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A Roundup of 18 Online Tile Resources


Photo by David Tsay for STYLED | Designed by Jessica Helgerson

Throughout my many remodels, makeovers, and renovations, there are few things that are as permanent and as impactful as a good tile. Not only can a good tile make the space, but it can also set the tone or style for any room and make it something that feels special. And while it is no secret that I love the visual impact a good tile can make (see my patio, master bathroom, kitchen, and modern-deco kitchen) – selecting the right one can be overwhelming especially when you might not live somewhere where you can readily visit a large showroom or a see a selection of tiles in person, which is why we decided to pull this post together.

Emily Henderson Roundup Online Tile Inspiration 11

Although shopping online for tile may seem scary, there are so many good vendors and options out there that make it worthwhile. Not to mention you can get free or very affordable samples sent out before you make your decision to purchase. Many of the tiles and vendors below we have used in projects and the others (although we haven’t seen in person) we love them aesthetically. So to help you navigate through the many online options we pulled together a roundup of our favorite tiles from some of our favorite vendors online.

Allmodern Roundup

AllModern – Not only is AllModern a great resource for home decor they also have a pretty amazing tile selection, like #5, that we used in the 7 budget friendly kitchen designs.

1. Carrara | 2. Colby | 3. Encaustic | 4. Granada | 5. Lockway Diamond | 6. Lockway | 7. Loft | 8. Proyecto | 9. Mulder | 10. Nikko | 11. Esamo | 12. Rama | 13. Retro | 14. Retro Hexagon | 15. Thomas

Amazon Roundup

Amazon – Amazon is quickly becoming the one-stop-shop for anything your heart desires (thank you same-day shipping), #1 and #6 are great graphic tiles to make a statement in any room.

1. Moroccan Line Mosaic | 2. Fractal | 3. Black Matte Hexagon | 4. Retro Penni | 5. Subway | 6. Moroccan Mosaic | 7. Antique Hex | 8. Turkish Crema | 9. Retro Octagon

Artistic Tile Roundup

Artistic Tile – These hand-laid tiles are a work of art, #3 was so pretty in Scott’s bathroom – the honed texture and slightly irregular shapes make it feel like it has been there forever and something that is very classic.

1. A Train Indigo | 2. Alto Deco Black | 3. Bianco Carrara | 4. Cubo Velluto Calacatta Gold | 5. Doge Light Grey | 6. Fan Club Ice White | 7. Riverside Drive Hex White | 8. Terra Vecchio Isabella | 9. Venezia Terrazzo WhiteBuild Direct Roundup

Build Direct – We all love our beautiful herringbone flooring from Build Direct in our house and they have some pretty great tile options as well.

1. Statuario Extra | 2. River Slate | 3. Zebrino | 4. Cabot Absolute Black | 5. Delta Stone Avorio | 6. Sector Porcelain Charcoal

Cle Tile Roundup 01

Cle Tile – Clearly, I am a big fan of these handmade tiles as I currently have #2 in both my kitchen and master bathroom. They are simple but make a huge impact no matter where you put them. I also can’t help but love #3 which is so fun and playful and is designed by Joy.

1. Zenith | 2. Zellige Subway | 3. Pinwheel | 4. Deborah Osburn Indigo | 5. Try Angle | 6. Tarnished Silver | 7. Hex Clip | 8. Zellige Weathered White | 9. Kutner | 10. Checkmate | 11. Penny | 12. Federal Blue

Fireclay Roundup

Fireclay Tile – They are another one of my go-to’s for tile and we are big fans of everything fireclay does, I used #8 in our last house master bath in the crater lake colorway (ah Oregon, I miss you).

1. Grove | 2. Harvest | 3. Kasbah | 4. Martinique | 5. Maze | 6. Milky Way | 7. Morning Thaw | 8. Nautical Ogee Drop | 9. Northwoods | 10. Old Cairo | 11. Prussian Blue Small Diamond | 12. Uni Mountain

Floor Decor Roundup 01

Floor & Decor – For those of you who love more of a traditional style Floor & Decor has A LOT of options both online and in their massive showrooms. 

