coat that felt very PDX to me.

1. Shimmer Striped Mini Dress: Not bad for a cute little holiday number.
2. Taurus Velvet Mini Dress: Another holiday party option with an oversized collar that is playful and cute.
3. Frances Sequins Dress: I have this dress in silver sequin and it’s INCREDIBLE. Plus it’s made in small batches, sewn in America and supports a small brand I’ve loved for over a decade.

1. Over The Knee Boot: I don’t think my lifestyle warrants these boots, but for those of you going out to be seen, these over the knee boots are incredible.
2. Shearling-Lined Birkenstocks: I want these right now.
3. Vintage-Inspired Sneakers: These keep coming in and going out of stock. I’ll be watching because I love the vibe (but I just got these instead)
4. Striped Socks: It’s a thing right now for me and I like the retro vibe.
5. Clogs: I have a version of these (these Rachel Comeys that are still available) but these are more affordable and so pretty.
6. The Layne Clog Mule in Leather: When it’s not raining I’m wearing these. They strangely look even CUTER with SOCKS!!!! They are the perfect travel shoe – comfortable, easy on/off and still look stylish.

Now for more classic go-to’s.

The Classics – Clothing That Is ALWAYS Practical And Timeless

1. Jean Jacket: Y’all it’s been around forever, it’s not going anywhere and now it’s at Target (legit collab with LEVIS). Brian and I both have it which is annoying because he usually wins getting to wear it as I have more backups.
2. Pajamas (Top & Bottom): The colorway and set that i love isn’t on their site right now, but its the fabric that I’m so into – it’s this weird blend that is SO thin and SO SOFT it feels like you are naked in bed. I prefer the henley top over the buttons, but you get the idea. Also this Target set is EXCELLENT – EXTREMELY comfortable and lightweight.
3. Puffer Coat: Hands down the best affordable puffer coat on the planet. It weighs NOTHING so you are so comfortable and so movable, but it seriously keeps you warm while ALSO being able to wear in fall/spring because its not bulky or hot.
4. Jeans: The Dre boyfriend jeans are a go-to for me for years (and more affordable than the Moussey). These are a slimmer fit that O’m excited to try but I know that generally they are a good, comfy fit that looks cool and holds up.
5. Running Jacket: My OG running jacket got an upgrade, but it’s the same fit and style that I love – puffer in the middle, slimmer arms, pocket with a zip and hoodie for when it rains. If you know someone who loves to run in the winter this is an excellent lightweight yet warm choice (and I wear it year round).
6. Chambray Top: A classic affordable chambray shirt that is slightly oversized, but doesn’t drape in a schlubby way. It layers very well.

1. Dr Martens: I’ve had these in brown for two years.  At first, I was hesitant about them, but my friend Suzanne convinced me that I could pull them off so I went for it. I still LOVE them and wear them all the time.
2. Belt Bag: A classic, but get the check or the leopard if you want to be edgier (I do, but you only need one splurgey belt bag).
3. Chelsea Boots: Great classic boots that are extremely comfortable, tuck right in and by a sustainable brand.
4. Checkers Slip-ons: The easiest way to make a boring outfit look slightly less boring.

It gets increasingly hard for me to recommend anything that I don’t think will last for years or wear the heck out of, so I hope this list is helpful – even while a lot of it is on the splurgier side. We’ll have more affordable gift ideas for everyone coming up soon 🙂 xx

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2 years ago

I like a lot of them.
One question to the great community here: how do you keep color-blocking pieces clear? like the casual clothing: white tie and the dark sweater. Or in general white/cream/pale parts (ties, ruffles, cuffs, …) with black, navy, or anything dark combined?
I tried this color absorbing sheets. didnt make a great difference. The light parts are turning greyish very quick. Thank you all!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Linda

I’ve given up and won’t buy clothes that have white/cream mixed with other colors.

2 years ago

since everyone is unemployed right now, yeah yeah, can we get 7 more gift guides

2 years ago

I noticed you said the blue Ugg’s have support. Are these a new product? I haven’t been able to wear Uggs because of no foot support but would love to if they have a new product with supportive footbed!!

2 years ago

Maybe it’s just me, but I really hope it’s a typo when you say you wear the $360 jeans 3-4 times a YEAR!? I’d expect a whole lot more wear from my denim to justify that price tag.
Seems like these gift guides could have been greatly edited/organized to encompass many topics/products by recipient… not multiple posts/guides for home decor, holiday decor, practical gifts, kids (anti-landfill but not heirloom) gifts, personalized gifts, “cool” men’s fashion, women’s splurge fashion etc… I’m all for a good gift suggestion but this just feels really excessive.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lea

I agree, and I also think there should be fewer overall. It feels like there’s a new one everyday.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lea

But that’s your spending money story. It may not be someone else’s spending money story. Keep the judgement inside. The universe doesn’t need any more negativity.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lea

Who forced you to click on this and read it? You’re tired of gift guides? Scroll on by and resist the urge to jump on your soap box.

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

I lurve those mules, sooo much, but no way could I afford them, even with the discount.

2 years ago

I really wish EHD had just put out one gift guide this year. The link ups are bad enough, but this site is starting to feel like QVC. I check here for design, not shopping…

2 years ago

Keep the gift guides up! I’m needing the Inspo.
If someone is not interested in that day’s blog post….just skip til tomorrow. Easy peasy 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Leah

But that would make too much sense Leah.

2 years ago

I’m guessing you mean you wear the jeans 3-4 times/week? I think price points are what they are, and no one has to buy something that they can’t afford. My problem with those is that the biggest size listed is 31, the website says they run small and to order up a size, then you say they look cute baggy, so basically the biggest size is a true 8-10? Yikes! I don’t expect EHD to fully take up the cause of size inclusivity, but it’s still a bummer.
Does anyone have experience with the Madewell slip ons? Curious how well they stay on or if your toes are always gripping 🙃

2 years ago
Reply to  Lashley

I wear jeans like six times a week,not just three or four times a week!!!

2 years ago

It’s not within my budget to buy a lot of these clothes right now (no matter how much I want that gold sequin dress!) but I still really support Emily’s attempt to spotlight ethically made, high-quality items.

The problem isn’t really that they are “too expensive”—it really does cost more when the people making the clothes are paid fairly. The problem is that most of us are proportionately underpaid while the Jeff Bezos of the world stay billionaires. It’s a vicious cycle where people being paid low wages are stuck relying on low-cost items made by even lower-paid people!

(We also do need to have a reckoning about the amount of “stuff” middle class Americans feel the need to buy, which would allow more of us to do the fewer/better thing while shopping.)

2 years ago

Very good choices. Nice ideas.

The armorer
2 years ago

The two things I love most are the Jean jacket and the plaid blouse

2 years ago

I truly love everything on this amazing list well I really just love gift shopping and Style by Emily Henderson is the way to do it

2 years ago
Reply to  Jojo