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The Link Up: The One Piece Swimsuit Em Bought Mulitple Of, Caitlin’s Perfect Wedding Guest Dress, And A Great Summer Walking Sandal

Happy Sunday and most definitely Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who celebrates. We know this holiday is such a joyous one but is also not easy for everyone for many reasons. So whatever you choose to do for the mother in your life or for yourself, we celebrate that. Let’s get to these fun links, ya?

This week’s house tour is like looking at the most relaxing vacation in house form. This makes sense since it’s an actual summer home in Spain by architect, Alessia Schoor. The way she used microcement is truly incredible but there is so much to take and enjoy…so go enjoy!

From Emily: We packed very light for Costa Rica (carryons) so I had to think hard about what swimsuit to bring. Since it was a family trip I wasn’t puttin’ together “lewks”. I’ve had this Andie swimsuit for a year and it’s what I want to wear most swimsuit days because it doubles as a tank top – meaning you don’t feel super exposed and can easily pair it with jean shorts or my favorite nylon shorts that I swim in. In my opinion, it looks cool, the buttons come low (so it can be sexy), it has a support shelf (I literally don’t understand one pieces that don’t), and has a double compression layer (so it hides the small bumps). I burn easily so I like that it’s more coverage without it needing to be a full rash guard. I will say that one of the snaps popped off (after probably 30 wears) and I was annoyed, but the first thing I did was reorder a new one (so that should say something). I just saw that it comes in plaid so I’m ordering that. I wear a size small, normal (not long torso). It also has good coverage, medium rise. Two of my friends have it too – all different body types. I’m sure if you are smaller up top this might not be your go-to but for those of us who don’t mind showing off some cleave, without putting it all out there (and covering our armpit areas), this is one to check out.

From Jess: Boy oh boy do I have some niche recs for you today! My brother is very good at telling me what he wants for his birthday and Christmas presents. I used to get bummed out that the gifts wouldn’t be a surprise but our interests could not be more different so it’s for the best. I want him to love what he gets. I do the same for him and I am always excited to get my gift in the mail which is why I don’t care about the surprise part anymore. His birthday is a couple of weeks away and he is very into archery (which is actually really fun if you’ve never tried it) and needed a bow rack. Yep, the man (I almost called him a kid because I’m his older sister but since he’s turning 33 I’ll give him some credit:)) has multiple bows. This was the hanging leather bow rack he sent me. It’s handmade and in Oregon, where my brother lives, so it also doesn’t have to travel all that far. Both things that are important to him (and me too but he’s stricter and better). I usually keep my Etsy searches far and wide but putting in a location close to you is an easy hack to keep the carbon footprint down. Not always possible but nice to try first! This could also be a good Father’s Day gift for any archery dads out there:)

Also From Jess: Niche item #2… if you are still on the gel x nail train like we are, this is for you. I’ve started to daaaaable into nail charms. I doubt I’ll ever be into a heavily charmed nail, but one or two on one or two nails is something I’m into. I love a minimalist look and it’s getting harder to find designs that I like and am willing to rock for 4-5 weeks. Anyway, as y’all may know I LOVE an abstract shape, so when I found these little cuties on Etsy I immediately hit purchase. Oh, and when I got my nails done the manicurist asked for the link!!

From Ryann: This summer all I really want to wear is easy to throw on flowy dresses and this one certainly fits the bill. I love the neckline and the tiered shape makes it really flattering.

From Caitlin: I know I technically included this in yesterday’s post, but there were lots of picks in there and this one in particular deserves its own paragraph!!! GUYS, I’VE FOUND SUCH A GOOD SUMMER WEDDING GUEST DRESS (or, honestly, the white could also be a great shower/rehearsal dinner option for the cool gal brides out there!). You can dress it up or down, the fabric is cool and comfortable, and the silhouette is SO pretty. The cut and length are perfect, too – it looks polished and considered, but there’s a good amount of chest coverage and a super sweet length (so if you’re in the market for something that could be a little more modest, this would be a great pick!). It’s 100% cotton and fits true to size. I’m usually a 12/14 and went with the 14 to accommodate my chest, which was the right call. I’m headed to an art museum wedding in June (so fun, right?!) and I can’t wait to bust this one out! Going to be a struggle not to wear it a ton before then, though, because it’s unbelievably flattering and too freakin’ adorable to sit in the closet. Anyway. HUGE THUMBS UP FROM ME ON THIS DRESS THAT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A BUDGET VERSION OF REESE WITHERSPOON AT THE 2007 GOLDEN GLOBES. (You know the look I’m talking about, I swear.)

Also From Caitlin: This article about Asian women named after Connie Chung – written and photographed by two Connies, no less! – is SUCH A GREAT READ. Join me in WEEPING towards the end – the whole piece was viscerally kind and hopeful and optimistic and I totally loved it. Remember how season 1 of Ted Lasso made you feel during the throes of the pandemic? This is that, but in written form. SO GOOD. This was my favorite part: “At the photo shoot, the photographer, Connie Aramaki, 46, told Ms. Chung that she’d originally thought her parents had chosen the name Connie because they wanted their daughter to become a journalist like Ms. Chung. Now, she’d come to appreciate what they actually intended: ‘What it means is your parents want you to work hard, and be brave, and take chances.’ Ms. Chung’s voice, normally clear and confident, was barely audible on the tape I’d been sent: ‘I did do that,’ she said quietly, and I felt something unfasten in my chest.

From Mallory: I just bought these sandals for summer and could not love them more. I love a classic leather sandal (I basically wear them every day in the summer) and these check all my boxes. They’re completely flat so they’re not annoying to walk in, they’re leather so they look nice and elevate any outfit, plus they’re very comfy. I have them in black but the tan color is also VERY cute:)

From Arlyn: The older I get, the more and more seeing a tangle of cords everywhere gives me agita. Maybe because I have more and more things to plug in? These appliance cord organizers have been great, especially for things I don’t normally keep plugged in. Just wrap the cord neatly behind and it actually stays put. I have a few more in my junk drawer that have yet to claim an appliance, so I may try it on things actually on the counter to reduce cordage (a word??) and see how I like that, too. 

Again, Happy Mother’s Day and see y’all tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credits: Design and Styled by Emily Henderson | Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: How I Convinced My Friend To Paint Her Room Really Dark: A Kid/Dog-Friendly Basement Makeover With Article Furniture

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1 year ago

Arlyn, THANK YOU for introducing this cord holders to me! Expect them to become my favorite Mothers Day gift to myself ever. 😉 And Emily, that red looks gorgeous on you. I’m a long torso gal so one pieces rarely work but I think I’m going to try that suit out for my family paddle days.

1 year ago
Reply to  Molly

I have this in the long torso version – it’s great!!

Dana Leigh Lyons
1 year ago

Stunning home tour! And I love how (at least in the English translation) they speak of making the house “more introverted”…while keeping plenty of connection to the sea and elements. Delightful!

1 year ago

Mallory, for a similar-style sandal, one that has some fun color options and is SUPER comfy to boot (shoe pun intended?), check out the Miz Mooz Alanis sandal. I’m on my second pair and they’re heaven.

Heather Hele
1 year ago

I also purchased the Andies swimsuit last year and agree that I LOVE the top half…but I have to ask
…..does anyone else find the crotch to be cut very narrow?? I’ve never had this issue with other suits but this one I feel exposed down there and even my husband confirmed it showed too much! But I haven’t heard this from anyone else so I’m just incredibly confused. I want to love it so much but wearing it without shorts is a no-go for me.

1 year ago

I’d love to see a roundup of cord wrangling solutions.