1. Bardiglio Thassos | 2. Bianco Carrara Herringbone | 3. Black Picket | 4. Bright White Ice | 5. Carrara Fan Water | 6. Carrara Thassos Hexagon | 7. Dark Gray II Penny | 8. Esenzia Mare | 9. Metro Taupe Hexagon | 10. Stela Ivory Porcelain | 11. Sahara Carrara | 12. White and Black Hexagon II | 13. White Double Hex | 14. White Offset Picket | 15. Black Frame

Granada Tile Roundup

Granada Tile – As you all know by now my favorite room in our house is the patio and it’s all due to that beautiful cement tile (#2) by Granada Tile in a hawk and midnight colorway. I could spend every hour out there and the tile has really made that area a special space.

1. Lantern Midnight | 2. Burgos 915 A | 3. Ipswich 1812 A | 4. Luxor 30 A | 5. Alhambra 50 B | 6. Long Hex White | 7. St. Ives 1807 B | 8. Quarter Hex Silver | 9. Margarita 898 A

Home Depot Roundup 02

Home Depot – #3, #7 and #10 are great classic styles that would work well in any room but #2 in the blue, I see you.

1. Berkeley Blue | 2. Caprice | 3. Catalina White | 4. Cemento Lloyd | 5. Checker | 6. Comet Penny | 7. Rittenhouse Square Arctic White | 8. Expressions Scallop | 9. Greecian White | 10. Greecian White Hexagon | 11. Kings Star Nero | 12. Klinker Alcazar | 13. Marissa Carrara | 14. Metro Hex Dot | 15. Metro Hex Flower | 16. China Black | 17. Twenties Diamond | 18. Vintage Florid Lantern

Houzz Roundup

Houzz – If you’re looking for a variety of styles at an affordable price point Houzz is a good resource for you.

1. Arabescato Bianco | 2. Nador | 3. Penny | 4. Carrara | 5. Basket-Weave | 6. Black Hextile | 7. Tanden Avanti | 8. Comarca Jet | 9. Dove Gray | 10. Guarda Hexagon | 11. Aratiba | 12. Ridge

Lowes Roundup 01

Lowe’s – While shopping for everything else you need for a renovation Lowe’s also has surprisingly great options for tile at affordable prices.

1. Venatino | 2. Honeycomb | 3. Linear Mosaic | 4. Chelsea White Herringbone | 5. Villa American | 6. Carrara Honeycomb | 7. Venatino Basketweave | 8. Chelsea Sea | 9. Elida Ceramica | 10. Black Architectural Surfaces | 11. Saltillo Red | 12. White Architectural Surfaces | 13. Pinwheel | 14. Travertine | 15. Cementina

Mission Tile Stone Roundup

Mission Stone & Tile – I am very into the simple and graphic vibe #5 is giving me as well as the wide selection Mission Stone and Tile has in stock.

1. Brick | 2. Black Kadappa | 3. Avio Tangram | 4. Circuma | 5. Electra Grande Neptune | 6. Mini Herringbone | 7. Hex Appeal | 8. Midpoint | 9. Mews Chalk | 10. Argania | 11. White Wood Plank | 12. Mod Picket | 13. Mod Picket Raised Edge | 14. Circuit | 15. Lines

Modwalls Roundup

Modwalls – They are definitely known for their fun, bright and playful designs.

1. Half Hex | 2. Circle | 3. X-Tile | 4. Ceramic Rectangle | 5. Chevron Subway | 6. Hex Carbon | 7. Wedge | 8. Coral Glass | 9. Storm Glass

Overstock Roundup

Overstock – It seems like everyone is stepping up their online tile game these days and Overstock is no exception, I mean look at #1, #2 and #7.

