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Crop Top Round Up

While most of you are on vacation I’ve been super busy buying, wearing and touting the benefits of crop tops. I consider any shirt that shows your belly when you raise your arms a crop top, even though they might be longer than they were in the 80’s. Typically you wouldn’t catch me dead in one of these things – not because I don’t think they are cool, and not because I don’t admire/envy my friends that have lovely flat abs who can effortlessly pull them off because I do. But pregnant or not, I’m not a stomach person. I’ll wear short shorts or minis but nary a crop top will graze these bare abs.

However, I do love to layer. And crop tops are wonderful to layer with – pregnant or not. Put a flowy tank top or button up underneath it and you got yourself a genuine ‘outfit’.


1. Botanical Print Crop Top This one is the most similar to the Suno tops I have but less expensive. So cute with a collared shirt underneath.

2. Kimono Sleeve Top I ordered this one and its super cute, but too flowy for me while pregnant with my boobs and belly because it doesn’t have the armpit structure that makes me look/feel small. Yes. ‘Armpit Structure’ is a thing now.

3. Cropped Wool & Cashmere Sweater I just opened this yesterday and it’s VERY VERY CUTE. I actually thought it was just a sweater when I bought it but It comes with the shirt underneath. Normally I think that is cheesy, but Joie made it well enough that it looks really good and it’s still really light with no bunchiness.

4. Cropped Shirt Super cute but from the side I look a bit oompa loompa-y because of my belly. I’m going to try it with skinny jeans or short shorts and heels and see what happens. Stay tuned.

5. Printed Silk Crop Top I thought this could be cute with a little puff sleeved blouse but now I’m doubting myself.

6. Herringbone Crop Tee I just got this yesterday and it’s REAL good. I think it looks best with skinny jeans, a mini or fit/flairs. I tried it with a maxi skirt and I couldn’t pull it off because there wasn’t anything fitted on my body so I just looked really big. Strangely this has no ‘armpit structure’ and yet the way it drapes is still really flattering.

7. Striped Crop Tank Not for me (I’m not an arm girl – go ahead and try to find a photo where you see my arms!) but so cute that I wanted to include it in the roundup.

8. Printed Top This could either be really cool on or your boyfriends/husbands worst nightmare. Please take the risk and let me know how it goes. I like the pattern and shape, plus it comes with a matching pencil skirt, which looks really chic.

9. Cropped Button Down I tried this pregnant and its too thin to layer something underneath with so it’s not the right shirt for me right now, but it’s super cute otherwise if you can handle the boxy situation.

There you go – a quick while-you-are-on-vacation-fashion-crop-top post. No crop tops were gifted (or hurt) during this post, sadly. It’s just my genuine current passion for the crop-tops that brought you this crop-top post.

Are you are one of those people who wears a legit crop top? Do you reach high for objects proudly knowing that your sliver of stomach is showing? Or would you layer a collared blouse underneath it?

OR am I in a myopic pregnancy world where I think that everyone wants to see and hear about my maternity fashion and thoughts and really you guys are like ‘SHOW ME A MAKEOVER!!!!’.

*Stay tuned, makeovers are coming 🙂

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7 years ago

I love these posts!!!!!! You are style guru…not just for our homes, but for our persons too. Because of you, I tried “crop” which is a style I thought was in past (with scruchies and the like)….but I love them!
If there’s anyone like me that gained a lot of baby weight (now that my kids are nearly 10!)….I thought I’d share the one I found that I love most. I wear it with my collar chambray dress and em Hendo suggested madewell necklace and urban outfitter clog/sandal.
So much of what I love, I can credit to your suggestion, emily. Thank you!

7 years ago

I’m sure I’m behind the times but I find layered crop tops weird. I’ve never seen it elsewhere. But I think this one might be just not for me in the long run, too. I’m too short-waisted to emphasize that part of me deliberately.

And I don’t really layer shirts ever, not even like a cami under a sheer blouse. I’m annoyed enough at having to wear a bra AND a shirt, I’m not adding extra shirts! lol

7 years ago
Reply to  Emily

I layer them all the time! Crop tops alone are not acceptable when you work at a School, bu totally fine when layered 😉

7 years ago
Reply to  Emily

You’re adorable in anything. I don’t get what about pregnancy is helped by the ‘crop over long top’ thing, though. I would think most of us women feel like we want our look elongated then, so we’d want to avoid the short little blocks of color on the way down? I have zero training in design and virtually no style, besides what Stacy London taught me, though! But I also never had big boobs so maybe crops help that– hiding bulging buttons or over-stretched fabric across the bodice?

I kind of enjoyed wearing dedicated maternity wear but I can see wanting to avoid it too, if you’re more into investment type pieces. I was fine with Target maternity clothes. lol.

I love this post, and you look soo adorbs in your crop tops and baby belly! I’m diggin, crop tops and high waisted shorts for the summer, but one’s where my post baby belly won’t show! Love the links and photos!

