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More Than Madewell: 15 Similar Brands To Shop For Comfortable, Stylish, Wear-Everyday Pieces

What’s that thing called where the clock strikes midnight, you turn 30, and suddenly you’re like, “uh, where am I supposed to shop now?” If you’re like me, or Em, or literally anyone who has ever worked at EHD the answer has probably been “Madewell” – but what happens if you want to expand your options a bit?

THAT’S WHERE I COME IN, PAL! Today, I’m introducing you to 15 tried-and-true retailers at different price points who capture that same cool, effortless, Madewell aesthetic that we all know and love. Each brand is labeled with their available sizing – I’m recommending some businesses that carry sizes through 4X! – and I’ve also noted the price points (from $ to $$$$, to avoid any “Say Yes to the Dress” syndrome where you fall in love with something that’s not currently in the budget). Let’s begin with an EHD fav…


1. Ann Twill Straight Leg Pant | 2. Nera Sneaker | 3. The Merly Jacket | 4. Mamuye Classic Tote | 5. Ginnie Wide Leg Jean | 6. Harris Oversized Button Down Shirt

Price Point: $$
Sizes: XXS – 3X
Our Review: Ooooh, y’all are gonna love this one: ABLE is a sustainable brand working to create jobs for women…and their leather goods, jewelry, apparel, denim, and shoes are heirloom-quality at an achievable price, to boot. (Amy Poehler had it right: women do get things done!) Check out ABLE for quiet, cool, put-together looks and ethical Madewell lookalikes.

Alex Mill

1. Phoebe Pant | 2. Nico Chunky Cardigan | 3. Double-Button Shirt | 4. Indigo Dyed Crosby Half Zip Pullover | 5. Button-Back Crewneck Sweater | 6. Britt Work Jacket

Price Point: $$$
Sizes: XXS – XXL, 24-33, 0-14
Our Review: If you also love scrolling the Alex Mill website, it’s for a good reason: this is some LEGACY good design. The team behind the scenes? Alex Drexler (the OG, who started selling shirts in 2012), Somsack Sikhounmuong (the former Creative Director of Madewell and J. Crew), and, uh, Mickey freakin’ Drexler (founder of Old Navy and Madewell; former CEO of The Gap and J. Crew). If you’re missing the Madewell and J. Crew of yore – you know, the kinds of clothes with clean colors, simple silhouettes, and fresh, delightful details – THIS IS WHERE THEY’RE ALL AT NOW. You’re welcome! (The back on that white shirt? Worth a peek. And that button-back crewneck sweater comes in solids, too!)


1. The Pool Boy | 2. The Beat | 3. The Extra Extra | 4. The Easy Breezy | 5. The Deep End | 6. The New Age

Price Point: $$$
Sizes: XS-XL, 24-34
Our Review: That yellow striped button-up inspired this entire post, actually! A few weeks ago, I mentioned that AYR’s button-ups were the best out there (this is coming from a gal who name-drops two Madewell pieces in her author bio) and it turns out that a lot of you agree! Visit AYR for quality, true-to-size, coastal Nancy Myers movie-esque pieces that’ll last the test of time (seriously, this is even one of Oprah’s go-to basics brands!). And while you’re at it, be sure to peek at their sale section for huuuuuge markdowns. I love a business that knows how to throw us a deep discount, you know?


1. A-Line Short-Sleeved Shirt Dress | 2. French Toile Linen Shorts | 3. Draped Open Back Mini Dress | 4. Elasticated Pleated Midi Skirt | 5. Boxy Short-Sleeved Poplin Shirt | 6. Pleated Elasticated Pants

Price Point: $$
Sizes: XS-L, 24-32, 2-14
Our Review: Elephant in the room: COS has work to do on the sizing front. But if you fall into the “straight size” basket right now, this is a great source for chic, interesting, on-trend clothing that won’t feel dated this time next year. COS excels at the classic details (those pleats! Toile shorts!), but they can also make a basic piece feel a little extra special (the back on that dress is incredible).


