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Modeling Maternity (ish)

Let’s just get one thing out of the way right now – I have no idea why I am modeling whilst holding a globe and then later, a miniature piano. As comfortable as I am on camera – and at this point I truly AM, when I’m trying to show off outfits and have no cute toddler’s hand to hold, I apparently grab for any whimsical prop nearby for comfort or to add some sort of PIZAZZ or flair. I almost scrapped this whole post because of the silliness and then I said to myself calm down and just admit you went a little Anthro circa 2002 and all will be fine. And it is.

This is part of my ‘Just put on clothes you already have that you feel good in and take photos of them’ series. This dress is not maternity (although isn’t everything KINDA maternity these days??) and it’s pretty cute and very easy to wear. I like the combo of it’s modest simplicity with that adorable vintage hat, which makes me feel both happy and comfortable. Note to all pregnant people OR JUST THE WORLD – if/when donning a more conservative dress, just add a necklace and cute/quirky hat to create a totally presentable outfit. It distracts from said dress and somehow gives you fashion credit. It’s as if people think well, the dress is cute but wait, the hat! Since she has that hat on then that outfit as a whole must be super fashion forward, right?!!! 


Also, here’s a quick tip, carry a miniature piano as an accessory for added flair! Walking into my business meeting later that day holding that piano got me the job! I really should have strapped it towards me and started playing heart and soul to complete the sensory experience for onlookers.

For all of you who are like, SHUT UP AND TELL ME ABOUT THAT PIANO, calm down. It’s vintage, from the flea market for $40 and I love it very much, as does Charlie. I will say that it’s off-key and I’m kinda worried that it’s going to throw Charlie’s pitch off in the future (someone told me that once which makes sense). And we Starke’s (my maiden name) are a rather musical tribe that make it a habit (and an ancestral tradition as mormons) to start teaching our kids the piano at the ripe, young age of 3, which I intend to do. So I really hope I’m not destroying any chance he has at impressing future high school girls by burdening him with an out of tune vintage toy piano.

At the same time what I am supposed to do? Hire a piano tuner to come to my house and tune the 16″ high piano? That would be ridiculous!! Almost like the time that I asked an electrician to wire the sconces in the dining room…of my dollhouse…I have few regrets in my life, but one of them is starting and not finishing the dollhouse challenge. I’m sorry. Truly. Another major regret is NOT creating a web series about the dollhouse challenge wherein I hire different subcontractors to come over to bid on the various job, unbeknownst to them that the wallpaper installation was in the powder room of the dollhouse, and the parquet flooring was in the living room of the dollhouse, etc. Oh, Mr. electrician, sir, it’s Emily Henderson. I have a chandelier we need to install in the foyer do you have a second to come over and give a quote? And then after we let him in…we guide him to the back room where he sees the job and it’s…in the dollhouse. The initial reaction, and subsequent rejection OR excitement would have been worth putting all the time/effort and money into the series. But we didn’t. Instead I just model clothing with miniature pianos.

And now you can, too!

1. Hat 2. Necklace 3. Dress 4. Belt 5. Shoes

Get the look, don’t have regrets. These are the lessons from today’s post. xx

* Photos taken (without miniature-piano-modeling judgement) by Jessica Isaac for EHD.

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Ann Schwartz
6 years ago

Love the piano – and as a musician and music teacher, that will not throw off his sense of pitch! Parents who can’t pitch match often worry about singing to their children, but its great to do even if you don’t have great pitch. It only helps them! Plus, I sort of love the way an out of tune piano sounds. . .

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Hi Emily! I’m an early childhood music researcher, and I’m thrilled that you want music-making to be a part of Charlie’s life! If he is going to be playing on the mini-piano a lot, I would recommend getting it tuned. While it won’t ruin his sense of pitch, it could negatively affect it. But the best thing you can do to help his musical growth is to sing and dance with him, as well as listen to lots of kinds of music. Cheers! PS-Your blog is my favorite. 😉

6 years ago
Reply to  Julie

Hi Emily! I am also an early childhood music educator and pianist and I agree with Julie.

6 years ago

I would totally watch that dollhouse series! I have oh so recently been drooling over the Betsy McCall Dollhouse Pattern. But it’s like, IMPOSSIBLE to find.

