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Six Weeks ‘Til Baby #2


Well, folks, we are six weeks out. I’m not sure why 6 weeks seems like such a milestone but it just does – I guess because it’s closer to 1 month than 2 months, and 1 month feels like no time at all – especially because Charlie came 10 days early. I’m getting so insanely excited. Well, excited and uncomfortable. She feels way heavier, lower and just more constrictive. But of course I could just be forgetting how it was before as we women are extremely good at not remembering the bad and focusing on the good when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and our entire lives. Maybe I was this uncomfortable with Charlie, I don’t know, but even sitting in a chair at the office sucks. With Charlie I was working physically so hard ’til the end – installing so many design jobs, on my feet a ton and really not asking for help. And going on walks like a mother. With this one I’m milking it. Instead of working hard and schlepping everything everywhere I’m taking it easier. Or maybe not. Maybe I’m just so exhausted by the toddler situation that it feels like I’m laying around more.


But lets chat about this dress. This dress is NOT maternity. It’s Ted Baker and its one of my favorite dresses ever. I bought it for a shoot this year and its super stretchy so it’s form fitting but its thick enough that it doesn’t show too much of a bra strap line, underwear lines or anything – which tends to be the downfall of really form fitting outfits. I wore it as early as 3 months pregnant (when I got it) and I can still wear it at 8 months (these photos were taken two weeks ago at 31 weeks). It definitely minimizes the belly but I still look pregnant – not like a muu muu.

It’s not AS cute from the side, but lets face it, nothing really is these days. If it were tighter in the thighs I think it would be better but basically I’m just asking for a lycra dress at that point (we purposefully didn’t photoshop out all those wrinkles so you get a real idea of how it looks/bunches, which is a little bit but not enough to deter me).


My favorite part is this adorable little detail in the collar. The cut is just so good. It comes in black and with some other embellishments which I’m tempted to hoard as well. I think there is even one that has a garden growing on it, too.


You might wonder if its going to be too stretched out to wear post-baby and I’m hoping not, but if so then it was still the best maternity dress ever, as I’ve worn it so much. I feel so pulled together in it. It’s really fitted through the shoulders and armpits, and the shoulders have a lot of structure so it makes them look all perfectly squared off and straight (thus making your rib cage and waist look smaller). Anyway, I can’t gush enough about this dress – I love it. But it’s also good for my particular body type – the type that doesn’t wear tiny, adorable strappy dresses and instead prefers to show off the legs.


The shoes are vintage gold Italian something that I’ve had forever and should probably replace. So we found a similar pair for you.


Happy Friday y’all. 34 weeks down, 6 to go.


1. Bracelet | 2. Dress | 3. Ring | 4. Heels

* Photos by Jessican Isaac for EHD. Want more maternity fashion? Check out my Muu Muu style, my‘Play Outfit’,  ‘The One Where I Hold A Piano‘, ‘The Work Outfit’,  ‘The One With Bearcat’, ‘The Denim Dress, ‘ and ‘My Crop Top Round Up’. Also last time I was pregnant I wrote this ‘Maternity Must-Haves‘ post which I need to update, but it’s still pretty relevant. Lastly if you want to watch the birth of Charlie (yes, you read that correctly) go HERE.

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Cute outfit! I remember I never wore maternity clothes with my second, and I immediately got rid of all of mine with my first because I got so tired to wearing them every day. They weren’t anything luxurious anyway. Nowadays, I just wear flowy billowy dresses that look like tents or potato sacks (acc to my husband) but I love them!

6 weeks IS a milestone. I gave birth at 35 weeks with my second, so it’s definitely go time. Wishing you a safe and happy rest of your pregnancy!

Analog House

You look amazing. I was as big as a house, rashy, swollen, and generally unattractive with six weeks left. You are glowing. Enjoy it. That dress is too cute too. Way to avoid the maternity wear.
By the way, I think you look great in hats!

It’s a super cute outfit, but the entire thing costs $440.95!! Much too expensive for me. I don’t think I spent anything close to that on my entire maternity wardrobe. 🙂

Good luck with your last few weeks. My little one came a month early, so it really could happen soon for you. (Hope yours is not that early though.)