1. The A-Line Denim Short | 2. The Tread-Bare Sneaker | 3. The Tencel™ Way-High® Taper Pant | 4. The Boxy Oxford | 5. The Linen Boxer Short | 6. The Organic Cotton Cutaway Tank

Price Point: $$
Sizes: XXS-XXL, 23-33, 00-16
Our Review: If you’re also a little nosy (I am), you’ll LOVE the material cost breakdowns at the bottom of each product. Everlane’s whole thing is “radical transparency” – they were one of the first movers to embrace the “cutting out the middleman to reduce our prices” messaging that the world’s since come to know and love. Check them out for well-fitting denim, breezy linen (can confirm: those shorts are a dream), organic cotton tops, and special pieces that can take you from office to night out (hi, printed pants!).

Frank & Eileen

1. Ireland Long-Sleeve Playsuit | 2. Mcloghlin Utility Shirt | 3. Wicklow Italian Chino | 4. Theo Perfect Tee | 5. Jameson Utility Jogger | 6. Patrick Popover Henley

Price Point: $$$$
Sizes: XXS-XL, 0-12
Our Review: This is one of Em’s favorite brands right now! (You can watch her video review of the romper above right here.) If you’re the “save up, buy once, buy for life” type, Frank & Eileen ABSOLUTELY needs to be on your radar. They’re a women-owned, women-led business producing ethical, sustainable pieces that’ll stand the test of time. I mean, that shacket? Those chinos? Even the cut of the t-shirt is considered and a little special! If you have the budget and you’re ready to buy *THE* basic that you’ll turn to for the rest of your life, this is a great option.

The Great

1. The Sea Stripe Boxy Cardigan | 2. The Bonfire Short | 3. The Hemingway Top | 4. The Short Nightingale Dress | 5. The Sailboat Lodge Cardigan | 6. The Dakota Dress

Price Point: $$$$
Sizes: 0-3 (read: 0-14, for us normies who only know regular sizing numbers)
Our Review: Had to fit in one more splurge-y recommendation for those of you on the hunt for investment pieces! The Great is an incredible resource for the kind of clothing that people will stop you in the street to ask about (and I know this for a fact, because Em gets a BANANAS number of DMs on Instagram anytime she appears in stories wearing a piece from here, haha). If you’re a Madewell lover who also enjoys the quirk and charm of Anthropologie, spend a few minutes browsing The Great’s website – it’s fun, even to just look, I swear!).

J. Crew

1. Slim Demi-Boot Chino Pant | 2. Natasha Skirt | 3. A-Line Stretch Cotton Poplin Midi Dress | 4. Squareneck A-Line Dress | 5. Gwyneth Slip Skirt | 6. Maxine High-Neck Shift Dress

Price Point: $$
Sizes: XXS-3X, 23-37, 00-24
Our Review: HOLD UP. J. CREW IS SO, SO, SO GOOD AGAIN? There were a few years there where it feels like J. Crew kind of fell out of the cultural conversation, but if you haven’t shopped there in a second, pop back in – OLD J. CREW IS BACK. Simple cuts, easy-to-mix-and-match basics, UNBELIEVABLY flattering dresses (I bought this one and will be writing a full-length ode to it tomorrow, never fret!), MAJOR sales (the pink version of that slip skirt is on sale for $36!), and all in a beautifully-selected, curated color palette. I did a major wardrobe refresh with a ton of stuff from J. Crew last December and have been THRILLED with how well everything’s held up so far (and it all looks good together, too!).


1. Utility Pants | 2. Supersoft Fleece Boyfriend Sweatshirt | 3. Supersoft Sweater Knit Flare Pants | 4. Poplin Shorts | 5. Supersoft Sweater Knit Checkered Bomber | 6. Poplin Maxi Dress

Price Point: $$
Sizes: XS-XL
Our Review: Monrow is a go-to shop for those cool girls who embody the “I woke up like this/I just threw this on” vibe. Their pieces drape beautifully, come in gorgeous earthy colors, and are cut in such a thoughtful way! (Like the back of that maxi dress – low enough to be a little flirty and breezy, but high enough that you won’t be the subject of conversation at your next family barbecue.) Their sizing leaves a bit (or a lot) to be desired, but the oversized fit and flexible construction of their clothing means that their XL still feels comfortable and breezy. And, I mean…how good is that bomber sweater?