1. Medina | 2. Oujda | 3. Gloucester Acqua | 4. Marmol Hex | 5. Rhombus | 6. Antaeus Emerald | 7. Narcissus Nouveau | 8. Symbol Riu | 9. Manhattan Hex

Susan Jablon Mosaics Roundup

Susan Jablon Mosaics – Terrazzo is everywhere these days and I am pretty into it, #8 and #9 you are very trendy my friends.

1. Beveled Diamond | 2. Grey and Thassos | 3. Grey Teardrop | 4. Hexon | 5. Interlock | 6. Maryline | 7. Peak | 8. Chivalry Blue | 9. Floating Blue

The Builder Depot Roundup

The Builder Depot –  They have some great classic styles like #9 in the polished black or #7 that will always be in style.

1. Basalt Blue | 2. Bardiglio Strip | 3. Basketweave Bardiglio | 4. Bianco Chevron | 5. Polished Basketweave | 6. Octagon | 7. Venato Hexagon | 8. Dove Gray | 9. Nero Marquina | 10. Pennyrounds Greystoke | 11. Sky Blue Glass | 12. Subway

The Tile Shop Roundup

The Tile Shop – I love a good penny tile for a small scale bathroom and #7 in the black matte is pretty good.

1. Napier | 2. Calacata | 3. Tempesta | 4. Imperial | 5. Boardwalk | 6. Greco | 7. Penny Round | 8. Linho | 9. Firenze Hex | 10. Bigh Light | 11. Rondonia | 12. Firenze

Tile Bar Roundup

Tile Bar – Tile bar you had me at BRASS line marble, #9 you might be slightly dizzying but you could be so good in the right space.

1. Alcazar | 2. Bella Louvre | 3. Calacatta Gold | 4. Cavallo Poseidon | 5. Coptic | 6. Dexter | 7. Eden | 8. Exagoni | 9. Gatsby | 10. Helix | 11. Moirai | 12. Montauk | 13. Nabi | 14. Plaid | 15. Trelis

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite online tile retailers and if you have any questions.

Fin Mark


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This is an incredible resource Emily and team. Thank you.


Incredible! Now could you please do this Roundup with German vendors?

Cheers from Germany,


This. Is. Awesome.


Can you put the link in for #9 on the Overstock group? A 2×2 matte black hex is what I’m looking for! Thanks!!!


Wow. Amazing!!! Thank you SO much! Did I miss the source of the bathroom tile in the first picture? Of course that’s the one I love most!


I love you guys for these sources. You and your team are so generous.



WOW! This is a killer round up! Of course, pinning for future reference! Thank you!


Amazing resource, thank you!

I don’t see one of my favorites here, so let me give a shout out to Heath! Hand made field tile and dimensional tiles using multilayers of glazes to get beautiful variance of color. It’s like the Farrow&Ball of tile glazing.

We LOVE heath as well and use them constantly as a resource for tile, but for this roundup we just included options that were ready to purchase and in stock online. We have another big tile roundup happening where we will include all of our favorites (both online and through a showroom). xx

Kate L

Could you do a post about pairing tile? I can usually find one tile I like for the floor for instance, but have a hard time then picking the tub/shower tile for the walls and floor. Let alone if you then want a 4th tile for the walls of the bathroom…


Yes, please. I get overwhelmed with the pairings. Is there a general design rule about larger pattern and more intricate pattern applications?


Second! Would love to see this!


Third time’s a charm!! Yes to pairing post!




Just finished our bath, so I can truly say that this is a GREAT resource all in one place!

Jess smokes! What a resource! Currently tile shopping for our new construction master bath and Everytime ingot to the end of a group I thought the post would end, but there was another group!! I have spent HOURS tile shopping. THANK YOU for this!!

Question–i like some home Depot options…the more graphic ones. What are your thoughts on big box stores sources for things like this?? Will every single kitchen and bathroom for the next 10 years have the exact tile bc it’s the one you get at Lowe’s/home Depot?