Eek! Emily, you even make pregnancy glamorous (and I’m sure it is, right?). So. Dang. Cute. AND beautiful! Though I hope for the sake of your spine that the heels you’re photographed wearing through this pregnancy are just props & you actually cruise around in Berks. Also, I’ve no doubt that you’re beautiful in pajama pants as well as expensive dresses & heels. ; )


We are right about the same gestational age (also having a girl!) and so it’s been so fun reading these posts and being able to totally relate. This 6 week mark feels like a HUGE milestone. This is my first and while I’m not at all ready (house/organization/stuff wise) to have her, I’m beginning to be really ready to just have a baby in my arms instead of this idea of baby I have in my head. Lots of anxiety building as I just want to know she’s going to be healthy and until I have her I won’t have that reassurance. Good luck to you and I hope we both go a little early 🙂


I’m so glad you are taking lots of maternity photos, you just can’t take them again later. Looking back, I don’t have enough. This dress — ADORABLE.

Just a reminder…your center of balance is changing and its easy to fall so be sure to slow down. BTW, you’re totally NOT ‘milking it.’ Free baby, remember!! ha


You look absolutely beautiful! I really love that dress, and it is so classic. I am sure you are going a million miles an hour; it just seems like you’re slowing down because you have toddler. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow, so I’ve really enjoyed following along. Also, this is my first pregnancy, so reading your posts about Charlie are super helpful to reference. Thank you so much for sharing!

Love this dress! It looks fabulous on you and I especially love the sleeves and shoulder detailing.

xo, Sarah

You couldn’t be more beautiful! I hope these next 6 weeks fly by for you. I hated that last month, I was SO uncomfortable.


So fun and totally agree about the 6 week mark. I’m about a week behind you and just so ready to hold our little baby. Last night I separated all the baby things into bins and tried to make the crib bed. We’ve been gifted so many baby blankets that I’m not really sure what to do with them all. But that’s about the extent of my nesting! Hopefully that will hit before she arrives!


Lovely. Any chance you want to share your go-to lipstick colors?

I’d love to see a photo of the shoes!

I’d love to see a photo of the shoes!

You look great Mama–don’t forget to read Back Labor No More by Janie McCoy King…I wish I did it the first time around because with my 2nd & 3rd the lift worked like a charm!


I know in the grand scheme of the universe I am nothing and no one, but I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you you look FABULOUS pregnant. I sort of “tried” with my first pregnancy… By #2 I was in so much pain (I had to do physical therapy to continue being able to walk) that I just didn’t care. I couldn’t have even looked at that dress. It is really on point and you look amazing in it. Much love & blessings for you and your new babe!


A very stylish outfit, you look as good in it at the beginning as at the end of your pregnancy. And by the way you look gorgeous with only six weeks to go.


Emily – I’ve noticed since your blog redesign that many old posts are gone and images in posts from last year and before that are all broken. Could you please ask someone from your web design team to take a look at that? I love going through your archives for inspiration and now many of the links I had bookmarked for inspiration are broken.



^This. Please look into. Thank you, Emily! 🙂

I love love love this dress! It’s so gorgeous!


I have three boys, and I can tell you the first pregnancy goes so much easier that the subsequent ones (if you don’t have any medical issues). You nailed it when you said it’s because you have another child to take care of. With the first pregnancy, if you’re tired you can nap! When you have a toddler/preschooler to take care of, naps go out the window!

When I was pregnant with my first, I got massages every month. Needless to say, that hasn’t happened again! 😉

Enjoy these lasts moments of pregnancy. They are so special. You will be tired, but it will be worth it!


Hi Hi! Looking great, I love the collar on the dress. So sweet!
I wanted to share with you. My mother in law read an article about how woman tend to carry each pregnancy for the same amount of weeks. In conjunction, you can calculate how many days before, on or after a full moon Charlie was born, and it is likely that your daughter will be the same. We compared my to kiddos and I carried them EXACTLY the same amount of time – To-The-Day! And they were both born 3 days after a full moon. Not sure how exact this science is, but its fun to do and perhaps garner some big winnings in the betting pool. Cheers!


Love this outfit! I’m about 3 months pregnant and this is exactly what I’m looking for 🙂 Did you size up?


you are very beautiful with this dress!

Kristen F

I love this on you! I also stayed in shape while pregnant. One of the most awkward comments from strangers was “you still sexy from the back.” You look amazing!

I’m reading this at an ungodly hour, up pumping for my 5 month old who is now rejecting my breast. This is my first and I cannot imagine how I would do All Of This again with a child already in the picture. It’s so intimidating. Keep us posted on how life differs with one kid vs. two. The general feedback I have gotten from friends is that you “just do it”, that level of care slides a little but it’s okay, that you have already earned your wings on the first kid so the second kid is much easier and less guesswork. But at the end of the day it’s just so much logistically harder.


You look AMAZING! Congratulations a thousand times over! xoxo

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