1. All-Day Woven Heeled Mule | 2. Catalina Slide Sandal | 3. Go-To Flatform Sandal | 4. Emma d’Orsay Oxford | 5. Stella Go-To Block Heel Sandal | 6. Women’s Huarache Sandal

Price Point: $$
Sizes: 5-11
Our Review: As the owner of not one, not two, not three, but SIX pairs of Nisolos, I say this: these shoes last forever and look better with age. I grabbed my first pair – the d’Orsay oxford – in 2019 after joining the team at EHD, and my collection has only grown since. Their summer sandals and slides are so cute, but their Chelsea boots and winter flats are ESSENTIAL (I survived multiple walking tours in icy, salted-out Quebec in these heeled boots). Their pieces come in a variety of colors and tones, so you can find a nude shade that works for you! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Old Navy

1. Linen-Blend Tie-Shoulder Top | 2. Striped Linen-Blend Boyfriend Shirt | 3. High-Waisted Jean Shorts | 4. Flutter-Sleeve Mini Swing Dress | 5. Slouchy Jean Cut-Off Short Overalls | 6. Fit & Flare Mini Dress

Price Point: $
Sizes: XS-4X, 0-30 (plus petite and tall offerings!)
Our Review: OK GIRL, I SEE YOU. If you’re used to the Old Navy of olden times – you know, the place where you’d stop in to buy an American flag shirt on your way to a July 4th celebration – you’re missing out on high-quality, SUPER size-inclusive clothing that looks and feels WAY more expensive than you’d expect. I mean, be real – if this didn’t say “Old Navy” up top, I would have assumed these were from Madewell! Pop on over to the site and enjoy being pleasantly surprised by the new Old Navy.


1. Cotton Modal Muscle Tank | 2. 100% Washable Silk Skirt | 3. Organic Cotton Twill Overalls | 4. Washable Silk V-Neck Cami | 5. 100% European Linen Jumpsuit | 6. Fit & Flare Dress

Price Point: $
Sizes: XS-XL, 25-33, 0-16
Our Review: Quince will be a new brand to a lot of y’all, and you’re in for a treat! If you’re looking at these prices and thinking “Wait, you can’t sell a responsibly-made, washable silk skirt for $60?” – QUINCE DOES, AND IT ROCKS. (Thousands of nearly-unanimous 5-star reviews can’t be wrong!) The founders of Quince built their careers working at high-end brands but wanted to make the same high-quality essentials at an achievable price point for the average person. Mission accomplished, right?


1. Bea Skirt | 2. Frieda Linen Dress | 3. Marla Zip Sweatshirt | 4. Catarina Dress | 5. Bucatini Linen Dress | 6. Kathleen Dress

Price Point: $$$
Sizes: XS-XL, 0-12, 14-24
Our Review: Before I praise their clothing, I wanna take a second to call them out: Reformation, GIRL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Why are the extended sizes banished to separate listings in a niche, difficult-to-find part of the website? It’s SO FRUSTRATING. I don’t want to “Where’s Waldo” my way around your website, I just want to buy a cute dress that I saw on Instagram! (For ease, here’s the separate link to shop if you’re a 14-24.)

ANYWAY. If you can manage to navigate the website without pulling an Andy Bernard (screaming; punching a hole in a wall), Reformation does make gorgeous, sustainable clothing. They’re most well-known for their dresses – you may recognize them as the go-to wedding guest dresses of millennial women across America – but their everyday basics, like this skirt or this quarter-zip, are well-made and durable. (And to give them their flowers, they do have models with diverse body types! And they do make clothes that fit larger bodies! Except again, it does feel like it’s been banished to the boonies, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.)

I clearly have a love/hate relationship with Reformation (like why do this and this have to have totally separate pages? You could link a pair of shoes, but not the same dress in a larger size?), but I do have a platform here, and maybe it’s big enough that they’ll stop making my fellow 12/14 + gals feel like freakin’ lepers when we’re just trying to give them a bunch of money! Anyway. Great clothes that will make you look/feel like a princess, UI that actively works against extended-size shoppers. PLEASE FIX IT, REFORMATION! (I’ll buy so much more, I swear!!!!)


