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Serena & Lily’s New Store

Whether it’s the striking wallpaper on the cover of the latest issue of Domino (featuring an equally striking Mindy Kaling), or various gems right here on the blog, you’re probably familiar with lifestyle brand Serena & Lily’s joyful home goods. Their website, and new West Hollywood location, is a happiness-inducing cornucopia of intoxicating patterns. The new shop is lined with impeccably organized textile drawers that house dozens of patterned swatches for you to drool over, friendly on-site design advisors who offer free services, and a selection of their best pieces. It’s a multi-sensory experience laden with adrenaline, which is probably why they offer you wine…did we mention that part? Well, there’s wine. There’s also a 25% off in-store discount just for our local readers, so GET OVER THERE NOW and tell ’em we sent ya.

We asked S&L’s Chief Brand Officer Aaron Mutscheller a few questions to give you the inside scoop on Serena & Lily and how this new location differs from their other two brick & mortars. Here’s what he had to say…



Serena & Lily, West Hollywood
Aaron Mutscheller,   Chief Brand Officer

Why did you choose this location to open your business?

Melrose in West Hollywood was our top choice location, as we wanted to build a strong presence in LA that was close to the design and architect community but still serviced a higher-end retail market. The Serena & Lily LA store is in an amazing area, filled with our other favorite stores and designers.

How would you describe your store’s style/aesthetic?

Our new store is also a new aesthetic for the brand. From Serena’s original pattern on the exterior façade to the contemporary feel inside, the store incorporates a new play on pattern and design very differently than our existing locations. We looked at the space with a closer lens to contemporary. We feel it’s an amalgamation of Japanese minimalism, Danish modern, signature Serena & Lily, and a little luxe all mixed into one design language. We can’t wait for shoppers to see it in person.





What stores do you shop at?

The Melrose Place area is charming, but I also love that you can find amazing things in every area of LA. Aside from La Cienaga Blvd. for incredible home shopping, the East Side of LA (Echo Park / Silver Lake) has really become a destination for unique shops carrying beautiful and interesting merchandise. For more vintage decor shopping and artisanal finds, there are wonderful shops on the East Side to get inspiration from, and while not a neighborhood, of course the flea market at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena is a must for any design lover.

Do you have any plans to expand your inventory?

The LA store will offer an expanded product mix, new patterns, and a Serena & Lily experience that is unique and inspired by the local community and environment.



Anyone that pays this much attention to the bathroom details is a real winner for us. Now head on over, get some free design advice, enjoy a glass of wine and take full advantage of that 25% off in-store discount!

Don’t live in the area? Here are a few of our favorites you can snag on the web (sorry, no online discounts).

Store Tours_My Favorites_serena_lily

1. Lamu Wallpaper | 2. Bamileke Side Table | 3. Diamond Jute Rug | 4. Menagerie Bookend – Brown Elephant

Store Tours_My Favorites_serena_lily_2

5. Macramé Wool Rug | 6. Hanging Rattan Chair | 7. Riviera Arm Chair | 8. Sweater Knit Baby Blanket

Want to see more of our LA store tours that we are crazily/candidly/publicly revealing? Check these out: Sunbeam Vintage | Gibson | Hammer + Spear | Poketo | Inheritance | 45Three Vintage Modern

Think your shop would be a great fit for our next tour? Contact us for info on pricing at

*first photo by Robert Divers Herrick, all other shop photos by Jessica Isaac for EHD

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8 years ago

I love these kind of posts. What a beautiful store! I love all of the linens, pillows, and accent furniture. Beautiful pics.:)


Kate Lim
8 years ago

One of my favorite stores is featured. *Gasps*

The only bad part is they only ship to U.S and Canada, I can’t wait till I can buy them in Singapore or they ship to here. A girl can only dream.

8 years ago

So much creativity goes on in this store. I love all kinds of pattern, especially on the wall. Here are some crazy ideas for intoxicating wallpaper alternatives:

8 years ago

Love you, love your content, HATE, HATE, that the web,”page banner”(I don’t know what the proper term is) cuts off the photographs. Your web designer should know better. Please, please get them to fix it. It is most distracting. Oh dear, I don’t want or mean to be a hater …

8 years ago

Love the intricate patterns as design elements in the items that you present! They are absolutely gorgeous!

,,,, fighting the desire to leave my family and live inside that store.

8 years ago

I’m obsessed with Serena and Lily. Their new store looks amazing!


8 years ago

This is just fabulous! I wish I lived in CA so I could visit <3

8 years ago

Nice blog.Thanks!

8 years ago

Such beautiful pics!You look gorgeous!