Love this! Can you do a post on where/when to use each type of tile? For example I’m in love with several of the marble options but don’t know if that’s a great choice for my one and only bathroom because I’ve heard marble has higher maintenance than other materials. Also love cement but have heard they don’t hold up well to wear and tear/getting things dropped on them. Tell me how worried I need to be about these things! haha

Cris S.

If you are tidy and it’s just adults in the house, marble tile can be great (make sure it isn’t too thin and that you buy some extra in case it’s needed later though). But if you have little boys that will be using the room, maybe rethink it.

Hannah Gokie

Thank you SO MUCH for this. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Yes! This is great! I’m definitely in the group that doesn’t have a big tile showroom out my back door (in small-town Kansas). Thank you for this great resource!


Great post!

Jessica Cushman

I am so endlessly grateful for you! Thank you for sharing your amazing taste and sources and sense of fun design with us! You’re the best!

Gezilecek Yerler

LOVE this roundup! I think this will go down as one of my favorite posts ever!

Do you ever work with Akdo? They have some GORGEOUS marble mosaics with metallic inlays I’ve been eyeing…


My socks were knocked off – thank you for this wonderful post!


What about Walker Zanger?! Great resource for stone, ceramic, concrete and porcelain tiles, slabs and beautiful mosaics.


Great post and thanks so much for the extensive and beautiful tiles. Also, the huge range in prices is very much appreciated.


Thank you! So helpful to have all these links in one place 🙂


I have been drooling for an hour looking at this post. You guys KILLED it!

Benji J Koshy

You missed TileDaily. Great resource.


Such a great post! Super helpful!


Fantastic resource. Thank you, thank you, thank you! But this post leaves me with so many questions! I sincerely hope that there are multiple follow-up posts coming later in this year or next year! Such as – Any tips on whether it’s best to mix tiles – one type on wall, and another type on floor, for instance? Or whether it’s best to pick one tile, and use it on both the wall and floor? Also, for those concerned about slipping on the floor, is there any particular tile that is better for floors than others? Is there any particular tile that is better for places where there is likely to be a ton of moisture – such as a bathroom? Is it faux-pas to have the same tile throughout your house, in the entry-way, bathroom, and kitchen for example?Which type of tile requires the least amount of upkeep, and is likely to last the longest? Seems like there’s a lot more discussion that can be had re tile . . . . Thanks EHD for another great roundup!


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This is appreciable and wonderful post that you have provided for us.Great site and a great topic as well i really get amazed to read this.
Muslim Maulana

Ann P.

This is the post that dreams are made of. THANK YOU!


Wonderfully helpful and informative. Thanks!


This is so super helpful, thank you so much for sharing this


Well if its not in this line up, its just not even made. Thanks for the research!


You know what they say” imitation is the best from of flattery”! Thank you & your husband for the kitchen posts, I used your idea’s but chose 3×12 ceramic uneven white tiles LOVE!!! The tile place tried to talk me into white grout….I told them I wanted ultra white grout, she said no you don’t. WELL I brought their suggestion home and it wasn’t “ultra white.” So I went back after I showed my husband, brought the ultra white back and BAM! That was all it took! I LOVE LOVE my kitchen.
Thank you both,
Have a Merry Christmas
Angela Hitchner
Dry Ridge, Ky


Thanks to all the articles that you serve. I must recommend your website to friends. Good Luck

گلدن گلوب


Hi Emily,
We ordered what looked like a beautiful tile from Lowe’s and it arrived all scratched up because at the factory in China nobody bothered to put any paper in between the layers. Now we can take it back but if we reorder the same situation will likely recur since there is no way to communicate with the factory and Lowe’s can do nothing. So I guess my comment is can you do a round-up of tile that is made in USA (or Canada) with good customer service that can fix things when they go wrong (I realize that you get free stuff for sponsorship so your customer service interactions is different to mine). This is not specific to tiling, but everything else you feature as well. I would rather have those reliable resources than a round up of cheap stuff from around the web.

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