1. Leana Dress | 2. Tomboy Shirt | 3. Solana Dress | 4. Marino Trousers | 5. Nicolo Shorts | 6. Aurena Dress

Price Point: $$$
Sizes: 2-14, 23-36, 0-16
Our Review: Here’s another one of Em’s recent go-to brands! (You may recognize the Leana Dress from our recent Article shoot, or from this video review – be sure to follow us on LTK for more real-time fashion reviews!) ANYWAY. Man, Sezane does it so right. That button-up shirt is covered with sweet blue embroidered dots, but their pieces come with tons of different color/print options – embroidered flowers, sweet stripes, you name it! If you’re looking for clothes with an effortless, charming, Parisian vibe…look no further. Happy shopping 🙂


1. Ribbed Tank Bodysuit | 2. Danica Platform Loafers | 3. Picnic Midi A-Line Skirt | 4. Sleeveless Eyelet Sun Dress | 5. High-Rise Wide Leg Pants | 6. Relaxed T-Shirt

Price Point: $
Sizes: XXS-4X, 00-30
Our Review: PSA: The ‘A New Day’ line at Target, in particular, is FILLED with good Madewell dupes. (I’ll let the photos speak for themself.) But let me call out two pieces in particular – that bodysuit has a fuller-coverage bottom, which is a DREAM for those of us who don’t love thong bodysuits; I will scream about those $6 t-shirts ad nauseam until EACH OF YOU tries one. (I bought mine years ago – including one in that olive color – and they’re the best t-shirts I own. Drape-y without clinging, perfect cut, nice sleeve length, and fabric that holds up to hundreds of washes. Feel one in person on your next Target run!


1. Nico Dress | 2. Mandrn Atlas Woven Fann Pack | 3. Paloma Linen Pant | 4. Shelter Cotton Cardigan | 5. Midi Heirloom Claw | 6. Box Button Up

Price Point: $$$
Sizes: XXS-4X
Our Review: A final, super-size-inclusive brand for my slow fashion fans! The cuts here are simple, oversized, and clean and the details are SO thoughtful (think reinforced buttons, fabrics that get better with each wash, and constant product iterations based on real customer feedback). If your style is unfussy, a bit earthy, and timeless…Tradlands might be your new favorite store, I think.

That’s it for me today – are there any brands you’ve tried that you’d like to recommend to the class? We’re all ears… xx

Opening Image Credits: Styling by Suzanne Trudelle | Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: Six Fall Sweaters I’m Loving (+ How To Wear Them)


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62 thoughts on “More Than Madewell: 15 Similar Brands To Shop For Comfortable, Stylish, Wear-Everyday Pieces

  1. Two recommendations:

    Designed, made and sold from Oakland, California, Lesley Evers’ clothes are colorful, comfortable, and fun. She models the clothing herself and has customer photos on her website so that you can see everything on real bodies. Her silk scarves are lovely too. My closet is definitely more colorful since my friend in Berkeley tipped me off to the brand!

    For edgier and more expensive, organic cotton hoodies and other clothing that have unique and flattering cuts, check out Prairie Underground from Seattle. Their long, shapely Prairie hoodie is the most famous and comes in a ton of colors. I love their Knack pant for a super-flattering cropped style; I have it in a few different fabrics.

    Both companies are woman-owned and manufacture the clothing locally.

    1. I JUST ordered my first Lesley Evers dress yesterday! The patterns and designs are so fun, I can’t wait for my dress to arrive.

  2. Thank you for highlighting more sustainable fashion brands. I cut out fast fashion five years ago and appreciate when slow fashion brands are featured. (I still love J. Crew but just occasionally buy their things secondhand.) 🙂 For anyone else looking to shop more ethically, I’d recommend the “Good On You” app, which rates clothing brands according to their environmental, labor, and animal welfare practices. I’m not affiliated in any way; it’s just been a helpful tool when I don’t have the time to do deep dives into a company’s business practices. Obviously sewing clothes myself and buying secondhand are also great, but sometimes a gal just wants a pretty new dress! 🙂

  3. I tried to resist, but just ordered a basket of items from Quince, lol. Appreciate the different price points and the acknowledgment of when sizes are/not inclusive. Fingers crossed that this kicks of summer of feeling comfy and chic!