XX Anna

7 years ago

Dear Emily,
Just wanted to let you know I love these posts. Also, basically, you could write about the diet of your cats or the favorite colours of your neighbor, it would still be fun and entertaining. Am I clear? Thank you.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jihane

^ hahaha! I agree! I love anything you write! (But also I love crop tops and you look super cute – and also you have great legs!)

Sarah J
7 years ago

I wore a crop tee shirt during my last pregnancy with a stretchy maxi skirt hoisted up over the bump (sounds weird but it worked so well, really flattering) – Here was the skirt, I wore a black tank and a cropped pink tee. Could also do it with the maxi dress: but I thought the skirt post-partum – I swapped out the plain blank tank for a nursing tank and it’s still super cute. I’m never a skin tight skirt or dress gal, but in pregnancy it works better somehow. I’ve done it 3 times now, and I know. Done now!

7 years ago

Despite the fact that I am not pregnant, and my own kids are teenagers, I like/appreciate these posts. I’ve definitely taken some of your fashion tips (the ones that work for me). Sure, not all of them do, but I admire your creativity (both in home decor and fashion). Keep up the great work on all fronts– I think you look awesome!

7 years ago

I love these posts! You’re helping me re-vamp my wardrobe so that I’m not in skinny jeans and a t-shirt EVERY single day. It’s awesome! More, please!!

7 years ago

Love these posts. I’m the same way, when I get into a style or trend I think about it a LOT and try different options until it has become my uniform.

Emily, if you breastfeed this go-round, this look works for that too. Just make the lower layer a button-down or nursing tank and then you lift the crop up so it becomes your nursing cover. Tummy covered, top boob covered. Although maybe with cheapies so your Suno doesn’t stain?

7 years ago

Great photos, love the Zara top!

Anika |

7 years ago

You maternity style is so different from everyone else, which is why I love it so much! I love how you’ve layered crop tops with longer pieces to create your own look!


I’m really ready for that one guy (besides Miguel at Coachella) to make a solid case for crop-tops for fellas. If that happened, I’d seriously consider giving them a go. Until then, I’ll leave them in your very capable hands and/or midriff.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

7 years ago

Josh, I’ve been rocking them for quite a while now… Emily is definitely not the biggest fan of the male crop, so I save it for the weekends, but get out there and let your abs breath 🙂

7 years ago

I said above I hadn’t seen layered crops anywhere but then that night I saw it on a man on tv… choreographer Brian Friedman on So You Think You Can Dance. He had a mesh crop over a long flannel with the collar and sleeves cut off, if I was seeing it right.

frankly i’m over showing skin left, right, front, back. the herringbone crop (6) is a doll. sleeves? yes, i’m in.

Jessica B.
7 years ago

I’m definitely one who would layer a crop top with a tank. No stomach showing for me.

Also, I do enjoy your fashion posts.

7 years ago

Emily, I think you are witty and real and fun to read. And I’ve never before commented on a blog. If you could see me now you’d know better than to take fashion advice from the likes of me. But I kind of think that you are going to look back on this pregnancy and realize this crop top, hat thing you have going on looks ridiculous. But don’t be sad- I’m not trying to be mean. Just honest.

7 years ago
Reply to  Apple

Your comment is mean….although Emily shouldn’t be sad as she is adorable.

7 years ago
Reply to  Apple

You know what- I’m sorry. My comment was mean (or a little too honest) and I’m sorry. You do you- it’s what makes you great. Thanks!

7 years ago

I went on a crop-top-shopping spree a couple months ago when my abs resurfaced –- a few weeks of stress and little appetite sure did wonders for my self-confidence! Then I found peace of mind… and pizza… and cheeseburgers… and fettuccine. I concluded (sadly) that my crop top days were only fleeting. #7 on your list is hanging in my closet and one of my faves. I still manage to wear it occasionally with VERY high-waisted skirts and pants, but that can easily turn into “Look at my potbelly!” Now I’ve got great hopes of whipping it out with a base layer underneath 🙂

7 years ago

Do you find you have to buy a size up while pregnant or do you just order your normal size and find it works? I’ve been struggling with that when ordering non-maternity items. The size up tends to be too wide in the shoulders, but buying a Small seems ridiculous.

7 years ago

i’m very reserved on the subject of crops. Some work for me (the blue ones you are pictured in) and some don’t float my boat . I do like a good cropped jacket or cardigan however. Have you tried any of those?

7 years ago

Fantastic ! I’m not pregnant but I adore this shape. I’ve a short body so playing the proportions and short cuts is always key. I’m totally making a mental note to shop Topshop and Zara regular items if I do get pregnant. You look gorgeous.

7 years ago

I am 13 weeks pregnant and just bought a dress with a BUILT-IN CROP TOP from Anthro:

It may only be a crop top on someone like me, though (who is tall and has a growing baby bump).

7 years ago

Oh my gosh! I love the top combo you are wearing in the top left hand corner photo , the crop top with the pink blouse underneath. Where Do did natalieyou get those tops! I love!

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