Blue polka dots are always a win! 🙂

6 years ago

Well you certainly look much cuter in said dress then the model does so congrats! Also the poses with the globe and piano are funny, I like um! 😉

6 years ago

Haha I remember the dollhouse challenge – I was so excited and the whole thing kinda fell apart by all of the bloggers if I remember correctly (except that Nicole – I think she was the only one that finished) Eh – life happens! Sidenote: I wish I could rock a hat like that. So cute on you!

6 years ago

You are such a goofball and I love it!! You look great, love the hat.

6 years ago

I LOVE that dress! I think it’s going to find itself a permanent place in my closet real soon!


6 years ago

Haha! You go on the best rabbit trails, which is why I read everything instead of just looking at the pictures. (which look great, btw)

6 years ago

Haha this made me laugh so much – maybe we should use the piano in our shoots?! You look gorgeous too, by the way!


6 years ago

You look so adorable in that outfit….you’re just beaming. Yes, the model does look like she just made it out of bed, and to me as if she is wearing a housedress but you’ve flipped it into a complete going to town look.

6 years ago

BRING BACK THE DOLLHOUSE CHALLENGE!!! You have children now, which is the perfect excuse! And it will be excellent for when they want to start playing “designer”! Seriously, you would have the best dollhouse EVER… all the flea market miniatures and fabric samples you acquire… I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. DO IT. It’s not too late.

6 years ago

You look stunning & this dress is a staple during & after pregnancy. I would love have it! Added to my wish list!

6 years ago

That dress is adorable and I totally stocked up on skinny belts when I was pregnant, based on your recommendation. But re: wearing things you already have when pregnant – what about the boobs? I had cute non-maternity dresses that would have fit my belly, when I was preggo, but they wouldn’t house my pregnancy boobs!

6 years ago

You are all kinds of fabulous!!

6 years ago

This post made me laugh out loud – too hilarious and cute!

6 years ago

This is in my top 5 EH posts ever. When you wander into a topic totally off point, it’s pure hilarious magic. The piano picture is SO funny, since you mentioned it. But if you hadn’t, I might have only thought, “Aren’t pregnant women not supposed to carry heavy things?”. Think of all the giggles I would have missed out on. That’s what I love about this blog, the transparency and authenticity.

Side note: totally miss Anthro circa 2002-2008. They’ve lost me lately, where did the interesting whimsy go? #puttingitoutthere

6 years ago

Didn’t know you had had a dollhouse challenge..I’ve been working on one of my three dollhouses this summer. This one was rescued from a friend’s basement & pretty beat up but now it’s becoming the colorful Caribbean/Key West Victorian I wish I had in real life. Cutting wood craft sticks for flooring is a lot of work but it’s fun seeing it come to life. Funny that a few pieces I’ve found or made like navy velvet sofa/chair & “brass” items remind me of you. Now that you’ll have a daughter it will be fun for you both to craft a dollhouse.

6 years ago

1. you’re amazing
2. i forgot all about “i’m a giant” ! thems was the days.

6 years ago

I was just catching up on the Bachelorette and THERE YOU WERE!!! So fun! You looked great and I squealed when I realized it was you. I’ve followed your blog for several years now so it almost seemed like I recognized one of my friends on TV. Only if! Cheers! I hope it was a blast.

6 years ago

You look like a real traveller on this photo, you in the hat, holding the globe on this rocky looks as if you were out in some exotic scenery !

6 years ago

you made my day. you are so hilarious!

6 years ago

You absolutely could do stand-up! Seriously.

6 years ago

the hat is terrible, I let it go with the mumu, but now that that you’re giving it a shout out…

6 years ago

This is hilarious. I am glad I’m not the only one that can ramble on and on and talk in circles about a million things while pregnant. Although yours is MUCH more entertaining than mine is. You look adorable, globe and piano and all. I’m glad you posted – made the 2 am sick baby needs to nurse so much easier to bear! Thanks for the laugh!

6 years ago

Schoenhut still make toy pianos, you know. I bought my husband one for his menagerie of strange musical instruments. It’s a bit out of tune too, so I expect they either are to start with or quickly go that way! Apparently they have metal bars inside, instead of strings.

Oh, and I just found out that John Cagte wrote a suite for toy piano – so if anyone asks, maybe you can say that you’re getting Charlie started on avant garde music early! 🙂

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