    1. Me too-love that red dress especially and hope the pieces are as cute and comfy as pictured!

      1. Honestly I’ve been disappointed with what I’ve ordered from Quince. Joggers felt really cheap and a tee was nothing special, Target-quality. I’m so confused by all the high ratings on the site… maybe they censor? Returns were free and easy though and their customer service was good.

        1. Good to know! Customer service is always my biggest question knowing there’s a good chance I’ll need to return something.

  4. I love Tradlands! I have several cotton sweaters from there that I wear constantly, and they have held their shape perfectly/ never start to look worn. Their clothes are super well-made. (I love Madewell, but my Madewell sweaters / clothes do not hold up even half as well).

  5. Thank you for sharing all these options for classic clothing, it’s clear a lot of research went into this! I’ve never worn Madewell (in part because we didn’t have one in our area till recently) so the way everything is framed in comparison to that one brand strikes me as odd. But as a 47 year old, I have shared the conundrum of where to find clothes that feel right so I’m glad to have some new ideas.

  6. Thanks for this roundup. There are several companies I’ve not heard of. One more population that’s hard to find a good selection of options is petites. I need a petite top and dress and that really limits my options.

    1. Was coming here to say the same thing — petites are hard to find, especially in small brands! J crew has a lot of petites as does Gap and Old Navy. But I wish more small brands could make petite dresses especially.

    2. Also some brands look like they have smaller sizes only to find out they aren’t really meant for real petite people. Thank goodness for alterations even though it’s an added expense!

  7. Oh my gosh, how I have needed this article! Being a new-ish Mom my closet needs some help. Everything that fits now is either years old or worn out from surviving newborn life. Thank you so much for doing the research for me!

  8. This is an awesome list (and very dangerous for my wallet). I’ve been upgrading my wardrobe the past few years with fewer but better quality pieces and my go-to shops are Alex Mill, AYR, and Everlane, all of which I can highly endorse.
    Question: Where did this whole “wear-a-blouse-with-one-flap-out” trend come from? It’s all over Instagram (and in these retail images) but I never see actual women walking around with one flap of their shirt tucked in and the other out. Why? Because it just looks dumb. #mytwocents

    1. LOL. I think it just “evolved” from the French tuck. Slouchy, roomy clothes seem to be in as I am watching 20 something influencers look increasingly like my 80s high school classmates. Embracing pleats, trousers and boxy tops. But in the 80s we tucked everything in so you could make out a waist/mid point. In the spirit of old but new, the goal of the one flap tuck is to define a waist if only for a moment and from a fixed camera point of view. I’m with you tho, so many ‘lewks’ don’t hold up as soon as people are walking around and doing non-pose movements. I do, however, appreciate the front tucked, back open as it is forgiving on middle age spread and wide hips. I’m sure I will be doing it long after it is considered cool. Maybe already missed that memo…

  9. One more question: I’m seeing a lot of slip skirts for spring/summer. Isn’t that slip material kind of hot for summer? And if you’re sweating on a hot day in slip skirt, doesn’t that tend to show easily on the fabric? Just wondering how practical these slip skirts are for this season?

    1. Depends on the weather where you live, I suppose? I could and would NEVER in Houston, TX. It’d be swamp-ass city LOL.

      1. I’m in Houston too, and same. I go for loose cotton dresses that touch my skin as little as possible and allow for airflow. But I could do a silk skirt at work where I’m in the ac all day.

    2. A slip dress made of silk, linen, cotton poplin? Great for a long hot summer. Polyester? The pits.

    3. Yes, also the popular satin material SNAGS on outdoor seating, public transportation and will soak up any moisture it comes in contact with – whether you created it or found it after sitting. But the texture does look pretty and for an evening of al fresco dining or graduation or wedding event is gorgeous. It’s popular because it is both dressy and casual, which is an artful line. I opt for chambray/cotton variations of the slip dress. Linen is also easier to wear. They wrinkle, but if I can choose my suffering I choose that. I don’t share the opinion that dresses are best in hot, humid sweat making weather. But it feels like a minority opinion except when I look at what people actually wear.

