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Sunbeam Vintage

I’ve been shopping at Sunbeam vintage for years and during the HGTV show I bought A LOT of furniture there. It’s close to where we live and their inventory is huge and changes constantly. You can go all the time and never know what you’ll get – which is what makes these stores very addictive and turns us into repeat customers, right?

I’m always nervous to give vintage spots away to y’all for fear that they’ll get swamped and then not have any good stuff left for me. But Ebee’s resources are insane – I swear she has 30 new pieces a day. Plus I want them to succeed. So here you go:


emily_henderson_store_tour_sunbeam_vintage_highland_park_jessica_isaac (10 of 40)

Sunbeam Vintage, Highland Park, Los Angeles
Owner: Ebee

1. How long have you been in business and how did you get started?
7 years — started out of my loft on Craigslist. That’s how I met Emily!

2. Why did you choose this location to open your business?
Highland Park is rich in history and art. It was up-and-coming years ago and I could see that.

emily_henderson_store_tour_sunbeam_vintage_highland_park_jessica_isaac (11 of 40)

3. How would you describe your store’s style/aesthetic?
Mad Men meets Oh Joy!

4. Where did you get your name from and what other names did you consider?
Originally Modcrib LA, now Sunbeam Vintage, based on the theatre that resided here.


5. What types of items are your best sellers? (i.e. brands, specific pieces, etc.)
rizzbizzle Coffee Tables, custom credenzas, and any storage item.

6. What item do you have in the store now that you would want to have in your home?
Rolex Sign.


7. What have you been inspired by lately? (colors, styles, themes, locations, etc.)

Dark blue and gold, and anything brass or copper.

8. Is there something you thought would sell really well but didn’t?
All inclusive bar/bookshelf/media center! I have one in my house and it’s so practical!


9. Where do you mainly source your items from?
Umm, that’s a secret! Pickers, estates…my garage.

10. What was the first big lesson you learned from opening your store?
Listen to your customers. Keep a “want” book and look through that regularly! That’s what sells.

emily_henderson_store_tour_sunbeam_vintage_highland_park_jessica_isaac (34 of 40)

11. What would your one piece of advice you would give to small businesses ?
Don’t take it personal! Learn and move on. It’s easy to take criticism to heart when you put all of your heart and soul into your business.

12. What stores do you shop at?
Luxelust in Highland Park, St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store in Lincoln Heights, The Antique Mall in Pasadena


13. Do you have any plans to expand your inventory?
Absolutely. We are working on new furniture designs with rizzlebizzle Coffee Tables.

14. What trends, if any, are you tired of?
Shabby chic and earth tone everything — so boring.

emily_henderson_store_tour_sunbeam_vintage_highland_park_jessica_isaac (44 of 40)

Here are some of my favorites:


You KNOW I love a wooden bust.



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8 years ago

I would fight a man for that brass lamp. I’m for real about this.

8 years ago

The font on this post is much easier to read!! Thank you for making the adjustment. Also, love this store. Makes me wish I lived closer!

8 years ago

Ugh. LA is way cool, and like a million miles away from me. Love this store series you are doing Emily!

8 years ago

I can’t believe you featured MY FAVORITE FURNITURE STORE.
I better still be able to furnish my house after this.
It is truly an amazing store, I love and hate that it is here.

8 years ago
Reply to  barbara

i just thought the same thing.

8 years ago

WOW, LOVE!!! I wish they sold their stuff online, alas, it doesn’t seem so… P.S. Your new website is looking great!

8 years ago

I want that desk! Too bad I’m not in LA. I’m all the way in NY, and Boston. Sad.

8 years ago

This definitely looks like a dream store!

8 years ago

I’m loving all the wood details! It’s so gorgeous!


8 years ago

Thank you for sharing this!! I think I’ve been on their website before but totally forgot about them – and we’re in the market for a great midcentury lounge chair. I cannot believe how reasonable the prices are here. Definitely want to visit the store to see all the goods in person. I love everything in this post!

8 years ago

I’m really glad this store is so far away, because my paycheck would be gone in a hot second upon each visit. Thanks for featuring it, though – a girl can dream!

. . . or plan a trip there . . .

8 years ago

Speaking of your HGTV days…..Are any of those Design Star episodes on DVD?

8 years ago
Reply to  Samantha

I’ve been wondering that too! I can’t find any way to watch the season with Emily competing but I really want to!

8 years ago

Be still my heart, I want that orange upholstered chair in the sixth photo please!

8 years ago

I need one of those chairs for my craft room that are up on the shelving in the back of that first picture! I haven’t had much luck locally yet…need to do more shopping! Darn! 😉

P.S. The font seems much easier to read now! 😀

8 years ago

Oh man, this place is my dream! I feel like I should take a trip to LA purely to check out all these gorgeous stores.

8 years ago

Y’know, if that #1 Midcentury bookcase is the “all inclusive” unit that Ebee was surprised didn’t sell well, maybe it’s because not many current TVs would fit in it. Even though it wouldn’t need to be home for a TV, I’m sure most people view it that way… Just a thought…

8 years ago

Wish I was in LA. Love me some good finds! In N.CA (Oakland area) I am obsessed with Uhuru furniture. They even have a website now so I can see what they’ve got before going!

8 years ago

What a neat & pretty shop..the old red brick wall makes me happy! Whenever I see painted brick it makes me sad..brick is brick & should stay that way & with its patina it has great character.

All the tables and chairs, wall arts, and decor oh my. Looks like a definite spot to check out!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

8 years ago

nevermind! i swear this place is my dream! i must have still been distracted by all the pretty chairs.

AIM Bond Cleaning Australia

8 years ago

I follow this store on Instagram and lust after EVERYTHING they post! Wish they were in Boston! 🙁

8 years ago

Man, I miss that store. I discovered it not long before we left LA. So close to our old house. I got my son’s dresser there and two vintage hanging lamps. I never found a place for the hanging lamps and nobody in NJ seems to understand them or want to purchase them off me. Boo!!!

8 years ago

I want this wicker chair soooo, so much! Thanks for sharing Sunbeam with us!

8 years ago

amazing shop. reminds me of the ones back in PDX.

btw, I’m not sure I ever saw-why no more S.O.A.S.? Loved it!


8 years ago

I found Sunbeam Vintage on Instagram and just loooooooove their feed. If I lived in LA, this place would make me wayyy more broke than I would already be if I lived in LA. It would be worth it, though!

8 years ago

ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh. I’m going to LA in September but DANG IT I cannot shove a sofa or credenza in my suitcase. This store looks awesome!

Lisa H.
8 years ago

The MCM bookcase and writing desk!!!

Also, I love the blog makeover!