  10. I usually skip fashion posts here, but I clicked this one on a whim. I’m so happy to see the care you took with discussing size inclusivity. Thank you!

  11. This was the exact post I needed to see today, after browsing through Madewell’s site yesterday and feeling uninspired by the options. Thanks Caitlin!

  12. The first thing I look at when I go to a new clothing website is their return policy since I never know what will fit. Able charges $5 just to return an order at a Happy Returns Bar (something I’ve done many times before for free). I get that returns are expensive for brands, but for a clothing company without a storefront, that’s like charging someone $5 to bring their clothes into a dressing room. It would make more sense to me to just build the cost of returns into their prices.

  13. I recommend Boden, which I can only shop online but the thing I appreciate most is they have garment measurements for every single item. Why can’t every company do this?!? This is one of the only “fast fashion” brands I like, and their swimwear is great. I was in court every day for many years and they were my go to for suiting when my twins were little because their blazers could go in the washing machine and come out looking perfect. Many items in sizes up to 20/22 so somewhat size inclusive, and many items offered in petite and regular and tall. Very nice quality and meant to last and they offer frequent discounts, too.

    Most of the rest of my wardrobe is slow fashion, acquired slowly over many years as the pieces tend to be expensive. I now trade slow fashion brands through an app called lucky sweater and search for special pieces secondhand – there is a pretty robust buy-sell-trade community for just about every brand out there on social media. Several of the brands included in this post are readily available on poshmark, the real real, and BST groups.

    1. I second Boden! Their pieces wash and wear really well, great for work and so far I’ve been impressed with the quality.

    2. The only thing I don’t like about Boden was the return process. It took them 2 seconds to take my money and it took them over a month (!!) to reimburse me after they’d received something I’d returned. That was ridiculous and it’s stopped me from buying anything from Boden again.

    3. I love Boden too! Most things come in tall and petite too which of great if you are short like me!

  14. Thank you so much for this article. I don’t enjoy clothes shoping, keep a fairly small wardrobe, and fall squarely into the “where do I shop now? Ok guess Madewell is it” category for every day clothes. As a petite no one beats their options, especially in denim. But I am SO jazzed to expand my options without having had to research this whole list myself. I also really appreciate the focus on expanded sizing and sustainability. The blog really seems to shine lately and have a new energy and just want to say how much I appreciate it (always do but especially the last few weeks)!

  15. Thank you, this is great! I would like to also recommend the Portland, OR based Bridge & Burn.

  16. Thank you so much for this post! Madewell has been my go to for years and recently I’ve been looking for other brands to try. This is so helpful!

  17. These are great! One recommendation, it will forever be my favorite clothing maker, Elizabeth Suzann. She had to rebrand to Elizabeth Suzann Studio during the pandemic but man, she knows how to make comfortable, real life, gorgeous clothing. Her clothes were even amazing on my postpartum body.

    1. Elizabeth Suzann’s harper tunic is perhaps the best item of clothes in the world. dress up, dress down, so chic.

  18. I didn’t even know I needed this round-up, lots of brands I have never even heard of! Anyone ever purchased from ? Her designs are so good and I have wanted to buy for awhile now…..

    1. Notorious for inconsistent sizing! Many people recommend trying to buy this brand secondhand so you can get the actual garment measurements and not rely on the size charts!

    2. i second the idea to buy Rudy Jude secondhand! I own two pairs of her pants – one pair of jeans and one utility jeans in an ink color – they’re both size “3” but one pair is slightly larger. I kind of like the two sizes because one pair is just a big snugger, while the other is looser and comfier. Just slightly different silhouettes.
      I would try Noihsaf Bazaar – THE BEST place for secondhand in my opinion. Tons of Rudy Jude… Ace and Jig… Lots of “indie” brands.

  19. I was so excited to see a new to me place to shop in Quince! It looks amazing but they don’t ship to Canada 😭
    Target too! I was so disappointed when they pulled out of Canada and then stopped shipping to us too. Please come back Target!

  20. I feel like Madewell’s quality has shifted in recent years – some pieces are poorly constructed, and thus overpriced. Jeans are still solid, though.
    Worth noting that Everlane has been accused of union busting in recent years – I’d love to hear from any workers there to hear how things are progressing. I appreciate the transparency around manufacturing, but US-based workers deserve that too!

  21. I saw a young woman in the grocery store recently wearing the Target kelly green eyelet dress w a light blue denim jacket (sleeves rolled up) and some cute sandals. She looked pulled together and adorable! I have some pieces from COS that I always get compliments on and some pieces from Everlane that have held up very well for several years. I also buy some pieces at Zara from time to time but their website can be difficult to navigate, for me anyway, and it deters me as I don’t have a store nearby. I agree w Old Navy comments they have come a long way and I actually love their athletic wear and find it quite comparable to some higher priced brands. I also shop Nordstrom for Top Shop and also for their proprietary brands in these price ranges being discussed here. And for shoe selection, Nordstrom online is the industry gold standard IMHO.

    1. I would also add Tuckernuck to this list as well and for some fun moderately priced hand drawn scarves look at Swells ( I currently live in the south (GA) and we are not shy when it comes to color!

  22. Wanted to add J. Jill to the mix. Very good range of sizes, affordable, great basics.

  23. This article is spot on! Two other brands I like that have that Madewell-vibe are Faherty and Marine Layer. Really liked the atmosphere of the Marine Layer store in Bridgeport – relaxed, 70’s, beachy? And they have mens items too.

  24. Thank you because I was just in Madewell yesterday and left empty handed. Either I’ve suddenly aged 10 years in the past year or their clothing has done the reverse. So many bra like tops and things that look like what I’d consider beach wear.

    1. It feels like everything is a bra top or crop top or weirdly body con. I’ve been shopping Madewell forever and really not a fan right now.

  25. Cuyana is a great store for basic clothing with a twist as well as great leather bags/wallets/accessories. I have had a few of their purses and clothes for several years and everything has held up wonderfully – which for me justifies the prices they charge.

  26. For these kinds of posts, it would be fantastic if, alongside the upfront info on pricing and sizing, you told us whether international shipping is available. For those of us outside the US, that’s often the biggest “say yes to the dress” hazard.

  27. Also Uniqlo – yes they are fast fashion but the quality is unbelievable – I’ve had things for 8 years plus that I wash and wear regularly – they are great for basics and their collaborations are outstanding – I’ve got a Uniqlo x Anna Sui summer dress I think I’ve worn once a week for the last 3 summers.

    I’d also add that the COS sizes are a bit all over the place – so while they should absolutely do something about it and be more size inclusive it’s worth checking out because you might find that a size that would not normally fit does as they can run big. And their accessories are amazing! Just be aware they are owned by H&M if that’s an issue for you.

    1. Agreed on Uniqlo. By far the best quality for the price of any of these shops. And they also make the most durable, highest quality, best fitting basic tee shirts.

  28. I recommend Mango and Zara. Their clothes are very well made for the price point.

  29. Thank you. I got where I shopped mainly one brand because of sizing (plus petite), quality, and styling. It saved so much time but I have been uninspired lately. Partly because I have most of their basics in my closet. This has been fun looking through all these recommendations.

  30. I like Carly Jean Los Angeles for their capsule wardrobe style and great sales, made in the USA! Not the best return policy though, only store credit.

  31. I would also add Garnet Hill to the list. They offer some petite-sized items. All of the pieces I have are great quality and timeless in style. I especially love their t-shirts (from sleeveless to long-sleeved). As a petite person I usually buy pants from most of the places already listed (but wish more companies offered petite length pants!), and then buy tops from Alex Mill or Garnet Hill. Whenever possible I leave my petite-pants-wishes in my comments to the companies in hopes they will consider expanding their sizing to include bus shorter people.

  32. I just ordered from Quince for the first time – a long, cream cardi. I wore it all weekend. Really nice quality. I’m going back for more from them.

  33. I wanted to comment just to thank you for putting the prices right below the picture. That way I can click on what’s within budget. It’s annoying when there are no prices and you have to visit the site to figure it out.

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